Pet dog saves 2 girls, but loses her face


BEAUTY OF THE BEAST. Christina Bunggal plays with a horribly disfigured but treasured family pet Kabang in Zamboanga City. JULIE ALIPALA/INQUIRER MINDANAO

ZAMBOANGA CITY—The story of Kabang is one more heartwarming take on the familiar theme of the pet dog as lifesaver.

Cousins Dina Bunggal, 11, and Princess Diansing, 3, were walking across Nuñez Extension on Dec. 14 not knowing that a speeding motorcycle was bearing down on them. At the crucial moment, Kabang, the Bunggal family’s dog, emerged from nowhere and jumped into the motorcycle’s path.

The cousins stumbled but were otherwise unharmed. The motorcycle driver, likewise unharmed, took them to hospital for treatment of their bruises.

Eyewitness Jovito Urpiano said Kabang (a Visayan term that means “spotty”) shielded the two girls from certain harm.

Urpiano was in an eatery on his noontime break from driving a tricycle and saw how Kabang stopped the motorcycle from hitting the girls. The dog’s head landed directly on the motorcycle’s front wheel, and as it rolled, her snout got stuck in it.

“I thought somebody threw the dog on the motorcycle, but I could not see anyone who might have done that,” Urpiano told the Inquirer. He said it later came to him that Kabang had intentionally blocked the motorcycle’s path to save the girls.

A hero

Rudy Bunggal, Dina’s father who works at a nearby vulcanizing shop, also saw how Kabang saved the lives of his daughter and niece.

“The bones holding her upper snout were crushed, and we could not do anything to save it. We just pulled her off the wheel,” Bunggal said.

Thus freed, Kabang ran away as fast as she could and went missing for two weeks. When she finally returned to the family home, she looked very different.

But her human family could not care less.

“It does not matter if she’s ugly now. What is important to us is she saved our children and we cannot thank her enough for that,” Bunggal said.

“Kabang is a hero,” said his wife Christina.

Milk and porridge

Bunggal said Kabang’s heroic act might have been triggered by her closeness to Dina and Princess.

He said he found Kabang as a puppy near the family home a year ago. “We raised her like she was ours. We gave her Bear Brand (a milk brand) and porridge,” he said.

Buying milk for the dog was a big deal for the family, according to Bunggal, because he and his wife, who sells candies, have a combined daily income of only about P150.

Christina said that as Kabang grew, she was fed the same food that the family ate. “We did not mind if she was an addition to our expenses. We regarded her as part of the family,” she said.

Bunggal said Dina and Princess always played with the dog. “They even sleep together,” he said.

He recalled that Kabang had no history of wandering outside the house, which was why, he said, “we could not believe she went out when she sensed that the girls were in danger.”

Veterinarian Anton Lim of the Tzu Chi Foundation said Kabang’s act of saving the girls showed that she was grateful to the family.

Back to old self

Lim has been treating Kabang for her injuries and has administered antibiotics so her wounds would heal faster.

Kabang now uses her paws to eat. She is back to her old self, and has resumed playing with Dina and Princess.

And she is expecting puppies, according to Christina.

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  • james

    God bless that family and that dog,

  • MayOn2012

    She is a hero, indeed!

  • .

    What you saw, you will always reap. That’s a fact :)

    • DeadlyArgon

      uhm, i am sorry, i like your comment, but it is spelled as s-o-w :)

    • joey b

       You reap what you sow, you mean.

    • c

      your fact is wrong, (period or sandra according to your twitter acct). correct mo para maging wright, este right!!! hahaha! or, baka u mean is what you saw, u will always remember. yon pa. bwahahaha!

  • patawad

    Yes, pets are like members of the family.  

    We have a beautiful cat and the family loves her so much.

  • n s

    Animals sometimes are better than people. Acting on their God-given instincts, they can show genuine conscience than their human counterparts. Especially if you compare them to people in the government and the Supreme Court. Mabuhay ka, Kabang!

    • joey b

       Unlike people, they give unconditional love.

  • Kobe

    I still doubt it. It just happened that the dog chased the two girls and in doing so it was hit by a tricycle. PDI just gave that twist to make it worth reading. Well, without that twist it still worth reading.

    • Rene

       kobe, dogs have ESP. not like you and me..

  • DAvid RYan Esquierdo

    I have dogs at home. Dogs protect their masters as long as they live. This is a very good example of dog heroism. Cheers!

  • 2011Empoy1120

    Kobe, you said  “PDI just gave that twist to make it worth reading”, really? No matter how PDI spinned-off this story..the fact cannot be changed that 2 girls were saved from inpending danger with a dog injured and these happened all at the same situation,  all at the same moment…How can you think that these are not all related? Kabang once again, proved that Dog is Man’s Best Friend…may she lived more years!

  • QQU

    I finally read a dog story in an RP newspaper. Kabang’s
    heroic save is heartwarming. I hope he recovers fast
    from his injuries.
    It is wonderful to know that Kabang’s ‘family’ who
    cared for him…is now grateful to him.  And why
    shouldn’t they keep him, disfiguring scars and all?
    I would, too.

  • Eddie

    Oh I like the happy ending on this story though I feel utterly terrible what happened to the dog. Yes she is healing but his face is deformed or as the news said she disfigured her face.

    I love animals and I would not mind saying this over and over again and I also do not want to hunt for animals in the wild as to me it is sign of extreme cruelty.

    EddieMinneapolis, Mn USA

  • Stead

    to kabang: may you breed a hundredfold so there may be more like you to populate the world.


    Kabang, i hope all our politicians are like you.

  • CyberPinoy

    Nice story..

  • peter r

    Why is it that parents, adults in the Philippines, don’t properly supervise, CHILDREN!!! You left go anywhere, especially crossing the street, highway, etc. On their OWN, without a responsible adult or much older sibling, guiding them, INCREDIBLE. 

    • G

      Its story of dog men not of parenthood.!! Cheers for the bravery of Dog!

    • white scorpion

      please.! if you don’t have anything good to say. don’t talk….

    • Kaloy

       Your comment is ok but you are out of order. Pareho kayo ni kobe. KSP

  • Freddie Villegas

    Dogs are much, much better than people in many ways and know the word sacrifice. If our government leaders will follow the heart of this dog, our economy would have been much, much better now and no one goes to other countries to work. VERY TOUCHING REAL STORY. Thanks for sharing this! Men have something to learn from the animals!

  • MonMayuga

    Kabang was willing to sacrifice its life to save the two girls. The dog, undoubtedly is man’s best friend, and protector as Kabang showed us.

    It was willing to die for a higher cause, the safety of its masters.

    Some human beings are not that heroic. These human beings who are supposed to be more intelligent and capable of enhancing there intelligence through the means and resources at their disposal are proving to be less heroic when it comes to the preservation of themselves at the expense of some higher causes. 

    Look at Chief Justice Corona and compare him with Kabang.

    • IanAlera


      Let us not spoil this good story, by connecting it with bad politics.  Cheers.

    • white scorpion

       no comparison…

  • E. Cruz

    two miracles here…girls saved and the dog is still alive…hope the dog get some help too

  • Zen Eufhoria

    about this storey… can i know whos the reporter so i can give help to reach kabang for a financial help about the daily therapy pls reply @ tnx

    • Satori Pucca

      Hi Zen,  as per the report, it’s written by 
       Julie S. Alipala  or try ABS CBN Zamboanga (who reported this one on tv)… anyways, as one true DOG LOVER myself, I really admire you and thank you in advance for the help you’re extending Kabang..God bless! I hope you will be able to get in touch with Kabang’s family. =D

  • Kaloy

    Kabang may look ugly in physical appearance but for me he will forever be a hero for this heroic deed       .

    Kabang now looks ugly because of damaged upper snout but this doesn’t matter to the owner because of her heroic act. To the owner Bakang is untarnished,  untainted and unblemished.

    It’s amazing to note that it takes an animal to demonstrate to some of our high government officials we know, the meaning of good deed. Bakang lost part of her upper snout in exchange of a good deed. These government officials already lost their soul and their conscience because of greed.

    People welcome the news that Bakang will soon give birth to her puppies but what will they wish to these corrupt high government officials and their families?

    • Satori Pucca

      heheheh! are you teary eyed when u’re typing this? You’re interchanging the letters in Kabang’s name… lol! but yeah, i soooo agree with you too!!

  • Julie Alipala

    I wrote the story and I dont twist what Rudy Bunggal and his wife Christina said. Double checked this with other people residing nearby and actual witnesses to the incident to make sure it was not just a case of a dog hit by a motorbike. Rudy who earns as vulcanizer even admitted that he was a dog meater eater, but Kabang changed his outlook towards dogs. Several bystanders even sought Rudy’s permission to slaughter Kabang but he strongly objected and was even the cause of fight within the community. Despite Rudy’s meager income as vulcanizer, he makes sure to buy a sachet of coffeemate or bearbrand and Cloxacillin just for Kabang.

  • exterminator1

    an angel is disguise

  • Clement Villavert

    Thief Justice Corona must disclose and open all his PESO and DOLLAR Bank Accounts. . .NOW !

    • Guest

      I share your opinion but this is not the forum for that.  

      • whammyy

         Eh saan ang forum commenter na nag dudunung dunungan?  Saan? 

        Aber?  Saan?



  • lastofdmohicans

    Good doggie.

    I hope local animal welfare organizations in the country – Phil Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Animal Kingdom Foundation, Animal Welfare Coalition,etc. – will take notice and perhaps do something for Kabang.

    Arf! arf!


    • Satori Pucca

      i so agree with you! she really deserves an award and a lifetime supply of dog food! woof! woof! 

      • Tolosa Alfonso

        I agree! for the heroic act of kabang she deserves an award and life time dog food and vet care. 

  • caringhearts

    For all who were touched by this story, I hope we all do something by extending some financial assistance for the treatment of Kabang and for her food as well.  You can imagine how much pain she had to go thru by losing her snout. Eating alone must be very difficult for her to do right now. This dog’s heroic efforts should not go unrewarded. Let’s try to reach the Daily Inquirer and ask how help may be extended to this poor angel of a dog……

  • caringhearts

    people would like to know how help may be extended this dog in any way. is there a forwarding address or drop off point for dog food or donations for her medicines?

  • Althea Prudente

    My heart really goes out to Kabang! I pray a generous donor could help her with prosthaetics so she could eat normally again. I wouldn’t mind spending if I have the means. My prayers are for the family too. Kabang wouldn’t have risked her life for the two girls if she wasn’t treated and loved well by them. Simple acts of love from both sides that goes a long long way and even into our hearts.  God bless you all !   Thank you for sharing their story.

  • Leo Bien Durana

    I cried. 

  • Megumi Cubilla Koike

    I was really touched by this story. I miss my pet. How could we extend our help to Kabang? I hope there is a mean thru FB and/or other social networking site which could reach many people. 

  • Sarahlen Vergara

    that dog is so special ., shes so brave,..,

  • Raven Jamora

    I was crying while reading this article.

    Kabang is a real hero.

  • Mamang Pulis

    Dear Julie: 

    Mapasyalan nga ito–saang side ba yan? sa Alejandras o sa Ospital?

    ah tanung ko na lang kay Doc Anton pag bumili ako ng dog food sa clinic nya—-

  • Zethy Pallar-Jacoba

     crying while reading this =(

  • Buang-loii Loii

    May video ba jan  .. ? kahit sa news lang ? penge naman linl

  • baks_boyet

    I miss my dog :-( The article proves that Dog is Man’s Best friend!

  • jhengpot

    super touched naman ako dito….and naaawa for the dog and at the same time proud…..

  • Datu_Bago

    A very touching story!

  • Jayson Ching

    I almost cried….

  • sirc

    Inspiring story … MAN’S BEST FRIEND talaga kaysa sa mismong MAN !!!!

  • Isai Martinez

    speeding does not solve anything, motorcyclers and drivers!

  • Maryjoy

    This article is very touching. This is what you get when you care for animals, they give back what they’d received in return. Kabang is really a hero, a lifesaver.

  • mencioalba

    The news report is vague, the scenario that I imagine is that: Motorcycle was cruisin the road……. Dog came from nowhere tried to go after it………Driver surprised tried to avoid the coming dog…. motorcycle swayed and nearly lose balance thus almost running over the children. Ganyan kasi ang karaniwang nangyayari sa ka-kalsadahan natin ngayon. Itali ang Aso para walang asunto.

    • Peter

      Blames the speeding motorcycle NOT the dog

  • edward estella

     “Kabang had no history of wandering outside the house” even though still it’s the driver of the motorcycles fault, I guess he is running 60-70 Kph on a thickly populated area. This is not vague your just to optimist and too nega.


    That proved once again that dog, among animals,  is man’s best friend. Pwede ba huwag na natin silang gawin pulutan.

    • Lala Johnson

      ito din sana ang pakiusap nating lahat,lalo sa ating mga dog lover!

  • Cristina Villaflor

    Hi, Dog name is “Tabang” means “tulong” not Kabang.

    • Peter

      ‘kabang’ is a popular name of a dog which is spotty in bisayan speaking regions, please don’t misled the reading public, we NEVER used the name of the a dog as ‘tabang.’

  • Iggy Ramirez

    From a certain angle the situation might have looked like this:

    Kabang was following the two girls, and out of nowhere, probably coming from a curve, a speeding tricycle hit her who probably was not aware that the tricycle was coming.

    But because we are so exposed to films depicting animals that seem to think like human beings, we believe that the dog intentionally ran into the tricycle in an apparent attempt to stop it or divert its path away from the girls.

    Before the dog could do this feat, it must have had a prior experience or a prior training in a similar situation. It couldn’t have probably acted out of instinct since the concept of a motor vehicle is something entirely alien to its understanding. Dogs could not even recognize coming cars because they could not identify any moving limbs that would indicate that a certain body is moving.

    It would take a fair amount of intelligence, particularly in understanding the bearing and speed of the tricycle relative to the girls, to come up with an action in a very short amount of time to avoid a possible occurrence of death by collision, overrunning, or entanglement.

    I really feel sorry for the dog and my heart sank when I saw her without a face. But I will not believe that she tried to save the girls. I hope some organization could sponsor a reconstructive surgery for her so she could regain her face. She seems like a very happy and a very good dog.

    • Peter

      ‘I will not believe that she tried to save the girls.’  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhh

      • rottenass_pamperedjolynn

        loser-ish. just because you wouldn’t, doesn’t mean you need to doubt the dog. who knows the dog might have more intelligence and instinct than you. you write this whole paragraph to show that you’re smart. but the dog just needs to do something, and you immediately look stupid. so save your words, please.

    • Observer

      @Iggy_Ramirez.animals have instincts too. maybe kabang’s not trained in
      that area..but you shouldn’t jump into conclusions just because you got
      your information. what is important here is she’s alive and happy to be
      with her owners. if you want to help it’s okay..but enough of that
      constructive criticism.

      And also with regards to understanding the bearing and speed of a moving vehicle, how can it be that the dogs in my neighborhood will move on the side of the road when they see whatever vehicle approaching?

    • amihan calabon

      looser-ish indeed. some dogs (admittedly not all), have the instinct to sense when their owners are in danger. some dogs know the concept of a motor vehicle and some dogs don’t. some dogs are probably more intelligent than you
      and yes, there are many instances when my pet dogs seem to think like human beings. all dogs have their own personalities.i pity you for not knowing this mr. know it all. i don’t know if you never had dogs when you were growing up or you were simply too unfortunate to end up with stupid ones.

    • SLy Viloria

      Sir Loggy, DOGS have Perception ability… Dont believe in me? Google It..

    • Michelle

      If you really read the article you would have known that it’s merely a family dog not some well-trained dog. It’s universally accepted that when dogs are very closed to their owners, they do get alarmed when they sense danger for them. But I do understand what you’re trying to stay, just not fully agree on it. You’ve mentioned about intelligence of dogs, and I do agree on that part. Some dogs are just really smart. I think a good example is the story of Hachiko.

  • Kei Takishima

    Lols! It’s “Tabang”! not “Kabang”. This made me laughed so hard Daily Inquirer! =))

    But shish. At least make the name right for the honor of the brave, female, pregnant dog.

    • Rubylen Simeon

      Tabang means help…hmm..but we in cebu usually named our dog KABANG as in spotty…brownie-if it’s brown…so who is laughing now YOU or the PDI..who is ignorante now U or the PDI…ambot


    The story of this dog will remain in our hearts for many years.

  • Rage An

    inquirer, can u email me the contact information and address of kabang? i have contacted an animal group who will help raise funds for the dogs medical treatment and possible prosthetic for her missing snout. email is thank you

    • Lubica Jankovska

       Dear Rage An. Can you please write me about the developing situation? I would appreciate any info about the hero. If its possible to help, I will do it without dispute! :) my e-mail:

  • debbie aguilar

    kakaiyak nakaka touch


    May there be more heartwarming stories like this.

  • Tammy Lynn

    I’ve seen a lot of things in 42 years and I’ve done rescue work for fifteen years. Never, EVER have I seen anything the likes of this. There is nothing heartwarming about this story for anyone who takes the time to look at life from the perspective of this poor dog.

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