Aquino keeps up war against graft



ANTIGRAFT WORKSHOP President Aquino presides over a Cabinet workshop on anticorruption strategies with (from left) Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, professor Robert Klitgaard and Edilberto de Jesus of the Asian Institute of Management held at Heroes Hall in Malacañang on Tuesday. EDWIN BACASMAS

Saying the justice system was a “major battleground for reform,” President Benigno Aquino III on Wednesday gave another speech that could be seen as pushing for the removal of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Opening an antigraft workshop for Cabinet officials in Malacañang, Mr. Aquino said his administration’s graft-busting efforts would be “rendered a mockery if certain elements are still able to prevent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, for example, from being held accountable.”

“We cannot sustainably fight corruption unless we reintroduce a sense of accountability—a sense that, if you commit a crime, you will be punished,” he said.

“If certain elements are still able to prevent Gloria Arroyo, for example, from being held accountable then it makes a mockery of our anticorruption efforts.”

The President’s allies in the House of Representatives impeached Corona in December after the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order on the government’s travel ban against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, because the government had not yet filed a formal case of electoral sabotage against Arroyo.


She was later formally charged before the Pasay City regional trial court.

But the President said he believed the government’s case would have been irreparably compromised if Arroyo had managed to leave the country on account of the Supreme Court TRO.

“We want our judiciary to dispense justice blindly, as it should. And perhaps this explains our fight to restore integrity to the judiciary, which has made headlines everywhere,” Mr. Aquino said in his speech.

No doubt

“No one should doubt our justice system is a major battleground for reform,” he added.

The President said that while the country had made progress in fighting corruption, the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom released by the Heritage Foundation showed the problem of judicial inefficiency and susceptibility to outside pressures “remain a serious concern.”

“We want to send a stern yet simple message: No one evades justice. There are no exceptions in our campaign against corruption,” Mr.  Aquino said. Norman Bordadora

Originally posted: 12:39 pm | Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

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  • sugbu

    Akala ko si Glorya lang ang labandera,pati pala itong corona..labandera ng pera !

  • Catman John

    Not only IMPEACH CORONA, Imprison him as well.

  • sugbu

    Good job Mr.President and more power to the Administration.All the way,sama sama tayong lahat dito and It’s not always too late to amend things..oppotunity seldom knocks our door.

    • Night


      • sugbu

        gusto kita…..gusto kitang batukan !

  • Slowconcern

    Do it all in the name of true justice no by-pass. your no God or King to follow what you said. everything has process.

  • godsofgamblers

    “We cannot fight corruption unless we reintroduce a sense of accountability—a sense that, if you commit a crime, you will be punished,”  sa opposition lang to ginagamit. mag sample ka din sa mga kaalyado mo.

    • CheapJ

      Gatdula is one. 

  • missaya

    no matter how big or small the violation is … no matter who ???? so hows Ronald Llamas pirated dvd ???  what happened to your anti-corruption tool na FOI bill, saan na ngayon ??? HALF-BAKED and NOT SERIOUS AT ALL

    • Ragdeleafar

      No man is perfect lahat may kasalanan. Kumpara mo naman million million versus pirated DVD ano ba yan binili nga hindi nakaw? Hulihin mga nagtitinda…natural open for sale..nagtitipid hindi corrupt kaya nagtitiis sa murang product. Sa dalawang evil doon na ako sa less evil!

      • missaya


      • simonpaul95

        FYI, It is not Illegal to buy pirated CD in the Philippines.  What is illegal is to sell pirated CD’s.  

        What Llamas did was unethical not illegal.  Piracy is a delicate issue.  Japan, China and other countries leapfrog to modernization by pirating inventions from the west.  The western world did the same to Chinese inventions several centuries earlier (remember Marco Polo).  The IPR is a tool of Multinational Corporations to control inventions and discoveries and for rich countries to maintain status quo as long as possible.

    • sugbu

      puede itong i refer sa Bureau of Fisheries…..ang sabi rin kasi,,Malalaking isda/buwaya muna ang hulihin !

      • missaya


      • sugbu

        I ‘ve heard that Llamas had been admonished ,will you ? best friend ko nga noon ay sisisikmuraan ko dahil umaboso…masyadong lang mabait si Noy.

  • Rico Navea

    Tell it to your political adviser, you moron.

  • Rico Navea

    Sabhin mo yan kay Llamas, Mr. Aquino.

  • Pong

    YEs we can commit a crime to punish the suspects ! We can do illegal acts to imprison the accused ! Wecan do short cuts to attain justice.

  • Lambert Arceo


  • Xwcd Cxw

    your double standards and political vendetta, Mr. President, is the biggest mockery in the anti-corruption drive

  • CheapJ

    The judiciary is the biggest stumbling block in instituting reforms. How many big time drug syndicates have been charged and yet because of ‘technicalities’, charges were all of a sudden dropped? Justices are only quick in issuing TROs but cases after cases gather dust only to be revived when a wad of cash is dangled. No wonder we can’t distinguish between lawyers and liars, they’re the same.

    • Xwcd Cxw

      technicalities is part of the legal procedure. it ensures a fair trial based on the constitutional rights of any person. 

      ikaw, papayag ka ba na damputin na lang isang araw dahil may nag-akusa sa iyo ng rape kahit hindi totoo? payag ka bang magpakulong ng more or less 5 years (dahil non-bailable), or kahit isang taon, or kahit isang linggo, o kahit isang araw,  habang dinidinig ang kaso mo? 

      wag mong maliitin ang technicalities. kasama yan sa saligang batas. kasama yan sa pag dispense ng justice. 

      • negicbk

        tama ka dyan!
        they’re complaining of technicalities.
        why not blame the prosecutors for sending defective complaint?

    • Antonio Luna

       anong gusto mo? yellow zombie mob rule na lang? na kesyo inakusahan na magnanakaw eh magnanakaw na talaga. nasaan ang rule of law?

      Kanya po sa ating mga kababayan.. na pagnakikita ang larawan ng ating Pang-gulo, at silay
      nasaludo pa at napalakpak, huwag nyo sanang kalimutan ang mga kasama nyo
      sa National Psychopathic Hospital. Sapagkat kaming hindi napalakpak kami ay magaling na at kami ay palabas na. -Ninoy Aquino’s speech 1981 LA

  • Alfred A

    Go tell it to Llamas and the rest of your KKK……

  • Night





    G A G O

  • sugbu

    Iyong iba dyan ,na manhid sa kasamaan ng mga arroyos/corona…wala na kayo doon ,kung manhid kami ngayon,lalo na’t para sa kabutihan.Duh !

    • sanjuan683

      Huag ka nga abnoy palibhasa ang presidente mo ABNOY hehehehehehehheheheheh

      • sugbu

        masahol ka pa sa malansang/bilasang isda ! nakakadiri ka !

      • Pluma Mana

         presidente mo rin yun kahit na di mo binoto.

    • negicbk

      akala mo lang yan!
      do you really believe that NOY will bring “PROSPRER” to philippines in 4.2 years?

      • sugbu

        kung contageous ang arroyo virus…latent din ang kabutihan sa iba dyan,dahil may fear sila sa consequences ! tatanga tanga lang kung magpa contaminate ka sa corruptions ! or others are just born with bad DNA…paki check sa history rin !

  • negicbk

    what the heck!!!
    NOY should not be exempted while committing grave abuse of power even though he is admitting that he is a “RIGHTEOUS” person!!!
    there’s no one above the “LAW”

  • Maldi2

    Only those that are mentally retarded would listen to you Simeon!  Tumigil ka! PWE!

  • Ramon

    Start with your AK DVD buddy

  • Dennis

    The wheel of justice is already turning, but you wanted it to accelerate and done your own way, that is not social justice anymore.

  • matrixqueen

    “Justice evades no one” There are no exceptions in our campaign against corruption to our political enemies..of course exempted pa rin ang mga KKK ..ha..ha…have fun ..only in Philippine politics!!! What about justice to Hacienda Luisita agrarian beneficiaries? Kailan mo ito ipamamahagi ? Llamas pirating pirated DVD movies and AK47 illegal gun possession..missing 2000 Vans.. etc..etc..?. Justice has two faces in PH. One for the “other side” and one for “our side” You get different justice system, it depends whose side you belong!!!

  • alfredo

    The end doesn’t justify the means. :)

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Now I can say I heard everything from this incompetent President! LOL

    He has the guts to say these things in public and pointing fingers when in fact his incompetency and lack of morality (KKK) is the causing mockery of his anti-corruption drive! What a joke!

    I believe he is getting more desperate every single day!

  • raffyb0i

    Pnoy, naiintindihan ka namin at yung mga intentions mo na ibalik ang accountability etc etc….Problema lang, mali diskarte mo eh… Nagmumukha ka tuloy tanga at isip bata sa mga mata ng taong bayan……Kung gusto mo talaga pakita na seryoso ka sa anti-corruption drive, bat hindi mo pa investigate lahat ng tao mo dyan sa gobyerno…as in LAHAT….lalo na yung customs…nako nabiktima na din ako dyan…Sa nakikita ko, pag tapos na yang corona showbiz mo, eh makakalimutan din naman yan…wala din mangyayari katulad ng nangyari sa kaso ni Garcia…pang SHOWBIZ lang talaga….Mag multi task ka naman…


  • raijin_jr

    PNoy’s intention is good, but he is doing it the wrong way. Respect the rule of law and stop meddling to issues you ought not to meddle with.

  • Patricia Ilagan

    he is really so selective in what he picks up from what he reads.  i agree ALL gov’t officials from the highest/top to the lowest bgy official, and not only from the former or past administrations, but especially from the present/incumbent administration which he heads… they should all be held accountable.  and any real leader and statesman understands that he/she begins NOW with his own administration.  so, let’s start:  who was accountable… in fact and in truth… for the luneta hostage crisis that caused the death of so many chinese nationals?  have you, pnoy, held them accountable?  let’s start with only 1, as you, sir, may not be ready nor willing to be accountable for more than that.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    “We cannot fight corruption unless we reintroduce a sense of accountability—a sense that, if you commit a crime, you will be punished,” President Aquino said at a Cabinet workshop on anti-corruption strategies.

    WOW! What happened to Llamas Sir? What happened to Torres with STRADCOM?

    Mr. President, I suggest you to please stop insulting our intellectual capabilities PLEASE! I think you are very much ill-advised at the moment so take a look at your advisors and maybe its time to revamp your Cabinet!

    • onin3

      With due respect to your opinion UpholdRuleofLaw, may I please put in my two cents. I for one am for Pres. Aquino to be more circumspect over matters pertaining to his subalterns’ gaffes–or you may call it whatever variations: incompetence, insensitivity. When his gun-buddy Rico Puno bungled the Luneta hostage crisis, I joined many who egged on Pnoy to let go of Mr. Puno. But the President exercised his own judgment. As to Ronald Llamas, he was just a poor guy who let his guards down in full public view. But from a strictly legal point of view, no law in the Philippines could make him accountable for that particular misjudgment. To charge him to be morally infirm because his car was caught loaded with guns while he was abroad, or because he was caught buying pirated DVDs is, I guess, stretching it a bit too much–this without belittling the moral import of Llamas’ peccadilloes. He should have exercised more prudence, knowing he was a cabinet official and any behavior by him distasteful to the public extends to the President. Again, if I were the President, I would have let go of these men. But, let’s be clearer. Just because the President chose to keep these guys in his care doesn’t diminish his leadership, let alone his moral ascendancy to lead the nation in the fight against corruption, and to make those who sinned against the nation pay. I have good knowledge of Virginia Torres’ case, as well as that of Llamas’. But their individual cases do not–and cannot–equate to any singular case of widespread corruption, massive thievery, large scale looting of the public coffers by a privileged few who held power–and held it as if it were their own–during Gloria Arroyo’s time. Llamas’s, Torres’, and Puno’s cases are a class of their own, nowhere bordering on corruption or moral trepidation that is critically detrimental to the life of the nation. Their cases are not about teaching a whole bunch of a new generation that cheating is honorable, that thieving is profitable, that lying is noble. Theirs doesn’t take the scale of punishing the innocent–and punishing them beyond redemption–and rewarding the utterly crooked–and rewarding them so immensely. Lest you mistake me for something else, I didn’t vote for Noynoy. My family campaigned for his rival. But we can be better discerning. I support his advocacy and am willing to sacrifice to make sure we as a people will be able to reinvent our nation. Noynoy is a far cry–too high a cut–from Gloria Arroyo in crookedness and greed. We should not look any farther to prove this: Look around at the landmines she planted just before she reluctantly stepped out of the Palace. That’s why we have the likes of Renato Corona and many other species of his variety pestering in the echelons of the Philippine government. An Arroyo-sanctioned culture of corruption, impunity, and moral recklessness spawned all this. Frankly, we don’t see all these in the Aquino administration–again, in spite of its failings–though they are plenty.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        With due respect to your opinion onin3. I salute you for at least acknowledging that these people (e.g. Llamas, Torres, Puno,) should have been removed from public office. I am not here to pit Gloria vs Aquino because for me, they are all the same.

        But I live in the present, so in short, what I am just trying to say is DO NOT use double standard in pursuing Justice and diminished the intellectual capabilities of the Filipino people. We the people should be more discerning in our judgement and take a good look at what our President is currently doing and saying. And don’t be blinded by the FAKE promises and point fingers to hide the incompetencies.

        Just a thought.

      • onin3

        I guess there are no double standards. If one examines closely the premises I laid out earlier, one may understand that Noynoy’s seeming sanctioning the misbehavior of his subordinates doesn’t at all amount to double standards. While Noynoy and Gloria may not be “pitted” against each other, there is just a world of difference–vast world–between the two. One was fake, the other is legitimate. I don’t know whose intellect is being diminished or insulted by the President’s actions. If the SWS survey a few days ago that shows 70 percent of Filipinos approve of the President, is anything to go by, I guess more are better informed whose intelligence seems to be affirming Noynoy’s daang matuwid. Thank you UpholdRuleofLaw for this sharing. God bless you.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        I suggest that you don’t take surveys as a basis for declaring Right and Wrong. Being popular is not at all an indication of what is Right and what is Wrong. There are unpopular decisions but yet is very much needed in our country.

        To go to my point, what sanctioning are we talking about here? I am sorry but I haven’t seem to see one. If you are referring to the slap on the wrist of Llamas, then I guess I have nothing more to say to you. Again, bringing of AK47 in your car, then a bodyguard taking it away in a car that is involved in accident is already tantamount to tampering of evidence. On the Luneta massacre, it is clear as the sky that there are major lapses that caused the lives of people (take note LIVES), and yet no one is accountable.

        And if the so called “Daang Matuwid” is really matuwid. then tell me, why is there double standards in the application of accountability and justice? I hope that we don’t get blinded by sheer popularity or by sheer admiration with the person.

        But rather see the facts that is in front of us and facts doesn’t lie.

      • Night

        moral ascendancy my dingdong… tanga!

      • mary jane

         You´re  so true , very accurate analysis ,but then I hope many of our kababayans
        will soon realize esp the ones who are paid to criticize him. The only reason I can ever think about those people who doesn´t support the changes he is implementing now is that they themselves are benefiting from the  system of corrupt governance  . And they don´t want it to change because they are afraid that they are now going to earn their keep the honest way and can not continue to live a life of affluence  that they are  used to.

      • onin3

        Maraming salamat Mary Jane for your inputs and for supporting my view on this issue. Indeed those used to enjoying things the easy will be averse to change. Let’s continue to participate in healthy exchanges to make our thoughts public.

  • tony

    what about those who are dishonest about their real sexual preferences?  what about those responsible for the bungled luneta hostage? what about those who are flouting the intellectual rights by patronizing pirated dvds. what about the thouse who touts high powered firearms in public?  the general perception is you are selective of the implementation of justice thus it is not justice after all. you are using the word justice when what you really want is vindictiveness. you projected to be looking for a wife when what you really want is the opposite.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Pasensiya kana lamang Mr. President.  It only proves we Filipinos by and large are corrupt people.  We were corrupt then, we are corrupt now and chances are, with the way majority of our fellow Filipinos are criticizing you for even trying, the next generations of Filipinos will be equally corrupt.  Wala na tayong magagawa kung ayaw ng mamamayan na mawala ang nakawan sa gobierno.  Nasanay tayong masyado sa regimen  GMA na kung saan kanya-kanya fiesta sa kaban ni Juan.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Pasensiya ka na din Hey_Dudes! Buksan mo lang mga mata mo at makikita mo ang liwanag! lol

      • Hey_Dudes

        Bukas na bukas ang mga mata ko.  Nakikita ko na dalawang taon ni itong si Benigno C. Aquino III bilang presidente ng bansa pero hangga ngayon hindi siya napapabalitang sangkot sa ano man scam, nakawan at paggamit sa hindi wastong gamit ang pera ni Juan.  Masasabi mo ba ito sa isang Gloria Arroyo na isang lingo pa lang sa kapangyarihan $14 million kickback na agad sila ni Nani Perez sa Impsa deal?  Mahiya na kayong ayaw paawat sa kalintikan sa gobierno.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Siguro bulag ka! LOL

      • Hey_Dudes

        Kung bulag ako masasagot ko ba ang kahangalan mo?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        I have no further comment your honor! LOL

    • Herculian

      Do you mean corruption only happened during the term of Arroyo? Come on, nanaganip ka yata ng gising! Di ka pa nahimasmasan sa pagkalasing sa ka aleluhia kay Noynoy!

      • Hey_Dudes

        Kung hindi sa panahon ni crook Gloria nangyari lahat itong wholesale looting, bakit tila lahat ng bataan niya ang nakaupo sa silya elektrika?  Puede bang huwag na tayong maglokohan dito. Alam ko nakalimutan mo na si JocJoc Bolante na pati kalsada ng Makati tinubuan ng palay, si Abalos bakit ba nakakulong?  Si Gloria bakit nakaulong hindi ba siya isang virgen sa iyo na kailan man ay hinding hindi gagawa ng masama?

      • Herculian

        Sagutin mo muna ng malinaw ang tanong ko. Parehas lang kayo ni Tsupas at Neneng Noynoy!

  • Bert Bert

    what about LLAMAS, PANGILINAN and RICO PUNO? lols.


  • Bert Bert

    Mr. Aquino, know the basics to serve the people!

    Stop these USELESS speeches. It does not give FOOD in our tables, It does not provide GOOD security. And most of all, It does not give QUALITY news to us!

    • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

      You have to WORK to HAVE food on the table—-AQUINO is creating JOBS for pilipino like you—-Dont BLAME anybody—-you STUPID

  • Antonio Luna

    Kanya po sa ating mga kababayan.. na pagnakikita ang larawan ng ating Pang-gulo, at silay
    nasaludo pa at napalakpak, huwag nyo sanang kalimutan ang mga kasama nyo

    sa National Psychopathic Hospital. Sapagkat kaming hindi napalakpak
    kami ay magaling na at kami ay palabas na. – Ninoy Aquino’s speech 1981

    • P P

      ay sus mahiya ka nga sa sinasabi mo at ninakaw mo pa pangalan ng isang mabuting bayani, shame on you!

      • Antonio Luna

         ninakaw? are you stupid or just playing stupid? wag mo kakalimutan kapatid ang mga kasamahan mo sa mandaluyong ha? TANGA! ANG TANGA TANGA MO!!! ANG LAKI MONG TANGA!!

      • mary jane

         ikaw ang tanga bobo ,bayaran(obvious naman .Naiinis ako ,nanggigigil sa mga kabobohan ng mga alipores ng mga corrupt . maawa naman kayo sa bayan natin, ang ginagawa ni Pres ay simula ng pagbabago ng Pilipinas . We support you Mr Pres , all the  Filipinos living abroad , who knows how the other politicians abroad are dignified that they   resign as soon  as there are anomalies connected to them . I represent the millions of Filipinos abroad ,who wants change kasi naawa na kami sa mga kababayan natin . Dito wala  kaming problema kasi may pera kami and stable ang pamumuhay namin but you people who are left there , sa mga power ng mga corrupt politicians , kaawa-awa talaga kayo , kaya huwag kayong  pabobola sa mga corrupt na officials natin. GO! Mr President ! I salute you for your efforts!

  • tony

    gatdula was framed-up because he is not part of the guys.

  • missaya

    saan na pala si PUNO ?? tahimik lang nag babantay sa jueteng ???

  • 2rey3

    Sabayan natin si PNoy at kung kailangan unahan natin siya nang magkapasubuan at walang atrasang pagbabago.

  • Hey_Dudes

    GOD the father himself will come down to earth to visit the country called the Philippines telling everyone shape up or ship out. Guess what? He will surely  be met by mobs who will not allow changes to ever happen in the country.  These mobs will tell GOD the father it is not his business if the Filipino people wants to be the scums of the earth experts in kanya-kanyang nakawan at iba pang scams.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Please stop using the name of GOD in vain! Di ka ba kinikilabutan?

    • Guest

      sino ba iyong god na sinasabi mo,kilala mo ba siya talaga? pakibigay nga cell number BOY…..

  • Herculian

    Santo ba si Noynoy? Baklang kabayo yata! Di ba uto-uto siya sa kanyang Clan na Cojuanco-Aquino? Hahahah! Kulang na lang dilaan mo na bayag at ang dulu nun ni Aquino kung mag Aleluya ka sa kanya! Bwahahaha!

  • Marcial

    Mr. President, convict Gloria first before you want to see her remorse. No shortcut please..dont be ignorant. Do not pretend that you know all’s beyond your comprehension. So sound like a broken record. Parang di ka rin makasalanan.

    • P P

       You need to clean up the SC first coz that is where GMA will ask for many TRO that will surely be voted in favor of GMA coz of this bata bata system.

      • Allan

        Agree ako. That is why Pnoy is so determined to get rid of the biggest stumbling block to have gloria prosecuted and sent to jail- the “landmines” she scattered aound and biggest of them is the midnight CJ Corona.

  • Ryan Mikhael

    few more days and Marso na. So far pa ring malalaking project itong si Noynoy a

    • missaya

      saan na pala PPP ni PNoy ????  gusto namin trabaho trabaho trabaho

  • PepingCo

    Sala sa init, sala sa lamig! Pag si PNoy na ang pinupuna, mabilis pang sasabihin na kalaban ka ng mamamayan na kanyang “boss”. Ang galing magpasa ng responsibilidad sa taong-bayan pero ayaw akuin ang mga pagkakamali at kakulangan sa aksyon para ayusin ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. 

  • Bert

    If only Pnoy is sincere in his supposed anti-corruption drive and the effort is not targeted only to his political enemies, then I would have clapped and lauded him…..problem is, it’s very obvious that the drive is made a toll to harass its political enemies…..

    • DondonSantosJr


    • Anne Torre

      …a tool to harass his political enemies and his clans adversaries. He doesn’t even want to lift a finger against the extortionist corporation composed of pseudo-rebels named NPA.

      • dnayellowkulayko

        S A K T O !

      • Allan

        NPA is an armed terrorist group that is best left to the AFP. We spend our most fruitful years in the mountains away from our families looking for them, and our Commander in Chief is Pnoy. Are you not satisfied with that?

  • thor

    Mr President Said and i Quote (“It shouldn’t matter if you are a former President or in the lower ranks of public service. If you are dishonest, then you must be held to account,). So my question Mr President What about the People that currently working now? Will we let the Next President to Invistigate Them. I think Its better if everyone should be held accountable of what ever action they make,whether they are Former President, Former Lower ranks Former Public Servant Or Current Public servant Current Lower ranks and Current Mr. President.Past And Present should be held Acoountable Mr. President.

  • missaya

    Pasensiya na Mr. PNoy … kung inona mo ang FOI Bill, ang mga tawo na mismo mag tratrabaho sa anti-corruption campaign mo dahil marami kasi kaming contra sa mga front line empleyado mo.. yong mga secretary mo wala kaming laban dyan.. ang gusto namin dito sa baba ang laban… hindi po namin nadama yong campaign mo loob sa ofisina ng DENR noong kumuha kami ng land title, Customs noong gusto namin ipalabas ang mga imported items, LGU noong kumuha kami ng business & building permit & Sa traffic enforcement… gusto namin sa corte muna dadaan ang kaso mga bigtime “corrupt” kuno… marami sa amin naniwala pa rin sa justice system natin kahit mabagal … BTW Pnoy saan na pala ang FOI Bill mo ?????

    • P P

      google mo kasi

      Proposed substitute Freedom of Information bill of 2012

      On February 3, 2012, President Aquino announced a proposed Freedom of
      Information bill was transmitted by the Secretary of Budget and
      Management to administration coalition allies in the House of
      Representatives [Read Sec. Abad’s transmittal letter].
      This FOI bill is an integral element of the Aquino Good Governance and
      Anti-Corruption Plan of 2012-2016, which the President has recently
      approved subject to further refinements. This plan contains reforms and
      initiatives that pursue greater transparency, accountability, and
      citizen participation in governance.

      This draft bill is a result of a consultative process after careful
      study of similar legislation by an administration study group in order
      to ensure that it serves public interest without compromising
      government’s legitimate rights—in other words, balance legitimate needs
      for secrecy with the public’s right to know

      The administration study group is composed of Communications Usec.
      Manuel L. Quezon III (lead), Sec. Ramon A. Carandang, Presidential
      Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, Sec. Florencio B. Abad, and Deputy
      Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte, in coordination with the

      • missaya

        ay andyan na pala.. gumagalaw ba sa congresso ??? paki google pls…

        bakit ba nagtagal sa mesa ng presidente ??? almost 2 years ha … pinag-aral an yata ng KKK . hehehe

      • Allan

        Ala talagang pag-asa ma-appreciatre nitong si missaya ang mga bagay na mabuti?

  • P P

    Ang mga taong galit sa mga present prosecution cases vs money launderers are surely advocators of money laundering.

    Next time, ask your politicians for more money coz they are surely benefiting from your never ever dying defense for them.

    • Antonio Luna

      bakit ikaw ba busog na busog sa tite ng pang-gulo mo? ang TANGA TANGA MO! ANG LAKI MONG TANGA!

    • TeabagDeluxe

      Oh wow, another “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” (also known as false dilemma, 
      false dichotomy, the either-or fallacy, fallacy of false choice, black-and-white thinking, or the fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses) spouting idiot.

  • akosimickeymouse

    don’t mind the negative people…we know that being negative have always chaotic mind that’s why  they are always detracting the Pnoy’s way of fighting corruption..

    • Allan

      Yes indeed, but we have to argue intelligently with them. They are the exceptions to the majority of Filipinos who want positive change, let us not make them appear to be the majority in our midst…

  • devil_divine

    Bakit si AK 47 -Llamas? If you can not be trusted in small things what more in big things that would affect a country’s future!

  • balut123

    Sampolan mo nga si Pangilinan Kung totoo sinsabi mo?

    • Allan

      Itong mga attitude na ganito ang hadlang tungo sa malinis na pamamahala. Is it very difficult to discernm that Pnoy doesn’t have the plan to steal from the Philippine’s coffers? If he is corrupt, he will be the last person to stop corruption. Look at Gloria, she encouraged all and supported all who did corruption during her time, why? Corruption was her grand plan.

      • balut123

        Oh i firmly believe that PNOY is not corrupt….what i’m insenuating is….the President should start cleaning his ranks…i don’t even think he knows all this people who works around him…baka bata bata lang nito ng mga sipsip….
        As President…kailangan pag may mga kasong sinampa sa officials niya ay dapat mag leave muna….
        Kailangan namin ng Presidenteng may paninindigan…..not a WEAK ONE!

  • Anne Torre

    You must be confabulating. Your hyped anti-corruption carries with it your clan’s retribution, not of the nation.

    Mr. Pwesident, make your campaign felt by the people especially the poor in the rural areas.

    Tell the Ombudsman to run those shelved or frozen cases they are seating in their regions. The farm-to-market roads and other infrastructure projects are the source of corruption by local officials, from the governors to the mayors down to the barangay captains. Roads there are not improved and just a drizzle would render them unpassable.

    And the Ombudsman are just protecting these officials by not acting on the complaints against them.  You want the people to believe you, prosecute those local officials and Congressmen.

    “Chronic confabulation is a rare type of memory problem that affects a small proportion of brain-damaged people.” – Anonymous

    • anoba123

      Anne Torre and all those against Aquino’s Administration to fight corruption. Have you all think and remember that the Aquino is barely on 2 years old administration. Shame on you all !!! You all want actions done on this and that ,fast? solve poverty and corruptions overnight? You are all like morons, who forgot the previous administrations plundering the countrys coffer one after another. It takes one step at a time.  To those that can not understand that,must be an idiot., You all can’t be proud the present Administrations that is working hard to fight corruptions, and i bet you are all very proud of GMA and other past presidents that make Filipinos problems multiplies millions times. The Philippines is very worst off now the last 10-20-30 years compare to neighboring Asian countries, and you all knows why, and you all would not dare say anything or do about it.Nice to read all your post here, but much better to all that post here or blog have a decent brains of understandings the current and past  situations. Shame, shame if you all just here to say something for nothing. 

      • Allan

        Puso mo kabayan……pero tama ka. This is our distinct chance to get rid of corruption. Support Pnoy. For your own and your children’s future. Tama na ang pagnanakaw, sobra na! Ang hindi nakikita ng mga kabayan natin, sa lahat ng kilos natin, nagbabyad tayo ng buwis. Pag nagbukas ka ng ilaw mo sa bahay, ng tubig, kumain ka sa jollibee, nanoon ka ng sine, nagkarga ka ng gasolina sa kotse, sumakay ka ng jeep/taxi, kulang na lang magbayad ka ng buwis pag tumabi ka sa asawa mo. Tapos ano ang ginagawa ng mga nakaupo sa buwis na bunga ng pawis at dugo natin? Ipinagpapatayo ng mga mansion dito sa bansa at sa abroad, pinambibili ng mga high-ends na condominuim units sa Bellagio at Fairways, etc??? Gising mga kabayan!

      • Anne Torre

        It is not because I’m commenting on your confabulated Pwesident that I support GMA. No, no, no, no ,no. Mike Arroyo has been notorious for corruption since he was with Customs. Leading the same means in corruption, Gloria made the Philippines once the most corrupt in Asia. This you cannot endure or tolerate. And to borrow your words, “… the Philippines is “very worst off” now…”

        Considering the economic state of your country, your Pwesident must intensely focus on the economy especially the potential and immense role of the rural areas in the economic restoration and improvement. Sadly, what he is doing is far away from confronting the REAL PROBLEM of the nation.

        Your agriculture and fisheries are not taking off. The money from Malampaya was shared to the Navy rather than immediately be utilized for energy development as Mindanao is suffering from power shortage.

        Instead of contributing to the culture of mendicancy by promoting dole-outs through his P39billion CCT, why can’t he not give the money as support to agriculture and fishery industrialization in the countryside?

        All your Pwesident is keeping busy is petty or cheap politics which does not help the people and instead agitate the implosion in the government. Prosecution of Gloria and Corona are noble but his job is the President of the nation, not the President of his Cojuangco clan. Tell your Pwesident to stop talking and instead get to work for the people, by the people and of the people. His mouthful against Corona is taking the heat away from Gloria. And the lady in the stroller might be applauding now.

        Go and drink your meds.

    • Handiong

      I’m sorry, Anne, but I beg to disagree. The anti-corruption campaign of this Administration is the change that the Filipinos have been long waiting for. The country has been governed for long decades by corrupt leaders in all levels of government. Public funds that should have gone to projects for the the general welfare have invariably ended up in the pockets of corrupt officials. The result has been chronic economic underdevelopment. Anybody who denies this cause-and-effect relationship is deluding himself.

      The aim of PNoy to put in place a government that is accountable to the people must succeed. The alternative is a return to the old regime of unbridled corruption that spawns misery, hopelessness, and desperation among the majority of our people.

      Hacienda Luisita is a passing issue. The destiny of the nation does not hang on the fate of Hacienda Luisita. The land will be distributed in due time. Using this issue to frustrate the anti-corruption campaign is the worst thing that anyone can foist on the nation.

      • rem_rod

        Hacienda Luisita has been an issue even before i was born! Nothing happens here since then, do you believe there will be progress here? I personally doubt that. Its fine to go after the crooks but do it in a way that sends a message of fairness and respect for law. Otherwise, there will be chaos and confusion as to what basis are we being governed. 
        Pinoy’s record in two years in the office leaves much to be desired of. Corruption is still in our midst. Sometimes it starts to dawn on me that this may be a “selective anti-corruption campaign”. That’s your anti-corruption for you…

      • Allan

        Rightly articulated!

      • Anne Torre

        You see my point is very simple. I never said that Corona and GMA must be saved from the impeachment or prosecution. What I am pointing out is make the anti-corruption campaign be immediately felt by the people. And those local sharks in the government can be punished faster. If the corrupt local officials will be sent to prison, it will have a deterrent value.

        By then, the people more than anyone or any survey outfits will hail the Pwesident.

  • DondonSantosJr

    Hmmmmm…..gandang pakinggan, galing ng words. We Cannot Fight Corruption Unless We Reintroduce A Sense Of Accountability – A Sense That If You Commit A Crime, You’ll Be Punished. Ang ganda di ba??? applicable kaya yan sa lahat? o may exceptions? baka naman para lang yan sa mga HINDI kamag-anak, kaibigan, kaklase, kabarilan, kakwentuhan, katsikahan, kasalubong, kasalo, kapatid, kapamilya, kapuso, katabi, kabagang, kapitbahay, ka…. 

    • dnayellowkulayko

      at cnu daw ang accountable sa Luneta massacre? nakalimutan na ba?

  • WAJ

    Mr. President Aquino you started it and you must finish it. There is no if”s and but’s. Your cabinet must be certain that they abide by the policy so as the lawmakers and government officials down to the lower ranks. They should set an example for the people. They must show that they are willing for a change in governance. There must be an absolute accountability. I salute you Sir… 

    • rem_rod

       yes, start with Llamas…


    DondonSantosJr yun mga kumokontra lang ay yun mga nasasapul na mga corrupt na tao. Hindi ko ibinoto si Noynoy pero mas maganda naman yun ginagawa nya ngayon kaysa noong nakaupo si GMA. Peace

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Hindi ito Gloria vs Aquino! For heaven’s sake! This is all about Aquino’s administration. Okay?

      Bakit di mo icompare si Aquino vs Hitler? O kaya si Obama vs Marcos?

  • Marlon

    Pnoy Abnoy, puro “anti-corruption” na lang ba tayo???

    puro “Gloria” na lang ba tayo???

    paano na ang ekonomiya??? peace and order??? education??? poverty???

    lokohin mo ang ulo mong Panot, Hacienda Luisita lang naman ang dahilan kung bakit hinahabol mo si Corona at Del Castillo. GAG0!!!

  • Albin

    “Justice evades no one”…penoy.
    Except for …
    Kris  – yung annulment case mabilis pa sa kidlat
    Llamas – untouchable
    Cojuangcos – di pa din ma distribute ang Hacienda Luisista. Ligtas pa din sa Luisita massacre. Ligtas din sa Mendiola massacre.

  • jongie m

    Mr. President, how about installing vital systems that will prevent
    government officers from being corrupt, rather than chasing them around and “sending stern messages” on national TV.  As they say Prevention is better than Cure.  So please start working and stop talking.  

    • Allan

      I completely agree with you on this point. But then, talking an effective way to achieve “Cure” as you rightly mentioned. Cure will start at from the minds of young people, the common people who are now living decent lives and the “not so corrupt” ones…They will know that corruption is not the proper way to bring up a family…

      • dnayellowkulayko

        anu daw? tagalugin mo naman dko kze naintindihan ..

  • Filipinoflash

    mga kawatan lang ang ayaw sa anti corruption drive ni Pnoy. Pwe!

  • Bert

    If the drive is not selective, which is very obvious, then the drive should have been very laudable….

    • Allan

      We have to start somewhere, and this is the most corrupt past administration of gloria…

  • varikdpogi

    go go go Mr President.
    wag paawat.
    wag kalimutan ang landas na matuwid.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Grabe! Sobrang self-serving ang statement ni PNOY!

    ANG KAPAL NG MUKHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tyopaeng

      Anong kapal ng mukha?

      Tama yon.. there should be no sacred cow in this country!!!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Isa bang bulag! LOL

        I hope bulag ka lang, at hindi ka Tanga!

      • AbdullahZahir

        tyopaeng, tama ka, dapat walang sacred cow.

        pero di ba’t ang nasabi nya nung eleksyon eh kung walan kurap walang mahirap na ibig sabihin, pag sya ang namuno eh magiging santo ang lahat. 

        pero palpak pala ang slogan na iyon dahil hindi lahat magiging matino kahit na abnormal pa siya.

        hindi tayo uunlad sa pamamalakad nya dahil bo bo sya.

        hindi tayo uunlad pagnakulong si gloria.

        hindi tayo uunlad pag na impeach si corona. 

        hindi tayo uunlad pag na impeach lahat sa supreme court.

        bagkus, mababawi ng mga cojuanco ang luisita.

        labas ang mamamayan sa benepisyo ng luisita at ng mga cojunaco.

        yung ang priority ni PNoy, yun ang dahilan ng lahat ng labanang politikal na ito. ginamit lang nya ang pwesto para maisakatuparan ang pagiging bantay nya sa yaman ng mga oligarkong kagaya nya.

        wag sana tayong maniwala sa mga sabi-sabi at mga pautot ng mga politikong kagaya nya, ng LP at nang lahat ng mga sindikato sa kongresong anib ni baklang panot.

      • Allan

        Simpleng argumento: Pag nakulong ang mga malalaking magnanakaw, titimo sa kamalayan ng mga hindi pa garapal na magnanakaw, na walang mapapala sa pagnanakaw. At dadaloy yan hanggang sa ibaba, sa grassroots, at yung perang nanakawin nila mula sa kabang yaman ay uunti. Hindi mo ba alam na ang mga magnanakaw na yan, ang mga anak ay nag-aaral sa mga pinakamamahal na Unibersidad sa ibang bansa, naka-tira sa mga mamahaling mga condominiums at nabubuhay na parang mga hari samantalang tayo na ninanakawan nila ay nabubuhay ng parehas, sa dugo at pawis natin at nagbabayad ng tamang buwis- para nakawin nila? Let’s support hte President get rid of corrupt officials, starting from Corona, then gloria, etc…

      • AbdullahZahir

        yan ang utopia na gusto ni baklang panot sa ipasok sa kokote ng mga simpletons na kagaya mo.

        sabi nga daw eh kung walang kurap, walang mahirap.

        sa germany, amerika, greece, italy, at iba pang mayayaman na bansa at kahit pa sa japan pati na ang mahigpit na bansang china maraming kurap sa pribado at sa pampublikong sektor. pero umusad pa rin sila.

        dapat malaman mo allan, na ang pag unlad ng bansa ay hindi lang nakasandig sa payak na slogan at sa payak na pag iisip ni baklang panot!

      • Avtar Singh

        @google-ab3a71742d8a982502350062c46b0df6:disqus …Madame Auring Ikaw Ba Iyan???…Tamwa Akwo…You Are Imposing Your Feminine Side…

    • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

      You a BACKWAR creature—-and your comment is NONESENSE

  • missaya

    Give the people the FOI Tool, Mr. President, then you dont have to work against corruption because the people itself will do it for you. ang dami namin kalaban na corrupt at the LGU level Mr. President… For now, Mr President follow up the congress for the immediete passage of FOI BIll . na busy yata sila sa impeachment hehehe

  • AbdullahZahir

    BAKLA! heto ang aking panukala dahil gusto kong subukan ang iyong kakayanang mamuno ng hindi nakasanggalang na pamgpapogi si gloria.

    bakit di mo hayaang makulong si gloria hanggang 6 years. wag mong galawin ang kaso nya. wag mong pangunahan.

    samantala, gumawa ka ng hakbang na palaguin ang pamumuhay ng mga taong mahirap. iwasan muna ang paninisi.

    gawin ang dapat gawin bilang presidente maliban sa pagpupulis, pagiging diktador, pamumulitika at iba pang asal na pang baliw ang pang abnormal.

    apat na taon na lang ang termino mo, wag mong hayaan na ang legasiya mo ay masasayang dahil lang sa mga arroyo.

    palagay ko wala kang magagawa dahil bo bo ka, baliw ka at tena mo kang baklang panot ka! kelan ka pa malulumpo tena mo ka!

    • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

      Your COMMENT here is DISGUSTING—-No future to DEBATE on your MAKITID na mentalidad—-
      You are a DISGRACE creature—-DEBATE with SENSE—

      • AbdullahZahir

        walang debate dito. puro makitid ang mga tao dito. isa ka na.

        ang lahat ng mga andito are not open for persuasion.

        ang karamihan sa mga andito just impose their side and say whatever they believe is right.

        kaya wag kang mangaral dito ng kung ano ang gusto mo at kung ano ang expectation mo dahil walang mangyayari.

        if you are disgusted by me, then i am twice as disgusted with you kseh napaghahalatang isa ka sa mga alipores ni baklang panot.

      • Avtar Singh

        @google-ab3a71742d8a982502350062c46b0df6:disqus … You Are Dead Wrong… and Never Been Right….You Are Imposing Your Feminine Side Obviously. We Understand Your Kind…You Are An Excused Here On Earth or Like Everyone Said….A MISTAKE !!!

      • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

        I can SEE your WORDs– MIRROR yourself Dont you?—you are BACKWARD creature—–your principles SINK the whole philippines—
        SHAME on you

  • arjoedeg

    Spare no one and hopefully KKK too?  

  • Alfred A

    Mr. President the biggest mockery is if people who are mandated to implement the LAW (Executive branch) will be the one who will break it, in guise of your corruption drive. Right now in the Impeachment case it becomes clearer that the mysterious “small lady” is coming from the Executive branch of the government. This implies that you are breaking the law just so your corruption drive will prosper…. Note 1st and foremost your job is to uphold and implement the LAWS of our country, all the rest (like your corruption drive) comes far secondary only…..
    This Small lady has now become the Philippine version of the WATERGATE scandal that rock the NIXON administration. Beware you might end up like Nixon.

  • Jabuens

    Mr President, there is a lot of things that you can do to fight corruption while chasing for the wrongdoing being made by previous administration. You have a lot of excuses, i disagree with you that you can’t do anything unless you prosecute GMA or Corona. Even if you prosecute them, you can’t turn everything get rid of corruption. In your existing cabinet there are lapses already but you did not do anything.  If your intention is good enough then i believe you can have the full support of all the Filipino Citizen. I’m reading online News but it seems to me that you’re just merely doing a publicity riding on the current events like Corona Impeachment case wherein for me you should not comment anything about this case it is under trial. Philippines has a bigger problem, impeachment case against Corona and PGMA issue is just a fraction of the issue that you need to do. Wake Up Mr President, otherwise you will just one of the President that will be subject for impeachment. Did you realize that starting with  President Corazon Aquino, corruption in the government is rampant? So please do some good thing and make us proud

  • Rednaxela VD

    OK yan Penoy basta ba patas.
    If you want anti corruption people to take you seriously, take a close look at the people around you – Ochoa, Drilon, Tupas, Belmonte, Binay.  They are known corrupt officials.

    You’ll earn huge respect if you can prosecute your friends.

    But the question is, do you have the balls to do it?

    • AbdullahZahir

      itanong natin kay balsy. 

      pero palagay ko walang yagbolz yang si baklang panot.

      si gloria lang ang kaya nyang gawing punching bag.

      sa kaso ni korona, nagtago sya sa daster ng kongreso. 

  • Fulpol

    hoy Noynoy, simulan mo na sa mga kaalyado mo sa Kongreso at Senado.. maglabas ng mga SALN at bank records…


  • kulittwit

    Go PNoy! keep it up.

    God bless PNoy.

  • Fulpol

    hoy Noynoy, minu-minuto kailangan mong magdaldal.. kulang pa ang collection mong simpatiya para sa EDSA anniversary..


  • agila888

    Go, go, go PNoy!!!!  72% of the Filipino people are behind you in your anti-corruption campaign!!!  Huwag mong pansinin ang iilan dyan na mga kampon ng magnanakaw na todo blog kontra sayo dahil wala na silang nananakaw sa gobyerno!!!  Iilan lang mga yan!!!  Isang pitik lang ng 72%, titilapon yang mga yan sa outer space sa sobrang konti nila!!!!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!  Mga kulangot lang ang mga yan na pwedeng kalusin ng daliri at ipitik papuntang basurahan!!!  BWAHAHAHA!!!

    • atombombay

       wag kang magdamay sa kalokohan nyo ni PNOY Abnoy….mga sira ang ulo…..paano naging 72% eh kung sarili mo lang naman….wag mong isama ang kalahatan sa kalokohan nyo….

    • jimiji

      72%? kathang-isip….para kang amo mo sa malakanyang, parating nagpapantasya. yan ang napapala niyo sa kakalaro ng psp, di niyo na alam kung ano ang totoo at anong hindi

      • Avtar Singh

        @jimiji:disqus …It Is 90 %….That’s Right…90% of the Filipino People…are behind the President…

      • mulat angmata

        saan niyo pinagkukuha ang percentages niyo? sa false asia?

  • proudfilipino777

    He is really annoying. Stop talking and stop the arrogance. You should not judge anyone even though you are in such position. People put you in that executive position because they thought you can promote change. If you haven’t sinned, never been corrupt in your entire life, then do all the talking.

    • Italpino

      Proudfilipino777, ang babaw naman ng pangunawa mo, ang ganda pa naman ng blog name mo. Ang sabi niya ay mahihirapan ang kanyang kampanya laban sa mga katiwalian kung maraming haharang sa kanyang reporma. He is not judging anyone, kaya nga niya ipinalilitis sa mga kongresista at mga senador para marami ang maghusga at hindi lamang siya. Kung nangyari ito noong pahanon ng diktaturya ni Marcos, pag lumaban ka sa kanya, tapos na ang litis kung mayroon man. Si San Paolo ay naging tiwali rin noon subalit ngayon, siya ay isa sa mga pinakamagaling na santo at ebanghelista.

  • Fulpol

    hoy Noynoy, yung challenge ni Corona ang pagtuunan mo ng pansin… isama mo ng mga kaalyado mo sa Kongreso at Senado… maglabas ng SALN at bank records..

    abnormal pati paningin mo… hindi lang sa utak..


    • takerenatoout

      Dami gangsta DEfence
      dami Askal Chat Brigade

  • Betz Chui

    We support you Mr President. Let us be together in ridding the country of corrupt and evil people. We and the majority of the Filipino people  are behind you. Mabuhay po kayo!

    • mulat angmata

      maniniwala ako na serious siya sa anti-corruption drive kung siya mismo ang magsusulong sa pag-alis ng pork barrel.  Di naman talaga kailangan iyon.  Duplikasyon lang ang pinupuntahan ng pork barrel sa tungkulin ng mga ahensiya ng pamahalaan.  Idagdag na lang ang pork barrel derecho sa budget ng concerned agencies then bantayan ang mga ahensiyang iyan.  

      big but hollow, empty words Mr. President !

  • remario58

    They say that the corruption is ingrained in the system here in our country. They say it is in the blood. That maybe true and that maybe correct, but it doesn’t mean it will stay there forever. For all the President elected here in our country. This is the first setting President that go after the corrupt government officials, If I am mistaking here, if you know some other President that go after the corrupt government officials, then you may have my permission to edit this comments of mine. As far as I can remember P-Noy is the first President elected that go after accountability in public officials. It is a change from other elected Presidents because he sticks to his flatform of government during the campaign period and he is trying to fullfil that promise to the people. Some got irked by what he is doing, some got angry and some even says it will not last long. They the corruptors had realised that this President is serious in going after the corrupts public officials. They say we have more than a 100 hundred years as nation and at the end of the Second World War “till now it has been 67 years that we stand as an independent nation and how many Presidents had been elected, a lot have been elected and P-Noy is the 15th President being elected. I think that would tell you also that the change we are all looking in this country would be realized in his term or at least the start of the change that we as a nation desired, that change, as a people it would occur now or at least it will start in his term and the next President who will come after him. So, that is what P-Noy is doing a change in the system of running this government of ours if we want to suceed, it must be done NOW na. Let us give him our support then to go after those who made this nation and its people suffer.Mabuhay…..

    • karina_sancho

      You seem to have a hard time trying to express your self  but its allright because I can feel that you are speaking from the heart concerning President Noy. I agree with you that President Noy is really sincere in trying to change the corrupt system that has bedeviled the government for a long time. You can see it in his present actuations. He maybe brass at times in running after crooks in government but his shortcomings pale in comparison to the many achievements he has done in the short time that he has become our President. Given more time, I think he could achieve more. Meantime, let us continue to lend our moral support to him so that he will be steadfast in his ways and wise in his convictions. I believe that President Noy has passed the point of no return in his quest to thread the narrow and straight path toward good governance. His willingness to cross-swords with the high and the mighty in our society to the point where his personal safety  may now be at stake attest to the nobility and sincerity of his quest. Let us give President Noy a chance to fulfill the dreams that his parents failed to achieve during their life time and I am sure he will not disappoint us.  

  • anoba123

    It takes one brave Administrations to fight corruptions in the Philippine. One small steps at a time, if you all people here understands what i meant. Just you all remember, this present administrations is barely on its second year, and you all expect over night results. If you are not old enough, try to google what had been and what was the Philippines once in Asia before you all where born.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      We are not expecting over night results! But at least some results even one will be enough. LOL

      • Avtar Singh

        @UpholdRuleofLaw:disqus ….Gloria in Hospital Arrest (Jail)…That’s a Big Accomplishment… Good Result…
        The Beginning Of A New Era … Clean Government (Free Of Graft and Corruption)
        Marcos, Estrada, Macapagal-Arroyo, Corona, Garcias, Lapidas (together with all their siblings even the newborns and the Not-Born Yet and Those under Production (legally and adulterously) and they all have one thing in COMMON….

  • tumbokin

    “We want to send a stern yet simple message: justice evades no one. There are no exceptions in our campaign against corruption,” he said.
    … Yea, let he who has no sin cast the first stone. 
    We are behind you PNOY just be sure that you are also spotless!
    Straight and true arrow you must!!!
    Crooked or broken arrow you must not!

  • Fulpol

    mockery daw ???

    pagtatawanan ka talaga Noynoy, mukha ka kasing psychopath… obsessed tirahin ang iilang tao…

    bakit di mo ilabas ang SALN at bank records mo, kasama na ang mga kaalyado mo sa Kongreso at Senado, pati na rin sa Supreme court?


  • kulittwit

    God speed PNoy.

    Nobody can put a good man down. Keep it up Mr. President. No doubt, you will succeed. Millions of filipinos worldwide pray for your success.

    God bless the Philippines.

    • kulittwit

      coronaroyo zombies like fulpol has nothing good to say. all nonsense. that’s why nobody believes their posts here.

  • Paliwaweng

    panggulo yang si fulpol dito, hehehe wag nyong pansinin. Halatang ‘bayaran’.

  • Jon

     “We want to send a stern yet simple message: justice evades no one.
    There are no exceptions in our campaign against corruption,” he said.

    Llamas, Torres, Puno, Acosta, Diokno, et al.
    Meron din naman pala.

  • Bert

    Quote: “If certain elements are still able to prevent Gloria, for example, from being held accountable, then it makes a mockery of our anti-corruption efforts,” he added.

    Mr President, nasa kulungan na si pandak, hwag mo nang gawing scapegoat at parang-awa mo na, magtrabaho ka na para naman aangat ang ating ekonomiya…..

  • karina_sancho

    Anybody can criticize President Noy and he or she has the right to do so under our present democratic form of government. It is called freedom of speech and exchange of ideas. But the fact remains that President Noy is really sincere in weeding out graft and corruption in government. In threading the narrow and straight path toward good governance, he will inadvertently step into some powerful people’s shoes and this is expected. However, he can not succeed alone in this fight against well-entrenched and powerful grafters in government because it is a gargantuan task that no single person can ever do. President Noy needs the support of all good-intentioned Filipinos who love their country. Let us give him a chance to put his words into action. There was a time when the Philippines was second best in Asia, economic wise. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Philippines can do it again or even surpass it? Are’nt Filipinos tired of being tagged as the basket case of Asia and worst as the land of glorified slaves otherwise known as domestic helpers/caregivers? I do not know President Noy personally nor am I connected with him in some other way but one thing is for sure he will never tarnish the legacies of his late parents, the martyred Senator Ninoy Aquino and democracy icon President Cory Aquino.

    • ordinaryo

      karina karina, tanga ka ba? walang may ayaw sa tuwid na daaan!
      ang ayaw namin: tuwad na daan!
      tanga ka ba?

  • Paliwaweng

    We are behind your drive Mr. President, continue your mission of a clean government.

    • ordinaryo


      ikaw ay tanga o di naman kaya myembro ng mga sumisip sa lumalabas sa behind ni noynoy.


    • AbdullahZahir

      tama, nasa pwe tan lang kayo ni baklang panot, pag utot nya, langhap nyo lahat. heto ang nagbibigay sa inyo ng high sa kanyang delusyonal na utopia.

      ta e!

      gusto ko ang malinis na pamahalaan pero hindi sa kalakarang ginagawa ni baklang panot.

      masyadong marumi, masyadong mapulitika. at napaghahalatang ang interes ng luisita ang tanging gusto nyang unahin. una sa mithi: gawing ang korte “we are behind you mr. president” na sa oras na umutot sya, yuyukod ang korte suprema.  

      yan ang pilipinas sa pananaw ni baklang panot.

  • atombombay

    baliw na PNOY….pati ba naman name ng DMIA ay ibabalik na sa Clark IA…..wala problema sa mga amin yon name lang yon basta ba alisin na rin ang name ng NAIA at ibalik din sa MIA….

  • boyfarmer

    Mr President, the congressmen including your 188 allies are perceived to be corrupt or most of them, are you going to do investigation concerning their properties and bank deposits?

    At sino naman ang nag preprevent na maging accountable si Gloria? pinakulong mo na nga eh

  • tabitabi

    If you are serious about fighting corruption, start by eliminating the “pork barrel”. Which is the heart of corruption. At least you will hit at least 312 personalities in one shot. I just thought its the “pork barrel” first.Then prosecute all the Judges, the generals, down to the lowest grade cops, governors, customs officials,baranggay tagay, almost everybody. My point is prioritize the case that has the most impact.Prioritize not personalize.

    • pulungdagal

      wari ko walang totoo sa sinasabi ng presidenteng ito. tingin ko smarmy and eager to please s’ya sa mga taong gusto n’ya at kinatatakutan and very vindictive naman sa mga hindi n’ya gusto o kumakalaban sa kanya. hmm…this time i prefer the devil that i don’t know than this one. four years pa ba tayong under the rule of this…..? aarrrggg!! 

  • Sonny Whirly

    “mockery of our anti-corruption efforts”

    What actions are to be done on “corruption” issues at Bureau of Corrections (NBP)? What actions are to be done on “kidnapping/extortion” issues at NBI?  What actions were done on “extortion” issues at LLDA?  What actions on “Bidding” issue problems at BFP?  What actions are to be done on the missing container vans at Bureau of Customs?

    • pulungdagal

      he can pout.

  • galnxdoor

    ano ba to si noynoy, lahat na lang kaaway! delikado na yan, sa sobrang galit at stress, bibigay na yan.

  • AbdullahZahir

    heto ang seryoso mong unahin baklang panot:

    linisin ang bureau customs. it’s just right under your nose

    gawing efficient ang procurement system ng pamahalaan.

    ang mga tao sa BIR bantayan.

    ang LGU gawing epektibo

    ang overpricing sa DPWH, padding sa mga proyekto ng pamahalaan.

    kung yana ng unahin mo baka magkasundo tayo.

    lahat ng ito ay magagawa sa pamamagitan ng pag pasak ng lahat ng butas sa batas. kaya’t jan mo dapat inuubos ang oras ng alang kwentang konreso.

    at pakitanggal na rin ng pork ng mga kongresista at i-centralize ang disbursement ng CDF ilalim ng pamumuno mo via DBM.

    pero ang inuuna mo ay ang walang kwentang paghihiganti sa pangalan ng accountability kuno.

    ta e yan sa tingin ko!

  • Rae_E

    Decent Filipinos who are fed-up w/ corruption, being the laughingstock of the world for topping corruption/impunity indeces support the purging process. But please remember that as president, you’re not only tasked to prosecute GMA/Corona but alleviate poverty, improve peace & order, etc. too. Don’t jeopardize the fight against corruption by giving credence to the black propagandas lobbed at your admnistration by your enemies. Instead of fixating on GMA/Corona why don’t you inform us what your administration has done to stop corruption in the highly corrupt agencies like Customs, DPWH, Military, DepEd? Don’t be naive but be smart for in challenging the status quo, you  have also created powerful enemies – corrupt trapos/businessmen/clergies. Filipinos are very impressionable & public opinion’s very volatile so please be PRUDENT.

    • pugadlawin21

      Abnoy is naive and mentally challenged.

    • Sonny Whirly

      What actions are to be done on “corruption” issues at Bureau of Corrections (NBP)? What actions are to be done on “kidnapping/extortion” issues at NBI?  What actions were done on “extortion” issues at LLDA?  What actions on “Bidding” issue problems at BFP?  What actions are to be done on the missing container vans at Bureau of Customs (Smugglers are still powerful at Customs)?  No action on the high-powered firearms and Piracy issues on Llamas?

  • franklyn flores

    Keep up the good work PNOY :)

  • kulittwit

    God speed PNoy.

    Nobody can put a good man down. Keep it up Mr.
    President. No doubt, you will succeed. Millions of filipinos worldwide
    pray for your success.

    God bless the Philippines.

    • Night


    • AbdullahZahir

      tinataihan ko yang sinasabi mong good man.

      si baklang panot ay hindi good man. isa syang bad girl. 

  • Fulpol

    nakakulong na si Arroyo, arroyo pa rin ang sinasambit..

    kahit patay na siguro si Arroyo, arroyo pa rin ang sasambitin…


    • AbdullahZahir

      yan ang nakakabuya kay baklang panot kseh di ba’t may moro-moro nang imbestigasyona si gloria courtesy ng comlec? bakit mabagala ng pag usad?

      litisin na ang kung guilty eh hatulan na.

      pero sa palagay ko, gagawin at gagawing pananggalang ni baklang panot si gloria sa kanyang mga kakulangan bilang pangulo.

      dahil ang panggulo natin ay ga go! 

    • Avtar Singh

      @Fulpol:disqus ….Maraming Kaso Pa Si Arroyo….si CJ din…

  • Manny Mislang

    P-Noy is on his OJT. 

  • pugadlawin21

    Hindi fighting corruption ito dahil corrupt din mga kaibigan at kamaganak niya, ang term niya is a big REVENGE TOUR, don’t be a pretender o mapag kunwari.

  • yesyesyo

    Go PNoy! the vast majority of filipinos worldwide want you to succeed!

    Keep it up!

    • Night


    • pugadlawin21

      Nag pagawa aho ng 500 yellow Tshirts na may nakalagay “I”M STUPID”. Kung may gustong mag order just call 1-800-eat-sh!t.

  • Night


  • AbdullahZahir

    bakla, heto panukala ko:

    tanggalin mo ang pork barrel ng mga konngresista at ikaw ang mamahala sa pamumudmod nito. 

    ilagay mo ang countrywide development fund sa pangangalaga ng DBM o gumawa ka ng sangay para dito.

    tingnan lang natin kung gaano kalaki ang matitipid natin.

    at tingnan din natin kung may kaalyad ka pa sa kongreso. dyan natin masusukat ang tibay ng loob mong bakla ka.

    palagay ko, tatalikod din sila sa yo pag ginawa mo ang matuwid na daang ito.

    pero di mo gagawin ito dahil bo bo ka, baliw pa.

    • Marlou Wang

      ginamit mo pa ang pangalan ng muslim, baka kung ano ang mangyari sa iyo, palitan mo alyas mo.

      • AbdullahZahir

        u lol! o gag!

        kagaya ka ng amo mong baklang panot, masyadong malou wang yang kokote mo.

        at sasabihin ko sa yo, ikaw ang matakot sa akin. 

        samantala, si baklang panot ang issue dito at hindi ako. si baklang panot ang matakot sa taong bayan na niloloko nya sa may ilang taon na rin. 

      • Avtar Singh

        @google-ab3a71742d8a982502350062c46b0df6:disqus …..DUWAG ….

  • ganda

    corruption ang gusto mo plataporma Pnoy huwag ka nakatutok sa nakaraan. Ang
    linisin mo ang mga ahensya ng gobyerno na saksakan ng daming red tape at  sukdulan ng corrupt. Ang mga ahensyang
    pinamumunuan ng mga gabinete mo dahil walang mangyayari dyan sa anti-corruption
    plan mo kung ang mga ahensyang nakikipagtransaksyon sa publiko, investors at
    mga businessmen ay puro corrupt practices parin ang pinapairal.Tignan mo ang NBI, BJMP, CUSTOMS, PDEA, at kung ano ano pa. Gusto mo lang yun malalaking isda at may pangalan para instant PRESS RELEASE KA. puro papogi ang ginagawa mo !

  • w4d

    PNoy is right…ACCOUNTABILITY is important to suppress corruption. Heck, accountability is actually a significant trait of a leader that many of our country’s officials do not have.

    Case in point, there were to many finger pointing after the hostage tragedy at the Quirino Grandstand. Had accountability been valued for its significance:

    1. Officials who were not in the position or knowledgeable in dealing with hostage crisis should have not been shouting instructions.
    2. Unable to avoid the tragic ending, an honorable leader would have claimed responsibility for the failure.

    Even love for attention comes accountability.

  • Marlou Wang

    That is right!  Like what Joker Arroyo said during his campaign for senator “KAPAG BAD KA LAGOT KA” (lagot ka ngayon, Joker! LOL) (hindi ako sure kung siya nga nagsabi nito). 

    Gayahin natin ang Singapore, ang Malaysia, ang Vietnam. BAKA BUKAS UMUNLAD NA TAYO.

    MABUHAY ANG PRESIDENTE NG PILIPINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jimiji

      gayahin na lang natin ang vietnam?….political cleansing…..hmmm nice idea

  • Marlou Wang


  • Shinigami

    immature talaga, bakit pa niya kailangan ipaalam sa taumbayan ang hindi niya nagawa? susumbong pa? Bakit hindi niya isipin kung ano ang kanyang mali at subukan niya itong itama.Hindi puro putak ng putak sa media.

    • atombombay

       wlang pinag kaiba kay kris yang si PNOY mahilig pumutak ng pumutak….MALDITA….

  • Pio Gante

    it’s your mockery of the rule of law and the honor and prestige of the office you hold that should be decried.

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    SUSTAIN the FIGHT on CORRUPTION Mr. President——————-Pilipinos are BEHIND you—–We ELECTED you to EXECUTE your PROMISE of NO CORRUPTION no POVERTY——-

    Philippines is WITNESSING the POSITIVE signal AGAINST corruption——Philippines is on WORLD RADAR of GOOD government and the ECONOMY is RESPONDING possitively—-

    NO RESPECT should be GIVEN to CORRUPT civil servant even the NAMES——- are Arroyo, Capt. cruz (army officer) or Corona or a Brgy Tanod——or governor—–

    • Martin

       I did not vote for this president…..he only received 30% of the vote. 
       Other presidential candidates received 70% of the vote!

      • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

        martin—you are NOT aware, what going on in Philippines—-
        Stop using internet——it DIDNT helps you—

    • yatot

      Burahin kaya kita!

      “…… the CPP/NPA, Leftist and your KKK is BEHIND you.

      Most appropriate phrase!

      • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

        What do you mean by that—-DEBATE to LeARN and NOT THREAT—
        you are BACKWARD creature—dont you—–
        No future if pilipino BEHAVES like you—

      • Avtar Singh

        @yatot:disqus …Huwag Ka Namang Mainis…O Eto UlitSUSTAIN the FIGHT on CORRUPTION Mr. President——————-Pilipinos are BEHIND you—–We ELECTED you to EXECUTE your PROMISE of NO CORRUPTION no POVERTY——-Philippines is WITNESSING the POSITIVE signal AGAINST corruption——Philippines is on WORLD RADAR of GOOD government and the ECONOMY is RESPONDING possitively—-NO RESPECT should be GIVEN to CORRUPT civil servant even the NAMES——- are Arroyo, Capt. cruz (army officer) or Corona or a Brgy Tanod——or governor—–A Liked

  • dave

    Duh! ikinulong mo na si Gloria, Mr President. What’s your next step? Tanggalin din ang lahat ng hindi kampi sa iyo? What an illogical mindset!!! For sure I know, you are planning something how can you get from the government fund…oh well, 13-Billion is awaiting in your pocket, once Corona is out…your schemes are very obvious!

    • Avtar Singh

      @dave:twitter …Ano Ka Ba?…Nakakulong Na Si Gloria….Si Corona Ang Tigas Ng Ulo (para kay Eva at Midas lang) Ayaw Pang Bumigay.  
      But Gloria Still Has A Lot To Fight For and Corona Is a Stumbling Block. Maraming Utang Na Loob Si Corona Kay Glorya Trilyonarya….

  • Martin

     I mock you Mr. President.  Your drive against Corruption has not applied to your own appointees in government.  Nor have you started any cleanup after 24 months in office on the Bureau of customs, PNP or the LTO.  If you were serious….these would have been the most logical places to start….and would have impacted the people and the economy directly and in a most positive way.  How does Corona removed affect me?   It only affects you directly with ownership of the Hacienda Lusita.  Sadly, i am growing sick of dirty politics and this impeachment process.   Please resign and let a true leader like VP Binay assume the Presidency.  Do it quickly so we can all get on with our lives.

  • kabayandinako

    Just put this in mind Mr.President: How much are the Billions of GMA and company that it can pay multitude of people to say personal and ugly things to you that is not even sensible. They are just doing it to roil the waters. The words: Penoy, Abnoy, Panot, Hacienda Luisita, Diktador, at marami pang iba ay inimbento lang nila para ipaabot sa taumbayan na hindi lahat ng Pinoy ay gusto ang ginagawa mo. Ang iba sa kanila ay biglang nabago ang buhay noong maupo ka dahil ang mga trabaho nila ay naapektohan at nawala ang delihensya, kaya wag mo na lang silang pansinin dahil ibinoto ka ng taong bayan at ang mga gusto mong mawala sa gobyerno ay iisa lang tao ang naglagay at karapatan mo na sabihin ang ano mang ayaw at gusto mo na makakatulong sa pag-unlad ng Pilipinas. Basta maalis mo lang ang mga corrupt, tuloy ang pagasenso ng bansa tulad dito sa North America, na nakukulong ang mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno.

    • jimiji

      hanapin mo yung psychiatric clinic na pinuntahan ni pnoy diyan sa north america. patingin ka rin ha

      • Avtar Singh

        @jimiji:disqus …Salamat Naman !!!  Pero Matanong Kita… Saang Psychiatric Clinic Ka Ba? Huwag Mong Sabihin Kasama Mo Si Dwarfina Diyan Sa Ospital Klinik Na Iyan.

    • alconce

      Imulat mo mata mo pre. Masyado ka yatang nasilaw sa kutis ng mga puti. Ang US of A ay matagal ng nagnanakaw ng demokrasya ng ibang bayan. Ano ang ginawa nila sa mga diktador na katulad ni Marcos, Duvalier, Pinochet, ang sha ng Iran at ang mga repressive government ng middle east at central america. Alalahanin mo, kung di dahil sa kanila walang Taliban.  Ito ay kanilang inalagaan at sinuportahan para lamang makuha nila ang kanilang likas na kayamanan upang sila (at kasama ka doon) ay mabuhay ng matiwasay. Pag itong kayamanan na ito ay kanilang naubos, bigla na lang nilang iwanan ito na naghihikahus. Huwag mong sabihin na nakukulong ang corrupt ng North America. Hindi totoo yan, Maliban kay Ollie North na isang small fry, walang nakulong. Buong mundo ang kanilang kinocorrupt. Ang kasabuwat nila dito ay ang kanilang home grown companies na katulad ng GM at mga malalaking companya ng gamot at oil companies. 

  • Michael Corpuz

    We are all for getting rid of corruption. We voted for you Mr. President hoping that you are the knight of shining armor who can get rid of corruption. But what did you do? You besmirch the office of the Presidency with your illegal methods to support your witch hunt and prosecution against your enemies. You use your office for your own personal vendetta. You use your office to bully the Filipino people. Most of all, you use the Presidency to be an agent of hatred, division and vindictiveness. 

    We thought you were that knight! Yes you are a knight. But you are a knight dripping with mud; a knight carrying a heavy luggage of HLI, and most of all you are a knight carrying a rainbow flag!!! Achos!!!!!!

    • Avtar Singh

      @Michael Corpuz…Deceiver Ka Talaga…Maka-Corona at Gma Ka Naman Talaga, Pa-drama Effect Ka Pa….Balimbing !!!!

  • Palparan

    If you want to get rid of corruption, start with yourself!… Mag bigti ka para mawala ang pinakamalaking kurakot sa gobyerno ngayon…you Mr. Abnoy!

    • Avtar Singh

      @Palparan:disqus ..You are so Cruel…The President Is Fighting Corruption. …and you are Not Helping…

  • pepe

    “If certain elements are still able to prevent Gloria, for example, from
    being held accountable, then it makes a mockery of our anti-corruption

    Actually it is an insult to the capacity of the Congress and Supreme Court when you have Ms. Arroyo detained without any proceedings…

    Some people interpreted your action as “barbaric and dictatorial”… you can easily do this to CJ Corona why not put him behind bars as that may please your clan and friends…. because your advisers understand that CJ have lots of guns and cannot be intimidated with such bully even if you call for People Power 4….

    Your fighting for corruption is one-sided, but do you really fight for it?  It is now vivid that you have one intention why you run for President.. to have sole power so that you and your allies would be able to own this country and those people who may against you will be at your mercy.


    We will make sure you will not succeed owning this country, your delusion will split this country into halves and we don’t want that to happen….

    You have to QUIT YOUR POST before the REAL PEOPLE POWER happens…

    • yatot


      • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

        OUST people like you here in this Forum——Debate so you can Learn and expand your Idea—
        your REMARKs meke professional SICK—–
        and you are a SICK pilipino–

      • jimiji

        BURAHIN si burador!!!

      • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

        Debate me instead of Burahen—-

      • Avtar Singh

        @yatot:disqus ….Owwww !!! Promise Ha…

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Mr. President, you were given a golden opportunity to reintroduce the sense of accountability – a sense that you commit crime, you will be punised! (Llamas, Puno, and Torres).

    But you thew it out of the window and now you are telling us that by holding GMA and Corona accountable will reintroduce the sense of accountability.

    I believe you are desperate and need a lot of thinking to do! I will salute you more, if you tell me that you are incompetent and was just propelled to the highest ranking official of this country because of the death of your Mother!

    • UPLB-2008-3****

      As for Llamas buying pirated DVDs, there’s nothing in the law that says he can be prosecuted.

      • pepe

        Buying pirated DVD is one way of PATRONIZING PIRACY….

      • Martin

         Llamas was not buying just a few….For a top government official buying over 150 pirated DVD’s sets a very poor example….and worse nothing was done when it was revealed.

  • yatot

    Mr. Panutzky, you are the CORRUPT!

    Clearly you CORRUPTED the Lower House and partly on the Senate. Now you are trying to CORRUPT the Judiciary!

    Shame on you PANUTZKY!

    • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

      He have the majority in lower house and senate—-NOT corrupted them—–
      You have that Backward mentality when Pilipino is doing good job and you want to Discredit or Siraan—-them–

      • jimiji

        who says he’s doing a good job? at what? my goodness! open your eyes and what does Phil. mean in your username? i hope it’s not Philippines because you are not my voice! 

      • Martin

        Now who says Pinoy is doing a good job??   I have always given positive credit to those… when its deserved.  I find so many problems with Pinoy and his “your either with or against me attitude”. When you look very closely and think about it… I find many issues and problems with this Presidents leadership….but if you disagree with anything…your in serious trouble.  Right now…PINOY and his family..the Cojuangco’s are more corrupt than Corona ever thought about.   They wrote the book….Corona only read the first page.  Yet everyone thinks Pinoy is the saint and savior of the Philippines.  Its almost a cult like attitude about Pinoy…and its dangerous for the Philippines.  There will be no check-and-balance in government.

  • Bert

    I believe Pnoy is INSINCERE about his supposed anti-corruption drive….

  • EdgarEdgar

    Aquino decries mockery of his anticorruption drive. 

    Without mama’s shoulder to cry on, our boy president (more like girl) throws another one of his legendary tantrums.  Without his wet nurse to pacify him, he has lost control in public.  This is what happens when we elect an emotionally immature and intellectually inadequate individual.  It would have been just fine if he were the only victim of his immaturity and inadequacy.  But no, we the Filipino people and millions of OFWs abroad are victims, too.  We squandered six years of opportunity under the ineffectual mother.  Now, right before our very own eyes, we are squandering another six years under this imbecilic son.  All told, we have wasted 12 years for buying into Ninoy’s heroic tales of megalomania. Worse, we blindly venerated the Madonna and the Child, the wrong kind that is. This has gotta be the biggest mockery of our democracy and our faith.

    • alikabok357

      Paano nga ba nila nalinlang ang taong bayan na bayani si Ninoy na kumakandong ng mga komunista?  Nang binomba ang Plaza Miranda, si Ninoy lang ang wala sa 8 kandidato ng Liberal Party.  Sinisi kay Marcos ang insidente na gawa pala ni Joma Sison and his terrorists. Imbis na mag attend ng miting de avance ng LP, nag attend kuno ng “despedida de soltera”  si Ninoy.  Mas importante pa ba ang isang despedida kaysa sa miting de avance ng kanyang partido na kasama niya sa pagtakbo bilang senador? Nasabihan kaya siya ng mga kaibigan nyang komunista at pinabayaan mapahamak ang mga ka partido tulad nina Kalaw, Salonga, Ilarde at iba pa?.  Iyan ba ang sinisigaw ng mga tao na bayani?  Gumising sana ang ating mga kabayan sa isang malaking kasinungalingan sa ating kasaysayan.

      • sigena

        si llamas pa yata ang naghagis ng granada noon

      • obionekenobi

        Govt  official  ni abnoy na kaliwa
        1. Liamas
        2. Deylima
        3. Dilis4. Leonin5. Padilya6. Rosalis
        Dame pa shet.

      • Francis81

        Idagdag mo si Proceso Alcala ng DA.  Full-fledged CPP member yan! 

      • adam_d_ant

        oops … sa mga kaibigan ko na against the retard…

        this is where we part ways …. ninoy to me was the best politician we ever had … ninoy was the last speaker palagi … mawawala na ang crowd pag wala na si ninoy … kaya better na wala sya para mas me hgighlight pag akyat ng entablado …. besides, all the big guns were there  …

        ninoy wouldn’t sacrifice his friends … considering that he wanted to be president, what kind of a party will the liberal (then) without jovy, gerry et at? 

        nah ….. ninoy  … the superboy … sayang … kung buhay si ninoy, for sure itong presidente natin ni hindi man lang maka amoy ng senado … ninoy will stop him … hindi qualified .. masyadong sisiw  ..

  • pinoyaydibobo


    • obionekenobi


    • pulungdagal

      pinoyaydibobo, hindi malupit ang Diyos, ha?

  • Philcor

    ngoyngoy, bat di mo pa kasuhan sila erap, ramos, cory (ooops!) marcos, macapagal, garcia, magsaysay, quirino, roxas (ooops again!), osmena, laurel, quezon, at aguinaldo. They are the the reason why RP is poor, right? Besides, Aguinaldo is suspect for the killing of Bonifacio,right?

    • linsanity17

      baka isusunod na ni retarded cla sir..except of course kay roxas at osmena…kkk din mga yan db? hehehe

    • Avtar Singh

      @Philcor:disqus …He Is Now The President Of The Philippines and We Will Support Him…Don’t Worry All Those Names You Mentioned Above Will Have Their Day In Court….
      But For Now Let’s Join Hands Together and Slapped You so Hard…O’ Gising Ka Na Ba?

      • adam_d_ant

        join hands?  ikaw avtar ka ha …. naligo ka na ba?  anghit mo tsong …pa holding-holding hands ka pa…

        five-six, bawal ‘yan …. kapal mo …

        ang mga nauuto nga naman ni budoy ….ngeeee

    • TagaDumantay

      Sa sinabi mo si erap at si ramos lang ang buhay, lahat patay na. Ang patay di mo na pwedeng kasuhan. Si Erap nakulong at napardon na. Si Ramos, anong gusto mong ikaso? Sigurado ikaw mahirap din, bat di mo kasuhan ang tatay mo.

      • adam_d_ant

        he. he. he….. you don’t get it, do you?

        the guy’s making a mockery of simeon  .. duh.

    • fred fredito alfred


  • Nald_Ap

    Asian Wall Street Journal today:

    Naguiat and family received USD 50,000 worth of gifts for staying at Wynn Resorts in Macau.  Wife was given a chanel bag. 

    • adam_d_ant

      hoy .. ikaw ha …. hindi lagay ‘;yon ….

      pag kasama ni retard, hindi bawal ‘yan…. kung kalaban ka …. impeachment ang aabotin mo …

      • fred fredito alfred


  • nes0624

     the president does not have the monopoly of good intentions. other peoples have but turned off by his vindictive and boorish behviour.

  • noypinga

    Panalo! That’s my president! Mabuhay ka Noy at naway gabayan kang palagi ng Makapangyarihan sa lahat!

  • mojo76

    amen to that

  • imongredneck

    I really think Pnoy is succeeding in his campaign reintroducing sense of accountability, but he is also losing some of his senses.

  • oustpnoynow

    Save the Philippines from insanity. OUST P-NOY NOW!!!!

    • fred fredito alfred


  • mulat angmata

    “justice evades no one”, daw. hehe how about ronald llamas? mukhang nakakevade siya.  si ochoa, mukhang nakakaevade din sa question regarding his mansion.  empty words mr. president

    • Bansot

      You hit the nail in the head!!!!!…. maybe what he means are those who oppose him, ha!ha!ha!

  • Richard


    1. The truth is that  Noynoy wants CJ Corona out in SC to clear obstruction in his desire   that Hacienda Luisita will be paid  5 Billion by the government out of 5000 hectares distributed lands to HLI farmers under CARP law. SC’s earlier ruling indicates that only 400 million will be paid to HLI for  5000 Ha. @ the price of 80,000.00 per hectare. SC ruling was correct considering that the HLI lands was suppose to be distributed to the farmers last 1989 as per Agrarian Reform Law.  The truth is that Noynoy deceived the heart and minds of the filipino people particularly his supporters w/ CJ Corona’s impeachment by using GMA’s case to justify his propaganda of self righteousness  to cove-up his greedy self interest.

    2. Para manalo si Roxas sa kanyang poll protest na dadaan sa SC dahil kung matanggal na si CJ at matakot ang maiwang justices at papabor ni Roxas.. kawawa si Binay.

  • arby2011

    Kung seryoso ang pangulo. Sana matapos na ang paghihirap natin sa kamay ng mgA corrupt na mga LTO at TMG. nagmistulang mga buwaya ang mga ito sa kalsada. Lalo na dito sa mindanao

    • fred fredito alfred

      isama mo diyan ang mga senatong at tongressman.

  • imongredneck

    Anything to divert the people’s attention from the crumbling economy.

  • adam_d_ant

    sa mga yaya ni simeon:

    make sure na nakainom ng gamot ang tililingna ‘to bago n’yo palabasin ng kuwarto …..

    2000 container vans at the same number of expensive cars na sinikwat ng grupo mo … si alvarez ang customs chief na kunwari pinalitan … ano na ang nangyari? magkano laman ng bawat container van at magkano presyo ng nawawalang sasakyan?

    kung puro dakdak ka lang, kung ang puntariya mo lang ang mga perceived kalaban mo, hindi mo maloloko ang lahat ng mamamayan … kung gusto mong bagohin ang pinas, halos lahat ng tao tutulong sa ‘yo … pero kung ginagago mo ang bansa, hayaan mong mga kapwa mo din retartded ang susuporta sa ‘yo

    • Marlou Wang

      nasisiraan ka na ba ng bait?

  • neil gonzaga

    yeah right! how ’bout your cabinet who made mistakes? were they held accountable for their actions? it would be wise for you, noy, to not concentrate on your anti-corruption drive alone. you still have a country to run. kailan mo uumpisahan? kung kelan tapos na  ang impeachment sa lahat ng judges na pakiramdam nyo’y nagkamali. remember that your group holds the ball in proving guilt sa allegations nyo… don’t make the impeachment as your smokescreens for ineptitude

  • t c

    Yes, Judicial inefficiency is a serious concern in Philippines because the people headed by a government who does not follow the due process are mocking our judicial system.  Since the time of Noynoy’s father Ninoy Aquino, this Aquino family along with their communist media machinery have mocked our democracy and judicial system by bringing their accusation in public FIRST before the court so they can be ahead in forming public opinion while discrediting the court and the rule of law.  Everytime they will not get unfavorable decision for their cooked accusations and cases, they will accuse either the system, the judges or the government itself.  If only the people Philippines will open their eyes, they can easily see the blatant lies and one-sided arguments that this communists are trying to shove down the throat of the people and sadly, a lot in Philippines seems to have already swallowed this communist lies.  This communists may have money and machinery to spread lies and deception and insinuate hate among people.  But god put conscience in each of us so we will use our hearts, minds and conscience in dealing with our fellow and follow Jesus’ teaching because he is the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE…and not Noynoy Aquino’s deceptive slogan “Daang matuwid” that is full of lies, fraud and deception.

  • neil gonzaga

    oh yeah, how bout the guns?

  • TalagaNaman

    You cannot fight corruption if you insist na malinis ang bakuran mo. Engot na Panot.

    Puro pang-uuto lang yang anti-corruption drive mo. Wala pa kaming nakitang KKKs na tinira mo.

    • fred fredito alfred

      what do you expect tiyo no kris yan at uncle na anak ni kris.

  • emma_ele

    Nakakatawa at nakakaawa talaga si Peenoy..   nangangampanya pa rin para lang may maniwala sa programa nya….

  • Darwin

    we’re not mocking the program. we’re just mocking him. he’s so mock-able.

  • Risa Christine

    Just by reading the comments here, I feel relieved knowing that I am not the only person who believes that Noynoy is a retard. The only consolation I have is the fact that I did not vote for him. God help our country. After Corona, who will he go after to? Anyone who opposes him better watch out, a dictator is on the loose!

    • Herculian

      Aquino is a “Baboy an asong buang!

    • goavan

      meron pa yatang mental health issues

    • A_wanderer

      After Corona (that false pious pretender) who else?  My Lord, the list of corrupt officials is endless.   I wonder if  you’re likely yet another paid hacker who professes love for criminals in high places.

      • pulungdagal

        tumigil ka na nga! masyado kang corny!

    • pulungdagal

      risa, (sigh) i abhor myself for being so gullible to have voted this abhorrent person into the highest office of the land. you’re luckier.

  • jeronimo

    bakit panay ang paliwang?

  • jongie m

    According to Pres. Aquino, “We cannot fight corruption unless we reintroduce a sense of accountability—a sense that, if you commit a crime, you will be punished” 
    In my opinion, I think Pres. Aquino is committing a false dilemma.  Other than “reintroducing a sense of accountability, there are many other ways to fight corruption.  Establishing a clear and transparent policies and procedures in each vital government institutions that would prevent any government official (appointed or elected) committing a crime is one of the many other ways.  As we all know, prevention is better than cure.

    I believe we have significant number of good government officials turned bad because of our system induced them to be the latter.   

    • t c

      I agree, but what Aquino is doing is not even cure but plain and pure punishment and maltreatment of people that is not even guilty yet.

  • FernandoBusi

    Clean your KKK muna 

  • txtman

    If you are not honest you are accountable???
    Kinakausap ba nya sarili nya sa salamin???

    Wala daw sinasanto?
    Mayroon na ba silang kinasuhan na kaalyado nila na big fish?
    Wala na tayong narinig sa Ombudsman ah!
    Mga kalaban nila sa politika, oo kinakasuhan ng kung ano-anong kasinungalingan!

    If all the government prosecutors are like Niel Tupas, eh talagang matatalo kayo sa korte!
    Wag ninyong sisihin ang justice system!
    Kung tutulog-tulog sila sa kangkongan at puro mga  bobo mga government prosecutors eh talagang talo sila!
    At saka po
    Pisimuno po yan Ni INANG CORY CONSTITUTION.
    PENOY dapat sinabi mo noon kay Inang Cory na mali-mali mga pinasimuno nya!

  • Beguine

    The major stumbling block to this Daang Matuwid policy is
    that nothing major has been achieved thus far.

    Granted, the arrest and detention of Gloria Arroyo is stunning,
    but until now it is just for show, and nothing really gets achieved
    until she’s jailed, convicted for her crimes, sentenced and serves
    her punishment in prison if not electric chair (which should be
    reinstated with her as the first condemned person).

    The impeachment of Renato Corona is taking ages to get done
    with, and there are signs he might be acquitted.

    Quo vadis, Daang Matuwid?

  • goavan

    pnoy said kong walang corrupt, walang mahirap…eh, dumami ang mahirap, so dumami rin ang corrupt…kasi baluktod na daan ang tinatahak niya except siguro si grace – naparana niyang anak, lol

  • pepengkabayo

    Aquino DECRIES MOCKERY of his anticorruption drive.

    Nobody mocks of your anti corruption drive, Pnoy.
    Filipinos MOCK AT YOU the way you do.

    “A sense that, if you commit a crime, you will be punished,” President Aquino said.”
    Well, what is Due Process if you think that a person is already a criminal based on accusation and allegation and you will jail her like Gloria.
    Remember too….That a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    Your thinking is absurd, that is the mockery of people on you.

    • A_wanderer

      You’re likely yet another paid hacker who professes love for criminals in high places.

      • Nic Legaspi

        “If you’re not with us, you are against us?”

      • A_wanderer

        Do you deny that most of the judiciary is highly corrupt?  Do you deny that many many people blogging in support of GMA & Corona are paid hacks?

      • Nic Legaspi

        No, I do not. But this issue has sooo highly politicized the people that some would rather believe that there are only two sides warring with regards to this issue. While there are indeed pro-Arroyo and pro-Noynoy people, what we can’t deny is that there is still a segment of Filipinos that does not side with anyone, who are only concerned with public officials doing their job, where their taxes are going to, or what consequence awaits us in the future. So no, I am not denying those things that you said. Neither am I confirming it.

      • pulungdagal

        kanina pa ginagamit ng tumbong na ito ang word na “hack.” tanungin mo nga kung alam n’ya ang tunay na kahulugan ng hack?

      • R

        People are not Pro-Corona (who is he anyway?) but Pro-Rules of Court and Evidences otherwise our country is heading to Banana Republic.

      • A_wanderer

        The ‘rules’ are rigged and those enforcing them are corrupt.  The cancer must be cut out.  You are likely yet another paid hack blogger.

      • R

        You sounded like you are the paid hacker “A_wanderer…. you replied to every critics to ABNOy comments being paid.

  • pulungdagal

    “It shouldn’t matter if you are a former President or in the lower ranks of public service. If you are dishonest, then you must be held to account,” he said.

    coming from this president, this statement is laughable and contemptible.
    and worn-out as this cliche is from over-use, i can’t help putting it forth here: “tell that to the marines, junior!”

    you should know that when you exit and whoever suceeds you, there will be a tremendous national sigh of relief, and i remind you that those who will be relieved are not necessarily rooting for your nemesis. that—is—the—unadulterated—fact—and—truth.

    • A_wanderer

      You are likely yet another paid hacker.   You would deny that corruption is a cancer on society here.  
      Cancer can’t be treated with antibiotic – it must be cut out.

      • pulungdagal

        if i’m a paid hacker only because i am critizising your idol president, then there are millions of “paid hacker” in this country, junior, you realize that? for your information i voted this clown into the presidency! but then, unlike you, i can perceive, analyze and recognize what is right and wrong and cannot be fooled perpetually by rhetorics and empty promises like “tuwid na daan.” i tend to be flexible especially when i’m exasperated, see, bozo? unlike you, naututan ka na sa ulo, dini-deny mo pa kasi paniwala mo hindi totoo!

        and you are correct: “a cancer can’t be treated with antibiotic; it must be cut out. and this “cancer of a president” should be excised!  

      • A_wanderer

        I’m glad that you agree that 
        a cancer can’t be treated with antibiotic; it must be cut out.  But for you to say that the cancer is Pres Noy proves you are either woefully misinformed, delusional, or just one of the legions of paid hack bloggers.  PNoy is merely sternly attempting to cut out the cancer.   Those who fear (or pay those who are blogging ‘fear’ of) PNoy fear that the PH might become as honest as Singapore.  Singapore overcame corruption sternly, smartly and even brutally but it succeeded.  Do you deny that the prior administration was rotted to the core and the puss remains, it must be cleaned out?

  • MNLFoodcritic

    No one is making a mockery out of the anti-corruption drive. If Gloria goes and rots in jail, well then good. Everybody happy. The only one we make a mockery of is you, Pnoy. We don’t think you are a good president. You hide behind your advisers. You are incompetent and not right for the job. You are lazy (most working Filipinos work harder and longer hours than you!). You are a hypocrite (letting your corrupt friends and relatives go scot free). And you just got the presidency because of the name of your parents and not because of your own efforts.

  • Israel

    tuwid na daan? kinakasuhan lang nya mga kalaban sa pulitika. tignan na lang nya sariling bakuran. si llamas na lang may high powered na baril at huli sa akto na bumibili nang pirated dvd e di nya matanggal sa pwesto. pano naging tuwid na daan yun?

  • Nic Legaspi

    The presidents crusade against corrupt people is now being perceived as some sort of personal vendetta against anyone associated with the previous administration. Walang problema kung gusto nyang alisin ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno. But this would never succeed if he would only target the people who are perceived to be corrupt. He MUST clean up the SYSTEM that spawns corrupt people! Ayusin ang sistema upang hindi na ulit makahanap ang mga pulitiko ng butas na malulusutan! Implement stricter guidelines and heftier fines! The problem with our government is that it has WEAK safeguards against corruption. If ever the President does not succeed in his quest to rid the government of corrupt people, then he should at least try to be the one to clean up the system itself — it needs an overhaul. The people will thank him for it.

    • A_wanderer

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more!  Cancer can’t be treated with antibiotic – it must be cut out.

    • cion

      How can he implement “Anti-graft and Corruption” when he himself amassed large sums of mola (moneuy0 in a year as president of the Philippines from 15,000,000  to 54,000,000.that is about 40,000,000 accumulation of unexplained funds ??? And on top of it he is incahoot with the 188 Congressmen who thenselves like Tupas and the rest are known to have amassed wealth using the pork barrel funds supposedly for infrastructure and creation of jobs to benefit the poor in their provinces they represent, but they use it to build mansions 50,000,000 pesos of Tupas luxury home in Quezon City. OMbudsman Carpio-Morales this is the grave malversation of funds that your office must concentrate if you and the president is for “Daang Matuwid” which we thinks is not the purpose of this administration and you , but as a personal vendetta vs CJ and others who this administration dislikes.

    • JJF724

      You’re right but majority of Lawyers are part of corruption and they are the one in control…  They everywhere…  That is why PNOY needs all our support on his fight against corruption.

    • Italpino

      I completely agree with you Nic Legaspi, although at the present situation of embedded graft and corruption in the country, I believe that it is a very hard task for him and requires a great deal of determination. I also believe, that the Administrative Branch must declare the cleaning policy and the Justice Branch, being appointed and not elected should be cleaned first, so it can then help him in cleaning the other branches, both the Legislative and Administrative itself. House cleaning alone will not be sufficient if there is no support from the Justice Branch, since the Legislative branch members are elected and not appointed. But that would still be not sufficient, if the people still have the culture of poor judgement in voting for any elective candidate. Not only that, the people’s culture of closing their eyes towards any anomalous and unlawful behavior, must be changed, even from the simple thing as urinating in public places especially when drinking, or throwing dirts on the roads or to a more serious one of carrying handguns everywhere, especially the many honourable public servants. Accountability of action must be imposed from the lowest up to the highest member of the citizenry. Not only the system needs overhauling but sad to say, it’s the whole nation as well. And everybody with no exception, needs to play his own role on these tasks for a tangible change to happen. It is the will of the people that directs and decides the destiny of a nation.

  • dipakosigurado

    75 mg of Aminodibenzol, 3x a day for patient Aquino, 19 years old….ngayon he must be pulling 375mg, 5 x a day…kasi mas malala na ngayon…malapit na yatang mangagat! kasi nanlilisik na mga mata, at tumutulo na laway…kahol pa nang kahol kakapatutsada…..OMG, this is our
    president…?   Read the psychological report at the Daily Tribune’s absolutely
    fascinating, and dead-on sa mga kilos ni Pnoy…including the loser posture, and excessive salivating!

  • WAJ

    The “Long arms of the Law”. Every one should be vigilant in fighting graft and corruption. It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen of country… 

  • Italpino

    Nakalulungkot isipin na sa dami ng marurunong na Pilipino, lalo na yung mg patuloy na lumalait sa nahalal na Pangulo ng bansa ay kakaunti ang mga matitino, magigiting at matatapat na mamamayan ang may lakas na lumaban sa mga katiwaliang gawa ng mga lingkod bayan. Karamihan ay magaling lamang mangalipusta, subalit kung kinakailangan na ang kanilang kagalingan at katapangan para ipaglaban ang katotohanan, ay bigla na lamang silang nananahimik at wala ng pakialam. Mas mapait pa ay kanilang kinakatigan ang mga abusado at tiwaling lingkod bayan. Sabagay, naranasan ko na rin yan noong kami ay nilalait ng mga taong bayan kapag kami ay nagmamartsa laban sa pang-aabuso ni Marcos at ng mga kanyang mga alipores sa kanilang kapangyarihan. Lalo pang masakit ay ang pananalo ng kanyang mga kamaganak at mga alipores sa mga luklukan ng kapangyarihan sa pamahalaan, kahit na napatunayan na ang kanilang mga katiwalian. Ngayong mayroon isang pinuno na nagnanais na magkaroon ng magagandang pagbabago sa bansa, ay naulit ang aming karanasan sapagkat siya ay nilalait din ng kangyang mga kapwa, sa halip na tulungan ang kanyang pamahalaan sa pagbabago. Naalala ko tuloy ang ating mga bayaning namatay sa mga kamay ng mga kapwa din nating Pilipino tulad ni A. Bonifacio (dahil kay Aguinaldo), si Hen. G. Del Pilar, dahil sa nasuhulang tao para sabihin ang sekretong daan papunta sa Tirad Pass, si Jose Rizal sa mga kamay ng sundalong Pilipino na bumaril sa kanya sa utos ng mga kastila at marami pang iba, tulad ng mga sundalong namamatay dahilan sa mga bala at mga armas na napupunta sa mga kaaway ng bansa dahil sa mga katiwalian ng mga matataas na pinuno ng Sandatahang Pilipino. Nawala na ba sa mga karamihan ng mga Pilipino ang mga katangian ng ating mga matatapang, matatapat at mga kagalanggalang na mga bayani na walang takot na ipaglaban ang karapatan, katotohanan at paninindigan laban sa mga katiwalian at pagsasamantala ng mga may kapangyarihan? O bayan ko, gumising ka sa iyong pagkakasadlak sa hirap at dusa. Ipaglaban mo ang isang magandang bukas para man lamang sa kasalukuyang mga kabataan at sa mga isisilang pa sa kinabukasan. 

    • R

      Magandang hangarin sa maling pamamaraan -nagiging diktador kahit hindi sinusunod ang batas.

      • JJF724

        Ang kasalokuyang batas ay “design” para protectahan ang mga kurakot “through technicalities”  Ang mga husgado na mga masasamang tao ang siyang nanloloko ang nangungulibat…  Ang bawal ang ginagawa nilang legal para sa kanilang pangsariling kapakanan.  Hindi bali kunti na lang kayong nagpapaloko sa kasamaan …  Mangingibabaw din ang katarungan… kung hindi ngayon… harinawa ay bukas.

    • AngNagmamasid

      eto pa ang isang nangarap ng people power.ang haba ng litanya mo e panis naman ang content.paano namang hindi lalaitin ang magaling mong panggulo ay wala ng ginawa kundi ang manggulo.bakit hindi na lang kasi pagtuunan ng pansin ang mga mas mahalagang bagay na magbibigay naman ng pagasa sa mga mahihirap na ang pangulo na inihalal nila ay magbibigay sa kanila ng magandang kinabukasan.ang nangyari ay parang kanto boy at maton na laging naghahamon ng away.ang hilig na magpatutsada at sana ay hayaan na lang niya na gawin ng impeachment court ang tungkulin na iniatang sa kanila at huwag na siyang makisawsaw sa issue.if he is really honest in eradicating graft and corruption,he should start cleaning his backyard.but the reality is that he perceived corona as a major obstacle in his sinister plan of controlling the 3 branches of the government disguised as fighting corruption. ang .sabihin mo ang style ni pnoy ay bulok.kumita na iyan sa takilya.


        Controlling the 3 branches ba kamu?… focking paranoid.

        Corona on Amassing Millions… your a blind.
        Come here and ill hit your face!

  • Leon Yobar

    We are at your back Mr. President we know your sincerity to clean this government against graft and corruption pabayaan mo tong mga kulingling pa palagi nalang pinupuna ang iyong hangarin kasi walang kuwenta itong mga tao na ito binabayaran o di kaya isa sa mga corrupt na mga panuway. Sa huli ang hangarin mo naman para sa buong bayan. We are your yellow army na handang ipaglaban ka to death nandito kami 102%. Ganyan naman talaga ang process sa change resistance which is absolute however, it is our only chance at your administration to restore the trust and confidence of the citizenry to the government. We dream that our people will feel love of our country do good for our country and have fun. Mabuhay ka Mr. President.

  • R

    People are not Pro-Corona but they are Pro-Rules of Court and Evidences. The President is barking on a wrong tree. He should clean his own backyard and tell congress to amend lopeholes of the law to counter graft and corruption (no short cuts). The basis of TRO for Gloria is because no case filed yet during that time. Is that wrong for the majority of SC judges to issue TRO? Maybe there are hidden agendas on this Impeachment of Corona. Your guesses are as good as mine.

  • R

    Pnoy the good venue for you to have a speech is in the squatter area or crowd who neglected education. You can’t fool educated people who know the right manner the President should talk.

    • JakeR8

      @ R… if you really don’t believe that there is no need to reform the judiciary and rid the Philippines of those who believe they are above the law, then you are the one that needs an education!

  • missaya


  • JJF724

    Now the wisle blower are being persecuted by corruption Senators and SC.  Instead of looking into it to stop corruption, they faulth finding them and trying hard to charged to put the good people to jail.  WE MUST STOP THESE OFFICIALS THAT IS CORRUPT AND PROTECTING EACH OTHER.  What shall we do?  We have to support PNOY at all cost.  We might not get another honest president.

    • rsanr

      you are right and you hit the bull’s eye, ito dapat ang mangyari na suportahan si Presidente Noynoy para masimulan na ang paglilinis sa ating gobyerno…at dapat unahin si thief corona na tagapatanggol nang mga mangungulimbat sa kaban nang bayan….at all cost suportahan natin si PNoy, God bless and protect him !!!!!

  • Marlou Wang

    to Abdullah Zahir: bbakit puro kabaklaan ang nasa bibig mo! siguro na addict ka nasa u  ten  ano?


    Mga Buawaya rin ang dumedepensa sa kapwa buaya…

    Ang mga blogger dito na hindi gusto nang pag babago ay yung mga
    Kamaganak ni Thief Justice, GMA… etc

    Mga mayayamang Buawaya…
    Mga Politiko.
    Mga naiinggit na brusko “daw” (sinasabing mas lalaki pa daw sila kay Noynoy dahil isa lang ang itlog sila dalaw [focking retard])…

  • rsanr

    the justice system in any democratic country depends heavily on the leaders of the judiciary, the judiciary is the battleground of good and evil, good will prevail in our systems wherein the lady justice will be able to dispense her duties blindly but if you have corrupt leaders at the helm of the judiciary like the thief justice tepok tayong lahat dahil mananaig ang evil, kaya kailangang magkaisa ang sambayang Filipinos na suportahan si Presidente Aquino sa kanyang mga adhikain na para sa ikabubuti nang buong mamamayan……..God bless the Philippines!!!!

  • Bayabas San

    Hail to Pnoy.

    The 99.99% is with you all the way with this fight against corruption. The .01% are all here in this forum scared to death they may actually go to work for an honest pay.

    I hope your next target is our schools particularly the Colleges of Law of UP and the Ateneos:
    Why are these schools producing corrupt graduates? There is something lacking in the curriculum.

    I suggest that Law schools’ curriculum includes 100 credits in Ethics from Ethics 101 to Ethics 200 and only 10 credits in actual Law basic knowledge. Graduates can then apprentice with thoroughly accredited ethical Law firms.

    The BAR should be all Ethics, nothing else.

    • Guest

      OWS? Look at how HE Bribed the Congress???

      Funny as HE IS… but it seems that he is the Primadonna of CORRUPTION in the Government…

      He is really fighting for the 10 Billion Hacienda Luisita claim, that is why he is moving Heaven and Earth just to remove CJ from SC.

      PINAGLOLOLOKO nya lang ang Taong Bayan sa ganitong Diversionary Tactics.

  • seekleer

    Kung talagang siryoso ang pakay ni Pnoy na linisin ang Justice system, dapat lang na ipakita niya na ang kanyang paglilinis ay hanggang sa Fiscal, judges at clerk of court  at hindi lang sa mga apoyntee ni Arroyo o sa mga huwes na nagbigay na desisyon na tumulong sa mga magsasaka sa hacienda Luisita.


    HUWAG TANTANAN ang pagsuyod ng mga kutong sumisipsip sa dugo ng bayan.  

    TUGISIN hanggang sa lahat ng suok ng bansa ang mga bandidong sumisikil sa pangangailangan ng mga mamamayan sa pamamagitan ng panunungkit ng yaman nito gamit ang kapangyarihan na ipinagkaloob sa kanila ng buong pagtitiwala ng sambayanan.  Yong iba pa nga naka saya pa ng itim.

    TAMA na ang pagbibigay at pagtitiis sa mga gawaing nakakasuklam at nakakadiri na nararapat lamang sa samahan ng mga kawatan.  Ibuklob-buklod ang mga hinay uphack na mga basurang yan at itambak sa isang isla sa may Spratly’s at hayaang sila-sila ang manloko, mang-uto at mandekwat sa sari-sarili nila.  Pa-suotin silang lahat ng sayang itim para dramatik. 

    • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

      hmmm—tou are FULL of HATE—

  • Guest


    dahil ang hidden AGENDA nya ay ang 10 BILLION Claim sa Hacienda Luisita.. 

    10 Billion na sisip-sipin ng Pamilya nya sa Kaban ng Bayan

  • Maldi2

    Ginoong abnoy na pangulo, sino po ba naman ang ayaw ang malinis na pamahalaan?  Lahat po ay hangad yan, pero ang ayaw namin ay ang daanin mo sa dahas at labagin ang ating saligang batas sa inyong paglilinis.  May proseso dyan at hayaan mong matapos yan ng maayos na kung saan ikaw naman po ang nag-umpisa di ba? Uminom ka nga ng aspirin ng matigil ang pagiging ATAT na ATAT mo.

    Kung maari lagyan mo na ng TAPE ang bibig mo ng hindi ka na mabatikos pang muli sa mga basurang lumalabas sa iyong bibig!

  • rbdvsr

    Hacienda is the batlleground …..

  • Pinoydin

    - Mendiola Massacre in January 1987 – Cory’s government forces fired at the farmers killing 13 on site with 39 injured.
    – Lupao Massacre in February 1987 – 17 farmers including 6 children and 2 elders were killed by Cory’s government forces in Lupao, Nueva Ecija.
    Cory’s government allegedly hired more than 100 vigilante groups including the notorious Tadtad Cult and Alsa Masa.
    Also during her term, the following data were recorded:
    – 816 disappeared
    – 135 cases of massacres
    – 1,065 victims of summary executions
    – 20,523 victims of illegal arrests and detention
    – approximately 1,200,000 civilian dislocations

  • Pinoydin

    In November 2004, government troops again opened fire on farmers’ picket line resulting to 7 deaths and 32 gunfire injuries. And worse, people who were supporting farmers’ cause were assassinated one by one.
    – Marcelito Beltran – a witness to testify on Hacienda Luisita massacre bullet trajectories was killed December 8, 2004.
    – Abelardo Ladera – was assassinated March 3, 2005 after having been able to access Hacienda Luisita documents and tasked to bring them to the senate.
    – Fr. William Tadena – a sympathizer of Hacienda Lusita workers was shot and killed by Congressman Noynoy Aquino’s bodyguard on March 13, 2005. This is according to the eye witness Fr. Jun Flores who went into hiding after the incident for fear of his own life.
    – Victor “Tataben” Concepcion – a 66-year-old and an active supporter of Hacienda Luisita strikers was killed March 17, 2005.
    – Florante Collante – Noynoy and his family’s critic was killed October 15, 2005.
    – Bishop Alberto Ramento – a vocal critic about the killing of his fellow priests and an active supporter of Luisita farmers was stabbed to death on October 3, 2006.
    – Tirso Cruz – the leader of Luisita workers union who opposed the construction of Noynoy superhighway on lands claimed by farmers was shot to death in front of his father and brother on March 17, 2006.

  • Pinoydin

    “Filipinos deprived of truth become igonorant” labeling Ninoy, Cory, Kris, and Noynoy as:- Ninoy Aquino – the rich political genius who died for his political ambition to become president.
    – Cory Aquino – the millionaire housewife whose real legacy was the return of oligarchs and a constitution that protects rich families.
    – Kris Aquino – the Mary Magdalene of media who wants attention, although no one really wants to hear her.
    – Noynoy Aquino – the Rockstar and a president with no platform.

    • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

      And you are a BACKWARD envy of them all—–Who you WANT to be a President?
      yourself—-You are a DEEP goodnight—-

      • Pinoydin

        You will regret what you said if you are one of those victims or a family of those victims of Aquino – Cojuanco clans…. ENJOY your stay in the Philippines…

  • sephgabriel

    Paki busalan ang bibig ng panGULO please. Masyadong madakdak. Di naman patas. Pag KKK kaibigan, kaklase at kamag anak, abswelto agad. Remember puno, yumul, llamas, and now pagcor officials

  • pulis

    Weather weather lang yan mga igan…Sana tuloyan ng mabuang ang Pnot na yan…Whaaaa!

  • rick

    pnoy just stay focus. the greater majority of the people support you.don’t be misled into believing that the support for you is waning and the opposition to you is increasing. for all we know all of those who are saying something bad against you is the handiwork of a propaganda unit of a well financed gloria arroyo dirty tricks department….go go go pnoy.

  • bimboman

    Majority of Filipinos working abroad are better off as good law-abiding people because they adhere seriously to the stricter laws of the land for fear of imprisonment, deportation, and worse, even death penalty. On the other hand, some of these citizens living locally become relaxed, informal and unmindful of our Philippine laws– they do unwise and foolish things believing they could get away with their misdemeanors. These corrupt practices are tolerated by some corrupt judges themselves. It’s no wonder why the Philippine judiciary has a grade of 8th world’s most corrupt in the world. Corruption is a deeply rooted disease of the land that must be healed. 

  • Lapu_lapu

    If evildoers in government are strong and resilient, then PNoy should be 100-fold stronger and resilient to be able to defeat them and send them where they truly belong: behind bars and million miles from the people’s money! Falsehood can only be defeated by the truth! Crime is recompensed and punished by the cold & blind impartiality of Lady Justice! If PNoy fails, we the people fail and the corrupt officials will run free like marauding herds of wildebeasts and will trample us back to the dark ages. Let’s keep the ray of hope shining in our hearts no matter how faint, for in the end when justice prevails, it shall explode like a glorious sun and light shall be upon us all,  and  a bright future so elusive shall not be a distant reality but a fateful destination for the Filipino people. May God bless PNoy!

    • anonymous

      Pnoy is selective. What happened to Llamas and Torres??

    • Paulino Belga

      But PNoy needs our support.  It is not a one-man show.  And it is not just a show.  It is a fight of all Filipinos for our future, for our children and their children.

  • Ping

    Vilolate the law to gather evidence that is the hallmark of PNOY’s justice system. Highlights of ALL OUT JUSTIIS –  Manufacture evidence. Railroad cases. Use the media to crucify the acccused…….. Protect and absolve members of KKK !

    • paiburong

      All dis thief has every advantage when they ransack the people’s money! The government must do something to send dis thief justice to jail. The thief justice corona must explain… actually whatever… palusot lg yan! Simple math hindi nag add up… you have to thanks the prosecutors atleast we know our thief justice is soooo corrupt!!!!

  • Good_Governance

    Whatever their political or religious affiliation, Filipinos who wish the best for our country should strongly support the government’s anti-corruption drive, including the thorough reform of our justice system.  This drive is no less than a peaceful cultural revolution.  It challenges our prevailing values, and our apathy and cynicism that have allowed corrupt judges and politicians to thrive in our society, and to dominate and mock us.

    Unless we ourselves start to own this revolution and provide maximum support, it is likely to fail. That would be most unfortunate.  Failure would consign us and succeeding generations to a dismal future where the corrupt, with the help of their lawyers, can twist the law, and, under the cover of “rule of law”, allow them to escape conviction and to continue to enjoy their loot.  Hopefully this is not what will happen with the Corona impeachment trial.  

    • Paulino Belga

      I fully agree and support your opinion.  I am just dismayed at the numerous comments here that denounce PNoy.  It is completely unacceptable.  People from around the world are reading these things and all these negative comments may lead these people to make a conclusion that we are really a hopeless people.  I urge every well-meaning Filipino to speak up and show your support to this once in a lifetime fight, not of PNoy but of the Filipino people.

  • joeldcndcn


    • Paulino Belga

      Yes, lalaban tayo.

    • rick

      joel i fully support your idea and advocacy. lets support pnoy to the end.

  • Slowconcern

    Iyan yong mind settings. Kasi Pnoy already judge GMA but his prostration are, he can’t even find a strong evidence to support his allegation to GMA. so he want the SC to shut up and do what he said. But the course is different SC is blindfolded they will hear only for legality and evidence and facts. Since Pnoy group are hardly produce those things, the easiest way to assure their conviction is put their Dog in SC.

  • Ulipur


    Be more like Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) of Indonesia in fighting GRAFT and CORRUPTION.

    Exercise ALL THE POWERS of your office.  NO HOLDS BARRED.

    • Paulino Belga


  • patawad

    I have often wondered if Penoy is  just reading a prepared statement all the time, because i could not see any strong intent or conviction on what he says.  Kulang sa intensity, parang just rhetoric not seemingly knowing what he was saying.  

    Tama si Slowconcern, mind setting or mind conditioning ang ginagawa ng camp ni Penoy,  Hindi nila makuha sa ebidensya, dadaanin sa panlilinlang na naman ng mga pinoys na walang kakayahang mag discern o mag masid at aralin ang  kung ano amg mga tunay na kaganapan,  Sa ilan na marurunong mag analisa ng mga nangyayari, dahil informed sila, makikita na front lamang ni Penoy ang kunwari ay pagtutuligsa sa mga corrupt.  Hindi po.  Ang tunay pong kadahilanan ay ang kanyang sariling interest na ma control ang lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno,  diktadura, at ang isalba ang Hacienda Luisita.

    Kung tunay ang kanyang hangarin na linisin ang gobyerno ng mga tiwali, nag action sana siya sa mga reported katiwalian sa kanyang gobyerno.  Ano na nangyari sa nawawalang container vans ng BOC, sa NFA na inianunsyo niya nuon na may malaking katiwalian duon, sa jueteng na involve ang kanyang bff na si Puno, ang mga responsable sa pagkamatay ng ilang chinese people sa hostage drama sa Luneta, at marami pang iba.

    • Paulino Belga

      mahirap sa pilipinas ang daming bayaran.

  • GProf007

    I agree with PNoy’s anti corruption drive, but for it to be a success then he needs to ensure that he also walks the talk. Make an example of his closest friends like Mr.Llamas, he only got a slap on the wrist for what he was caught doing. It’s good that he wants to place GMA under an accountability check but it’ll gain more support if he is seen as someone who means business… No exceptions means that he is also willing to place those close to him even on that check… Or else it’ll be hypocrisy

    • Mario_Garcia

      The Pnoy administration is rotting from within.  First, there are 2 evident opposing camps and Second, there exist a number of controversial friends like Llamas.

  • fred fredito alfred

    mr. president, alisin mo na rin ang congress and senate para maging dictador kana. di ba yan ang gusto mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paulino Belga


  • fred fredito alfred

    mga KKK lang ang matitino para saiyo mr. president. paano ang bansa?? kayo na lang ba ang may krapatan labagin ang batas.

  • pinoyyouth

    I hope this corruption battle in not only intended for opposition and enemies of Pnoy, which we saw for the last 2 years of Pnoy in Malacanang. He will be more successful if he aims also his gun to his allies especially those ‘sipsip’ politicians.

  • PinoyAkoPinoyTayo

    If you want to send a strong message you should have filed a case against Gloria a long time ago and not in a haste just so the former President cannot leave the country. She has all the right to travel back then because not a SINGLE case was filed against her by your administration, you only rushed COMELEC to file a case because you knew and your team knew there’s no chance you’ll win the case in SC without a case against GMA.

    Worse part? You’ve saved a Maguindanao Massacre accomplice just to file a case.

    • Bert Bert

      again, how can you file complain if the ombudsman is also a member of Gloria’s elite group?

      At isa pa, dapat siguraduhin nila na ang mga evidences ay tama kaysa naman matulad sa hinayupak na article of impeachment na yan. lols.

    • Phenoy

      You had it the other way around. GMA had no intention to leave the country that soon until the filing of the case was imminent, then she tried to leave, citing ‘medical reasons’ that were not really justifiable. You really know who had done something wrong here: flight is usually a strong indicator of guilt.

  • Mario_Garcia

    Mr. President, you might have good intentions but you don’t know how to achieve them.

    • Phenoy

      I think filing charges against GMA and the Corona impeachment are good starts. He really hit nail in the head here; nobody is held accountable for past actions as long as you allow time to do its erosion. Its the Filipino way. Imelda and her family are still out there. Fidel Ramos had that centennial billion peso scam, and obviously cheated against Miriam. Yet nobody pays a price. GMA is the most corrupt public official since Marcos and the corruptiom was done with impunity. I mean there was no sense of shame. Her husband attends PAcquiao fights like its an ordinary trip from Quezon city to Makati, during a time when a lot of Filipinos are suffering. Talk about setting an example.

      • Mario_Garcia

        I agree with you absolutely,  PNoy should heed the advice of including all past presidents in his truth commission, in that way it would be fair to all and the people benefits not only now but in the future too.

  • alex_pastor

    The rule of
    law should be followed specially in war against graft. We all want a prosperous
    Philippines and all Filipino to live in prosperity.

    War against
    graft should respect each Filipinos individual rights and should be implemented
    the right way.

    You cannot
    correct what you perceived to be wrong by violating the law and our

  • Guest

    Actually, there is nothing wrong if the Philippines becomes a dictatorship – under the leadership of His Greatest Excellency Jejomar Cabauatan Binay, Sr.

  • henry21

    do not blame anyone for the failure of your people to file the charges on time. since day one of your presidency, your people have all the time in the world to file the charges against GMA but they did not do it on time. 

    your anti corruption drive must include your own people to set a good example.. and the people will support you.. but if your anti graft drive is limited to those who go against your wishes  then you might as well forget about it… the people will not support you.

    ang batas ay para sa lahat…

  • rhayy

    Kapag magnanakaw o tiwali sa gobyerno na tao ni Gloria, galit na galit si Pnoy. Pero sa mga magnanakaw sa kanyang gobyerno na appointed niya okay lang. Anong klaseng fight against corruption ang sinasabi mo Mr Aquino? Ano na ang nangyari kay Lito Alvarez? Okay lang dahil appointee mo? Kung normal na tao ka, dapat mas galit ka sa mga appointee mo na nagnakaw dahil hindi ka lang ginago kundi sinampal ka pa sa publiko. At ano ginawa mo? Nakatawa ka pa na parang kaharap mo si Grace, anong klase ka?

  • kilabot

    start in your own backyard mr. president. then maybe we will believe you. and to make sure your call is not a product of a sick mind, release your psycho records please. if there is nothing to hide, there is no reason to worry. even your idol obama had to release his birth certificate because of questions about where he was born. how much more when it is a question about mental stability. if you’re ok, we’re ok. ok?

  • Roman31

    MR. President, please act like a President. What is stopping from running after those you feel are corrupt. You can have them investigated and file the necessary charges in the proper court. The Supreme Court and your hated Chief Justice do come into play until much later, if ever. So please stop your ‘sumbong’ to the people and to those who would want to listen to you. Go for it now. It is looking as if you are dwelling so much in the matters of Corona that you are covering up for your lack of true gravitas to run the country.

  • henry21

    platinum card ng PAL bawal para kay CJ Corona pero freebies para sa tao mo sa  PAGCOR worth $110,000.00 pwedeng pwede… standard operating procedure (SOP) yan… di yan lagay ng hapon…. regalo lang yan….

    Mr. President, with all the respect to you, if I may ask, what kind of standards do you have?

    huwag naman ganyan… 

    • takerenatoout

      another comment brought to you by:

      Askal Thief Justice Chat Brigade

      Engot talaga! panahon ni Gloria magyari ito at ngaun lang nabulgar

      TRO!  TRO!  TRO!

    • fred fredito alfred

      eh tanungin natin ang mga tongressman. ano ang kanilang card na bigay sa kanila? ingit lang yan.

  • Ang Kampanero

    you cannot get rid of the culture of corruption that has been cultivated for decades overnight. you need to have a comprehensive plan and the cooperation of vital sectors. prosecution alone, even bordering on persecution, will never work. it only sows greater discord and divisiveness. lay down your anti corruption plan to the public, let them appreciate and comment on it, don’t be self-serving. no one has the monopoly of values

  • arjoedeg

    Pnoy is trying to clean up his neighbor’s backyards while his own lawn has not been properly mowed yet. he didn’t know that his lawn is so fertile and grasses are getting taller while he’s busy mowing someone’s lawn.

  • berong

    to tell you honestly guys, wala ng pag-asa ang bansa nyo hanggant nandyan ang tinatawag nyong DEMOKRASYA.mapa sibilyan at opisyal ng gobyerno ay di takot sa batas kaya kahit sino pa ang ilagay nyo pwesto sa election ay iikot-at iikot lamang ang bulok na sistema sa bansa nyo.

    • fred fredito alfred

      totoo yan. senatong ngayon, bukas, tongressman naman yan. manik manoog lang ang mga yan. niloloko lang ang taong bayan. look at biazon, alfredo lim etc.

  • Je Maceda

    This quest of the prosecutors in the impeachment trial, is somehow similar to the old novel Don Quixote, who attacked windmills that he believes to be a ferocious giants. His tendency to intervene violently in matters which do not concern him, result in many privations, injuries, and humiliations. 

    The only difference is that, in our real world today, Don Quixote is now wearing coat and tie instead of armor, riding on the budget of pork barrel instead of a horse, using articles of impeachment as his weapon to attack and kill the “giant”. And most specially, Don Quixote is now hiding under the name of Congressman. 

    I hope the prosecutors and Pres. Aquino would soon realize that their real enemy is the government system itself.  There are a lot of good men in the government post turned bad because of the system.

    • basyong

      this is an excellent comparison from je maceda.the real enemy is not even the past regime.corruption didnt occur only in the last regime? it still goin on and the goverment cannot fight its own shadow.

  • dansoy

    bakit walang yellowmob na nagcomment dito? ibig sabihin ba nito si Pnoy nalang mag iisa laban coruption sa baluktot na paraan?

  • Jon

     “If certain elements are still able to prevent Gloria Arroyo, for
    example, from being held accountable then it makes a mockery of our
    anticorruption efforts.”

    Pwehnoy, with your lazy and apathetic work ethic, you wouldn’t know what an effort was even if it hit you in the face. 
    All talk and no accomplishment makes hollow press releases and worthless ratings an everyday coverup mechanism.

    • Bonica chim

       TO JON-


  • eli_mejia

    I gratefully commend you Mr. President in focusing your anti-corruption drive in this country’s decades graft-ridden Judiciary. Lest I will be branded as politically inclined, honestly, I did not vote for you in the last election. Anyway, have seen the numerous comments here? You might as well look too for their harsh comments against you in other articles of this newspaper or in other newspapers as well and this happens daily. Can’t help but think  they are paid hacks or officials including their relatives occupying sensitive positions in the Judiciary who are benefiting or have benefited so much in the current state of of judicial affairs  trying to protect the status quo to continue to lord it over in this country which they have been doing for so long.  But at the same time, feel worried about you too. Look what subsequently happened to your predecessor, Joseph Estrada, after revealing the HOODLUMS IN ROBES in this country. Beware, they are that powerful!

    • fred fredito alfred

      malapit na yan..sawa na ang mga tao sa mga politicong puro pansarili ang alam. dapat kay ngoy ngoy ilantad di niya ang kanyang SALN and BANK ACCT.

  • Fulpol

    “We want to send a stern yet simple message: No one evades justice. There are no exceptions in our campaign against corruption,” Mr.  Aquino said

    simulan muna sa mga kaalyado mo sa Kongreso at Senado.. maglabas ng mga SALN at bank records para ma-examine..

    tama na yang dakdak at discrimination mo Noynoy…


    • fred fredito alfred

      yan ang dapat gawin next time. busisihin ang mga bank statement ng mga tongressman.cguradu ako, walang malinis sa mga yan. tongressman is always a tongressman no matter what. tsk. kawawang pilipinas, puro abnoy ang mga opisyales..

    • Saloi-CDR

      Fulpol…pangalan mo pa lang Fool ka na at Polpol pa. Magbago ka Polpol na corrupt.

    • Bonica chim

      ka bobo  mo naman—


  • Bonica chim

     YES ITS CORRECT- TO REFORM THE JUDICIARY- because they interpret the laws of the land in their favors- and to begin it must start from the supporters of CORONA– of the supreme court..

  • Bayabas San

    Hail to Pnoy.

    The 99.99% is with you all the way with this fight against corruption. The .01% are all here in this forum scared to death they may actually go to work for an honest pay.

    I hope your next target is our schools particularly the Colleges of Law of UP and the Ateneos:
    Why are these schools producing corrupt graduates? There is something lacking in the curriculum.

    I suggest that Law schools’ curriculum includes 100 credits in Ethics from Ethics 101 to Ethics 200 and only 10 credits in actual Law basic knowledge. Graduates can then apprentice with thoroughly accredited ethical Law firms.

    The BAR should be all Ethics, nothing else.

  • PhilRamone

    Nothing can stop the Propaganda machine!

  • Bonica chim

    ka bobo  mo naman—

    ANG KANILANG saln..

  • fairytaleall

    What about a summit on how to re-start the economy? This is foremost! The President is on blinders! He does NOT see the more important aspects of governance. His messianic tendencies are giving us the creeps! His work ethic has been suspect since he was a Congressman (3 terms!). As senator, no remarkable achievements either. Promises and idle talk (a hint of showbiz, too!) cannot be sustained without results…and mind you..don’t even think for one minute that the FILIPINO is stupid. You, Mr. President can still turn things around. You have the mandate of the people..millions voted for you. Re-evaluate your priorities. Your father Ninoy is an inspiration to most’ve got his genes- for crying out loud!..let his spirit and his curtailed aspirations for a better Philippines be your cannot fail HIM and the Filipino people!!   

    • raul n

      the stock market is all time high..philippines is not anymore the sick man of asia..the corruption index of the country has gone other words the economic fundamentals of the country is strong.

      • ethicsingov

        From where I live, seeing the Philippines written up as a place to invest and do business inside the Bloomberg Business magazine in its recent edition was a source of pride! Have not seen something close to this for a very long time.

    • Handiong

      Get out of your fairy tale that nothing is being done on the economy. The Philippine economy is moving up. Investments are coming in. Government spending is ramping up. I won’t be surprised if the Philippines will get another rating upgrade soon. I don’t know what you do in real life, but it’s probably something that does not let you know about these things.

      No amount of effort on the economy will do the country any good in the long run if the corrupt government bureaucracy will not be reformed.

      PNoy is on the right twin-track of fighting corruption and revving up the economy.  

      • Maria

        Where are the investments you are talking about? Are you hallucinating just like Penoy? Fighting corruption? Fighting criminality? My foot. Corruptions and criminality are rampants from the lowest to the highest members of the government. Hindi mo ba nakikita? Siguro bulag ka katulad ka din mga alipores ni Penoy abnoy. Ang corruption ay hindi hadlang sa pag unlad ng bansa. Bakit sa America at sa China ba walang corruptions? Meron din pero kahit na may corruptions hindi naman nila pinababayaan ang mga tao. Mayroon din silang itinitira para sa mga tao. Magaganda ang kanilang mga programa sa ekonomiya.
        Kaya hindi totoo ang sinasabi ni Penoy na kung walang corrupt walang mahirap. Niloloko lang kayo ni Penoy.

      • Handiong

        That’s only your opinion.

    • pinklace88

      filipinos are not stupid, if you choose to be not! but if you contained yourself in stupidity and forcely close your eyes to how Philippines is now slowly gaining back trust & confidence of investors, creating more awareness in the tourism industry, restoring hope in the judicial system (with the corrupt officials now being exposed & shamed – ex Gen Garcia, Abalos, GMA.. and counting!) now that is more of being stupid yourself.

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        What is your basis for saying we are gaining back investor confidence? The stock market? The reports from the foreign fund managers? Of course we get to hear praises from them. They have investors to satisfy and the traditional economic powers are no longer yielding high investment returns. They are looking for the next market to milk and the money definitely is flowing to Asia due to the room available for growth.  If the US and EU economies were stronger, do you think we’ll get a look from these managers? They see the Philippines as a potential investment area but there are countries which they prefer more over us. That needs to be addressed. The Philippines needs to be at the top-of-mind of Investors when you say Asia.

        Tourism was at its best times during the time of Gordon. WOW Philippines was a good campaign. If it only had the tools available today imagine what they could have accomplished.

        How do you restore hope by shaming officials of the government?  I do not see the connection. With the way the PNoy administration ran after GMA and her allies, it was definitely proper except for the public humiliation. I just hope that everyone is treated equally. I cite the issues regarding Robredo, Delima, Llamas, Torres and the lady from the Communication group who tweeted negatively on the food served them, maybe even Tolentino for showing how one can get lost in the Christmas lanes. Why are these PNoy officials not subjected to the same treatment GMA and perceived GMA allies receive? If they ran after alleged criminals in high gear, why are we slowing down on the perceived PNoy allies?

        On the shame campaign, I am not for it. Respect the rights of the accused. After they are convicted then go ahead with the shame campaign. We cannot destroy the reputation of any man or woman on mere allegations alone. Convict them and find them guilty then I will be one with you in spreading the crimes they have done against the Filipino people. But to shame them before conviction… that is one mistake we should not condone.

  • SOre loser

    “We cannot sustainably fight corruption unless we reintroduce a sense of accountability—a sense that, if you commit a crime, you will be punished,” ang sarap pakinggan, double standard naman! Sige na nga, kayo na!

  • Pol

    See “Freebies for PAGCOR” . That’s how we fight graft !

  • Bert

    Pnoy’s aupposed war against graft has only one specific target: His political and the Cojuangco-Aquino clan’s enemies. His KKK’s are not in his radar…… 

  • manual47

    Still read a lot of doubter on this forum.  They are so negative that I can’t really perceive their logic.  Mr. Aquino is doing something to get rid of corruptions.  And yet, you read so many negative folks who I can’t understand what they really want.  I know for a fact that that the economy is one of Mr. Aquino’s priority.  I am sure he knows that and I am sure he’s doing something as well to improve the economy.    However, economy will not move accordingly if corruptions are hindering the movement.  The funds that should have been used and/or to facilitate to improve the economy are being stolen and put in the pocket of these corrupt officials, then that is the main concern Mr. Aquino are trying to eliminate.  And to these doubter who nothing to do but criticize the present government, better make up your mind.  Either you still want to be on the condition the country is in or do you want to go forward and help getr rid of the corruptions the country has been experiencing for over 40 years.  Better make up your mind or the Philippines may end up like Greece, or other countries that are feeling the economic pinch at this time.  Either you are part of the solutions or part of the problems.  It’s that simple….

    • Drin Mic

      I’d like to see Aquino walk his talk even once, he proclaims his administration is anti corruption, But he allows pagcor officials to accept freebies? he doesn’t sanction llamas for two conmsecutive blunders? he isnt focused on economy and rather keeps his hands full on personal vendetta??? please..

      • manual47

        Then, one thing you can do is form a citizens group and go to your representative who represent your constituent and express your opinion.  Your representative is there to represent your concern.  The president may not know that there are some folks that are not agreeing with what is happening with that agency (PAGCOR) or any agency, therefore let your representative know.  You have to be active dealing with this kind of issue.  It’s about time that your representative do his or her job accordingly.  They are there to represent you.  If the representative doesn’t do anything, think of something that will get the president’s attention.  Go direct to the president if you have to.  But make sure get signatures you need to have the president know that there are concern citizens that are not happy with what’s going on.  There are always something that you can do to make it work if you just work together……You can not just express your opinion and does not do anything.  You have to follow up with action….

    • benny

      Ayaw kasi nilang mawala yong kanilang pakinabang at masilip yong mga maling gawain…Sabi nga “Bakit mo papatayin ang gansang nangingitlog ng ginto”. palasak na rin mula noon hanggang ngayon ang mga katagang “weather-weather” lang yan… Yang mga taong yan ang mga anay sa lipunan..


      I think the government needs to focus their attention more on the economy and less on corruption. I disagree because you cannot extract corruption in the whole government by taking away a group of people, even if they are the department or unit heads. Corruption in government is more like a culture and cultures take time, lots and lots of time, to change.

      However, the economy is a different thing. Infrastructure projects impact the economy immediately because of the jobs it creates. Start building a mega highway and you will employ a great deal of people. Pay them their salaries on time and you increase the economy of the area where the construction is located. Sari-sari stores, local transportation and lodging will directly benefit from the influx of people. As commerce prospers, government benefits from the fees and licenses assessed on the revenue earned by these businesses. After the project (mega highway) is completed, you will end up with a more stabilized zone where communities can develop and private investments driving the local economy rather than government. All everything needs is a jump start from government. Creating jobs have direct and substantial impact to the marginalized sector.

      I also disagree with you when it comes to corruption being a hindrance to economic growth. At this point in time, it will do us better to manage the level of corruption rather  than trying to eradicate it in one, two or three blows. What will be more beneficial is to increase the size of the pot. With more resources the government can fund their war on corruption. If resources were not increased, the government’s drive to eradicate corruption will take away a portion of the budget meant to be used for social services. By growing the economy, basic services will be allocated its full budget and the excess directed to the fight against corruption.

      Do you see my point why economic growth should be the more important than fighting corruption? By increasing the pot (economy) and gradually reducing the percentage of tolerable corruption, Filipinos will end up sharing a much bigger share of the pot. By this way, there will come a point in time that corruption, though still present, will be insignificant and it no longer takes a sizeable portion of the Country’s resources.

      • manual47

        But don’t you think that every countries in world, their main focus is the economy.   I repeat again, every countries concern is the economy.  No doubt about that.  However, if corruptions is the biggest cause of why a certain country is loosing their economic stability, don’t you thnik also that the goverment should do something about it.  And that is what Mr. Aquiono is trying to do.  And at the same time he’s making sure that economy of the country is also look after.  Just think of Greece.  What put them in the predicament they’re in now…..”corruptions”.  From the highest officials to the lowest.  And guess who are being affected by that….. the taxpayers who’s also refusing to pay taxes because their reason was, the taxes they were paying were just going to the corrupt official’s pockets.  Similar to what happening to the Philippines.   Taxes were not being properly declared by this corrupt officials.  And when that happened, if affect government budget.  And next thing government will do is borrow money.  And when they are not able to pay the debt, the economy get affected.  Just like what Greece experiencing now.  They are not able to pay their debt……So, the result was “bankruptcy”.  So there’s the picture…….I will let you digest that.  And if you think I am still wrong….then I rest my case.  I have nothing more to add.  I will just leave it with you and make your own analysis….

      • rosamistika16

        galing ni manual147.

        nagtataka nga ako at hindi mai-konek ng ibang tao d2 ang corruption sa economy. hehehe!

        kc ang definition nila ng economy = instant food on the table + more money + no inflation + high salary even with less qualification + more jobs + low cost of living + no more tax.

        ngyon kung papano eto gagawin ni PNoy? e di mag magic sya at humingi ng himala! ang corruption? walang koneksyon yan sa paglago ng ekonomiya….kya hayaan na lng yan kc kultura na daw yan ng mga taga gobyerno!  huh!

      • manual47

        You know what…..Mr. Aquino was only been to his position for about two years.  Just look at the past administrations.  From the Marcoses to the Arroyos.  What do you think these past presidents has done in all that 40 years the country was being run.  A lot of money were wasted, life of every filipinos didn’t improve except those rich who became more richer.  Corruptions was left and right in every agencies of the government.  And we expect Mr. Aquino to solve the problem in an instant…..Mr. Aquino can’t solve the country’s problem in an instant.  It may take time and support from the filipinos.  And this is what I was trying to imply……and you friend is quite intelligent enough to understand.  Not like some of these negative individuals who I don’t where they’re getting their logic…..thanks for agreeing with me.

      • rosamistika16

        i’ve had so many persecutions and blatant degradation for trying to explain why we should understand the position of the government on fighting corruptions unfortunately there are others who are still blind to this fact. instead of supporting the President’s drive to stop corruption as his legacy for the people, the people in return look at his objective as revenge because of HLI while others see him as an abnormal person. On the other hand, they are the ones who need moral or ethical medication actually.

        What others want to PNoy is to perform like a magician and be a saint but not like a President and/or an ordinary people. utak talangka or utak biya kumbaga.

        Good thing is that, majority of people here understand PNoy’s objective.

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        First, I did not state that PNoy should stop his drive against corruption. He should pursue it, but the economy has to be the priority. By growing the pie and limiting corruption you end up with a bigger pie to share among your constituents.

        On you point of Greece. Do you really understand what happened to them? Was it a political issue or an economic mismanagement? If I go with your reason, I can deduce that the true cause of Greece’s collapse is not because of corruption but their inability to meet obligations (economic). Why did Greece’s leaders defaulted on their loans? It is not an issue of money, the other nations, especially the EU, can lend them the money. The question you need to answer is why did the EU not lend them when it is in their best interest to keep Greece afloat for currency and regional stability? In one article, the collapse of Greece is caused by its ECONOMY going into recession. Classic example in the Philippine setting where taking care of the economy is a far better venture even when there is corruption present is Makati City. There are allegations of corruption but because of the income generated by the city they are still able to provide above average social services to its resident. Taking care of the economy works.
        The basis for multi-nation grants is the country’s ability to generate the fund to service the debt. Taxes is a source of revenue for the country and is assessed by the lender country.  My question to you is, how do you generate taxes if there is no economic activity? Remember, taxes are levied based on income earned from an economic activity. If there is little economic activity, why should one expect high tax payments? How can individual taxpayers pay taxes if they are not earning because they have no jobs.

        I hope you see the point why the economy must be the prime objective. Corruption takes time to weed out. The economy, depending on the activity, can have immediate impact to the country’s citizens and in all cases a better pursuit of the government’s time.

      • manual47

        So we both agree that corruptions and economy interwine with each other.  And this is what I was trying to explain.  Where do you think the government of any country getting their money to support all the necessary funds for their health care, education, military, defense, etc….etc… From the taxes and from the income that  goverment own companies.  But most of the revenues derive from the taxes from corporation, from government agencies whose supppose to collect duties or taxes like the B.I.R, Customs, individuals including these rich officials like the senators, congressmens, etc….etc….. From the highest officials of the government to the lowest.  But if these people and agencies were not declaring their income and taxes accordingly, what will be the affect of that.  And friend, this is what you call “corruptions”.  The government  will be short of funds to support the health care, educations, defense, etc…..etc.
        What do you think the government will do to sustain this shortfall… got it…the government will borrow money.  And the result……..will be Greece.  That’s what happened to Greece, friend.  No one is paying the taxes accordingly because people were suspicious of the government.  Because the corruptions in the government were rampant.  And Greece government kept borrowing until they were not able to pay their debt.  That my friend is the affect of corruptions……..

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        You’re only looking at income taxes. The Internal Revenue code also has business taxes like the VAT and Excise Taxes among other transaction taxes. I am not sure of the percentage but income taxes do not compose the bulk of government funds. VAT being a tax on items exchanged generates government a substantial revenue stream. On your officials or individual taxpayers whether salaried or self-employed, we have the withholding taxes where before any individual is paid their earned income, taxes must first be withheld. No one is exempted from this. Corporations and juridical personalities are required to pay MCIT and payments to them are also subject to withholding taxes. Basically my point is, your concern for people not remitting their due INCOME taxes are already covered by the existing tax laws. I admit that there are companies who misdeclare their revenue but that is already the job of the BIR to run after. That is why they audit taxpayers and also the reason for the voluminous documentation they require everyone to file.

        On borrowing whether local or foreign issue. This is a standard practice of countries. No matter what happens, even if there is a shift in power, this will always be constant. Offering credit facilities to other countries is not merely for the sake of just making money. They are also granted to improve diplomatic relations. Do you know what kills a borrowing country in these transactions? It is not the loan facility that kills the country, it is the interest attached to that particular credit line. Obviously, those who do not need the loan are not offered high interest rates. They are given the preferential rates in order to accept the loan. Countries with POOR ECONOMIES are beggars in this instance and are not given the preferential rates. They are slapped with high rates due to the risk that the investment(loan) entails. Poor revenue generation opportunities meant higher risks.

        Do you ever wonder why the government issues treasury notes and treasury bills? During booming economic periods, the government reviews its obligations. If there were notes or bills that were issued that are paying out high interest rates, they issue notes at a lower rate and redeem the old notes. Borrowing is one aspect of Government Finance that any government cannot do without. Even the biggest economies in the world borrow from other countries.

        A bigger, stronger economy will be able to afford the loses due to corruption. At this point in time, in order to nullify the effects of corruption in government, the economy needs to strengthen, it needs to grow. Focus should be more on the economy, with REDUCING corruption an intermediate goal rather than ERADICATION. Why do you think the country survived throughout the GMA administration even with alleged corruption and scandals were rampant in her term? Because she made sure the economy will absorb the level of corruption in her government. Look at the growth, modest growth during her term. But look at the difference in economic environment. The development of various sectors, the improvement in infrastructure. All these are enough to generate growth but why did we only attain modest growths? The global financial crises were just excuses (only my opinion). The Philippine economy is somewhat protected due to excellent economic fundamentals and BSP management of financial institutions. There was progress during her time, it was just negated by corruption.

        To focus on eradicating Corruption, not knowing the extent it has on Philippine society is not wise. Imagine what we could have become had there be no corruption (this I know you will agree) but what if it were the other way around. A focus on eradicating corruption will be successful in a poor economic condition. Do you know why? Because in conditions of poor economies, there is nothing more to steal. A peso stolen will be glaring in these conditions, however a peso stolen in good economic times will be negligible.

      • manual47

        So….what is your point telling all these. Does the country just continue business as usual. Better make up your mind on which path the country you would like to be headed. Bankruptcy or do something to eliminate corruptions and improve the life of every filipinos. It’s not my choice. I already made up my mind. It’s up to you and your kababayan. Good luck if the country can survive the economic problems some countries are having right now……

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        I have never changed my mind at any point of this discussion. The ECONOMY needs to be the priority and eradication the last. I even prefer managing corruption levels over eradication for one simple truth that the latter cannot be done and sustained.

        My point is, some of your assumptions are not accurate. First the country, any country for that matter, can exist with a tolerable level of corruption (see my previous comments on what I mean by this). If it can be eradicated in a short amount of time, so much the better. But since we have to deal with corruption and the economy at the same time, we must choose the one area where everyone will benefit in the immediate future. Corruption is a battle where one cannot win in 6 years because this has become a culture in government. Changing culture takes time and probably generations to correct. So, I am not confident that corruption in the Philippines will be taken out in such a short amount of time. Jose Rizal was correct in saying that the future of the country depends on the youth. The youth, and the youth after them must be taught to despise corruption in any form and at any level. How confident am I that the Aquino government will leave measures to preserve the culture he envisions the Filipinos to have? None, no confidence at all. As soon as he steps out of power, the next president will do what he wants during his term. Continuity is not a great strength of this country.
        How confident am I that if the economy is given more importance than measures to fight corruption, we will not go into recession? Very confident. A couple of reasons. During the time of GMA were allegations of corruption was rampant, the country withstood the financial crises brought about by the collapse of US banks and the bursting of the housing bubble. There were local banks affected, but the economy held its own due to its fundamentals and superb economic management. Add to this the uncertainty brought by weekly strikes by certain sectors of society. They were very tumultuous times.

        Second, though the hot money (in case you do not know, hot money is the term for short term investments coursed through the local stockmarket) is not that substantial, there were hard investments which generated employment and activity. So any external shock was compensated by local consumption due to increase spending. And spending was up due to a number of factors but mostly because citizens have jobs and there in money coming in. Inflation was held in check except for the usual culprit where mostly any country has no control. 

        Why do you keep on insisting bankruptcy? Was it not clear to you that the Philippines will be able to meets its external and internal obligations if the economy is strengthen? Make the economy healthy and tax collections will be high. Assuming if corruption takes this all away, but because of the economic numbers financial institutions like the WB and IMF as well as other countries will be willing to provide us with ODA (loans). So as you can see, money is not an issue so maybe rethink you position on bankruptcy or explain it a lot better.

        If the Philippines has a high corruption level and AT THE SAME TIME A VERY POOR ECONOMY, chances are your bankruptcy scenario can occur. That is why my position, even before I started replying to your comments, was a “HEALTHY, GROWING ECONOMY IS MORE IMPORTANT BECAUSE IF WE FOCUS MORE ON THE ECONOMY, the current corruption losses in the present time will be negated by the surplus generated by the ECONOMY 

      • manual47

        You just do not get it, friend. You are advocating for the country to keep borrowing. That is what happened to Greece at this time. And pretty soon will be Spain, Italy and Portugal. They keep borrowing money which at the end could no longer or may not be able to pay their debt. Why….because of corruptions.
        Anyway, no sense of continuing our debate because you have a different economic thinking than mind. One think I can tell you, let us just hope that the interest on borrowed money does not go up soon. If that is the case, kiss your economic reasoning good bye…..Let us see if the Philippines can still afford to pay their debt…..

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        I think so. We have a different understanding of international finance (finance because you’re tackling debt now, instead of the economy). Why don’t you read up so you’ll know that it is the reality that countries borrow and have to borrow. No economy can continue without borrowing. Not one country can say that it has all the resources it needs and does not require the products of other economies. I am not advocating borrowing but you have to realize that it is how things are. If the Philippines can say that it can do without loans, then we all need to prepare for an economic slowdown, if not recession. Without these loans, how would projects be funded?

        How can a country without oil resources power up its industries? Are you suggesting a self-sufficient economy? The Philippines is not that kind of a country. We depend on other economies for our other requirement for resources. In order for one country to provide us with our requirements we have to get into trade agreements. In these trade agreements, quotas are set for purchases and sales. How do you pay for the purchases if all you have right now is a promise that citizens will pay their taxes which are due to be collected at certain dates? Do you think they will send the products to us without cash up-front. Even in private importation the buyers are required to submit letters of credit before shipment. Without the raw materials, production is not possible.

        You’re trying to put this in the perspective of a simple borrower who continues to borrow from loan sharks. I think you’re putting the concept of Rich Dad Poor Dad into this discussion. But I will play along with you. The ODAs or loans are good debts which will benefit the society. I am not an advocate of borrowing, but I am an advocating for better Economic Management which will in return lower the cost of borrowing.

      • manual47

        Friend….you are interpreting my comment wrong. I was not stating the a country should not finance their needs by just depending on the country’s own revenues. Every countries in the world of course also depend
        on borrowing from IMF or other countries to finance their economy, projects, and infrastructures. However, what I wasn’t in favor was, too much borrowing leads to too much debt and the result is the country would not be able to pay it’s debt and will end like the countries I have already mentioned. Sure, loan is good if the money being borrowed will be used in accordance to what it is intended to be used for. However, if the money borrowed were being siphoned and being put into government corrupt officials pocket, then that is when the economy will be affected. And that friend is what you called “corruptions”. And you know for a fact that is what happening in the Philippines. And it is hindering the economy to move forward. How much of these corruptions do you think costing the Philippines. Billions if not millions. We don’t know because at the moment, the present government was having a hard time finding out from these corrupt officials. So, it’s easy to say just borrow money but when the time to pay, that’s one problem sometimes the government unable to do. In the meantime, it affect the the country as whole. Poverty is one problem which until now is affecting the country. Infrastructure is also being affected because there’s not enough funds or no money at all
        to finance it, like building roads, bulding school, etc…etc. And who is main culprit of this…….corrupt officials, mismanagement of financing….so, you can say just borrow money but the question that needs
        an answer, can a country in the long run afford to pay it. Don’t forget
        the interest being added….that friend is something to think about……

    • KenKhoy

      agree , he should start first in his own backyard- the hacienda– the coangcos

  • Anthony Dela Cruz

    dapat talagang ayusin ni pnoy ang economy lalo na ang walang tigil na pag-taas nang fuel….kawawa naman tayo sila lang ang nakikinabang

    • justbethankfull

      pati dito sa america ang taas ng gas, paki sabi mo ke pnoy paki ayos din niya ha. Isa pa marami ring walang trabaho dito, baka puwedi rin niyang gawan ng paraan. tenk yu.

      • benny

        nadali mo Pre…hahahahaha…

      • franklyn flores

         Mc Donalds at Jack in the box pards laging nangangailangan tyaga tyaga lang

  • DondonSantosJr

    Ano ba yan? PeNoy, Lacierda, sumali ka rin Valte, Hindi ba kayo nag-u-usap-usap? Nakakalito eh.
    Eto si (sabi nilang magaling, matuwid, bulok na) PeNoy – may Anti-graft workshop (kuno) sa mga cabinet officials nya.
    Tapos eto si (isa pang sabi din nilang magaling, matuwid, pero as bulok din ni PeNoy) Lacierda – nasa presscon na OK lang daw tumangap ng freebies.

  • t c

    Obviously, Aquino’s objective really is only to remove Corona as chief justice and not the know the truth and pursue justice. Aquino knows by this time that his impeachment order will not be served to him so he is now resulting to discrediting Corona to everyone at every forum that he can discredit Corona using of course his position as president.  When the senate-court declares Corona not guilty, they will shift their strategy to black propaganda and character assassination.  Corona may survive the impeachment and will be very lucky if Aquino will not have him killed.

    • justbethankfull

      did you figure out all of these by yourself or your 5 year old daughter helped you? I hope it is the latter.

      • t c

         Is that your most factual reply?

      • justbethankfull

        i was just wonderring who wrote that since i don’t see any facts on that.

      • manual47

        Christian….try to be more logical.  You kinda look stupid for writing that kind of opinion.  “having Corona killed”.  Think my frind before your write something like that.  You may end in a place where you don’t want to be.

      • manual47

        LOL……who ever this Christian is, must be seeing too many funny movies.

  • Slowconcern

     If Corona will acquit, for sure the next move of Pnoy is to downplay the senate and install his allies to assure in the next SC demolition move will prosper.

  • dongvee

    Hindi ba alam ni Pnoy na next year, 2013, is a very crucial year? For the past years the U.S. Dollar has been devalued almost 100% every year, while their inflation has been rising just as fast. That’s why, as a group of U.S.-based economists have seen, there is a very big chance their economy there will again next year even must worse than what had happened there in 2009. This translates into more expensive products coming from the US and elsewhere, like much higher fuel costs. In 2009, our country were largely insulated by the effects of these economic turbulence that extends worldwide mainly because – despite all those misplaced concern from certain sectors of our society – our domestic production; there were enough jobs available locally to pump prime and sustain our local economy. Sa ngayon, let’s face it fair and square, is there enough local activity at present? Kumusta na yong Public Private Projects initiative sa gobyerno ngayon? Mayroon na bang naumpisahan? Maybe it is not too late. But Pnoy should start to realize governing our country is not all about persecuting his perceived enemies. There are more to it than just that.

    • cion

      I must add to your comment, the only reason why there  is a big hedge of income over other Asian countries are the remittances of OFW and Balikbayans supporting their family at home ,who  spent their hard-earned after  taxed income by their respective family members.That’s the reason why Phl stayed afloat tho there is global economic meltdown. Local Filipino businessmen profited  well from those big influx of Balikbayans who spent their vacation at home(PhIlippines). There is no need to wonder who. they contributed so much to the progress where Philippines is, today.

      • Joe

        Tama ka! The OFWs, among a general grouping of three maybe, have been keeping the Philippine economy afloat. Maybe they do not yet realise that they have this enormous clout  that could be used for change for the betterment of the country. Witholding remittances for, say, just two months could bankcrupt the government. Kukulangin pambayad sa utang, sa oil, sa gas atbp
        Use this as a lever for change. So OFWs…… unite!

  • Doc_A

    i read in one new statement… regarding the allegations that Pagcor Chief:

    MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang does not see anything wrong with the
    free accommodations and other alleged perks received by Philippine
    Gaming and Amusement Corp. (Pagcor) chairman Cristino Naguiat Jr. from a
    Japanese billionaire.

    Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Naguiat did not profit personally from alleged perks such as free accommodations.

    Lacierda even noted that gaming officials receiving free
    accommodation is an “industry practice” and has helped the government
    save on costs.

    He said that this is acceptable as long as officials do not profit from it.

    Naguiat, former Pagcor chairman Efraim Genuino and their families were named as the recipients of $110,000 worth of gifts from Japanese gambling.
    In 2008, Okada’s company, Aruze USA Inc. got a provisional license from
    Pagcor to operate an integrated resort and casino in the proposed
    Entertainment City Manila in Pasay City.

    Wynn Resorts filed a lawsuit against Okada, accusing him of paying off Philippine regulators, breaking US laws on foreign bribery.
    The Pagcor chairman also said complimentary accommodations are standard practice and that Pagcor has done the same.
    “Complimentary accommodations are granted to casino executives from other gaming destinations,” Naguiat said.


  • Bert

    Pnoy says “$110,000 Freebies for PAGCOR” is ALRIGHT but Corona’s alleged PAL perks are not. Do you still think that Pnoy is SINCERE in his anti-graft drive?

    • dongvee

      Nakahalata ka rin pala. May malaking tanong sa sincerity talaga ang anti-graft drive effort daw sa gobyernong ito. Parang pino-Porche driven ang pag-uusig ng anti-graft ng iilang tao, samantalang yong iba, …aayyy napakasarap ng buhay. Kailan din kaya makahalata ang ibang kasamahan natin dito?

      • ethicsingov

         What are included in the $110K worth of gifts? Did the PAGCOR subjects gain personally from the transaction? If the “freebie” transactions are ethically executed, transparent, recorded, audited to be acceptable and in conformance to standards, principles and guidelines; and reported to improve the revenue of PAGCOR; and there was no conflict of interests among the subjects where they personally gain now or in the future, then there is no violation of anti-graft law.

        Abroad, a box of chocolates offered to an approving authority or arresting officer to gain favour is considered a bribe. It would be interesting to know the verdict on the lawsuit against Okada.

      • KenKhoy

        its about time to enact anti bribery law

    • cion

      He is not , he is  number one crook base on your question. if it his cohorts who is in question,he makes excuses for them and  they are not to be investigated .The autocratic rule,defying the rule of law.

  • noypisiTED

    The people trust that the bribery accusations against the current Pagcor chief and his family and co-employees aren’t true. The freebies may pass the tests of scrutiny (as an industry practice) but the more serious bribery accusation stuns the nation, if indeed it’s true, will hurt the president’s relentless drive towards the “daang matuwid.” If it will be proven that Chair Naguiat’s hands were dirtied by bribery and graft the president’s detractors will have a field day throwing all kinds of dirt against his administration. This is the least he needs especially at this time when the fight against graft and corruption has become the centerpiece of his administration. The legal battle between these gaming tycoons is seen to escalate in the coming days and the fallout expected to get into the doorsteps of Naguiat. If he thinks the president will get muddied by this and his “daang matuwid” soiled because of the alleged accusations of bribery against him and other Pagcor bigwigs he may want to spare PNoy from headaches by taking a leave or altogether resign.

    • obionekenobi

      and they used PAL PLATINUM card  (suki card hahaha) against   cj 

    • Good_Governance

       I agree with your suggestion for Naguiat to take leave until the bribery issue has been fully investigated by the relevant authority.  Malacañan’s initial reaction was before the bribery charge was made.  Now that the bribery charge has been brought before a US court, Malacañan should take the initiative in launching a thorough investigation.  Meanwhile, it is only right that Naguiat should go on leave, or be made to go on leave, if needed.

    • KenKhoy

      same with  llamas, torres et al

  • Felino Garlitos

    The President’s passion against corruption is commendable. But it should not focus merely on the CJ and ex-President Arroya, because corruption is widewpread, especially in the executive offices which is the department involved in the implementation of the projects of government where disbursement and collection of money is involved. Giving discretion to officials and power are loopholes to corruption. Make a cap on amount and power, under command responsibility, let the head accountable. Wala nang bata-bata.

  • cion

    The president and his cohorts are the main source of graft and corruption, and he need not look elsewhere.

  • goldilock

    Don’t stop believing in a better Philippines with no corruption. Search, Recover, and Destroy those who robs Philippines under the disguise of a public servant.

  • pugadlawin21

    How true is the rumor na naglipana ang gay p0rn dvd sa palasyo?

  • Bayabas San

    Hail to Pinoy.

    A Yellow Book (as opposed to the Red Book)regarding ethics  should be published. Students should each have a yellow book and recite them everyday after the Pambansang Awit. 

    A Cultural Revolution against corrution should occur.


      Cultural Revolution happens when each individual of the society is self motivated to express themselves… not what the state what them to do..

  • goldilock

    Sacked any government employed persons whenever evidence of corruption, dishonesty is brought forward. You’re fired.

  • mijacogeo

    It would be best that the President and Mr. Lacierda evaluate the stand of the Office regarding Naguiat before making statements at press briefings. Several years ago, it was deemed inappropriate by many of our countrymen for Mr. Arroyo, the spouse of the sitting President, to accept a hotel room in Las Vegas. The fact that it was a very expensive hotel room did not help in any way the embarrassment he had given the Country and the President.

    Mr. Arroyo did not even sit on any Government position, nor did he go to Las Vegas in any official capacity. Though one may argue that it is merely a gift, however this plus the fact that he is close to President stoked the fires of suspicion of bribery and at the very least, is inappropriate.

    Now, we have a person in a sensitive government position who accepts a “gift” from a foreign interest, (The use of the word “gift” was used by Mr. Okada himself) allegedly extended to the immediate members of Naguiat’s family and Mr. Lacierda’s response is that “it is an accepted industry practice.” 

    Granted that this has been going on for several years, is it not similarly improper for people in government positions to accept gifts? and from a foreign national at that?

    Several years ago, even President Clinton was similarly scrutinized when it was found that he accepted campaign contributions from the Chinese, how, pray tell, can our President justify this?

  • pinoy_abno

    Si Penoy daw ay galit sa corrupt….at lalong hindi siya corrupt…..kaya nga galit siya kay GMA.

    Pero di ninyo ba alam…ninakaw ni Penoy ang inyong kinabukasan….pina-asa kayo sa wala….dalawang taon na ang nakalipas…maginhawa na ba buhay ninyo????

    Sabi nga nila ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw…..

    • F**kinMO

      Ikaw sino ba ang kakampiham mo? at hindi naman magic yang pagsolbar sa prolema na corruption, kung gusto mo magdiclarar na lang sya na magmartial law para ilinia na yang mga iyan sa parel at mabaril na.  

  • manual47

    I agree…..and I wish they will just wake up and be more supportive and not being so negative.  It’s not as simple solving this corruptions problem.  Over 40 years of corruptions will not be solved in an instant.  What people can do is at least support the president.  Give at least the benefit of the doubt.  Then after his term, people can judge him.  Not when he’s doing his best.

  • 7dragon_boy60

    wee  asa ka pa…… 

  • Raymond Ang

    I’m giving P-Noy a chance to prove himself.

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    Corruption will only disappear in this land when greed is longer the guiding principle of everyman especially politicians and theirs families.

    Greed is habit that will never dies. It just moves from parents to children and so on and so forth.

    As Mahatma Gandhi said: ‘There is enough for everyman but not enough for his greed’. Amen.

  • juliabillmendoza

    The Filipino People should support President Ninoy Aquino lll to fight against corruption in the governtment.Iyan lang ang pag asa ng Pilipinas para umunlad.Kung ang buwis ay pumasok sa kabang yaman ng pamalaan  kaysa mapunta lang sa ilang bulsa
    ng mga mangungurakot na mag public official.i

  • juliabillmendoza

    Kapag si Chief Justice R. Corona ay  na acquit ng Impeachment Court. Natalo ang katotohan at Natalo ang sambayanang pilipino.

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