With Skyway, Quezon City just 6 minutes from Makati


PROPOSED Citra-PNCC highway and route

Imagine driving home at the end of a long working day during rush hour and traveling from Makati to certain parts of Quezon City in only six minutes. From Buendia to Balintawak, it will just be 10 minutes.

Motorists may soon be able to enjoy these drastically shortened travel times if the Aquino administration gives the go-ahead for the building of a six-lane elevated highway from Buendia (now called Gil Puyat Avenue) in Makati to Balintawak in Quezon City through the heart of the metropolis.

Documents obtained by the Philippine Daily Inquirer show that a Skyway-style project is being proposed by Citra-PNCC (Philippine National Construction Corp.) as part of the concession awarded to it when it built the overhead Skyway system along South Superhighway from Buendia to Bicutan in Parañaque City. The group finished the second leg from Bicutan to Alabang, Muntinlupa, early last year.

P99 toll

Dubbed the Citra-PNCC Alignment, or “CPA,” the elevated highway from Buendia to Balintawak will be built at no cost to the government, while the toll to be charged motorists will be capped at P99 for the entire 14-kilometer stretch.

The project is expected to cost P24 billion, which is significantly lower than the P35-billion price tag, including government subsidies, of a rival proposal named the connector road project.

The CPA’s proponents have promised to complete the entire project in 30 months from groundbreaking, well within the administration of President Benigno Aquino III.

The company said the project was designed primarily as a means of decongesting Edsa, where motorists usually would take an average of one-and-a-half hours to traverse in morning and evening rush-hour traffic.

The CPA project was confirmed by Citra-PNCC president and CEO Shadik Wahono, who said that his firm had conveyed the proposal to the government and was awaiting its response.

“Given the traffic situation around Metro Manila, we believe that everyone, not just motorists and commuters, will benefit from this project,” he said, when contacted by the Inquirer.

Wahono explained that the elevated highway was part of the original concession award by the government to Citra in the 1990s which resulted in the building of stages one and two of the Skyway system.

8 entrances, exits

Wahono pointed out that the CPA was superior to the rival 22-kilometer connector-road proposal which also sought to connect South Luzon Expressway to North Luzon Expressway, only at a higher cost to government and motorists.

The CPA will have eight entrances and exits that motorists can use: Buendia, Quirino Avenue, Plaza Dilao, Aurora Boulevard, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon Avenue, Sgt. Rivera Street and Balintawak.

“The connector-road proposal, meanwhile, only has three—in Quirino, España and 5th Avenue,” Wahono said.

Third level

The CPA has provisions for eventual expansion from the initial six lanes to a full-fledged 10 lanes with the addition of a third-level, four-lane roadway, said the

Citra-PNCC chief.

The infrastructure proposal also veers away from the connector road’s design which calls for the building of a four-lane elevated highway on the Philippine National Railways (PNR) line snaking through Metro Manila.

Wahono said that because of the 30-meter clearance requirement on either side of the PNR tracks, the connector road was limited to a width of four lanes, increasing the risk of traffic congestion in case of vehicular accidents.

Minimal disruption

“With the CPA, we will build the support columns in the median of existing wide avenues, resulting in minimal disruption,” he said.

In addition to potentially becoming one of the flagship infrastructure projects of the Aquino administration, the construction of the CPA will have a strong multiplier effect on the economy, given the workers it will employ, the raw materials that will be used, and the eventual increase in land values that the completed highway will indirectly cause, Wahono said.

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  • http://twitter.com/soul_jacker Mugen JM

    We tend to build things up. But, how sure are we that our infrastructure can withstand a very strong earthquake?

    • tarikan

      Please see my reply to McKinig. If you let the right engineers handle these things, no worries. No room for Engr. Corrupt to be involved here nor Secretary Anomally and Director Graft. Look at the Marina Bay Sands casino/hotel in Singapore. It’s an engineering marvel. Elevated highways we can say “very elementary my dear Watson”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XSJCKRAP7RO6GJLDA2WI7TPA5M Bebot

    connecting SLEX to the NLEX sounds like a better idea…

  • Beersheva

    P99? More like P99 plus P200.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3RNH7VO6DDPPOE3WAMVLYHDJCQ McKinig

    i thought it was just me.  i’m no engineer myself but just by looking at it there’s no way that puny thing is going to hold up in an up and down jerky jolts or side to side swaying in a 7 pt. centered or much less an 8+ pointer on the richter scale.

    it would especially be made worse by the top heavy bumper to bumper (inches apart traffic in manila).  in the end this could be another engineering disaster designed by highly paid architects and engineers who together with everyone else after a disaster asks themselves “HOW COULD WE HAVE NOT SEEN THAT COMING??”

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CW4XB3MF72Z62A5ILAVPC7OWA Neiner Brit

      ok, let me see if i get this right. you don’t have an engineering degree. you probably had 6 units of college physics max (maybe even less). but you’re qualified to assess earthquake resistance just by looking at a 3D model, even without details on the specifications of the project as to materials and building methods? 

    • tarikan

      Okay Mr. McKinig, I am a civil engineer and I understand your fears if your were not one. Intensity of earthquakes, bumper to bumper vehicular traffic, wind loads, etc. could be factored in the design of superstructures. There are two methods of design we normally use: the Working Stress Design (WSD) and the Ultimate Stress Design (USD). I don’t know if the Philippines is still adhering to the WSD which has more safety factor (SF) than the USD (I’m out of the country). Remember Kobe, Japan earthquake in mid-90’s wherein their elevated highways crumpled/broken like accordions? They used USD, economical but look what happened.

  • johnllander

    Subrang bilis sa elevated highway!  Ngunit sa mga exits ay doon nagkakaroon ng bottle neck traffic kasi masisikip ang at maraming sagabal sa mga dadaluyang kalsada kaya ang resulta ay traffic pa rin sa mga approaches sa mga exits.

    Avoid building high rises near major roads such as EDSA. High rise buildings should not be adjacent with each other, wide greens should be between them. Since the Philippines is a warm country, in fact very hot, trees should be everywhere and buildings should be spread. There should be more parks than malls. There should be paradigm shift in the way of life replacing malling culture by local tourism and recreation. Bill boards should be not be installed anywhere in the metropolis as they are nuisance and potential hazards.

    Off topic but may help:  TV stations should focus on information and educational, and not about actors and actresses and drama shows.  TV is a bad influence to our degrading culture.  Marami ng bakla sa Pilipinas dahil sa maling direction ng TV.  The Philippines is a religious country and every Sunday they go to mass but their minds are far from being religious – they are fond of green jokes, a serious conversation will just end to taboo stories.

    • http://fables.boxpinoy.com/ Lucky Luciano

      Not to mention that some of these structures are more than 40 years old.

  • katindig

    New and more roads are needed to decongest the traffic in metro Manila.  Not the LRT or MRT…With more cars or vehicles added to the roads each month, who wouldn’t expect the traffic.

  • thrustreverser

    sana meron din nito sa cavite. From Longos in Las Piñas extending to Molino Blvd and ends in Daang hari

  • jalov

    but how long would the p99-toll fee last??? 2 years? max of 5 years? p99 for 10 years and 2-peso increase every 2 years for another 10 years would just be fair…


    Impossible. What speed do you need to travel? And From where and to where did they measure the 6 minutes? Did they measure Guadalupe to Corinthians only? Even the MRT takes longer than 6 minutes to travel these stations. I feel this is an exaggeration by the builders.

  • Keith_P

    And then what happens when this “Skyway” bcomes congested as well? Build another “Skyway” on top of the original “Skyway”? And what happens when the second “Skyway” becomes congested also?

    Relocate people back to the provinces. Better yet, improve economic and living conditions in the provinces so people will be attracted to move away from Metro Manila and so that Metro Manila traffic will be lessened ultimately.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6LAIJKBA2MRXQPYKYMRXFYN6JQ Kyouraku Shunsui

      increase the toll fee to decongest similar to the current skyway.

  • PoorOFW

    Php 24B vs Php35B? I dont mind spending more and waiting longer if would mean a better quality finish and cheaper tolls. What are proposals for the other contractors btw? We can’t just award bidding based on cheaper constructIons costs can we?

  • artgarcia

    To the Government, just build it please.

  • http://twitter.com/heisenberg100 bigcountry

    E bakit ba hindi gastusan ng gobyerno ito imbesna ipamigay ang pera gamit dito sa makabuluhan na proyekto para sa mga TUNAY NA MANGAGAWA. UNG ARAW ARAW NA PUMAPASOK AT NAGSASAKRIPISYO

  • ptoprin

    hindi naman libre……. mas mganda lagyan na lang ng MRT para mas marami makinabang na mahihirap na walang sasakyan

  • kismaytami

    6 minutes? Does that includes falling in line on the tollgates, as I observed everyday, SLEX’s tollgate tellers work like turtles. You travel Skyway from Makati to Alabang for 10 minutes, just to fall in their Susana Heights exit tollgate for 15 minutes. I even heard a bus driver shouting on a teller “Ang tamad-tamad mo naman, ayaw mo man lang ilabas yang braso mo!”

    • edwin525

      don’t trust the article. 14km for 10mins is at least 80k average speed. if they say 6mins then you need 140kph speed…

  • BarokH

    Maganda sana yung proposal pero kelan naman ito sisimulan at matatapos? baka tsismis nanaman ito puro pa-pogi wala pa akong nakikitang major project ni PNOY na sinisimulan…. 2 years na s’ya sa malakanyang anong major infra nagawa n’ya e yung mga dating poyekto pa ng nakaraang gobyerno ang natatapos.

  • wawa2172

    At no cost to the government, it seems to be ok. 99 Php toll ok rin kaya lang hangang kailan ito? Ang taas na nang toll sa NCLEX, SCLEC at Skyway but if it will eased up the traffic ok na rin. Papangit lang itsura ang lanscape at didilim sa ibaba. Ok rin siyang relocation pag may baha huwag lang lilindol tiyak durog ang sa ibaba. But what is ok…when I completed my grad studies at state U..bumalik ako sa probinsiya…ang sarap nang buhay ko, tahimik at maayos ang kalsada, walang traffic, 10 to 15 minutes lang ang work place na 10 kilometers away from my house kasi ang bagal kung mag patakbo nang sasakyan at hindi nag mamadali. At walang toll libri ang kalsada..ok na ok ako rito sa lugar nang wife ko,,,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XYSU75JJODXJSSWEJFVCXJ324U Jonathan


  • Meetong

    More trains na lang i build nila….from south to north……cavite to north. and south…ibayad ko na lang sa tren kaysa sa toll gate and gas…mahal ng gas na..pati gulong….

  • http://twitter.com/BackpackPH BackpackPhilippines

    this will benefit all. EDSA will be slightly decongested. note there shoould be no waiting time at the toll gates then the exit/entrance ramps devoid of congestion. note too that Makati Buendia traffic is awful :(

  • les21reago

    Have a look on both BUILDERS :
    – Citra/PNCC offer is 14 Kilometer at 24 Billion…= Costing 1.7 Billion per Km with the government.
    – Other interested is 22 Kilometer at 35 Billion…= Costing 1.59 Billion per Km with the government.
    Therefore, the other interested proponent is far better lower by 125 million in every Kilometer and with 8 kilometers longer space covered. Further, its 3 exits offered is more of relevance.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FRNSJK7CY6AZZDELPBUSG47BAY Alfredo porong De dios

    How come this PROPOSED Citra-PNCC highway and route can ease up traffic? We dont any phase out of vehicles policies. Kahit panahon pa ni Mahoma, delapidated, rolling coffins at mausok tumatakbo pa sa kalsada at pinapayagan pang ma irehistro ng LTO.

    The REAL SOLUTION for this PREHISTORIC & JURASIC TRAFFIC PROBLEM in the Philippines is PHASE OUT OUT OUT of vehicles, PUBLIC and PRIVATE in terms of year model !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

    Sounds good!

    How about an earthquake occuring in the Marikina or Manila bay faultline at a 7 to a higher richter scale? Remember kobe city in Japan? the whole elevated road was toppled in one side, the pillar base broke apart with that design, especially if one side of the elevated road is carrying hundreds of vehicles in one side in the unfortunate case an earthquake struck….I say open a new road system in the eastern part of Luzon to decongest the heart of the city. Too much infrastructures especially the skyway to accomodate more and more people in a very compact region with already saturated with a lot of people is a twin disaster waiting to happen in the event of a large temblor originating from the nearby faultline…. 

  • backstroke

    We should have learned from Thailand, whose road infrastructure has been in place, the very same thing we are now contemplating of doing. Just be considerate with the toll rate…to make it affordable.

  • http://twitter.com/pangittalagaako pangittalagaako

    hmmm..this could be another source of “FUNDS” of our beloved public servants!

  • Boypickup555

    Do it will help traffic flow !!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/75Q27OV5BQQ3C4ZHRY3NE2QM4Y cellrock_972

    The planned toll charges for this skyway should be subsidized by the government because technically we have already paid them from the taxes that they collected from us. 

    This is very absurd if the government will allow this to happen!

  • neverneverstop

    Tama yan Noynoy gumastos ka naman. Nakakahiya para kang walang natutunan sa Keynesian economics! Econ graduate ka pa naman!

  • http://twitter.com/toothpastesales be honest

    Why this article suddenly popped up ?
    MMDA already designed and pushed for a Sky-Bridge from Makati to Quezon City over the San Juan River. It is all over the tv stations and interviews. This will not disrrupt any traffic during construction.
    Moreover since it is being proposed by MMDA, government will build it, with no cost to the commutors.
    Is some businessman trying to put one over the people ?????????

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=746586893 Leonard Soriano

    Sa unang tingin magandang plano.  Kasi sa unang sabi palang 6 na minuto na lang ang  Makati pa QC. Sino ba ang di matutuwa dun? Subalit kung susurin mo, ang ganitong plano ay pumapabor lamang sa may kayang magdala ng sasakyan araw araw pa opisina. Pangalawa, akibat sa pag dala ng sasakayan, ay ang mga may kaya lang mag bayad ng pataas ng pataas na presyo ng gasolina.  Mga ganitong klaseng plano ay imbis na mag solba ng problema ng trapiko ay maaring mas makadag dag pa nga sa trapik sa EDSA.  Tignan natin ang halimbawa ng SKYWAY.  Kung kaya nung tao may kotse mag bayad ng toll fee ay dadaan sila sa skyway, samantala yung expressway sa ilalim ay ganun pa rin naman ang kondisyon. Masikip, matrapik, madaming kotse.  Eh kung yung pera na ibinuhos sa SKYWAY ay inilagay lahat sa pag papa ayos at ganda ng sistema ng PNR, sa tingin ko mas madamig Pilipino ang masa nakinabang. At kung yung budget na ilalaan sa plano ng  isang Skyway sa EDSA ay linalagay sa maayos at efficient na Mass Transport System katulad ng tren or busway, bikeways, sa akin opinion ay mas di hamak ang bibilis ang pagbyahe sa kahabaan ng EDSA. Kung efficient ang Mass Transport System mas mahihkayat ang tao na iwan ang kanilang sasakyan sa bahay. Kung kumonti ang kotse sa EDSA, tiyak mas mababawasan ang pollution at at ating mga carbon footprint at di hamak na liliit rin. Sa panahon ngayon, sana maiisip ng mga Urban Planners natin na gawin green at sutainable ang mga plano.

    • I_kabod

      yown PNR! dapat noon pa yan nayos para napapalapit ang mga lugar.  sana sa susunod, PNR at mrt and lrt naman ang ayusin.

    • Ambotsaimo

      Mr Soriano, my thoughts exactly! Thank you. They should have learned from the existing skyway. One more thing, when you exit from the skyway, nagkakaroon ng bottleneck dahil matraffic sa baba and in effect matatraffic na rin yung sa taas. 

    • Pinoy_Reich

      Ang pinsan ko sa BOC nagtratrabaho at may house and lot sa may Laguna. Despite sa laki ng commission at kurakot niya di na niya ginagamit ang kotse niya dahil daw mamumulubi siya sa bawat toll fee na babayaran niya papuntang opisina. Siguro pag malaki laki na ang kurakot niya gagamitin na niya ulit yun tsekot niya na bigay sa kanya ng isang 2nd hand car dealer.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ITE4Z5BIUZYXI5S7Q2AKDYOM5I Budoy

      baliw. alternatibo nga itong programa. sa may mga kotse na sandamakmak din ang dami e malaking tulong ito.  bagong mass transport system?  hahaha

  • imongredneck

    Do something to the 24% of the country’s population who is unemployed, first and stop ignoring the infrastructure needs of the Central and Southern PHL

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ATUKZDPAC57OLUAVID6ZONAZTA Angelic Angel

    The government stands to profit lots here. Remember that there is VAT on toll. At no cost to the gov’t while gaining millions more, what’s to lose for them? None really.

    Why can’t we have freeways? No budget? Sigh, another tollway. It’s becoming more and more expensive to live here.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IAQLUSKZ7TH4C2FHOD7SLQONQ4 bong

    Great project………

  • tebong inc

    It would be highly appreciated if INQUIRER would put high resolution images on their subject links instead of the puny 374×275 “clip-art” of the skyway visualization. 

    come on… its 2012 not early 90’s

  • Ambotsaimo

    Coupled with air pollution (smog and all hovering the metropolis) this proposed skyway will darken EDSA. P99 toll? Come on!!! Why do we need to pay for such when supposedly as tax payers we are the ones making all of these (infrastructure improvements) happen? When can we feel our taxes at work? Don’t, for crying out loud make us spend more to use EDSA. This is anti poor. Only the ones who can afford the additional PhP 99 burden to use this skyway will benefit from it. What about the working class?

    Think tanks in the government, what about the MRT? Have you forgotten that it is still there? Why not make it more efficient first? Make it better. Make it more convenient for everyone to use. 

    And MMDA, discipline the drivers including your “authorized” tow trucks. Buses stay on your lane. Drop and pick up fares on designated stops. You have the rules, you just lack the will to enforce them. And to the traffic police, if you are directing traffic along EDSA please don’t park your motorcycles in between lanes. Use the shoulder or emergency bays if you need to.

    Yes to freeways! 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRUGTDONGV7VTTZWS7XKSOECPA g k

      darken EDSA? who said it will be along EDSA? please see the map…

      MRT? cargos and goods are not using MRT, the trucks and other goods carriers are using the road . So, using this new road will remove these kind of vehicles from EDSA, thus reducing the vehicle volume, right? These are usually those small businesses and producers – so they have so much to gain from the P99 they will shell out.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UWN7DTNVSINCM4O34MEYTXL4OI jamil

    Guys. this is not interesting for me, the skyway is for the rich people, jeep can not pass, motor bike also, so what???? you have to pay toll gate.. what we need is para pang Masa para sa  lahat , sila  lang ang makikinabang hind lahat ang Pinoy.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7YBRPAQD6ACCRBKAYXOXFDX75Y goodguy

      Mali ka dyan brod, ang masa dadaan sa baba ay yong may kayang magbayad sa itaas. Samadaling salita ay mababawasan ang concentration ng traffic sa ground level. We should adopt changes other wise we will be left behind. If we don’t do some changes now, bukas baka lalo tayong mahirapan dahil parami ng parami ang tao taon taon. lets think of the future.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BHMEX5BFO3MOXZ7K2MP6NNGSW4 dark

         e ilan ba ang percent diistribution ng mga masa at mga kayang magbayad sa itaas para makatulong sa pag decongest?

  • efriend

    YES. Finally, a worthy project.  Implement it!

  • nash13phx

    Whoa.  The gas savings alone will make the P99 toll worth it! 1 hour’s worth of idling and stop / go traffic along EDSA, no more.  I’d gladly pay the toll.

  • southbound

    Whoever say this project is anti-poor are simply misguided.  This project will provide direct and indirect employment to the poor and revenue to our government.  Of course, passengers of public buses and jeepneys will also benefit from this proposed tollways, not only the rich and middle class.  Besides, projects like this will also help ease the traffic along our public thoroughfares, benefiting everybody in all economic strata.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7YBRPAQD6ACCRBKAYXOXFDX75Y goodguy

      I agree with you 100%. This project is good for the metro.


      I agree with almost all you stated except for reducing congestion. Whichever road we choose, be it the skyway or EDSA, we are all going to the same area. All pile ups are at Makati in the morning. What needs to be done is better traffic management at the area where everyone is going. The choke points are the roads entering Makati. Even if we speed up the traffic flow in EDSA if the city is unable to takein the congestion then we will still have these traffic jams.

      Example is the interchange from Kalayaan going to Buendia. Congestion is not at the flyover but at Gil Puyat. In my view, Gil Puyat is unable to absorb the volume. Maybe the skyway should be inside Makati rather than over EDSA.

    • Ambotsaimo

      Do you think the south skyway was built for the masses? Masses don’t have their own means of transportation. They rely on public modes of transportation. But is this really working? What percentage of the buses plying the muntinlupa to balintawak route is using the skyway? 

      Besides the advantages of having a skyway in EDSA did our decision makers thought about its sustainability? What are the various environmental impacts this development would make? Is having a skyway a cheaper alternative of imposing discipline to all motorists using EDSA? Is 24B pesos cheaper than asking the government to enforce the traffic rules and regulations?
      I agree that we have too many vehicles now using EDSA. But to let people pay to be able to use the “skyway” is not at all beneficial across all economic strata. It is only for the privilege. 

      You know why these elevated highways are working well in HK? Because its free. You only pay for the toll when you are using  the subways and bridges (crossing the seas). HK has smaller roads compared to EDSA. But still people keep to their lanes when traffic is bad. Elevated roads may be a solution but unless we have exhausted all other alternatives let us not be brash in spending 24B just yet.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIPR2MWOPGWUNZ4COTAMW7MLKE Mark

    ewan ko sa inyo bastat ako sa UV/GT express pa rin ako. Maraming mga tao ang mabibigyan nito ng kabuhayan, kesa dito sa proposed skyway. Sabihin nyo nakatulong ba sa pag unlad ng karamihang tao ang existing na skyway… hindi. Dagdag lang ito sa utang ng Pilipinas. Bigyan nyo na lang ng prangkisa ang mga van at fx at bawasan ang mga bumabyaheng bus sa EDSA.

  • akramgolteb


  • redkinoko

    What’s not factored in is the urban blight that this will introduce. See how all places canopied by the LRT has become unsightly in as little as 40 years.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BHMEX5BFO3MOXZ7K2MP6NNGSW4 dark

    nagimprove ba ang congestion dahil sa skyway sa south?
    rarely do i see skyway being utilized fully… nakita ko lang napuno yon nung nag marathon dati.. lol

    unang una, sobrang mahal
    mahal na ang gas, mahal pa dadaanan mo…

    then pagbaba mo naman from exit, kahit gano ka kabilis lumipad sa itaas,
    congested pa din, kasi bottleneck pa din sa babaan..

    reality-wise, para lang talaga sa may kaya yung makakagamit nyan, about 20% cguro ng pilipinas…

    sa tingin ko dapat ayusin muna public transpo

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=682207894 Hal Avisado

    More roads – more cars – more dependence on oil. Have we not learned from the great cities of the world that mass transport runs primarily on railways, and is only complemented by road transportation? I hope the politicians of our country consider the needs of the entire population, and not just looking for a faster way to ride their flashy cars from shopping in Makati to their homes in Quezon City.

  • archTAT

    Yes this will solve the traffic problem but will not be a long term solution.With new and wider roads you will encourage more people to drive. That means more cars in the street, and eventually traffic congestion problem again. The solution is to take away cars from the street. Why don’t we improve our mass rail transport system. When we have an efficient rail system, with bigger capacity, bigger coverage areas, and faster travel times you will encourage even those people who are driving to take them. That means fewer private cars on our roads.

  • neverwint3r

    since poor infrastructure ang isa sa mga biggest weakness ng pinas, it sounds good on paper but the question is yung pricing na 99 e fixed ba yun o baka kada 6 months o yearly e pataas ng pataas yun.

    other than that, i hope this pushes through without any hitches. katulad na lang ng halos ng karamihan ng mga government projects it’s tainted with corruption and kickbacks.

    ni-lower daw yung project to 24B, hopefully they’re not goona be using substandard materials or workmanship.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SGTSIOXSUQHHPOABUEGFHS5YKI Migs

    This Skyway is plain stupid.


    -Fuel price $$$ is rising up, and there’s scarcity on a global scale.
    -Metro Manila air pollution is at all time high.
    -Road accident is at all time high.
    -Cancer is becoming a common sickness because of air pollution.
    -Fuel companies wants us to be dependent on their products, and we’re just making them richer.


    Trains. Let’s improve our Railway Systems.


    Look at what other countries have done for their cities. Ex. Singapore, Tokyo Japan, London, NY.
    They are progressive cities partly because of their strong transportation system.

  • Patas

    As Ariel Ureta said, “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, BISIKLETA ANG KAILANGAN”.

  • neverwint3r

    well it’s good to have projects like this but hope they also have a plan to implement an integrated mass transit system sometime in near future. i’ve been to many first-world coutnries and modern mass transit is the way to go as these are efficient, convenient and faster but also environment-friendly.

    i hope we can have a modern railway system connecting like cavite, batangas, laguna as a start. then incrementally expanding to include rest of luzon, then cebu and so on.

    magnetic trains(maglevs) or maybe bullet trains are some of the most popular. with them, these will decentralize and decongest metro manila and promote investments and development in the other regions.  faster and efficient mode of tranportation would exponentially increase the local and national economy.

    it would probably cost a couple or so billions of dollars at the minimum to implement but the expected benefits are more than worth it.

  • barangayboso

    Please make this happen..

    People will say no to this project because of this and that.. WITHOUT THINKING.. IN SHORT, NAGMAMAGALING LANG..

    This will significantly improve the economy..

  • PuncanMind

    I agree with those who suggested to build mass transportation instead, enough of these stupid skyways! It’s even better if we build them underground like the ones you’ll see in Hong Kong. Environment friendly and efficient.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YUDX5CT2KWQHOIVEDZGHMMARTU Richard Jamias

    sana next time bike lane naman maraming gusto mag bike kaso unsafe talaga dito sa atin 

  • dodong1

    magandang idea pero pag lumindol paano?? dami sigurong mabagsakan na sasakyan sa ilalim…

    • http://beyondeternal.com Euri

      Hindi naman siguro. Marunong naman sigurong magsukat ng tama yung mga engineer diba?

      • dodong1

        tama ka pero huwag naman sanang dayain ang tamang sukat at ilagay yung tamang materyales sa pagpapatayo ng binabalak nilang daan na ito to avoid a major disaster pag may biglang duamting na malakas na lindol…

  • MNLFoodcritic

    I don’t think this is a good idea. A mass transit system is way much better. Let’s learn from cities like New York, London and Hong Kong where mass transit system is used. Less traffic and easier travel. We must learn from the mistakes of cities like Los Angeles, Bangkok and, of course, our very own Metro Manila where flyovers and freeways are used but traffic is still bad. Mass transit system is still way much better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=687544965 Irvin Jose

    Dagdag kayo trains. Bawasan niyo city buses. Yun for sure bawas trapik sa EDSA. Saka bawas din kukurakutin niyo. Haha.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OX6QZRDHAKVBOHKR72GKFRUDBI Master

    tama mga katoto, kailangan natin ng maasahan, ligtas at epektibong public transpo system, tulad ng mga train, bus at fast ferries (sana di malusaw sa dagat). malinis at ligtas na sidewalks din para naman ma-engganyo maglakad ang mga tao sa malalapit na lugar. tangalin na ang mga dyip, at bawasan ang pribadong sasakyan sa kalye, tulad ng pag taas ng parking fees at pag implement ng no parking sa mga main roads. asa pa…

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Government should discourage a “drive my car” mentality in Metro Manila and encourage a mass transit system. The benefits of an effective and efficient mass transit system are immense: far less air pollution, reduce vehicular traffic and faster and efficient travel. I just hope government does not move towards this “skyway” and “freeway” mentality that has crippled cities like Los Angeles.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRUGTDONGV7VTTZWS7XKSOECPA g k

    guys, do not base your comment that this skyway is to be built along EDSA – it is NOT. Read the article and the map properly. It is aimed to decongest EDSA.

    • Ambotsaimo

      Thanks for pointing this one gk. I read an article about 2 months ago regarding MMDA’s proposal of an elevated road system to be built in EDSA and I thought this was related to it. Of course the rather small image attached does not help at all. 

      Thanks again. Lesson learned :D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KH7U3EV4JYL4ZIU4F6KO57TQ4I Liam

    Mga tanga naman tong mga to, kung maglalagay ng SKyway sa EDSA,  yung Buendia naman ang magbuild up ng masikip na traffic dahil sa tollgates.

  • http://twitter.com/lopez_bladyner2 bladyner m lopez

    mas madadali ang byahe nming mga tga south pagpupunta sa north mgiging 3hrs na lang ang byahe at hustle free…sana mtuloy ito…

  • MNLFoodcritic

    A skyway crossing the Metro is just like a ‘band-aid’, short term solution. In 3 to 5 years, very heavy traffic will return. A much better, longer term solution is still an effective and efficient mass transit system.


    2 hours pila ng pagpasok s SKYWAY
    6 minutes pagbyahe sa SKYWAY
    2 hours pag-exit sa SKYWAY
    A total of 4 hours & 6 minutes from QC to Makati…
    (pwede na cguro)


      Chekwa, ang galing mo sa math!

  • southbound

    you really want to improve traffic in MM?  Increase the price of gasoline and diesel to at least P200 per liter… side effect:  less air pollution

  • antonioluna

    project natural may magkakakumisyon dyan, pero hindi ba mas maganda kung gagamitin ng gobyerno ang right of imminent domain para palawakin ang mga makikitid na daan na tampulan ng trafic na katulad ng sa cubao?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKH7OBS65SZ6QW3QEC4UTPG3IA Gervis

    Tiba tiba na naman ang investor ng skyway dito…in order to minimize the time for a trip…we need to pay toll as high as sky.Pagtibayin ang sidewalk para matututo ang mga taong maglakad sa malalapit na distansya

  • Melmina

    yan problema uumpisahan plang instead support ng pinoy eh ang dami agad negative comments na akala mo mga npaka gagaling…pano naba Pinas nyan???

  • http://joboni96.myopenid.com/ joboni96

    another foreigner scheme
    to skim-off pilipino wealth

    go for
    1. simple solutions ala bf fernando u-turn slots
    2. implementable using pilipino technology
    3. by pilipino companies
    4. using pilipino capital

    1. ilagay under 1 management ang edsa bus transport
    2. rollon-rolloff train transport between slex and nlex for trucks
    3. inter connect all mass transport
    4. convert jeep investors/drivers into mass transit investors/drivers
    5. river/estero transport system funded by overseas pilipinos

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EYRLDHDW747JE7BT6W3QBWLLDI Jay Sunrise

    wala na bang development na hindi nangangailangan ng investor at kailangang may bayad lahat ng  dadaanan? asan na ang pera ng gobyerno? tsk tsk….lahat lahat ipinapasan sa motorista at taong bayan…

  • Aucsap

    I suggest that Inquirer make a report on the status of the Light Rail project that should link LRT with MRT. The connectivity will surely help ease the traffic along EDSA. Up to now, the line in front of SM annex is not yet finish. This is already a big waste for the government and a big inconvenience to the riding public. Inquire will do a great service to its readers by coming up with a story why this has been delayed for years.

  • makulot

    If they’re really serious of decongesting EDSA & shorten the travel from Balintawak to Makati, instead of building the skyway for automobile, install 4 lanes on skyway ea. way (total of 8 lanes traversing the proposed structure) of 4 coaches of railway transits so as to remove all the buses & dilapidated cars so as to upgrade traffic flow for riding public. Only light delivery trucks & private vehicles 15 years old max. can use the ground level. No buses, taxis and tricycles allowed. This will minimize smog in this area…….Connecting skyway from SLEX to NLEX, vice versa, shall be used only for heavy trucks, buses and other vehicles traversing through metropolis to reach north & south luzon.

  • litenshadow

    Skyways may not be the ultimate solution for easing up traffic congestion in our metro roads but this is actually a welcome news for motorists especially those traversing the metro or for those provincial bound coming from the heart of Manila (and vise versa). The skyways would actually complement any other planned mass transportation projects in the future. The planners/engineers should at least make sure that junctions for the North and South expressways would not create any bottlenecks or disruptions to the traffic flow at local roads.

  • http://fables.boxpinoy.com/ Lucky Luciano

    SKYWAY…. YEHEY!!!!

    SOLUTION?  HINDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Over populated, over polluted na ang Metro Manila. To develop it further more is overkill. Hindi na healthy diyan.

    Duon na tayo sa provinces mag-develop, kabobohan na iyang pinapairal.

    Sumisikip na sa Manila, and one the main reason is squatting. Oversquatting na then few jobs, then more crimes, then basura etc. Ang mga kababayan natin na nasa province dumadayo sa Manila kahit hindi sigurado kung ano kinabukasan nila kasi lahat ng development ay nakatutok sa Manila.

    DALHIN NATIN ANG TRABAHO SA MGA KABABAYAN NATIN. Kaya tuloy akala ng mga kababayan natin na sa province ay masarap ang buhay sa Manila.

    Let’s admit it na palpak ang Zoning Plan ng Metro Manila. kahit anong gawin nyo diyan walang mangyayari, it’s already a cancer.

    Madaming lugar sa Pilipinas ang dapat ayusin ang zoning and magandang Idevelop.

    I’m a former Manilenyo, born, raised, educated, has worked, got married in Manila.

    I’m now living here in Central Luzon, Happy, Content, and healthy. 

    Umakyat lang kayo sa Antipolo makikita nyo yung hangin ng sinisinghot nyo.

    Yes, Metro Manila offers more high-paying job… to support your hospitalization.

    Bring jobs and infrastructure developments to the provinces.

    Marami tayong magagaling na engineers, doctors,educators sa bansa, alam nila yan.

    Kaya hindi tayo umaasenso hindi maayos ang paggamit ng resources.

    Sa Airport palang nakakahiya na sa ga tourista,

    Clark International Airport, ano sa tingin nyo, pwede ba?

    Manila is overrated.

    • MrPaulJ

       tama ka… i fully agree… the problem with Filipinos is that we do not want to look far ahead.. we stick our noses to what we have grown accustomed to – in this case, Manila… why cannot we start anew in the provinces

    • Alalyah

      truly Manila is as they call it in the USA is becoming or looking more like a ghetto. Over populated, polluted, over congested by people and vehicles. The sight of Manila looks good from a far distance but at closeup, it’s like a squatter area. Once in Manila, the sight is so ugly that developers didn’t take into consideration the beautiful landscape it once possessed, most of the natural panoramic views are gone, buildings are like sardines with no space to breath. Nagsisiksikan lahat, Vladimir is right spread out and ease up the congestion . 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4MK27JLIGV5H4XSGTPHKGFOOZA Joel M

    Build more bridges crossing Pasig River instead so that motorists will have more options.

  • w33k3nd3r

    Utang ng loob, itayo nyo na yan!!! (pero mahal ang 99 php– 50 pwede pa.)

  • neverwint3r

    saan napupunta yung pera ng gobyerno, baka nasa bulsa ng mga politicians hehe

    you’ll need to ask yung local representative or congressman kung saan napupunta yung annual pork barrel nila na almost 100M(senators get around 200m). it’s supposed to be used for their projects, pero me nakikiita ka bang roads or infrastructure development sa paligid?

    so kung merong 250 congressman or so multiply that by 100m each year plus yung sa mag senators that’s almost around 20B+ taken out from the national budget(that’s from our tax). imagine how many roads, highways, bridges that can be built with that.

    ewan ko ba kung bakit nila ayaw pang ipa-abolish yang portk barrel na yan, maami nang proposal pero laging bina-block ng kongreso. bakit kaya?

    • dgboy

       paano naman yng ibang projects?

  • ben987654321

    ok stop yapping and start digging. enough BS already. i’m just afraid this would go the way of the slex skyway – how many years did it take the gov’t to have a consortium build and complete the alabang to manila skyway? 10 or so years? we can’t have that kind of indecision and vacillation here.

  • CoinsForKharon

    No matter how many new roads we build, kung mang-mang pa din yung mga nagmamaneho, then all these travel-time projections will never be accurate.

  • Armi_DXB

    siguro mainam kung train na lang para kahit ang mahihirap makinabang.

  • quphal

    maganda na kung sa maganda. ang tanong ko lang e yung toll na P99…masyadong mataas lalo na kung madalas kang gagamit. tapos ilang buwan lang magtataas na agad, doble na ang presyo! parang ang kalalabasan nyan eh para lang sa mga “can afford” ang solusyon na ito.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRUGTDONGV7VTTZWS7XKSOECPA g k

    SKYWAY in the city is not bad at all – however this is not the ONLY solution to congestion, traffic, pollution, etc. Take a look at Tokyo for example, it is the most heavily congested city in the world but you can get to places on time, without any hassles. You still have the option to drive your car, though. Here are the things they have:

    1.Discipline – no explanation needed
    2.A very good railway system that criss-crosses the entire city – going out as well. They are on time, efficient, and safe.
    3. Bus system is also very available, not just thousands of buses plying the same road (like EDSA). They plan the routes where much people is served, you may not need to transfer. If you need to, it’s easy.
    3. They implement ALL laws – traffic lanes, stop signs, pedestrian lanes, lane markings, safety, anti-smoke belching, vehicle worthiness, etc.
    4. There are still elevated high-ways, take note, even if they are earthquake prone -you just have to do it right ;-). In extreme cases of course, nothing can withstand the fury of nature. This is also well planned. For times you just need to bring a car/vehicle whether to transport goods, your family going anywhere, etc. or simply because you can afford to pay for gas and toll fees.

  • Patas

    Ayaw natin kasing gamitin to the maximum yung potential ng waterways natin. nandyan ang Manila Bay for those living in Navotas, Cavite, Valenzuela, Malabon, Caloocan and Bulacan, Pasig River, Marikina River.
    Dahil hindi masyadong ginagamit, napapabayaan, hinahayaang maging polluted….  
    Saka sana, ayusin yung mga side roads para mas nanaising gamitin as alternative roads beside EDSA.

  • BatangSingapore

    ok sana yun karagdagan road pero bakit mo pababayaran gayong kumpleto ang taxes na kinukuha sa sambayanan Filipino?

    come on Abnoy, huwag mo utakan ang sambayanan pilipinas.  ipakita mo kung may napupuntahan at pinakikinabangan ang mga taxes na kinokolekta mo.

    gamitin mo mga DPWH at pagbanatin ng buto para makagawa ng skyway na galing sa pondo na binabayaran taxes ng mamayan. ang ikli lang niyang QC to MAKATI come on sobra sobra pondo natin diba?

  • Alalyah

    When the big one hits Manila, I’m talking about earthquake here. Japan has the technology and know how to deal with large tremors, do we have it because if not, we are waiting for a huge disaster in the making. The earthquake in the Bay area of San Francisco toppled most of the elevated expressway and dropped like pancake to many cars below . If we have this highway in edsa or anywhere else, are we 100% sure that it is safe and lives are protected and if not, will the maker of the highway be accounted for all deaths that  will occur if the elevated highway collapsed and dropped like pancake on the traffic below in the event of a huge earthquake hitting Manila? We have to take profound measure that this project will be safe for everybody and not just profits in your pockets.

    • PHtaxpayer

      Its a risk that well worth it.  The Skyway will save millions of pesos a year in gas consumption, safer travel and car maintenance and repairs.  Only a few people died in the SF with that earthquake accident.  I have faith in our construction people to make it right.

  • rickysgreyes

    Tagal gumalaw ng gobyerno

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HOXRU6VCYAVAUK5MHQ7DWOUU6U Jerome

    sana buhay pa ako neto para maranasan ko naman..

  • ryq24

    the mrt line from roosevelt to trinoma is still close. can they please open this line first before talking about other projects. is henry sy that powerfull he can dictate to mar roxas not open this line?

  • bitoypalaboy

    Nakow inuuto nyo kame ano?  Hindi elevated highway ang sagot sa trapik ng EDSA.  Dagdagan nyo pa kaya tren baka pwede pa?  Patayin lahat ng access roads papasok ng EDSA lalo ung walang flyover access ramp.  Higpitan ang mga buses at private vehicles sa EDSA. Lagyan mo ng CCTV buong EDSA para mahuli ang mga kotong na MMDA, Barangay Trapik Enforcer at Pulis.

    Mga Lugar na talamak sa kotong ng trapik enforcer kaya bumabagal ang takbo ay ang EDSA Pasay Rotonda, Makati sa Ilalim ng ayala MRT station, Magallanes ilalim ng MRT, Pasay Road, Estrella at Guadalupe, Boni at napaka talamak na Crossing o Shaw Blvd. Sa Ortigas, Cubao, Kamias, North EDSAng talamak, at sa Monumento.

    Ipatupad ang phase out ng mga sasakyang mahigit sampung taon ang edad o ung walang maintenance o karag karag.

    At saan nyo ba itatayo ang poste ng skyway en me MRT sa gitna?
    Ung Skyway ay isang simpleng kurakot na kontrata na pinasukan ng gobyerno natin ng panahon ni Ramos.  Built operate transfer daw eh bakit ngayon sino na ba ang me ari ng skyway at pati ang expressway binili na din. Indonesian ang CITRA na kumpanya na ginamitan ng pera ng korupsyon ng panahon ni Suharto.

    At sa sobrang mahal ng toll fee mag tyatyaga ka sa ilalim dumaan. Ang gobyerno hindi inaayos ang mga kalye o service road imbes na me madadaanan kang alternatibo eh mukhang kasabwat pa ito para magisa tayo sa sarili nating mantika.


  • skyrockettt

    I agree with Vladimir! Why not industrialize the outskirts of Metro Manila, or the provinces? So many huge lands to develop in the provinces. Think about a cleaner air, a more spacious environment. Decongest Metro Manila! That’s the best project to do. Though I appreciate that Noynoy has a flagship infra project, it would be much better if he would push though a project that will decongest Metro Manila, expand developments in other cities in the provinces, improve air quality in the metropolis, invest on more high-tech security features in the streets of Metro Manila…be clean and green! Put up more public arts! I think these things are better off than a skyway.

  • Littlefox131

    Imagine driving home at the end of a long working day during rush hour and traveling from Makati to certain parts of Quezon City paying 300 pesos for toll.

    Gas + parking + toll + amortization.

    Eh ayusin niyo na lang kaya MRT para hindi na kelangang mag kotse yung taga QC papuntang Makati?

  • MNLFoodcritic

    I don’t think this is a good idea. A mass transit system is way much better. Let’s learn from cities like New York, London and Hong Kong where mass transit system is effectively and efficiently used. Less traffic, less air pollution and easier travel. We must learn from the mistakes of cities like Los Angeles, Bangkok and, of course, our very own Metro Manila where flyovers and freeways are used but traffic is still very bad not to mention the smog. Mass transit system is still way much better.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    But honestly, this is a stupid idea.

  • nestleraisinets

    bawasan nyo lang ung mga linteek na bus na yan eh ok na ang traffic eh. Pa skyway skyway pa kaung nalalaman…

    ung mga bus kasi nag uunahan racing tapos pag may pit stop hindi aandar hanggat hindi puno kahit walang tao sa sakayan

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      bawasan mo ang bus pero madami pa din kotse…hindi ito nababawasan.. dumadami ang sasakyan pero hindi nadadagdagan ang kalye..ganon lang kasimple..

      • nestleraisinets

        iba naman kasi ung kotse eh. Ang kotse dere deretso yan. Yung mga bus sisingit na nga sa harap mo tapos bigla nalang papara para magsakay baba ng mga tao, tapos hindi pa aalis hanggat hindi mapuno hanggang lahat ng pasahero nakatayo, tapos may susunod pa na bus walang katapusan…

  • http://jaoromero.com/ Jao Romero

    imbes skyway, i-expand ang MRT.

  • Avery Solco

    Where is the map of the proposed elevated skyway? This is just an example of very bad journalism.
    Why don’t the government get the money from the national treasury (ie pork barrel) so that motorists wouldn’t have to pay for toll at all!?!?

    • dgboy

      nasa picture yata.

      • Avery Solco

        OK. So, it is, but it is too small to be seen clearly and understood.

  • dannylao


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_455XOLDWRR55T7X3KOOIBIZJZI Jess


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WPL2TIEHI5NRDEBXGBPSIGQRTQ Tunay

    this road is for rich people, senators,congressman, president, and other politician and rich businessman. etc hindi ito pang masa! magkano nalang sisingilin sa iyo ng bus? o jeep? araw araw? Yung till fee introductory price lang yan hehehe after one year doble na yan.

  • AllaMo

    Will the proponents of this project be willing to put their money where their mouth is? Will they be willing to let free use of this road if it turns out that six minutes is not enough to get from makati to quezon city, as purported/

  • Victoria

     Is this a ‘dream on’ idea? I guess we can only dream.

  • randyaltarejos

    If there is an excessive toll fee in the Skyway, how can the ordinary motorists afford it? However, if there is no toll fee imposed in the Skyway, everybody will use it and just the same clog it with thousands of vehicles.

  • http://twitter.com/dorsantiago Dor Santiago

    Kahit ilan pang skyway ang itayo ng gobyerno kung hindi naman disiplinado ang mga nagmamaneho at mga pedestrian ay wala ring magiging saysay ang proyektong ito.

    Sa Amerika po, ang “Driver’s Education” ay mandatory sa high school.  Hindi lamang pagmamaneho ang inaaral dito, kungdi ang mga alituntunin na dapat sundin ng bawa’t isa sa kalye, nagmamaneho man o kaya’y ordinaryong pedestrian.

    Kanilang pinag-aaralan ang responsibilidad at mga karapatan ng bawa’t isa sa kalye.  Kaya ang bawa’t tao dito ay parang mga robot na de-susi kapag nasa kalsada …. alam nila kung saan dapat tumawid, kung ano ang mga patakaran sa pagkaliwa o kaya’y pagkanan, kung ano ang dapat gawin kung sakaling sira ang stop light, at kung anu-ano pa.

    Ang isang magandang halimbawa ay Commonwealth Avenue.  Pagkalapad-lapad na kalsada ang Commonwealth Avenue nguni’t kapagkaraka ay mabigat pa rin ang traffic.  Ang matinding dahilan ay kawalan ng disiplina ng mga nagmamaneho dito.

    Hindi ko naman sinasabi na huwag na tayo magdagdag ng kalsada.  Ang aking mungkahi ay, bago tayo magdagdag ng mga kalsada, pag-aralan muna natin mabuti kung paano madidisiplina ang bawa’t isa sa atin upang tayo ay mapasunod sa mga batas trapiko, tayo man ay driver o kaya’y pedestrian.

  • deejhay

    Bakit puro sa Metro Manila ang mga proposed development projects? Sa probinsya ay butas-butas ang mga daan? Ah..baka siguro ang pork barrel ng mga congressman di kasya sa bulsa, este project

  • K8

    the best solution to solve manila’s congestion and traffic is DISCIPLINE. filipinos are so law-abiding to traffic when it they’re in other countries. why can’t we do it here?

  • erick_1972

    Yes ,but with a magnitude 6 or 7 earthquake it  would last only seconds and very deadly. The Philippines sits at the ring of fire and like Japan has felt quakes not felt by humans .Modern countries have built Skyway the like of  Japan , South Korea and China but with deadly results hundreds and even  thousands lives were lost .This is a short term remedy there are more efficient, ecological, and safer way to tackle the worsening  congestion in the metropolis.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      “This is a short term remedy there are more efficient, ecological, and
      safer way to tackle the worsening  congestion in the metropolis.”

      So care to explain what kind of fairytale your spewing??? How can this proposal be shortterm???

      • erick_1972

        Why Short Term? What happens to old vehicles that has aged to 5 to 10 years they still run the streets and this to every year new vehicles sold.This is unlike other countries that has the strict lemon laws. This would cause more clogging of the streets with old a new vehicles on the same streets even this is is built would the cost of using can guarantee ,promise or assure us there would be an ease on traffic in EDSA .Government should really develop mass rail transport, the Philippines has only what three railways. There could be more railways that could be set up ran the same routes that could eliminate gasoline run buses that congest even more EDSA. The Smart that was built in Malaysia is more appealing than an elevated express way.Killing two birds with one stone ,traffic congestion and FLOODING. Malaysia paid a hefty price and time but they they are reaping rewards now that it was built.This is not a fairytale watch some good television Discovery or NatGeo perhaps googling some countries trying to build railways other than roads that what with the increasing cost of oil every year may think than buying a new car .

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1639029973 Rey C. Pasigna

    leche kayo puro kayo lahat reklamo!! kung ayaw ninyo eh di huwag!! magdusa kayo sa traffic!! kesa may lindol, kesa walang displina ang driver etc… ano ang gusto ninyong gawin ng gobyerno para masiyahan kayo? puro kayo putak ng putak  eh ano ang solusyon ninyo??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1639029973 Rey C. Pasigna

    kayong nga gusto ng libre ano kayo hilo?? saan kukuha ang gobyerno ng pera para ipagawa ang project na eto kung libre lahat  ang nasa utak ninyo??? kung hindi ninyo kayang magbayad pwes magdusa kayo!!! magtiiis kayo araw araw sa gumagapang na traffic!! LIBRE RAW  haaay naku!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bbulusan Bryan C. Bulusan

    sana iconsider muna ng gov’t lahat ng comments dito… this new project is for temporary solution only… later on.. dadami na naman mga cars. i agree w/ others, ba’t di na lang i-improve ang mass transits like sa HK/Singapore. Why not, try muna ayusin line ng mga bus… like, alisin sila sa EDSA, both ends na lang sila.. more of provinces ang byahe nila. quoting from one forumer:

    “Di naman mawawalan ng trabaho mga bus companies. iibahin lang route
    nila. Lahat provincial route na. Create mega bus stations at both ends
    of EDSA kung san ang dulo ng train station. Sa edsa train nalang ang
    public transpo. Increase capacity ng MRT to accomodate the demand.
    Maiiwasan din yung mga dilapidated buses dahil hindi ubra sa provincial
    route yan so safer ang roads natin against defective buses that cause
    accident. Less pollution sa EDSA dahil wala na mga inefficient surplus
    buses. Less traffic for private cars. Some private car owners will
    choose to leave their cars at home because MRT is cheaper, faster and
    more convenient. Less cars on the road, no need to make the road bigger.
    People wil spend less time in transit and become more productive.
    Productive workers = better business which will make our country
    progress. Less cars on the road means less pollution, cases of lung
    cancer will decrease, healthier living for Filipinos.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4QL52SEHHBS3Q3GQHRMU2CKQVU Garth Dax

    Citra is an Indonesian company, why cant they solve the traffic in main jakarta highways. Naku form airport to any hotel in Jakarta city proper will take twice as much time it will take to travel from NAIA to Makati.

  • tata_inggo

    There must an imposed discipline to all motorist and people implementing the laws. This is the fundamental way how to get the streets in order.

    Here in UAE in particular, very few policemen patrol the streets. They have cameras to monitor the speed of the vehicles, they have strict compliance when doing registration of second hand cars as they totally check the road worthiness of the vehicles.

    They have a big fine in overspeeding which is around AED 600.00 (Php 6,870.00 approx). Even parking they are very strict.

    Drivers here can spend up to PHP 100,000.00 just to get a license. you to passed a strict testing done by their Road and Transport Authority.

    Owning a vehicle is a responsibility to yourself and your fellow man

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerome.punzalan Jerome Punzalan

    Now, if someone would make a decent road that goes AROUND Metro Manila. That would help develop other areas without being bottlenecked by NCR.

  • virgo57

    It seems that Metro Manila is the only place in the Philippines!! Too much centralization and bureaucracy are one of the reasons why some regions are impoverished.This bullshit mentality is a practice since immemorial treating VisMin as third class regions and this crap should be stopped now!!

    • Avery Solco

      Too much money is being sent from Manila to the provinces. We want our money!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DI3QGCJEEFK52CT4DTQ7I5SRUE Neil

    6 minutes ???  Isang BANGUNGOT yan…Ganyan din ang sinabi ng mga builders/contractors ng mga SKYWAY sa Bankok,  Shanghai,  sa US,  Mexico at Brazil.  Naresolba ba ang mga traffic situation sa mga lugar na natayuan ng SKYWAYs? 

    Sa  simula,  maaring totoo ang  6 minutes ang QC to Makati,  after 5 – 10  years, magagarantiya at maisusustini kaya ang 6 minutes?     Ang sigurado,  mauuwi din ito sa heavy traffic.   Napatunayan na yan sa ating kasaysayanl  mula sa ROAD WIDENING,  FLYOVER,  SKYWAY,  TUNNEL – UNDERPASS na naitayo sa Kalakhang Manila,   ang malungkot, naresolba ang traffic ?  

    KAILAN MA’Y HINDI NAGING SOLUTION ang SKYWAY sa pagresolba ng maayos at sistematikong TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ng mga URBAN CENTER sa mundo.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NFOC3J43TN6ZJ2M6YYE6EHOIHQ RaLpHDaNiEL

       then what is your best solution to the problem. You must have one suggestion… :)

  • TagaMlang

    This would be a great relief for us living in the south.  This would make travel to the north shorter by at least one hour and a half because it will eliminate the Makati to Balintawak via the Edsa route. 

    However, there are two things that we should not forget and Citra-PNCC must comply. One, the rate must be pegged at P99 through the duration of the project.  This is part of their proposal to justify the project.  The government should never allow any amendments just like what is happening now with the MRT.   And two, the construction period must not exceed 30 months.  Remember the Nichols to Alabang Skyway project?  It started sometime in 1994 but it was completed only sometime in 2010.  That is 16 years.  Filipinos should not be held hostage by the contractor. 


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