Fake or real? PSBank told to compare bank records



On Day 18 of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile zeroed in on two documents attached by the prosecution in its supplementary request for subpoena, which were purportedly photocopies of the customer signature and specimen card of Corona’s alleged accounts.

The court sought the presentation of bank documents that could help put to rest the issue of whether the basis used by the prosecution in seeking a subpoena for Corona’s bank records was spurious.

The impeachment court ordered Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) president Pascual Garcia to produce the original of the customer identification and signature specimen card pertaining to Corona’s purported accounts, as well as specimens of signatures of the approving bank officers.

Enrile issued the order even after Garcia and his counsel, Regis Puno, insisted that the bank records attached by the prosecution in their request for subpoena were spurious, and after Senator Joker Arroyo observed that the trial had “meandered.”

“It’s not our fault that you’ve mixed up the peso and dollar accounts in one record. Cover the entries of the dollar account with tape,” Enrile told Garcia. “The senator-judges merely wanted to know if there were signatures in the peso account and who signed these.”

(The attachments contained information on both peso and dollar accounts.)

Enrile explained that the idea was for the senators to compare the original with the purportedly spurious documents presented by the prosecution and test the credibility of the bank officials if indeed they were telling the truth that these were spurious.

If spurious, Enrile said those who were responsible for the forged documents would be held liable, and the evidence presented arising from these spurious document would not be admitted.

Enrile repeatedly demanded to know from Garcia if the

PSBank had such documents in their record, and all that Garcia could say was that there were “discrepancies” between the attached documents and the original. At one point, Enrile threatened to cite Garcia in contempt.

Similarities, differences

Only when Enrile nuanced his questions by saying that the bank may have the same form, but the contents may be different did Garcia respond clearly. Enrile had to read the contents of the two documents to help Garcia give clear answers.

“There are underlines. It’s different,” Garcia said, admitting that there were similarities and dissimilarities.

“There are highlights that are not present.”

Under Enrile’s questioning, Garcia said that peso and dollar accounts in PSBank “may be combined” on some documents, but are separate “with respect to balances.”

After Enrile read the entries of the second attachment, Garcia said this pertained to a dollar account. Enrile conceded that the court could not discuss this in view of the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the examination of Corona’s dollar accounts.

Puno, counsel for Garcia, pointed out that the court was speaking of a “single document that is fake and spurious because of the differences.”

Enrile further tried to spell it out to him the nature of the document, asking “Is it fake, spurious, invented?”

“What can’t be done directly in violating the TRO can’t be done indirectly by pointing to specific portions of the document,” Puno said, raising fears that questions on the matter would “tend to establish certain facts in relation to the foreign deposit accounts.”

Testing witness credibility

Senator Franklin Drilon said it was PSBank branch manager Annabelle Tiongson who “stirred the controversy” and assured that the senator-judges would not touch the dollar accounts.

“As pointed out by the presiding officer, we’re just testing the credibility of the witness (Tiongson) when she said this is fake. We have a right to find if the statement is true, and we’re not looking at the dollar accounts, which had been confirmed to be existing by this witness (Garcia),” Drilon said.

Enrile also ordered Tiongson to produce in the next hearing her branch’s logbook. The document supposedly contains a record of all people who had access to specimen signature cards contained in a steel cabinet kept in the bank’s vault.

Senator Arroyo protested that the trial had “meandered” into several issues, and wondered how the trial could proceed on the basis of a forged document that he said lacked “evidentiary value.”

“We have now branched out into asking the bank to produce the original of a document which is forged. How can we do that? We’re asking the original to be brought here, compare it, and to put even a tape on the entries which are dollar-related. How can we do that, when the original and the forged documents are different?” Arroyo said. “A false document is a false document.”

Enrile explained it was the witness who concluded this was fake, and by asking for the presentation of the original the senator-judges wanted to test the witness’ credibility.

“If they’re identical in every respect, the witness will be lying. So therefore her testimony will be unbelievable. If the comparison shows that indeed that there are substantial differences, the witness is credible. And we then consider the document, which I categorized as ‘imbento,’ to be a fake document, to be fair to everybody. That’s the only purpose for the comparison. And the only thing to be compared is the signature on the peso account, and the identity of the one who imprinted the signature,” Enrile said.

Different entries

But if found to be forged, Enrile said the court would determine whether the falsification was substantial enough to exclude this evidence, and “make those responsible for the alterations responsible for it, and answer for it.”

“It will be the burden of the prosecution to explain why they requested duces tecum in the face of an altered document,” he said, adding that the court would later decide whether to impose “disciplinary measures.”

Resuming her testimony, Tiongson said that the bank documents leaked to the prosecution were “fake” and “spurious.” She said she was not pressured into making a similar testimony during Monday’s trial.

Tiongson was asked about her findings after comparing the leaked documents with the original copies under the possession of her branch.

“There were differences … spurious,” she told Drilon. “There were entries in the original that were not in the photocopies and there were entries in the photocopies that were not in the original … and there were alterations.”

But Tiongson failed to identify specific differences, saying she did not note them down.

Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada pointed to one discrepancy. He asked Tiongson about the meaning of the letter “k” in the entry “$700k” in one document.

K for bum steer?

“Does ‘k’ stand for ‘kuryente’ (bum steer) for example?” the senator asked and was told by Tiongson that putting the letter to mean “thousands” was not “normal banking practice.”

Estrada asked if the fact that the original and leaked documents contained “differences” meant that the latter were “fake.” Tiongson replied: “In our banking practice, if they’re different, not the same, they’re fake. They’re spurious.”

Estrada later manifested his “personal opinion” that the leaked document was a “faithful reproduction of the original.” He noted that no less than Garcia had confirmed the existence of two of the peso accounts listed in the leaked document.

The senator recalled Garcia’s previous testimony on Account Numbers 089121017358 and 089121019593.

The former was opened on Jan. 26, 2009, with an initial balance of P2.1 million and had zero deposit at the end of 2010. The latter was opened on Dec. 22, 2009, with an initial deposit of P8.5 million and had an ending balance of some P12 million the following year.

“If they are existing and they were the basis of the issuance of the subpoena to you, how can this be a fake document?” Estrada asked.

Tiongson said the account numbers “could have come from other sources” such as deposited checks or bank certifications.

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  • enrique119

    Actually, the way I see it, the two PSBank officials are lying about the genuineness of the document, because to admit that is practically admitting that their bank’s security is unreliable, which will shoo off depositors, probably cause a bank run. The branch manager can only say that there are differences between the original in their bank and the photocopy from the prosecution but cannot mention what the differences are. The president can only say there were highlights and underlines in the photocopy – which somebody could have done after photocopying the original to call attention to some entries in the document.

    It has also been established by Senator Pangilinan that more than four people (according to Tiongson’s testimony) have access to the original documents, as many as 12 people could have access to them.

    • okabato

      Transparent plastic pareho ng orig at kopya ang size halimbawa 81/2×11 ang katapat niyang pinagtatalunan nila. Madaling malalaman kung true reproduction ng orig ang kopya, hindi naman sila siguro mga duling. Malalaman din kung may later addition ginawa sa orig o sa kopya.

  • ermluna

    Di ba under the law, oil and
    market price regulation should be in accordance with fair government
    monitoring? ang nangyayari sa administrasyon ni Abnoy, pinagtatanggol pa
    ni Energy Sec Jose Almendras ang big 3 oil companies. Rackeeting of
    prices during calamities for instance, abot langit. Kaya ang mga sweldo
    natin, ubos sa taas ng presyo. At ang gobyernong Abnoy ay inutil na
    gampanan ang sinumpaan nila sa bayan na tagabantay ng mga abusado at
    mapagsamantala. Sa halip sila pa ang kakuntsaba!

    Pangalawa, sa sobrang taas ng
    binabayarang buwis at VAT ng mga tao, hindi natin alam kung saan
    napupunta ang koleksyon ng rehimeng Abnoy! Kakuntsaba din ng mga
    kapitalista sa nagsisitaasang kuryente at tubig. Walang humpay ang
    pagtaas ng bilihin at toll. Sulit pa ang pagpapahirap ni Abnoy sa bayan e
    wala naman tayong nakikitang pag unlad ng ekonomiya. Sa halip
    nangungutang pa si Abnoy sa World Bank at kinukupitan ang kabang bayan
    ng bilyon bilyon para kickback sa mga tuta nyang congressmen. Well,
    malaking kasalanan yan sa bayan. Abnoy, resign now!

    • epros

      Moron comment h h ha ha  

    • aristeosj

      bank documents ang topic ah.ganito ba
      kadesperado ang mga ganitong klase ng tao?

    • TwiggyRamirez

      …desperado na mga Corona-tards. tsk! tsk! tsk!

    • enerinuj

      MISLEADING AND IRRELEVANT COMMENT…FOCUS ON THE TOPIC, GIVE YOUR VIEWS ABOUT THE TOPIC ….hindi nyo kaya ipaglaban si corona kasi wala kayo sa topic

  • missaya


    INDONESIA 6.1 GDP(2010) — 7.2 GDP(2011)
    MALAYSIA 7.2 GDP(2010) — 5.1 GDP(2011)
    PHILIPPINES 7.2 GDP(2010) — 3.3 GDP(2011)


    • dgboy

       matgal na namin alam yan, panahon palang ni pandak. Kaya nga pilit tinatanggal corruption para makahabol tayo.

      • missaya


    • Hey_Dudes

      Indonesia has a national PERTAMINA OIL LTD. partly supporting it’s economy and so is Malaysia having 3 major offshore Oil Drilling rigs leased to BP UK, Shell Norway and Chevron USA aside from their palm oil and rubber  industries.

      Philippines has only tricycle manufacturing and baby making industries?  So what are you bellyaching at?  We used to export rice and sugar now we import? Thanks to golf courses and Hacienda Luisita militant loss of sugar production?  You are blaming Benigno C. Aquino for all this woes?

      • missaya


      • Hey_Dudes

        Obviously, you don’t even know how to spot sardonic lines and more likely don’t have the foggiest idea on how to read between the lines?  You are blaming a 2 year old administration still in the process of cleaning up the mess of the old regime that looted the country for  9 years?  I bet you will say – no evidence and maybe you also are not aware hospitals all over the country are giving birth to new babies at an alarming rate of 50 per hour?  I still want you to go back to school before Miriam Santiago gives you a dressing down.

      • tamalang

        bakit ba sinisisi mo si pnoy e di pa nga natatapos termino nya , wala pa nga sa kalahati. our current goverment right now is trying to correct the mistakes that was done by previous administration. kung may bahay ka at puro anay kahit ano pang pag aayos gawin mo masisira pa din untill patayin mo ang anay. and how can you be so sure about the advisers of pnoy connected to leftist? 

  • Hey_Dudes

    In the end, PS Bank seeming arrogance hiding under the T R O it got, it did not manage to maintain the smirk on the faces of it’s president and lawyer who thought theirs was the only way?  For how can anyone claim something is ‘FAKE’ if the person saying it is is not even willing to produce the original so it can once and for all – affirm or confirm it’s true nature.  The best the lady witness could have said was – ‘Your honor, at this time, I have no information on whether or not the document I am looking at is genuine or not?  However, since she was so confident of herself having blurted out it was a fake, it opened a can of worms and true enough, you have to have a comparison chart to find out.

  • pcib

    To determine whether the photocopied bank document in question is fake or not is quite simple. The signatures of the bank personnels in the photocopied bank document must be compared with the signatures as appearing in the original bank documents. If both signatures tallied, then the photocopied bank documents is genuine (irrespective of any additional remarks or notation therein). If both signatures does not tally, then the photocopied documents are spurious.

    The way I look at it, the branch manager was saying that the photopied document was fake because there were some entries or notation made that were not present in the original document. I beg to disagree, any entries or notation in both documents (photocopied & original) would not render the photocopied document as fake! Why? because in both documents (photocopied & original) important or relevant informations were both correct or tallies such as account number/s, signatures of the new accounts clerk, the verification officer & approving officer.
    Furthermore, the use of “K” to denote thousands is a standard practice in all banks and all bankers knows this except the feigned BM & president of PSBank.

    • yolyumali

      yes its true,  if your a banker you will know that

    • Bong

      Hinid lang ganayan ka complicated pcib.

      Hindi ka basta mag compare ang 2 signatures at by mere looking ay magsabi na authentic sila, signatures can be FORGED.

      Dapat ay iimbestigahan ng NBI ang mga signatures, this will take a while.

      Dapat ay i subpoena ang mga signatories para makakuha ng authentic sample.

      It will take weeks bago ma authenticate ang documento na ito. Hindi naman ito napapaloob sa articles of impeachment.

      Sayang lang ang oras.

  • missaya


    INDONESIA 6.1 GDP(2010) — 7.2 GDP(2011)
    MALAYSIA 7.2 GDP(2010) — 5.1 GDP(2011)
    PHILIPPINES 7.2 GDP(2010) — 3.3 GDP(2011)



    • dani77777

      to missaya,

      You have to understand that the ecomy doesn’t show results overnight. We still feel the mishandling of GMA who had to fake statistics to reflect she was doing good. For sure, her family and cohorts prospered economically during her term but majority of the peole did not.  

      With the fight against corruption gaining ground, the prospect of a better future also comes along with it.

      If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Make a choice.

      • missaya

        18 months in office, managot na si pinoy sa economy… hehehe hangang ngayon si GMA parin sinisisi mo. the statistics during GMA’s time are consistent with the projections of foreign economist. what fight against corruption are you talking about??? go to DENR or any national office or BOC, or sa NAIA, check mo kung gaining ground ba… Illegal mining and logging walang tigil…

    • enerinuj


  • MangDolphy

    bank documents ang pinaguusapan ano kinalaman ng Presidente doon?

    • missaya

      @mangdolphy, naapektohan na ang economia dahil sa hacienda luisita na yan… ang presidente ay hindi multi-tasking na tao … im pretty sure maraming kailangan pagtutukan ng pansin pero siya sa impeachment lang naka tingin …

      • Flavio

         papaano mo nalaman ng tutok lang sa impeachment ang presidente ?? noong isang araw nasa visaya sya to inspect the devastation caused by the earthquake. the other day naman, the president was in a BOC event at noong isang araw sa TESDA naman. hmm , kasama ka ba ni PNoy 24/7 ?? nagtatanong lang…

      • missaya

        @flavio, hehehe you know puede naman ang tao pumunta sa isang lugar pero ang isip niya nasa ibang lugar diba ??? noong nasa BOC ano kaya solution niya sa corruption aside sa pag pa pa impeach sa kalaban ng HL ??? im sure gusto niya ipa sibak yong custom employee na may porshe – gusto niya siya lang meron … knowing the president is not the multi-tasking type of person, he should better concentrate on the economy first. anti-corruption do it later…

      • tamalang

        bakit ba laging dinidikit ang HL kay pnoy. wala na kasing maisip na dahilan si thief justice para sirain si pnoy. kanditato pa lang sa pag ka presidente si pnoy sinabi na niya na hindi tama yung pagka appoint ni GMA kay thief justice wala pang final decision and SC about HL nun. At paano ka naman naka sigurong naka tututok nga si pnoy sa impeachment at hindi siya multi tasking kasama ka ba nya 24/7?

      • missaya

        eh saan pa siya nakatutuk ? ang PPP nga wala pang na e bid… eh si FVR & GMA, maaga puma pasok & gabi na umuuwi, kaya maganda economia. ewan ko lang ano diskarte ni pnoy sa dami ng paper works???

      • enerinuj


  • brunogiordano

    “Fake or real? PSBank told to compare bank records”




  • leo paras

    Bumigay din sa bandang huli si PSBank branch manager Tionson na “faithful” copy ang questioned document ng original.

    Binabaluktot daw (meander) ng prosec ang trial, ayon naman kay Sen/Judge Joker Arroyo.

    Peke raw ang questioned document, ayon kay PSBank Prez Pascual Garcia, dahil maraming pagkakaiba (discrepancies) sa original.

    Nilinaw ni JPE sa Court na magkahawig (nuance) ang questioned document at hindi magkaiba, at maaaring ito’y faithful reproduction ng original.

    • thunderbolt01

      Kailan at saan inamain ni Tionson na “faithful” copy ang questioned document? Napanood mo ba sa TV dahil wala sa balitang ito.

  • aSwedishguy

    how many days more are they going to waste on this document,,what ever they find out they can not use it diba,,, it is a “non issue” from day of TRO

  • yolyumali

    as a banker i believe the documents are genuine reproduction, it may not be from the branch record, but from head office, 2 copies of sig. card are signed upon opening of account, there may be notations in the other sig card.

    • steven0214

      yolyumal, worked as a US bank research analyst for 25 yrs, don’t know Phil banking procedure Drilon should have asked what’s the banking procedure upon opening an account. How many signature forms are being filled up, Tiongson said that the orig form don’t have notation & photocopy have notations. Meaning 2 signature cards were filled upon opening. Well the judges are asking who signed the approval & signatures’ specimens. Maybe they will subpoena also the employee who signed the approval.

  • nice_boy

    If the documents are genuine copies, PSbank is liable for its getting out in the open.  Their clients will lose confidence in the bank and may transfer their funds to other more reliable banks.

    If the copied documents are fake as what PSbank insists, the prosecutors might lose all the evidence gathered from the fake document they presented in the IC.  They may even be disbarred.

    That is why the prosecution-senators are trying their best to impeach the PSbank officials as the actual prosecutors cannot impeach their own witness.  Damage control ang ginagawa ng mga prosecution-senators.  Sa kagagohan ng mga prosecutors, nahihirapan tuloy ang mga prosecution-senators pagtakpan mga pagkakamali nila.

  • dani77777

    The bottom line is: Did Corona include these accounts in his SALN?

    The resounding answer is NO!
    The accounts are there and so are their contents, NO DOUBT about it.

    Ang sinasabi lang ng defense ay hindi tama ang paraan ng prosecutors para ma-access ang mga accounts.

    Para sa aming mga taumbayan, ang malaman na hindi nga isinama ni Corona ang mga accounts na ito ay sapat na patunay na siya ay sinungaling. Hindi na issue dito na ang paraan ng mga prosecutors ay mali sapagkat sa huli, napatunayan din na si Corona ay sinungaling.

    The “fruit of poisonous tree doctrine” is not absolute. Sabi ni Corona, ilalabas din niya ito “in due time”. Therefore there will be an eventual discovery, sooner or later (but why not now when there is public clamor for it and not later when things are doctored already).

    Technicalities. The way of the guilty. And throughout the trial, expect that from these clowns.

    • simon

      correct,,if CORONA did not include those accounts in his SALN it is enough.
      eh ang SENADO naman gusto gawin ni TUPAZ ang impossible,,, dalhin ni TUPAZ sa kanilang harapan ang original…na hindi naman gagawin ni TUPAZ dahil hindi naman siya taga banko.
      pero baka,,, baka lang naman,, may taga banko na lalabas upang ipakita ang katotohanan….not for money but for the sake of truth..

    • Bong

      Totoo iyan dani wala talang kinalaman ang pagiging fake or authentic ng mga dokumento sa trial na ito. Nag-aaksaya lang ang mga senador ng oras.

      Gusto ni Drillon na patunayan na hindi fake and mga dokumento to save the skin ng mga prosecutors na maaring ma disbar for presenting fake documents.

      Ang di ko maindindihan ay ganito: Ang prosecution ANG NAG PRESENT NG UNVERIFIED DOCUMENTS (sabi ni Mirriam Duty MY FOOT!!!).

      Ang DUTY ng prosecution ay IAUTHENTICATE MUNA ANG NO MANG EVIDENCE bago ihain.

      Ngayon ay iniippit nila ang BANK NA PATUNAYAN NA ANG MGA DOCUMENTS AY FAKE. Mali yata ito.



      Ganito na ba talaga sa bansa natin ngayon?

      • dani77777

        to Bong,

        Tama ka Bong. May tama ka nga, he he.

        Polish your argument a little more to fit the call of the hour. Your digression is annoying. Better yet, just let me know who your heroes are. Sila Corona, GMA Abalos, Marcos at Ampatuan di ba?

        Don’t be shy, sabihin mo na. 

      • indiosbravos2002

        Im not sure if its clear to you that the unverified docs will not be offered as evidence. Yong docs ng bangko ang tutuong ebidensya at eto oofer na evidence ng prosecution. Now avcording to the bank president the unverified docs, actually resembles the orig except for some markings, underlines and additional entries but he did not deny if the Signature or bank account details (which are more substantial than the markings) are different. . Pagnapatunayan to. Pasok ang ebidensya. Giba na lalo depensa. Pwera na lang kung may gimmick na naman sa weekend.

  • PolOster

    Heto ang balita mula sa front lines: maglulunsad ng malawakang kilos protesta ang mga GMA loyalists sa susunod na linggo. Gusto nilang palabasin na biased ang senado kay Corona. Di kasi nila kayang ipaliwanag kung bakit may isang milyong DOLYAR si Corona sa bank accounts niya. Kabado tuloy si Madam Gloria. Nagpa-meeting at nagbabalak mag-rally next week para magmukhang hindi credible ang mga senador.

    Shhhhh. Wag ninyong sabihing sinabi ko ha. Baka masisante ako ng boss ko. Hihihi.

    • Night

      kasali ako diyan. laki ng bayad sakin… mwehehe ikaw magkano nakuha mo? baka nadugas ka

    • AntiAko

      sumali ka rin sa PEOPLE POWER na ipinapanawagan ni idol mong Conrado de Quiros. Sa feb 25 daw yun. Punta ka para naman magkatao ang EDSA shrine…

  • NE5560TOR

    There is no doubt in my mind that the documents used by the prosecutors are genuine because PSBank never raised questions the authenticity of the material points in the documents- such as the signatures of the parties, the account no. or the forms. Their basis of claiming that it is spurious is on the highlights and underlines.  I believe that those highlights and underlines where done on the documents after it was leaked and naturally if you photocopy it, they will be reflected.

    • Night

      talaga nakita mo,…. mag volunteer ka na testigo ng prosecution dalian mo….. tanga!

      • NE5560TOR

         No need to get mad. I am just sharing my view. Its plain and common sense. You need not be intelligent to make a simple analysis. If PSB bank is sure that it is not genuine, there is no need for the senators to suggest them to cover the dollar aspect of the documents and present the documents. They will show it themselves with out being asked, because it is to their best interest if they establish that the document is fake. They will not be defensive and unsure in their answers.

      • AntiAko

        hindi nga allowed yan ng mga batas natin na ipakita ang details on foreign currency, eh iisa lang ang document ng local at foreig currency kaya hindi talaga pwede ipakita… ang kulit mo…

      • NE5560TOR

         We will see this afternoon.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Dont be misinformed. That document is already in the senate. They taped or covered the info pertaining to the dollar account. Voila… Pwede na.


      With the changes, especially on adding of “K”, then it is not a faithful copy of the original. I agree, you can get the account numbers of the depositor by using the negotiated (cancelled) checks

      • NE5560TOR

         an unfaithful reproduction is not per se fake. What is important is the important details. Is it the same to the original with respect to the important details in it? We can not discount the possibility that after it was leaked, the documents may have been subjected to scrutiny and highlights and underlines maybe added and some markngs may also be there and also original copy of the bank. Additions and markings may have been added after the leakage.

  • Javier Alvaro Berenguer

    So its OK nowadays to leak bank documents…..Very Nice…..So tomorrow i’ll go to my bank ask one of my neighbor’s bank records. Because I suspect him of doing something. So I can help save the economy and the Philippines?????????

    • eye_in_the_sky

      going to the bak and asking for your neighbor’s bank records is not leaking. it is called stupudity because no one will give it to you.

      but if you worked in the bank and reproduced your neighbor’s bank records and showed to other people for some reason, that is leaking.

      please note the difference. and this twice before you make comparisons. already I see 2 people who are jsut like you. congratulations.

      • Javier Alvaro Berenguer

        Im not talking about differences, and I dont care about this impeachment thing, its a waste of my time and in fact it’s irritating. I’m just worried how people can do such a thing, leak privilege documents that it defeats the purpose of signing the bank agreement about confidentiality. I’m just concerned that people are letting this go through easily and in live tv. If you dont have any worries about this, i respect it. By the way I have no affiliations of either both parties involved in these charades. Have a good day….

  • don1974

    I would just like to inject some anecdotal stories to this hot topic.  I heard this story from my favorite barbershop.  They claimed that one day there was a “small lady” crying at their waiting lounge.  When they inquired, the “small lady” informed them that she was just recently scolded and fired by her powerful employer.  When she noticed that everyone seems to be intrigued by her statement, she begun to narrate them her story.

    She said that her employer, Mr. Respondent, was being charged in court.  Before the trial, Mr. Respondent requested all his lawyers to attend a meeting.  The “small lady” was Mr. Respondent’s close aide and was asked to bring all pertinent documents during the meeting.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  I called this meeting to determine our best strategy for the case.  As you can see, I just want to survive this trial and eventually resign after I have been acquitted from all the charges.  With the publicity that I am going to receive during the trial, I am planning to run for public office with a platform of “defender of the oppressed”.  The question now is How can I be acquitted from all these charges?

    LAWYER 1:  Mr. Respondent, what do you think is the strongest charge against you that could lead to your conviction?  This way, we could already prepare a plan to railroad any of the prosecution’s strategy.

    MR. RESPONDENT: Well, I believe that the 2nd allegation against me is quite strong.  If you compare these documents (he asks the small lady to bring the documents), which consists of my peso and dollar accounts, with that of my SALN then you will see that there is a huge discrepancy.  I have no idea on how I could explain this discrepancy in court.

    LAWYER 2:  You can reason out that these deposits are given to you by your generous children or from your wealthy in-laws.  Anyway, they could not subpoena them in court because there is a law that  disallows family members from testifying against the accused.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  I don’t think that it is a good idea because I don’t want to involve my family in this case.  Besides, I would have difficulty looking for a high paying job for my children to make this reason believable.  This should be my last option if ever.

    LAWYER 3:  Maybe you could reason out that these were given to you by a wealthy dead relative and it was written in his will that your inheritance should not be reflected on your SALN otherwise it would be forfeited for the state.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  This is a good one but I don’t think that I could find a wealthy dead relative who could again sign his Last Will and Testament.

    LAWYER 4:  Maybe you could inform the court that you were able to find the Yamashita Treasure and place the proceeds in your account.  Just tell them that you are just holding these in trust until you are able to find the real owners.  This way, you consider these assets to be not your properties hence, you did not reflect them in your SALN.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  I don’t think that this is a good idea because who knows? The real owners of the treasure might eventually show up and actually claim these properties.

    LAWYER 5:  You can also claim that you won the Lotto several times and you are not aware that the winning amount had already been remitted to your account by PCSO.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  Again, this would be difficult to prove because I think that there is a paper trail for this which I could not produce.  Besides, I don’t buy Lotto tickets because as I have said earlier, I don’t really gamble.  However, I am sometimes amused that I win prizes in raffle draws despite the fact that I haven’t bought any tickets or join the raffle.

    LAWYER 6 (youngest lawyer):  Sir, why don’t you just say the truth and inform the court that you are only holding these properties and money in trust for the “Sick Little Girl”?  And since you are just holding it for safekeeping then you don’t consider it as your own hence, it is not reflected in your SALN.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  This is the most stupid idea that I have ever heard all day.  If I did this, all my other colleagues that had been appointed by her would surely roast me alive.  Because they would also be forced to reflect these on their own SALN.  I would then have difficulty getting a TRO if ever I would need it.  Besides, the “Sick Little Girl” told me that I could eventually have these assets once she is absolved/acquitted from all her charges.

    LAWYER 7:  Why don’t we just bribe all the judges?

    MR. RESPONDENT: How much would that cost?

    LAWYER 7:  Probably around P 100 million for each judge.

    MR. RESPONDENT: And where did you get that amount?

    LAWYER 7: I’ve heard that the other side is planning to dangle that amount although I could not reveal my source due to a Client-Lawyer Privacy relationship.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  I am still new with my position so I am still unable to afford that amount of money.  Besides, I had always followed the advise of my friend to moderate my greed.

    LAWYER 8:  Sir. If it is difficult to justify these evidences then I believe that the best way to proceed with the case is to quash all the evidences brought against you.  

    MR. RESPONDENT: Is that possible?

    LAWYER 8:  Sir, I memorized the constitution, all the laws and all the resolved cases in this land.  These are all at the back of my mind.  I could easily manipulate the court hearing to our advantage.  We will always find the right legal maneuvers and technicalities so that no evidence would eventually be accepted in court.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  Don’t you think that the prosecutors would find a way to railroad our strategy?

    LAWYER 8: Some of the prosecutors had been my student.  I believe that they are inexperienced and are below my standard.  I could always lecture them in court to make them look incompetent.  We could also ask our youngest lawyer here to encourage his other inexperience friends to volunteer for the prosecution.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  This is brilliant.  For bringing out this idea, I am appointing you to lead my defense team.

    All LAWYERS: How about our fess?

    MR. RESPONDENT: Don’t worry about it!  You have seen before how I reward those, who I consider my friends.  Di ba, kaya nga ako may kaso ngayon?

    The meeting was then adjorned.

    After the small lady narrated her story, those at the barbershop were intrigued on why she was fired.  The “small lady” sobbed and mentioned what her employer just told her.

    MR. RESPONDENT:  After the meeting, I told you to purge the documents from the eyes of the prosecutors and not to splurge it.  For this, you are fired!

    The last thing that we heard about the “small lady” is that she received a generous separation package with a 1 year all expense paid trip to any destination of her choice.

    • thunderbolt01



       good story, one inconsistency though… what is she doing in a barbershop? A lady would go to a parlor and never to a barbershop… unless of course the lady is not a lady but a man trapped in a body of a woman. Why not change the barbershop to “coffee shop” or a spa?

      • don1974

        Probably she is just accompanying a hubby.  Anyway, as I have said this is just an anecdotal story.

    • sacrebleau

       Ehe ehe he . . . . . . . . . nice.

  • Night

    Galing mo Javier….

    Yung mga yellow terds dito na infected ng yellow plague virus never makuha sinabi mo… bukod sa uto uto at nalason ang utak… bobo talaga yang mga yellow squad na yan

    • pinklace88

      uyyy nagsalita ang matalino… hahahaha:)

    • enerinuj


      • Night


        G A G O…….. 


  • scconcern

    EVA AURIAS sino ba ito…anong relasiyon kay CORONA???????????????????

  • dani77777

    These are real. Meron lang extra notes yong isa but for the most part “faithful reproduction” ito, considered genuine kagaya ng sabi ni Sen. Estrada.

    For the defense: Let us get done with this. The bottom line is that those accounts were there and Corona lied about it. You are NOT disputing this. You are only disputing HOW in the hel1 the prosecution got hold of this information which is true.

    The people rest their case.

  • RJ

    Drilon and Jinggoy are correct. The best way to prove that the witness’ claim of fake is to bring the signature card to the court and compare the fake document to the original bank document. How could the judges hold the witness claim as true when they have not eve witnessed the witness’ claim of comparing the document presented from the original bank document. And now that she is compelled by enrile to bring the document, her alibi now is that the signature card has been turned over to their head office. This is absurd. What if the depositor will transact today with the Bank, what would be their basis for verifying the depositor’s signature in the Branch if his signature card is with the Head office? I suspect that the Bank intentionally is hiding the Signature Card as the reproduction is not a fake for if it is proven authentic with the original, the Bank will be incriminating itself and will now be criminally liable in violation of Art. 1405.
        Further, the practice of Banks before was that when a customer open an account, normally they use 3 sets of signature cards. (All original). One original set is with the Signature Verifier, the second original set is kept by the Branch Cashier and the 3rd original set is kept inside the Cash Vault and arrange in what they call Alpha File. The first set is the one the Bank used for daily transaction and is possible during the course of time, additional markings and notes are written regarding the client. This marking or notes normally do not appear on the second and third set as these are kept inside the vault and considered back up specimens. These could explain why the attached markings appear in the attached documents as these could have been reproduced using the signature verifiers set of signature cards. While the original being referred to by the manager used to compare are the signature cards in the Alpha File. But if you put the 2 documents together, both will bear the same signature of the depositor including other data written during the initial opening of the account.
        This will all come to light when the Bank will comply with the order and bring their original document.

    • pinklace88

      ewan ko ba diyan sa Pilipinas sobrang OA din minsan ang banking system palibhasa kulang sa technology at sistema. when you worked abroad and experience the advancement of information technology systems, maiinis ka sa sistema ng pilipinas. dito sa dubai, hindi nga pinapansin ang signatures na kailangan parehong pareho pag nag wi wtihdraw sa specimen signature kasi secondary lang to, may mas accurate na sistema sila na nasa computer, may electronic identification card na ang lahat ng residents kaya kung may gagawin kang krimen, di makakalusot, ang dami pang camera. di n kailangan ng maraming papeles

    • indiosbravos2002

      i think you have a point, when you open a CA/SA account, normally there are multiple copies of signature cards that you need to accomplish. I always wonder why they needed multiple copies but Ronald explained it above. Make sense.

  • Barak_O

    if it’s original, annabelle will have to answer how the document was copied out to the little lady.

    if it’s not, why are the accounts correct?

  • sacrebleau

    The accounts are real, Corona is a fake CJ appointed by a little midget with fake boobs your honor.

    • Spike

       — oh please dont demean youself i know you are small and you had that fake boob job last year but dont be too harsh on yourself yellow tard

  • JosephNess

    one way also to prove this issue, is to let the signatories to these documents from the time it was open,  testify its authenticity, for sure they will know the documents and their affixed signatures, then this issue of authenticity will be concluded…these two witnesses from the PSBank were just protecting their bank by declaring these documents fake, as their only means of salvaging their banks from this damage image to its depositors…they will do all they can to belied everything that was already known about their banks in this impeachment proceedings…

    • edwin

      exactly. though their intention is to really help the prosecutors in pinning down corona. the problem lies in the prosecutor who were all jumpy. atat na atat. ayan , tuloy nagbackfire. pero kahit ano pang sabihin ng kung sinong nagmamnagaling, we’re quite sure corona is guilty of underdeclaration of his assets in his saln and tax evasion. 

  • Allan

    It’s hard to understand why they are wasting their time in checking whether the bank records are genuine or fake. Bakit d na lang magpadala ng representative both sides  sa bank and get a copy of the docs that they want. Get a printed bank statement, signed by the manager. un na. ang daming pang basahan. Slow reader pa naman ang karamihan sa mga genuis people sa loob ng impeachment court. bobombahin na ng Israel ang Iran, hindi pa tapos ang trial na ito

  • JosephNess

    fruits of the poison tree as we always heard from the defense, applies to criminal court proceedings wherein, one must not get evidence against a person through illegal means, that was made in the US for the purpose of prohibiting police from planting evidense, forcing any body to produce evidence against their will, coerce anyone to testify, etc…but in an impeachment court, which most said that it has its own rules, poison tree as it is, may not be taken as a condition to prohibit anyone from taking their evidence from any means, for as long as the truth to this case will be revealed.

  • Fakescthiefjustice

    Midnight appointment of a Fake President Arroyo,Renato Corona, as Fake SC Chief Justice
    – 200+ other illegal midnight appointments
    9.Jose Midas Marquez

  • Fakescthiefjustice

    SC Thief Justice is man enough, He should admit the fact that he has a long-standing romantic relationship with a gentle lady named EVA Auria with whom the Chief Justice has two (2) illegitimate sons.

  • Spike

    as per my favorite columnist Mr. Tiglao:
    Aquino is the first Liberal to win the presidency since Macapagal, but this was due neither to his personality nor to the Liberal’s political prowess, but because of mass hysteria that Cory Aquino’s spirit lives in his son’s body. A Roxas win would have ensured a new, post-Aquino golden age for the Liberal Party. But he lost, and the Liberals are now trying to move mountains to reverse his defeat, with Corona’s impeachment as the most crucial phase of that campaign.
    As in all major historical events, Corona’s trial has its economic element (to get P10 billion for Hacienda Luisita) and its political dimension (to get Roxas to be vice president). There is also a personal facet to it.
    Corona’s term – if he is not taken out – ends October 2018. For senior Associate Justice Carpio, who was appointed by Arroyo five months before Corona, the scenario is sheer psychological torture. He will spend seven maddening years seeing his rival preside over the Court, and when he becomes chief justice, it will be for only one year, as he retires October 2019.


  • Atlason

    The bank officials who should know better had already declared that the “evidence” presented by the prosecution are fake, what else is there to it? It is despicable that the prosecutors get away with submitting fake evidence, the public has become more and more aware of their shenanigans, shame on these liars and fabricators of fake evidence.

    • Handiong

      Only a fool will accept the word of anyone, even if the latter is a bank official, that a document is fake without asking for evidence. Even a bank official is capable of lying. And the PSBank President has all the reasons to lie because admitting that the documents are genuine will mean that PSBank has violated the bank secrecy law, which is a criminal offense.

    • enerinuj


  • tigercharlie

    The Senator DOG with the magic word…”IMPEACHMENT”…suddenly become Senate GOD…seeing, feeling, thinking they are SUPREME over anything under the sun. 

    These GODS  do not follow the law of the land regarding bank secrecy, and they don’t care if the bank close down and bank employees lost their jobs, just to prove their point… that the Bank President and manager are liars when they said it is fake.

    ” In the name of IMPEACHMENT…I compell you “…tamaan sana kayo ng kulog at kidlat mga nag diyos diyosan.

  • tonto_ka

     it is for the basic survival of the bank for them to claim that the paper is a forgery for that shifts the onus to the prosecution. To say it is real is to imply a leak and that will trigger a bank run. A leak will put the manager into hot water – prison sentence at the most, ruin of career at the least. Hence, the prosecution has to prove that the document is real and they run to the Senator-jurors to help them via “clarificatory questions”.

  • Maximumaries

    This is the only way to conclude by comparing the original documents with that of the photo copy that, who is talking right!Was the original doco was doctored after the first appearance by the PS Bank president on witness stand that totally changed his tune contrary to his first revealation that the accounts seems to be the same and no word of FAKE was made by him?

    • Sonny Whirly

      Ask the Senate Impeachment court to get an expert in document analysis and handwriting/signature expert.  Definitely the PS Bank executives would not testify that it is the real document which was photocopied.  They will be accountable for the Bank Secrecy Law.  The Document analyst and  handwriting/signature expert would be able to determine if the photocopy document is the reproduction of the original document even if the photocopy document has highlighted portion which the PS Bank executives said the differences in the two documents.  Thus,  we would know if it is a fake or just a photocopy….

  • Navigator

    Hope our laws will change so real transparency to all transaction in banks and everything else, this way crime will be minimize and easily solve such as this one. Trials are supposed to find the truth not bare the truth from lot of techinicalities. Transparency can hardly be obtain if the due process itself is obscure.

    • Sonny Whirly

      A new law which will change the FCDA was just drafted by Jinggoy.  We hope this will solve such problem in the future.
      Idagdag pa na iRequire lahat ang Government officials to issue a waiver for his/her bank accounts (local or foreign) be opened in case of impeachment or court case on unexplained wealth.  This waiver will be submitted together with the SALN in the new format which was being contested by a politician Congressman Rufus Rodriguez.

  • Navigator

    Kudos to all the brave people who stands for the truth and willing to take the consequences and its peril. They are the true hero.

    • Harry

      We have too many heroes today and what this country needs are ordinary people with common sense.

  • Guest

    Dapat ibasura na yang impeachment trial against Honorable Chief Justice Renato Corona for the sake of Judicial Independence!

    Eh ano kung magnanakaw si Chief Justice? Eh ano kung tumatanaw siya ng utang na loob sa isa ring magnanakaw na naging amo nya sa mahabang panahon at nagtalaga sa kanya bilang justice at bago siya bumaba sa pwesto ay nagtalaga sa kanya bilang Chief Justice? Eh ano kung sya at ang kanyang buong pamilya ay naninirahan sa mga mamahaling real properties na nabili dahil sa mga ninakaw niya sa kaban ng bayan? Eh ano kung ang pang-araw araw na kinakain at isinusuot niya at ng kanyang pamilya ay galing sa nakaw? Eh ano kung mayroon syang milyong milyong peso and dollar accounts sa banko na di maipapaliwanag kung saan nanggaling kundi malinaw na naipon din dahil sa pagnanakaw at pagbebenta ng desisyon? Eh ano kung ginagamit niya ang kanyang kapangyarihan bilang Chief Justice upang protektahan din niya ang mga kauri niyang magnanakaw at tiwaling kawani ng pamahalaan? Eh ano kung isa syang corrupt at tiwaling hukom?

    Ang mahalaga, dapat manatiling independent ang judiciary. Ang judiciary ay ang Chief Justice at ang Chief Justice ang judiciary!

    • RomyLitz

      Very good. Hindi “easy” and kalagayan ni Corona. Your introduction is leading but the conclusion remains more leading !  Bravo !!

    • tonto_ka

      how can a person become honorable when he is not TRANSPARENT? Something is in question about his honesty and only him can prove that he is WORTHY to be called HONORABLE. 

    • benny

      tsk..tsk..tsk…Mightymike817….wake up…para sa apo ng mga pamangkin at kaapo-apohan mo…baka pati ang hangin hinihinga nila ay manakaw din sa kanila….

  • RomyLitz

    There is only one man in this planet exempted in the violation of the FCDU act and only one man to prove whether Garcia or Tiongson or Tupas is lying, only one and only Corona himself. He will not violate the SC TRO if he volunteers to open everything, Dollar or Peso or Remninbi The problem however is, if he does so, he should relinquish the position as the Grandmaster or Thief Justice of the Philippines?

  • Sonny Whirly

    The Senate Impeachment court must invite an expert in document analysis and handwriting/signature.  Definitely the PS Bank executives would not testify that it is the real document which was photocopied.  They will be accountable for the Bank Secrecy Law.  The Document analyst and  handwriting/signature expert would be able to determine if the photocopy document is the reproduction of the original document even if the photocopy document has highlighted portion which the PS Bank executives said the differences in the two documents.  Thus,  we would know if it is a fake or just a photocopy….

    • Harry

      It is impossible to compare actual hand writings against photocopies. The comparisons must be made between actual hand writings.

      Many sophisticated soft wares can scan and reproduce to scale signatures; and, the reproductions can then be cut and pasted at precise locations of an artificially produced documents.

    • Morskie52

      I think, if I remember right the Bank president already admitted when questioned by Enrile about the document, that the document is a facsimile, therefore an exact copy. 

  • tonto_ka

    it is for the basic survival of the bank for them to claim that the paper is a forgery for that shifts the onus to the prosecution. To say it is real is to imply a leak and that will trigger a bank run. A leak will put the manager into hot water – prison sentence at the most, ruin of career at the least. Hence, the prosecution has to prove that the document is real and they run to the Senator-jurors to help them via “clarificatory questions”.

  • dani77777

    From: PROPINOY?net
    Mcmacavinta: posted the following

    Chief Justice Renato Corona wants to project the image that he is a loving husband to his wife, Cristina. The fact is, the Chief Justice has not only betrayed the public trust but most importantly, has betrayed his marital vow. 

    If the Chief Justice is man enough, He should admit the fact that he has a long-standing romantic relationship with a gentle lady named EVA with whom the Chief Justice has two (2) illegitimate sons. EVA also hails from Batangas and had her education from Assumption College just like his wife Cristina who also graduated earlier from the same school.

    For Chief Justice Renato C. Corona not to mention his children with EVA as if they do not exist at all, is the highest form of ignominy and immorality that he can commit not only against his legitimate wife and family but against his oath as the highest magistrate of the land.

    An inquiry into his relationship with EVA and his illegitimate children in connection with the on-going impeachment trial becomes extremely necessary in the light of the properties given by the Chief Justice to them. EVA, who has previously undergone a heart bypass operation, is known not to have worked from the time she had this romantic liaison with the Chief Justice nor does she have any known business of her own and yet, EVA is luxuriously living in the United States, together with her two (2) illegitimate children with the good Chief Justice.

    The SALN of CJ Corona does not indicate any such properties. 

    And the reason for the frequent trips of CJ Corona to the United States, the latest of which was late last year, was to visit EVA and his children with her. That CJ Corona could afford to support the kind of luxurious lifestyle of EVA and her children in the U.S. is certainly for the Chief Justice to explain considering his small salary.

    A simple investigation on the identity and circumstances of EVA can easily be done by a simple inquisition in Batangas as well as from the classmates, relatives and friends of EVA and of CJ Corona.

    I know these facts because EVA is a relative of mine and it pains me immensely to see the Chief Justice professing his love for Cristina on nationwide television when he has confessed to my relative that he loves her far more than his wife. In fact, the Chief Justice made EVA believe that he was already separated from his wife Cristina. This probably explains why for the longest time, the Chief Justice has not reported in his SALN the fact of Cristina’s working in government and the fact that Cristina has not signed the SALNs as his wife. 

    Betrayal of public trust? This is a small matter than what the Chief Justice has done to his wife and family which constitutes the highest form of immoral act – BETRAYAL OF MARITAL TRUST.

    Real name of CJ Corona’s girlfriend – Eva Auria; She hails from Rosario, Batangas; She graduated from Assumption College (not from Maryknoll College) She has two (2) sons with CJ Corona who are now in their teens; She is residing now in the United States. CJ Corona’s wife, Cristina, knows about the elicit relationship of her husband with Eva. To know more about the details on Eva, a simple investigation of Eva’s background in Rosario Batangas and Assumption College would elicit the necessary informations. Eva has plenty of properties in the US. They keep secret the exact address. The bagman of CJ Corona (who facilitates the transfer of funds from Corona to Eva is “Abet” who is a relative by affinity of Eva, being married to a stepsister of Eva. (The wife of Abet has the same mother as Eva but different Fathers). The biggest delivery to Eva involves the bribe money given by the Aguirres of Banco Filipino.

    If the bank accounts of CJ Corona and his wife are opened, it will not be a surprise to see a running balance of not less than P200M. The bribe from the owner of the previously closed alone was a whopping P200M. And most money went to Eva through the Assistance of Abet.

    The sons of Corona carry the name of the mother. But CJ Corona has openly recognized Ate Eva’s sons as his. A simple search at the NSO using “Renato C. Corona” would readily reveal this. For a time, when Eva was still in the Philippines, Renato and Eva lived as husband and wife. In fact, all our relatives in Rosario, Batangas and in the United States, knew the long-standing relationship. We all thought that Renato was already separated from Cristina. Some of Renato’s relatives in Tanuan, Batangas where he hailed from, know about this relationship. Some friends of Renato have seen the 2 sons and have been their ninongs. All our relatives thought really that Renato will never deny his relationship with Ate Eva. Sana hindi nya gagawin iyon kasi kawawa sya at ang mga bata.

    • Morskie52

      Thank you for your very enlightening contribution. I consider you as one of those concerned citizens who wants truth to come out.

      • Green_Latern

        showbiz na showbiz talaga…. :)

  • joboni96

    psbank = pagninakaw sagotnamin bank
    covering its behind

    now let us see the

  • pj2003

    fake or real? does not matter anymore since the truth is (Midnight) Chief Justice Corona have millions of money deposited in the banks that is nth time bigger than what he declares in his SALN. He has properties that were not listed in his SALN and the declared ones were undervalue. Corona is a perennial liar because he did not declare year after year his true net worth in his SALN. He is guilty of betrayal of public trust and therefore not fit to stay as Chief Justice.

  • noeltabaz2

    Something seems wrong in the document being presented by PSB.  Whether its accounting system is manual (and who uses it nowadays) or computerized, there should be a separate document for the peso and foreign currency deposit.  Subsidiary ledgers of peso deposit is separate from the foreign currency deposit.  The impeachment court may require the PSB to just submit a complete printout, from opening date to present, of CJ Corona’s peso deposit.

  • yellow_brigade

    mag resign ka na korona..kahit peke daw pero real naman yung accounts mo..meaning existing and kicking..An importante para sa amin meron kang tinatago..Pano mo ngayon yan maprove that 3.5M is equal to 31.5M? Just give us your mathematical derivation..Ang depensa pilit tinatakpan ang utot na lumabas galing sa puwit ni korona thru technicalities pero lumalabas pa rin..Di ka na nahiya Korona ka kapit tuko ka pa sa posisyon mo..Pano mo naman masabi yung properties mo?Pano mo malusutan yan..At least sa properties mo walang bank secrecy law na maapply..Pero balik tayo sa equation does 3.5M declared account is equal to 31.5M revealed accounts?Mathematician ako pero di ko ma equate ito..Kahit integrate or differentiate di kaya..

  • raffido

    Hay naku, para tayong inuuto nitong PSB. Puede kasi ang bank statement ay yong ipinapadala sa account holder. Puede rin yong computer generated doon sa teller. Magkaiba ang hitsura noon. Pero ang mga items will never be different. pag may tumingin na sa isang statement, malay mo i-hi lite or underline ang mga items doon. pero the amounts and dates should be the same. this is a non-issue. pero makikita natin sa original. Kung walang original, eh di tingnan sa screen monitor.

  • frocy

    i’m not saying that the CJ is not guilty. what’s happening is a wake up call to everyone in the public service. i’m just wondering why these good lawyers and businessmen are dying to enter politics. is it not that the politics is the best way to become rich easily? as I can see, the properties and the money they’re talking as alleged to be owned by CJ are not that big compare to the properties and riches of these congressman and senators. i think the CJ is just being politicized. do you think these politicians (congressmen) especially these prosecutors declared their riches truthfully.
    the law is the law and it should be apply to all or none at all. If ever there’s a problem with the law, the law makers (congressmen & senators) should amend or correct them. puro kasi pagpapayaman at pagpapapogi ang inaasekaso. P-NOY, what did you do when you’re still a law-maker? As far as my limited understanding is concerned, the judicial is just implementing what the law says.

  • Jozz

    It could be that in the process of photocopying there were blotches on the copying machine which could somehow have affected its look from the original. Where were the differences? Was it on the figures in the document, in the signatures or just the external looks of it like if there were lines, black patches etc. Was it in the account number? Its also possible that in the process of copying the original, the paper got crinkled in the machine which made the output look what it is.

  • Jozz

    If Corona’s dollar accounts cannot be opened by competent then can his SALN be made to show that it is accurate? Shouldnt the law on accountability be higher than the law on secrecy (of dollar deposits)? Are these dollar deposits of our kapwa pinoys beyond the law then? Who is the criminal who will agree to show his stolen dollars?

  • Francis81

    Fake or Real?  PWEENOY: Fake na lalaki, fake na matino, fake na matuwid, at higit sa lahat FAKE na SMARTMATIC President!

  • dipakosigurado

    Itong kaso faw laban kay CJ ay mas mabilis pang natutunaw sa yelong nakabilad sa araw…!

    Pero pag nagsalita si Pnoy, kala mo meron talagang ebidensiya, eh wala pala…isang buwan ko na sinusubaybayan ito, wala pa ako makita…!

    Gising na mg akababayan…Hacienda Luisita lang talaga ito, or P10B na gusto kabayaran ng mga Cojuangco-Aquino…

    • Tatak_Nakaw_Arroyo

      Kung ikaw pagaari mo ang hacienda Luisita tiyak na ipaglalaban mo rin. Huwag kang ipokrito. Huwag kang mag post kung hindi ka sigurado. HUNG-HANG ka talaga.

  • Lapu_lapu

    Now it’s PSB that’s making it hard for the proceedings to run smoothly. Management of PSB should be more introspective of the need of the Filipino people for the truth. Lest it will find itself in the receiving end of mass withdrawal of funds from their banks. Who would transact money with corrupt banks? In the final analysis, this is a fight that Corona picked up with the people, not PSB. It has been warned fairly, there will be backlashes if PSB continues its bent ways.

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