Sexy nun photos spark protests in Spain



MADRID—Photographs of women posing sexily as nuns at an exhibition in Spain sparked outrage and complaints of blasphemy from Catholic and conservative groups on Thursday.

“Obscenity,” an exhibition of 50 photographs by the Canadian artist Bruce LaBruce, includes a portrait of Spanish actress Rossy de Palma in a black and white habit and see-through corset with a rosary between her teeth.

Another shows Alaska, a singer well known in Spain, dressed as a sexy saint in black with a communion wafer on her tongue.

The show, which opened Thursday at the Fresh Gallery in Madrid, drew condemnation from the Eucharistic Ministry, a Catholic group, which called for a demonstration “against blasphemy” outside the venue on Friday.

It said the protest would be held “in defense of our Christian roots and the Catholic faith.”

“Blasphemous provocation threatens again,” a conservative campaign group, Make Yourself Heard, said on its website.

The Francisco Franco Foundation, a group that campaigns to preserve the memory of Spain’s former dictator, branded the exhibition “a virulent and morbid attack on the Catholic religion.”

LaBruce, 48, whose work has often sparked protests and censorship, wrote on the gallery’s website that “the lives of the saints are full of ecstatic acts of sublimated sexuality.”

“‘Obscenity’ presents a series of portraits that illustrate this most holy convergence of the sacred and the profane.”

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  • Ben

     where are the photos????!!!!

    • Allan

      interesado sya hehehehe….share mo pag nakuha mo ha?

    • Mahmahn

      just google it…meron sa daily dot co dot uk…ayaw tanggapin ng moderator yung pinost ko with the link eh…

  • godofthunder16

    P I C S !

  • Datu_Bago

     The Streisand Effect: the more you condemn it, the more it becomes famous.

  • Russell Ariola

    Ahihihiii.. galit dito si Juicy Midas Marquez kasi nasapawan ang byuti nya. o_O

  • 2rey3

    These so called artists are just looking for attention by offending the sensibilities of others especially those which others treasure like their faith and spark as a result protests. Noticeably very seldom do they offend Moslems because for sure they will have to suffer violent reprisals from the offended parties. 

    Is it what they want? Violence? 

    What a pity these insecure people!!

  • pickledtrout

    the insecure people are the people complianing 
    a beleaf is just that it does not mean it is the right thing
    freedom of choice is the right thing 
    if they dont like it or agree about it then dont support it thats it
    all religions need to focus on themsleves not on others
    remember religion is a vehicle of control just like any other law or rule
    it is a choice to follow it not a right to force other people to follow

    • Claro Mente

      yes you have a choice not to support something like this. but the artist can also focus on some other objects rather than insulting or putting a certain belief of a community as a subject of his/her sexual fantasies.  maybe he can have a photo of himself having sex with a goat?  then again animal rights will do the protesting… live and let live, and don’t step on other people’s beliefs.

    • emajega

      naks sige nga ibigay mo sa akin picture mo pati ng nanay mo gawan ko iphotoshop ko na kunyari nag sesex kayo.. ok lang sayo? freedom of expression di ba… pwede kong pamagatan to na “Ang mapagmahal na Anak”

      • kolambogan

        Bakit naman, sexy palang, sex na agad ang nasa sa isip? Pag malisyoso ang isipan, lalo na mga tagong sexual predators kahit naka abito pa o madalas mangaral at magsermon, teacher man, saan mang lupalop, mga bibiktimahin balot man o talop, bata, matanda, lalaki o babae walang walang pinagpipitaganan, sila ang mga mas dapat pinagagtutuunan ng pansin, dahil ang kanilang M O ay lihim at di agad-agad nabubulgar, pero ang epekto laging matindi kundi napagtatakpan, napapatawad, naareglo o nabaun sa limot. Yan ang mga tunay na salot ng lipunan. Wolves in sheeps hides.

    • alice_in_chains

      you’re right but freedom expression is limited by the rights/freedom of others. in other words, respect.

    • gian_paul

      Engot! It is not forcing others to follow. It is all about respect. Ano ang gagawin mo kung binastos ang kapatid o nanay mo?

  • just_anotherperson

    According to Wikipedia: Bruce LaBruce – underground gay p orn director.
    What kind of art can we expect from him?

  • Barak_O

    they should team up with the guy/gay who showed same in ccp

  • MayOn2012

    These are the Anti-Catholic, Anti-Christ! Why don’t they try Mohamad with blasphemous pictorials? are they afraid to be persecuted?

  • PoorOFW

    Only ‘artists’ can pull off these publicity stunts for the sake of art and artistic freedom.

  • thiefjustice

    In the end, we will all be accountable for everything we’ve done and failed to do.

  • Msweng


  • pickledtrout

    some shop made an investment in him and his show so if no one is interested in his stuff then the show will be a flop . not because of the church just because no one is interested. if it succeeds then there is a market . I respect religion and faith as just that it is personal not a vehicle to force your will on others  thats it.
    one thing i do know is that all religions will be the cause of the end  as it is human natural to have power and control over others. 
    I personly will not buy anything this guy has to offer because i am not interested nor would i go to the show . but that is my choice and my right as an individual express myself.
    remember religion was writen by man for man  not much input from woman 
    it is a way to control the masses. what happened to women in thew old days that understood natural and had a open view to understanding the world  oh burn them at the stake in the name of god mohamad ect  nothing is perfect  but life itself  you only get one chance to live so live it the why you want dont judge less he be judged ect  

  • Iggy Ramirez

    I found this fa g’s art amusing: women wearing something very sexy who just happened to cover their hair with what appears to be very similar to the veil ugly nuns wear. No big deal. He might even argue that veils have now become fashionable. There is actually some art and humor in it.
    It is very much different than what Mideo showcased. A wooden ashtray penis nailed to a picture of Jesus Christ? I don’t get it.

  • Ruben

    What’s wrong?  Are there no sexy nun?  Many are even virgins.  Give them a break !

    • Peter Asia

      How wonderful Mr. Ruben, that you find this amusing and even ask for a break? Whenever this intolerant and abuse of peoples belives and faith is done against Catholics and other Christians, “open minded” people like you wonder what the big deal is, yet when people of faith speak out against the unatural nature of homosexuality and the evil of abortion, the you all cry foul and rant about intolerance and bigotry. You’re doing well, so keep up the spirit. But trust me, this atheistic tyrany is already crumbling and people and seeing you for who really are.

      • Jose

        Wooooow.  Catholics crying persecution.

        The comparison you’re trying to make is ridiculous, and that’s coming from a Christian.  I can’t speak for Ruben, but while I think the Church’s stand against homosexuality is outdated, stupid, and ignorant, I respect their right to say it.  OTOH, in this case (and the recent Mideo Cruz (IIRC) case), Catholics have essentially been campaigning against the freedom of expression.

        Completely different things.

      • IanAlera


        Beware of this troll Jose He copied my username and uses it to troll. This IDIOT jose cannot put any comment without resorting to insults. Let us give him what he deserves.


        Stop your trolling… why don’t you just go back to your dog, and do your conversations with it. But don’t forget to use a condom, you might infect your dog.

        And don’t forget that I reminded you that it could be animal abuse , ok?

      • Jose


        Kindly ignore the troll.


        I doubt you’re actually going to listen, as frankly you never do and prefer to just insult people, but I have nothing to do with whatever paranoid delusions you have.

      • IanAlera

        IDIOT jose,

        You are the IDIOTIC Troll.  Did you think You can just get away with it?

        I have reminded you may times about the ‘golden rule’.

      • Jose

        Get away with it?  I don’t actually know what you’re talking about.

        And the golden rule?  F*ck you.  You follow me around for the sole purpose of insulting me, replying to each of my posts, all because you lost a debate you’re too afraid to have again, and you’re claiming I’m the bad person here?

        You’re a pathetic troll, and speaking with you is a waste of time.

      • IanAlera

        IDIOT jose,

        When did you ever beat me in a debate? You’ve gone so low as to pretend you’ve owned me in the rh bill debates. — Who owned whom?  LOL.  (Copy and paste if you can find one).

        IDIOT, stop your trolling. –DELETE the account you made using my username.

      • Jose


        We both know you lost that, stop pretending.  And if you think you won, man up and my challenge.  Coward.

        And again, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if someone else IS trolling you, I salute them.  You’re a hateful little troll, and you deserve no sympathy.

      • IanAlera

        IDIOT jose,

        Hahaha. You are absolutely an IDIOT. Copy and paste — That is the challenge. Otherwise go back to your dog. — But be aware, I’ll report you to PAWS if you continue to abuse it.

      • Jose

        I have no time to copy and paste an entire thread.

        And challenge?  Again, you have no right to talk about challenges after ducking mine for a few months now.


      • IanAlera

        IDIOT jose,

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      • Jose

        Ducking is being repeatedly challenged to a debate on a forum where people will actually read the posts and not accepting it.

        Hope this helps, coward.

        And again, I don’t know who the troll account maker is.  I’m not the only one on these boards who thinks you’re a pathetic troll, and frankly you’re not really worth the time.

      • IanAlera












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      • Jose

        Yeah, again, I have nothing to do with that, as frankly you aren’t worth the time.  I do applaud whoever is doing it though, as you frankly deserve it.

        Now kindly try reporting it to the mods and stop harassing me, because what you’re doing is pathetic.

        I will be reporting your harassment to the mods, whatever good it will do.

        Also, one last thing.  I know your language comprehension is poor, but “I’d get a better conversation out of my dog” doesn’t actually mean “I have sex with my dog.”  I have no idea where you got that idea, but then again you’re not that smart, are you?

      • IanAlera



      • Jose

         I’d suggest looking up the definition of ‘conversation.’

        Again, I have nothing to do with whoever’s messing with you, and frankly I have no idea why you
        think it’s me when I’ve repeatedly saidd that you aren’t worth the time.

        I don’t condone what is being done to you in general, but in your case I
        support it, as you’re a troll, and frankly your begging for people to
        stop trolling you while continuing to act like a troll shows your utter

        Lastly, post reported.

    • John

      just keep it on your own group..maybe you can post your younger sisters’ nude it okay.. .if not, please respect other people’s belief

      • Guest

         did catholics ever have respect for other believes?

      • John

        have you heard them or read talking bad of others? what they are doing is in defense of their faith and of flocks, but not ruining other groups.
        why, had they done it to you? or it is just the doctrine of your church telling you so?
        please do have an open mind..

  • tekateka

    catholic murders are okay… mmm…

  • tekateka

    Why atheists, agnostics are hated? they are celebrities, intellectuals, scientists and not murderers.. you don’t even see an atheist in prison…

    • John

      are they hated? …based on the article, it is the reverse…it just a simple respect of other’s belief….

    • Guest

       “Why atheists, agnostics are hated? they are celebrities,
      intellectuals, scientists and not murderers.. you don’t even see an
      atheist in prison…”

      Try to out yourself as atheist in the Philippines. (Let alone in Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan…)

  • tekateka

    If I show you a picture of Catholics burning millions of live civilians during the inquisition… do you think its obscene?

    • Ruben

      Actually, there’s still inquisition going on today only it’s silent and in secret.

    • Guest

       No, the Catholics would be proud of their achievement burning down other civilizations. Hopefully, satisfied with the answer.

    • John

      are you really knowledgeable of what really happened during the inquisition? 
      could you share it with us? please do in a brief story, particularly on who and why.


    Wheres the pictures?

    too lazy to google it you know…

  • batangpaslit

    wala naman tayong damit nang ipinanganak tayo

    • BohBenzch Ynduzz

       pwes maghubad ka in public u sickkkkk……….o d kaya mag brief ka lang…hahahahhahahaha

      • batangpaslit

        BohBenz, it is you who is very SICK in the mind. Your whole thought pattern is PERVETED You do not know how to read.
        Even the picture you posted of yourself is the face of a moronic kid. You are indeed moron, sick, and perverted.
        Your name is even admitting that you are BOBO, confirming that you cannot understand beyond the written words.

  • Navi

     not all catholics would agree to these followers of the inquisition complaining of pictures of sexy nuns… 

    • SimonIbarra

      Unless you’re “Kulo” phallus.

  • Ted Rodriguez

    hey listen you senators/judges,, THE TRUTH SHALL SET A MAN FREE, but do you ever wonder how this shameless man happened to be the chief justice kuno keep hiding on some technicalities.. ITS A NO-BRAINER

    • Mahmahn

      parehas kayo ni Clement villavert…nawawala ang landas…icheck niyo nga ang article before kayo magpost…

      • Chatru

         Mahmahn – you are making sense here. Could you please stay for a while at least.

  • Patas

    i wonder, kung hindi nag-evolved ang Catholicism into a gentler form now, maybe people here would really know what persecution means….
    as a friendly note, almost all religions practiced persecution to others not their own. i am jyst glad that catholics and other protestant groups (the majority of them) has evolved into a better form now.

  • Meow Ming

     pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Clement Villavert

    Thief Justice Corona should disclose his Dollar and Peso Accounts. . . . NOW ?

    • Mahmahn

      clement villavert…out of topic ka na naman…sexy nun pics ang topic dito…post ka ng post sa lahat ng articles dito…para kang virus…

  • Mahmahn

    If you want to check out the photos you can check them out at daily mail uk…

    www dot dailymail dot co dot uk slash news slash article hyphen 2102718 slash Blasphemous hyphen provocation hyphen Artists hyphen obscene hyphen sexy hyphen nun hyphen photos hyphen spark hyphen outrage dot html

    Blasphemous nga ang mga photos (saganang akin)

    • Urbano

      They are works of evil

  • joe_rizal

    napaka epokrito talaga tong mga demonyong spanyol na mga iyan. akala mo mo kung sinong mga santo. eh anu naman ang masama non kung gawing modelo ang mga damit ng madre. sa 400 years na naging alipin tayo ng mga spanyol…maliban sa mga fiesta-fiesta at false devotion sa kung saan-saan yung pagiging epokrito ay isa sa mga pinakamasamang  namana natin sa kanila. Kaya tuloy pati mga pare natin karamihan ay nag aasta na para na rin silang diyos. Namana din natin yan sa h@#$*t na mga ispanyol.  hindi ako galit!!!!! grrrrrrrrr hehehehehehe  

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