Prosecution felt ‘struck by lightning’ after Enrile ruling on PAL exec


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DISALLOWED. Prosecution members react after their witness from the Philippine Airlines was not allowed to testify by the Senate impeachment court.  Video by's Noy Morcoso III

MANILA, Philippines – The prosecution said they felt like they were struck by lightning when Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile disallowed an official of the Philippine Airlines from testifying on the alleged perks given to Chief Justice Renato Corona via a “Platinum card”.

Marikina Representative Romero Quimbo said in a press briefing after Tuesday’s proceedings that “the decision on the PAL ‘Platinum Card’ struck us like lighting today that in effect cascaded down to the two other witnesses aside from the PAL Vice-President.”

Enrile disallowed Enrique Javier, PAL vice president for sales, from testifying against Corona of on bribery allegations because they were not included in Article 3 of the Articles of Impeachment.

Article 3 alleges that Corona had lost the “competence, integrity, probity, and independence” because he acted on mere letters that caused “flip-flopping of decisions in final and executory cases.”

“We are saddened by the presiding officer’s ruling but we did our best to argue as hard as we could… [because] the witness will prove why [Corona] flip-flopped and acted on a case because of a mere letter from Attorney [Estelito] Mendoza,” lead prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr. said.

Lead prosecutor Iloilo Representative Niel Tupas Jr., on Tuesday said that Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s move to disallow the testimony of Philippine Airlines vice president for sales Enrique Javier saddened the prosecution team but that they were confident that the seven other articles would be able to stand on their own.

Tupas said that, left with no other recourse, they “just offered the excluded evidence”, admitting that although the articles of impeachment was “not perfect… it was crafted by 188 [representatives].”

He also maintained that they were confident that they have proved Article 2 but would continue presenting Article 3 on Wednesday.

In the case of the Flight Attendants’ and Stewards’ Association of the Philippines (FASAP) against PAL, the prosecution alleged that it was because Corona received the Platinum card, issued by PAL management, that he acted to have the case reopened when its decision favoring FASAP was supposed to be final.

“The testimony was purely intended to show the reason or the motivation or the inducement that led the chief justice to act in a manner that compromised his integrity, probity, and independence,” Quimbo said.

The prosecution said that the Platinum Card allowed Corona and his wife to travel anywhere in the world, throughout the year, in the highest class possible, with baggage allowance of up to four and weighing 23 kilos each. The card also allowed applicable taxes and fees and other surcharges to be waived courtesy of PAL, the prosecution said.

“The witness is very, very critical because [his testimony] goes to the motive on why the chief justice actually committed those acts he is accused of,” Quimbo said.

“We feel that the decision is absolutely unfair,” Quimbo said.

The prosecution said that they would not present or identify the two other witnesses related to the PAL case because they would fall under Enrile’s ruling.

Meanwhile, Tupas said he preferred that the impeachment case against Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo be heard by the after the Corona trial.

“By Monday nasa plenary na [ang kaso pero] my personal preference ay saka na akyatin, after na ng Corona trial, nasa 60 session days naman yan e, sana after na ng Corona trial.”

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  • Jhhayme

    Minadali kasi ng 188 congressman pag approve, di hinimay wordings ng articles of impeachment.Now, Enrile sided with defense,, but would it ever get the other senator judges curiosity on what PAl executive has to say? Baka sila pa humingi sa PAL ng ganun perks haha

    • Marlon

      pag frequent flyer ka, bibigyan ka ng PAL Platinum Card.

      halos lahat ng opisyal ng gobyerno pati Senador at Congressman mayroon nyan kasi marami silang official trips sa flag carrier na PAL.

      pag marami kang trips, frequent flyer ka so pwede ka magkaroon ng PAL Platinum Card.

      • Jhhayme

        I know that, but besides the mabuhay club or Platinum. SAC is also being granted #1 to #3..It is called Special Airport concession. Heard about it? I know that I cause even if confidential I seeked one time from PAL This i strictly confidentail, priveleges given over and above other Frequent traveller’s priveleges.

      • wrench1990

         di ba some credit card are tied to mabuhay miles for example Allied Bank (nasa mabuhay miles website)?  i have a credit card tied to KrisFlyer… so you earn miles every time you charge your purchases to your credit card… maybe this is the case for the CJ plus if you are a frequent flyer you earn more miles….

  • quirinomayer

    This clearly shows Enrile is a PAL of Corona hehe.

    • Ulipur

      And of Cuevas.

    • hermes diaz

      Nope!! Sumama ka na lang sa 3 sa taas na iniinterview!

  • francoalminolibre

    there was no flip-flopping of the decision to start with. assuming there was, the resolution acting on the letter request of estelito mendoza was an en banc decision, not a corona decision. then what do you hope get out of the testimony of the pal exec? zilch.

  • kilabot

    foolish 188, you get what you deserve. if you all resign, it will be the best act of patriotism you can do for the country. but of course, that is like asking the leech to stop sucking blood.

  • Johnny Cacatian

    “Tupas said that, left with no other recourse, they “just offered the
    excluded evidence”, admitting that although the articles of impeachment
    was “not perfect… it was crafted by 188 [representatives].” ”

    If this what the majority of our lawmakers can best do, nakakatakot ang mga gagawing batas ng mga ito!!!

    • Ged

      Correction, please… Not crafted, but merely signed by the 188. Hindi sila kasali sa preparasyon. Marami sa kanila, hindi na binasa, basta pinirmahan na lang. Panakot kasi ng Malacanang, hindi ibibigay ang pork ng hindi pumirma.

  • Ulipur

    ABS-CBN News

    Prosecution can’t run to SC

    Prosecution spokesman Sonny Angara said the court’s ruling is
    inconsistent with previous decisions on evidence presented for Article 2
    of the impeachment complaint, which alleges that Corona failed to
    truthfully disclose his Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth

    He said that while Article 2 does not identify all of Corona’s bank
    accounts and condo units, the Senate impeachment court allowed the
    presentation of evidence on these accounts and condo units because it
    touches on the allegation of Corona’s failure to disclose his SALNs.

    “In Article 3, it is the same allegation that he betrayed public
    trust by his acts that showed his lack of integrity and probity and his
    partiality [for PAL]. We are showing additional evidence to prove this
    point. Presenting the PAL tickets and the benefits he got from PAL
    supports the allegations that he was partial for PAL,” Angara said.

    “Klarong-klaro naman kay Juan dela Cruz kung ano po yung relasyon sa
    pagtanggap ni Chief Justice at kanyang desisyon sa PAL case,” he added.

    Quimbo, meanwhile, said the prosecution’s dilemma is that they are
    not like the defense panel “where we can run to the Supreme Court and
    get a solution there.”

    “Pwede silang mamangka sa dalawang ilog e kami ito ang sinumpaan
    namin. We really don’t have any choice…Even if we want to go to the
    Supreme Court, we do not want to abandon the philosophy that the
    decision of the Senate impeachment court is final,” he said.

    He added that the prosecutors cannot run to Malacañang because the President cannot overrule the Senate’s decisions.

    PAL is owned by Lucio Tan, one of the richest Filipino-Chinese
    businessmen. He is also a major campaign donor of many politicians.

    • Green_Latern

      Magsubong na lang sila kay Tulfo :)

    • Padre Agaton

      nakakaawa naman ang prosecutors.

      ganyan talaga pag hindi ka handa at may pagka-bubonic, susunod mong gagawin magpa-paawa effect na lang at kukuha ng simpatiya.

      grado ngayon ni tupas kay miriam…5!

      • TGM_ERICK


    • Marlon

      pumayag nga si Enrile na mag-fishing expedition ang prosecution gamit ang Senate subpoena para sa Article II pero pumutok ito sa mukha ni Enrile kasi PEKE pala ang ebidensya ng bank accounts!!!

      ayaw na masunog ni Enrile, kaya sabi nya sa mga tangang prosecutors: KUNG GUSTO NYONG MAPAHIYA ULIT, WAG NYO NA AKO ISAMA!!! MGA GAG0!!!

  • Paul

    I hope that the congressmen-prosecutors are learning from their mistakes so that, if ever CJ is acquitted, they can file again the impeachment complaint against CJ after Dec. 12, 2012 with more organized and clearer articles of impeachment.

    • Rex_Ranhilio

      they will not file again this year. because they will be concentrating on running for re-election in the 2013 elections

    • FernandoBusi

      they will not file just like EO no 1 was not amended as suggested by the SC so that it becomes constitutional … batang isip kasi Malacanang 

  • chamber25

    This is because of the hubris of the congressmen, they thought they can bring anything to the impeachment court and because of public opinion no one would dare deny them, 

     Why didn’t they state actual crimes like bribery or graft in their articles, they are questioning collegial decisions and pinning it to one man.  

    Whats next should the Supreme Court get approval from the Congress and the president before they make any judgement or ruling in fear of them getting impeached when executive and legislative branches don’t agree.

    Just look at their cases, now they want to drop all but 3 cases. They admitted that the others were weak. Why would you file weak cases other then the wanting to gain media millage by bloating the articles and making it seem like there so much evidence, when they don’t seem to have much.

  • lostRunes

    Sa mundo ni President Aquino at kanyang mga taga suporta ay ok lang lumabag sa batas  sa paghuhuli sa mga lumabag sa batas.

    Suggestion ko nalang sa mga taga dilaw, patayin niyo nalang si Corona at si Arroyo para hindi sayangin ang pera  ng taong bayan at oras ng senado, congress at ng presidente para may magawang mabuti naman sila sa bayan.

  • eroldpinoy

    sino sino pa kayang politicians ang meronng PAL Platinum card?. ang mga senators kaya meron din?

  • filipinaskoh

    well actually the article 2 is more than enough to convict Corona. other articles are giving the Senator-Judges no reason to acquit Corona.

    • boyfarmer

       pag xur oi

    • JustinaustriaV

      May isa pang side ang hindi napapakinggan. Its too early to make judgments at this point

  • Padre Agaton

    platinum card lang nag flip-flop na? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    da best talaga ng prosekusyon. walang katulad.

    ano pa kaya sa kaso ni del castillo?


    pasensiya na. ngayon lang talaga ako nakabasa ng ganito ka-grabeng katatawanan.


    • FernandoBusi

      di nga impeachable offense yun eh … even the lawyers who cited the plagarism are not asking for an impeachment gusto lang talaga ni Pnoy macontrol ang judiciary … 

  • CPCook

    This should be a learning experience for the congressmen.  The good thing is, in December, Congress can have a do-over on the articles of impeachments in the unfortunate event that CJ Corona gets acquitted.  Personally, I think Article 2 (non-public disclosure of SALN + inaccurate SALN) is tight solid.  The only question for the senators is whether Article 2 rises to the level of an impeachable offense.  I think so, but the Senate has Tito Sotto, Lito Lapid, Miriam Santiago, Ramon Revilla, and Joker Arroyo.  So, the odds are stacked against the prosecutors.

    As an aside, I hope the prosecution does not get discouraged. This impeachment is a fight worth fighting for. Truth is, if CJ Corona is acquitted on Art 2, we might as well remove any pretense of actually wanting a corruption-free government. If CJ Corona is acquitted on Article 2, that means that SALNs are not serious documents.

    • Kayang

       Quote: Personally, I think Article 2 (non-public disclosure of SALN + inaccurate SALN) is tight solid.

      it is not yet…. if the senate decides to quash the subpoena, than only the condos are left, because all evidence based on this “spurious” bankdocument vanishes…..

  • Crescente

    Su PAL PAL ang prosecution! Time for you to mourn on your stupidities.

  • diverme

    Question…how many congressman does it take to craft a good articles of impeachment? Answer: more than 188 hahahaha. You guys are pathetic. 188 brains are not enough pala to craft the article.

    • francoalminolibre

      brainless mammals kasi eh.

      • diverme

        yan ang mahirap pag pa pogi lang ang alam. Porket congressman lang sila feeling nila tama sila palagi. Alam lang nila pork barrel

  • diverme

    Oh and another thing…ang cheap naman ni CJ platinum card lang kapalit sa FASAP case??!!! The prosecution is really delusional

    • Padre Agaton

      mga hindi ng nag-iisip. kung ibebenta ko na rin lang naman ang isang kaso halimbawang ako si corona…bakit platinum card lang ang hihinging kong kapalit?

      ngunit sa palagay ko, kung naisalang ang testigo mula sa pal, malamangmaging hostile witness na naman yun tulad ng testigo mula megaworld.

      • diverme

        ang tanga sobra ng prosecution.

  • hermes diaz

    Quimbo,Tanada at Angara ang dakdak nyo puro mali naman dindaldal nyo!Ano gusto nyo mag pa awa sa taong bayan walang susuporta sa inyo kundi ang BOSS nyo si PNOY na parehas nyo ng UTAK grabe ang hihina nyong umintindi.BOKYA na kayo humihirit pa kayo!Dapat sa inyo mag MMDA NA LANG SA TRAFFIC!

  • Green_Latern

    kawawa naman :(

  • michael918

    i understand that the Impeachment trial is a political exercise of finding out the truth?  maybe Mr. Rolan Llamas is right i read he said that the Court may side with the defense? And dont forget that this is a continuity of the Philippine Airlines and the Fasap Case elevated to the Impeachment Court, if all the files of the case shall be allowed to be scruitinize, Think what it will cost PAL.

    • Padre Agaton

      pwede haka-haka ni llamas…pero sigurado ako sa isang bagay…ang mga tindero ng pirated dvd at nagbebenta ng ak-47 ay magsa-side naman kay llmas.

  • michael918

    Remember what he said, Only the military can stop this Impeachment Trials, Sen. Enrile.  Take note

    • Marlon

      hinde sasama ang military kasi buwisit sila kay Pnoy Abnoy.

      duwag kasi yang Panot na yan. matapos ma-ambush ang mga sundalo ng NPA at MILF noong 2011, ano ang ginawa ni Panot???


      namigay pa ng pera sa NPA at MILF!!! WTF!!!

      asa pa mga kampon ni Pnoy Abnoy. wala kayong maasahan sa militar!!!

      • TGM_ERICK

        baka alisin si pinoy ng military at magkaroon ng junta sa pamumuno ni enrile binay at ni CJ.

        let’s face it, even without this impeachment, pnoy cannot run our government well. he had a bad start with the simple case, luneta massacre that became tragic.

  • vestrevistal

    Maliwanag na ang panalo ni corona. sa daming pinipresenta na perang misteryoso balewalain lang ito ng senado sa pangunguna ni miriam at juan dahil ‘technically illegally acquired evidence’, WALANG MANGYARI DYAN TINGIN KO. Obserbahan mo lang ang tanong ni honasan at jinggoy, huwag mo ng isama si joker dahil buo na ang pinapanigan nito,   parang lumabas na ang prosecutors ang akusado.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Just last Sunday, prosecution’s Quimbo was so kocksure that they have the case.  He even derided Corona and the defense as clutching at straws.  As it turns out, the disallowed PAL witness will be the last straw that breaks the prosecution’s back.  And speaking of broken back, how will our gay president take it?  We can be sure our beloved Noynoy will not be man enough to face it up front.  Just like his hero father, he will prefer to be taken from behind.  Of heroes and gay sons.

    • Vincent Hernandez

      Isa sa mga spokesman ng prosecution parang galing ng fish market….amoy malansa.

    • Arbequina

       Hindi kaya ikaw ang gay?

      • EdgarEdgar

        Hi Olive Oil, thank you for reading my post.  Since you went out of your way to create a new account just to ask me, let me give you an answer.  I’ve been called many things, so I don’t mind getting one from you.  In a democracy, we don’t always have to agree unless Noynoy gets his way to turn us into a dictatorship.  Since you care a lot about Noynoy, why don’t you advice him to honestly account for the wealth he and his family has appropriated from generations of poor farmers and return them to their rightful owners.  If he can do that, together with his sisters and tito peping and tita tingting, he will only win more people over and build himself an unassailable moral high ground.  He can talk about social reforms and anticorruption and equitable distribution of wealth for all he wants and still earn no credibility.  Change, like charity, begins at home.  If he truly wants to get the wheels of social reforms to start turning, he should start with himself.  There are no two ways about it.  And about him being gay, it’s his ambiguity in the issues of social reform and Luisita that makes him gay.  As to his real gender, I will leave that to you and him as nobody here knows him like you do.  So the next time you and Noynoy pour Arbequina all over each other and lick each other clean, think about the poor farmers who are at the mercy of inclement weather, debt, flood, draught, despondency and many others.

  • Eric

    Because Senator enrile have platinum card too.

  • Padre Agaton

    di ba’t ang tinatamaan ng kidlat ay yaong mga nagsisisnungaling?

    hala ka diyan!

  • sugbu

    This one is for the record,,Senate/IC records….at tatandaan natin ito.


      tapos in 2013 after the elections we will see their faces again!

  • jeff

    The ultimate strategy of corona is for his gangmates in the supreme court to declare a mistrial in order to stop or reverse the conviction. So I think enrile is just being careful not to put to waste the opportunity of the people to oust a dishonest and dishonorable chief justice.

    • Kayang

       mistrial….? won’t happen….

    • Marlon

      bakit mistrial???

      mukhang may acquittal na nga eh.

      wala kasing ebidensya ang mga tangang prosecutor.

  • andrew lim

    Does Enrile have the authority to rule on this matter solely, or do the senator-judges have to vote on it?

    • Kayang

       only if one of the senators object…. none did so the ruling stands….

  • EdgarEdgar

    Prosecution felt ‘struck by lightning’ after Enrile ruling on PAL exec.  But why?

    One would expect that being struck by lightning, the prosecution should be electrified if not energized.  Instead, they are easily heartbroken and crestfallen.  In the face of defeat, we see their true mettle.  Victory is not for the faint of heart.  We have seen our Crown repeatedly assailed from all directions and yet he stood his ground yielding none to the evil ploys of dictatorship.  In their early 40s, the prosecution posterboys will hopefully have learned that ambition is indeed made of sterner stuff.  That sterner stuff is called political conviction.  And not political expediency. 


      like like like!

  • Triponio Aparador

    Tupas: Mare, pano ba ‘to binara ni Enrile ang wetness namin.
    Pia Cayetano: Iakyat niyo sa Supreme Court ang objection niyo.
    Tupas: Puede ba yun eh pro-Corona ang SC. Talo din tayo dun.
    Pia: Engots. Sinabi ko ba na sa SC ng Pinas. Dun sa SC ng US. Di ka ba nakikinig sa mga manifestations ko na puro US.

    • JK1000

      corny mo buuweeesit !

  • sugbu

    Dislodge corona and Occupy Senate ! kung iyan ang gusto nilang mangyayari !

  • sugbu

    Hindi lang ang Prosecution ang nasasaktan…ang mga taong umaasa ng katarungan ay siyang labis ang pagkabigo !


      hindi ka ba nakakita ng pangiitain na matatalo 188?   si cong. remulla na kaalyado ng 188, ay di sumama, isa nagbitiw sa hawak na tungkulin dahil di masikmura ang 8 charges.  iyang mga congressmen na iyan ang may sariling pag-iisip.  hindi sunud-sunuran kay p-noy. 

  • jeff

    The acquittal of corona means 12-0 victory for Pnoy senatorial ticket come election. The senators-jurors should not under-estimate the wrath of the patriotic electorates who have been longing for the eradication and punishment of big-time corrupt government officials.

    Corona if not convicted this year, after the senatorial election next year. Corona will be impeached again and this time is assured of conviction.

    • Shinigami

       Is that justice? More like a political vendetta. If indeed that will happen, then maybe congress and senate will save the trouble of filing another sham compliant since they will get the number. Just shows Pnoy and his allies are just after the full control of the government, irregardless of a person’s right and the Constitutionality of such acts…

    • Kayang

       your statement is just laughable…..

  • Lucky Luciano

     Article IV, V, VI, and VII Mukhang iisa lang din ang kahihinatnan parang sa III.
    Kamusta kaya ang article VIII. hmm mukhang eto ang mainit.


    Good luck on us all

  • Ged

    Tatlong klase ang ebidensya kuno ng prosekusyon. Imbento (gaya ng papeles na galing daw sa small lady ni Umali at sa gate daw ni Banal); Ilegal (gaya ng dokumento na sinikwat o ipinuslit mula sa PSBank); Walang Kinalaman (gaya ng records galing sa PAL).

    Pagkatapos sermunan ni Enrile ang prosekusyon dahil sa kapalpakan at sa bulok na style nito, dalawang kataga ang ginamit niya patungkol sa sinasabing ebidensya. Hindi katanggap-tanggap dahil ito raw ay “nothing” (walang laman, walang kwenta) at “trash” (basura).

  • nennen12345

    very disappointing! bakit palagi kayong palpak? i won’t be surprised if renato corona will not be impeached because of your kapalpakan. kayo din ang masisisi.


      eh itinulak sila ni p-noy na madaliin ang pag-iimpits.

  • JK1000

    The reason why Enrile disallowed the testimony of PAL official is very simple, He himself is afraid that he also recieved this kind of perks from many corporations before.

    • Marlon

      whatever dude,

      Article III did not allege bribery because when the stupid prosecutors wrote the railroaded impeachment complaint, they did not know that Corona had a PAL Platinum Card.

      even if Enrile bent over backwards and allowed the PAL testimony, it will just be a waste of time because just because you have a PAL Platinum Card does not mean you have been bribed.

      in the same way that just because you have a Suki Card from Mercury Drug, a Laking National Card from National Bookstore or a SM Advantage Card from SM, you are already bribed by these corporations.

      Enrile disallowed the irrelevant testimony of the PAL official because the last time he allowed the prosecution to have a fishing expedition with the bank accounts, it turned out that the evidence was fake.   

      Enrile does not want to be used by the prosecution anymore for their fishing expedition because he does not want to be infected by their stupidity and shame.


        If your premise is suki card, or pal regular mabuhay miles card, I agree with you. If you are just a common man and not a chief justice, I agree with you.

        But instead of just regular mabuhay miles, you are given a PLATINUM CARD with all the perks, and you are chief justice of the SC handling the case of PAL, I do not know what do you call this one. This is not direct bribery? How about indirect bribery?

        Nevertheless, I think those prosecutors are after JUDICIAL UNETHICAL CONDUCT.

    • marimalo

      siguradong marami sila diyan na nakinabang.

  • pepengkabayo

    Prosecution felt ‘struck by lightning’ after Enrile ruling on PAL exec….

    Maraming dapat asikasuhin itong mambabatas na ito sa mamamayang Pilipino pero ang ginagawa ay itong nonsense Impeachment against one Person.
    All their times are being spent on this Impeachment, nothing to gain.

    As they say that they felt STRUCK by Lighting,
    Dapat sana ang tumama sa inyo ay yong
    SENDONG FLASH FLOODS AT NEGROS EARTHQUAKE at nasama sa baha at nabaon sa hukay than those hapless and helpless people.
    Those people affected are more deserving than these politicians.

  • pinklace88

    ang daming abogado dito ang gagaling, baka naman puro sa keyboard lang kau, panay pintas sa prosecution, kung mas magaling pala kau bat di kau mag congressman kesa pintasan, d kaya dpat natututo tau sa buong proseso na ito? maging vigilant at makiramdam para sa susunod na election, walang sisihan!

    • Nic Legaspi

      Public officials would always be under scrutiny. We all have jobs to do. As citizens, we have to be vigilant in observing the process and also having responsible discussions with fellow citizens. As public officials, the prosecutors SEEM to be failing in their job to oust the Chief Justice. People have the right to pressure these congressmen to do their jobs especially since they’re using public funds to stage this trial. Let people in this forum talk, as long as they’re being civilized about it. It’s their money that’s being spent. =)

  • neverwint3r

    e kundi ninyo ba naman minadali yang pag-file ng impeachment before you even had time to prepare and gather evidence, di hinde sana kayo feeling tinamaaan ng kidlat.

    you have to wonder if these guys are lawyers at all.

  • R

    They had been hit by more than 1 lightning. Binubuhay lang ni ABNOy sa mga speeach niya na ala-palengkero para i-convict si Corona. Niloloko niya taong bayan!

    • joeldcndcn


    • baragiones

      shame on you, 

  • Hey_Dudes

    Engineer Cuevas already raised the specter of mistrial should the defense team not get their way which is why foreman Ponce Enrile is now on their side to make sure everything is fair yeah right.  Hence, whoever the prosecution presents as next witnesses, I have this strange feeling, foreman Ponce Enrile will also  strike them down as immaterial.  Time to walk out of the hall gentlemen.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Kaya kung magbibintang kayo na ninakawan ng isang tao, ang tatangapin lang ng korte ay yun ninakaw sa iyo.  Hindi saklaw ng batas kung sakaling lumitaw na itong magnanakaw na ito e meron din ninakawan pang iba maliban sa iyo. Our laws were crafted for the benefit of the cavemen.

  • joeldcndcn


    • FernandoBusi

      yes magwalk out na sila at sumama kana sa edsa … para magsamasama kayo baka swertehin ag pilipinas at maka singhot kayo ng carbon monoxide

  • baragiones

    I agree, Time To Walk out


      sige walk out and occupy the palace hahaha!

  • alex_pastor

    The entire prosecution panel should and must be literally
    stricken by a lightning. Mga natural calamity palang ang nag papasakit sa ulo
    ni malas PENOY, lightning strike will not be surprising. RAIL ROADING a
    ITS very own CONSTITUTION…… THIS is all because we have an Imbecile PRESIDENT.

    • Gerry Francisco

      You are correct. di tama ang pag iisip ng presidentitang ito!!! san k nakakita ng presidente n puro pag hihigante ang nasa puso at galit sa kapwa nya magnanakaw ang sinasabi.Imbes mag pakumbaba at pag kaisahin nya pilipino ay lalong nagkaroon ng dibisyon at pagkahati hati ang mga tao. sooner or later ikaw naman PENOY ang mailagay s katayu an na ganyan!!!!

  • Albin

    Sana nga tinamaan na lang ng kidlat. Mali na kasi from the very start.
    Everything dahil gusto lang ni penoy. Hindi man lang pinag isipan.

    Now, palagay ko lalong hindi titigil si Daldalitang panot.

  • sigena

    sa laki ng ilong ni tupas hindi pa ba tinamaan ng kidlat?  naingit kasi walang plantinum cars yung prosecutors

  • Jojo De Jesus

    it would be nice if PAL and other airlines would also admit who among the members of the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE and JUDICIARY has this type of PLATINUM cards… baka magulat tayo sino sino ang mero niyan.  

  • Roman31

    I am really getting confused. All I know is that the SC is a collegial composed of 15 independent justices of which Corona is just one. Yes, he is the Chief Justice. Does that mean that whatever he wants the majority of the justices will have to follow? Is this not a terrible insult to the intelligence of the other justices? What I know is that as a collegial body, everyone if free to make his/her decision on the case on hand, and indeed there are always dissenting opinions among members but the majority prevails. Clearly, the CJ is not the Supreme Court, the 15 justices is the Supreme Court. So, why is only Corona on trial?
    I am not rooting for Corona here. I still want him to taken out of the Court if it can be shown that he is guilty of some, if not all the acccusation heaped on him. And even he is acquitted, the best thing for him is to resign. He is already a damaged good, win or loss.

    • Rex_Ranhilio

      look at it this way –
      one of the arguments raised by the chief justice against the president is that the president wants him out so that he can be replaced by carpio who will be friendlier to malacanang.
      ergo, even the chief justice indirectly admits that a chief justice exercises various powers, functions, and perquisites that the other justices do not.

  • dtb bzlands

    “crafted by 188 congressmen”???? maybe signed but not crafted. di nga daw nila nabasa e kaya paano mo sasabihing “crafted” mr. tupas.

  • dtb bzlands

    @Romans31: yes it is indeed a collegial body and that is obviiously the reason why sen. enrile rejected it because it is too early to jump to that conclusion. the prosecution has first to lay the foundation before presenting these types of evidence. it might work if the prosecution have proof that all of the justices who voted in favor of PAL enjoyed that Platinum card. maybe sen. enrile is tired of teaching these prosecutors how to present their case.

  • DondonSantosJr

    not perfect… it was crafted by 188 – Syempre hindi yun perfect no, kahit gawa pa yun ng Lucky 188 (hmmm…. crafted???? crafted by Lucky 188, 188 Congressman pero isang JPE lang ang nagsabi na ang gulo ng articles of impeachment, 188 lawmakers, 188 signatures, pero walang nacollect na evidence?) 

  • White24

    ay naku QUIMBO,,,, importanteng palitan mo ang mga prosecutors na mga bobo….


    why dont you face the court Mr Quimbo, since you’re oh so great during presscons…

    • FernandoBusi

      may platinum card din yan 

  • Pablo Juan

    congs.. dont you get get it? Corona is not the only holder of the ‘platinum’ card.  The awkward question is: who among the senators have THE PAL platinum card as well?

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    excuses..blah blah blah.. whats a PAL platinum card? oh you mean like this one that i have? so impeach me already. lol. I may not be a lawyer but it would seem to me that having a PAL platinum card in possession is not only circumstantial as an evidence but the last time I checked, it doesn’t say anything in the constituion that I cannot enjoy some degree of leisure as long as I paid and spent for it. Do you mean to tell me that since PnoT is the president, he cannot stay in the presidential suite of a 5 star hotel even if he pays for the said accommodation? hmmm.. throw away those ford expedition, land cruisers and other expensive government purchased vehicles because they are considered luxury and maybe a bribe from the car makers and dealers.

    • Littlefox131

      Really? You paid for your PAL Platinum? So how much is it?

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    yes. cuevas during his opening statement yesterday (feb 22) was again mentioning “mistrial”. so nice of him to intimidate the impeachment court

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    mahirap ang puro people power. look what happened the last time.

  • pepengkabayo

    These 3 Prosecution Team Media is always defending the their Impeachment Plot in Television.
    They want to gain sympathy from the people.
    As always they are correct and right in their presentation because no one is there to rebuff them unlike in Impeachment Court.

    They remind of Tres Amigos, 3 actors requested to replay what had happened and fight the bandits.
    But the TRES AMIGOS were good enought to defend the people against the Bandits.
    Unlike the three above, the local version of Tres Amigos, Angara,Tanada and Quimbo is more of Tatlong Itlog always Bugok because they always lost. Magaling sa walang kalaban.
    Tres Amigos to Tatlong Itlog

  • pangittalagaako

    bakit di pa nasunog!

  • Littlefox131

    Prosecution should count its blessings. Right now I think less is more.



  • Sienna Sese

    eh ano ngayon kung platinum card? magulat kayo kung eroplano ibigay ng PAL sa kanya

    • FernandoBusi

      yeah like PAL gave pnoy a new plane when he went to china….

  • Ulipur

    TRO for 5 Identified and Other Unidentified Dollar Accounts of CORONA = COVER UP.

    PAL Evidence Suppressed:  ==COVER UP.

    • ordinaryo

      ang utak mo = COVER UP.

    • yatot

      hahaha. kawawa ka naman.

  • namaste2011

    Of course they will be magugulat! ganyan talaga ang hindi prepared!

  • Billy Mosende

    A judge is fired for receiving popcorn from an erring driver whom he was deciding on a traffic violation (in Australia). A judge is likewise fired from his job (in the US) for receiving preferred tickets to the Super Bowl from a litigant.

    Looks like the sense of morality of the Impeachment Court for the Thief Justice in the Philippines is exceptional!      

    • yatot

      A nonsense story! Hahahaha

  • Kims C

    I don’t mind if the prosecution are not able to present article 3 or the remaining articles of impeachment, for me the thief justice is GUILTY to all 8 articles of impeachment, just common sense na lang… ang main purpose kung bakit inilagay ni gloria ang thief justice dyan sa sc ay para sa protection ni gloria maski bawal sa constitution. 

    • yatot

      Good for you! 

      For people who respect the law, this impeachment must be done for us to know the real score.


  • virgoyap

    Enrile acted like he is serafin cuevas. His mindset is already fixed with no opening  left to give  the Prosecutors a chance. I felt so sad to what has happened. I don’t believe that he was doing it for the good of the prosecutors as what he said. I’m sure that that was the day for the defense and to corona to laugh out loud.

  • Danilo Robles

    what’s all the fuss about the platinum card?  just about anyone who has travelled extensively are given cards such as this.  And this is not free, you have to accrue a certain mileage from flying paid fare flights to get this.  is this the evidence by which the prosecution’s case stand by?  KABOBOHAN!

    • magsasakasanayon

       ikaw ang bobo. ibang platinum card ang pinag-uusapan dito. you won’t even find this ‘platinum card’ in PAL’s website. it is only for the privileged few.

      • Nuntiandi

        Ikaw ang bobo. Yung platinum card na sinasabi ay credit card na pwede i-convert yung points to mileage at PHP 33/ point. That means gagastos ka muna sa credit card. Yan ang hirap pag low IQ na, ign0rante pa. Mag sumikap ka naman at hwag pairalin ang kobobohan kaya tuloy pati congressmen mo kasing bobo mo. Di marunong mag litis.

      • magsasakasanayon

        sorry po pero hindi po credit card ang pinag-uusapan. try reading the news and gather all the fact first.

      • Nuntiandi

        Kung ang tinutukoy mo yung pahayag ng mga congressmen, naku, baka pati ikaw makukulong sa kobobohan nila. Ma-didisbar na nga yung iba sa kanila dahil sa pag-gamit ng fake documents sa pag subpoena. Kung gusto mo sumama ka na sa kanila. Ikaw lang.

  • Nuntiandi

    I also have these sort of frequent flyer cards from PAL and other international airlines and it cannot provide free flights unless you accumulate years of paid mileage before hand. On the other hand, they have Platinum credit cards that can convert purchases into mileage but again you have to spend tons of money before you can get free flights. What kind of ign0ramuses do we have for congressmen here?

  • yatot

    Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw:

    -hindi binasa ang impeachment articles bago pinirmahan
    -walang hawak na ibedensya 
    -pressured lang ni Panut dahil Liberal at pork
    -akala nila madadala nila sa takutan si Corona at mag reresign


    this time, this early, occupy malacanang, NOW NA!


    hala,  kasalanan na nina enrile at cuevas ang pagkatalo ng prosekyutor sabi ng mga dilawan.  comedy na talaga.  hahaha!
    kapag ipinatalo mo prosekyutor, bad ka, lagot ka!! hahaha


    i pity the young tupaz.  he was manipulated by belmonte who should have been the lead prosecutor.  of course belmonte, wily and wise in the ways of politics would not like to.  tupaz was even a victim of the dirty tricks  done by p-noy himself by giving him the documents of 45 properties and altered signature bank cards of corona.  .  poor tupaz!!! it doesn’t pay to be a liberal and a lapdog.  how i wish it would be drilon na lang in his place.

    • EdgarEdgar

      What moral lesson can we draw from the life of Franklin?

      Franklin Drilon lost his neck to gluttony.  He lost his manhood tucked under layers of obesity.  Now, he lost his uprightness to greed.  What profits a man if he gains the whole world only to lose his neck, his shaft and his erection? 

      (repost from sunday)

      • TGM_ERICK

        remember that drilon was once a widower who got married again. hahaha!

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