‘Small lady’ no-show on Senate CCTV


BUT WHERE IS SHE? House prosecutor Representative Reynaldo Umali is caught on the Senate CCTV being interviewed by the media in this still-frame shot taken at 1:39 p.m. on February 2. SENATE CCTV

The prosecution’s “small lady” is apparently so tiny that she can’t be seen in the closed-circuit television (CCTV) videos of the Senate.

In a report to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer on Monday night, Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Jose Balajadia Jr. said he had reviewed the CCTV videos and found no sign of the woman who, according to Mindoro Oriental Representative Reynaldo Umali’s account, showed up at the Senate on February 2 and handed him an envelope containing documents involving Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Basis for subpoena

The documents, including supposed photocopies of Corona’s specimen signature cards concerning his dollar deposits at Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), served as the basis for the subpoena issued by the impeachment court on February 6 for the records of the Chief Justice’s bank accounts.

Enrile has ordered the prosecution, of which Umali is a member, to “explain in 24 hours” why it was able to obtain copies of the cards that Corona purportedly signed when he first opened a dollar account with PSBank’s branch on Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, in 2008.

An unfazed Umali said Tuesday in one media interview that he was standing by his story, and joked that the woman he had earlier described as a “small lady” could have been so “microscopic” as to evade detection by the Senate CCTV.

Shooting whistle-blowers

Umali also told reporters that he would not have risked losing his lawyer’s license “had I not believed these documents were accurate.”

He said he did not know the woman who gave him the envelope.

In a press briefing, Marikina Rep. Romero Quimbo, the prosecution’s spokesman, expressed confidence that the impeachment court would not set aside the evidence presented by his team regarding Corona’s bank accounts.

Quimbo said there was no need for the prosecution to produce the woman who gave Umali the documents.

“Why are we shooting the whistle-blowers? Whoever the person who [provided the documents] has shown to us that we have a Chief Justice who was lying under oath. So why are we shooting that particular individual?” he said.

Quimbo also said the prosecution had full trust in the impeachment court’s judgment on the admissibility of the bank documents.

“We know and we trust that the Senate will always make the appropriate judgment in terms of ruling on the evidence because what they have right now were actually presented by the witnesses, not the ones attached by the prosecution,” he said.


Last week, Umali described the woman as “definitely heaven-sent” to the prosecution in its struggle to present the truth on Corona’s supposed unexplained wealth.

“I don’t really know who she is,” he said then. “I can’t remember her face. She appeared to be very ordinary, definitely not that beautiful because otherwise I would have paid more attention to her.”

The lawmaker said the woman gave him the envelope “probably in the Senate premises” while he was on his way to his vehicle to attend a meeting with other prosecution members in a hotel on Roxas Boulevard.

Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas Jr., the chief prosecutor, told the impeachment court that Umali turned over the envelope to the team during its regular meeting in the hotel.

Tupas said the prosecution attached the contents of the envelope to its request for subpoena because it believed in the documents’ accuracy.

Umali said the woman’s identity was “irrelevant” as long as she helped the prosecution in bringing out the truth about Corona’s local and foreign currency deposits.

Told that the documents were illegally acquired in violation of the Bank Secrecy Law, Umali said: “I don’t think [the principle of] the fruit of the poisonous tree applies here. After all, it’s the court that agreed to subpoena the bank documents.”

Umali’s movements

In a report to Enrile dated February 7, Balajadia said he reviewed the CCTV footage that recorded the movements on February 2 of “a person bearing the appearance of Congressman Reynaldo Umali” in the Senate from the time of arrival at 1:07 p.m. until the time of departure on 3:19 p.m.

Umali was seen entering the lobby at 1:07 p.m. and proceeding to take the stairs to the Padilla Room on the second floor, which houses the prosecution staff members and also serves as working area for the House press corps.

Shortly after, camera No. 11 captured Umali while having an interview with the media at 1:39:20 p.m.

The footage showed Umali talking with “a short female, although we did not monitor anything that appeared to be a transfer of documents or objects between the two individuals,” Balajadia said.

Media and Senate security personnel surrounded Umali while he was being interviewed in the hallway leading to the Senate press room.

The next footage captured by camera No. 10 showed Umali taking the elevator from the second floor to the fifth floor at 1:42 p.m.

Another ‘short female’

Umali entered the Pendatun Room, which serves as the temporary office of the prosecution, but at 2:28 p.m. “he was seen standing outside near the Pendatun Room appearing to be talking to an individual who appears to be a short female,” Balajadia said.

“Their interaction lasted until about 2:33 p.m.,” he said.

Camera No. 14 footage showed Umali entering the Senate session hall at 2:26 p.m. when the impeachment trial had already started. He left at 3:15 p.m. using the exit stairs on the second floor.

No camera has been installed in this area, which makes it a blind spot. It took Umali only a minute to surface at the main lobby on the ground floor.

Umali boarded his car at 3:19 p.m.

“Please note that we did not monitor anything that appeared to be a transfer of documents or objects from his interaction with an unidentified person in the fifth floor, not at the Session Hall, second floor hallway, and ground floor lobby up to the time he exited the Senate lobby and seemingly boarding a vehicle,” Balajadia said.

‘Fake documents’

Under questioning by Senator Francis Escudero at the February 6 hearing, Umali said he could not recall the identity of the woman, or where exactly in the Senate he had met her.

But he recalled meeting her before leaving the Senate for the Department of Public Works and Highways’ main office in Port Area, Manila, where he followed up some of his pending projects before proceeding to Midas Hotel and Casino for the regular post-trial briefing with members of the prosecution.

He said that while in his car en route to the meeting, he looked at the documents that he later turned over to Tupas at the meeting.

But when she testified at the impeachment court on Monday, PSBank Katipunan branch manager Annabelle Tiongson said the specimen signature cards submitted by the prosecution to the Senate Clerk of Court were not genuine.

“[These] are fake documents,” Tiongson said. “These did not come from our bank. [These] are not replicas of genuine documents.”

Enrile, Escudero and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada took turns in questioning Tiongson on the authenticity of the signature cards.

‘Short’ custodians?

According to Tiongson, signature cards are kept in a cabinet in a vault at the bank.

She said two bank officers held the key for the “safekeeping” of the cards, but that she could access the documents as well.

Enrile’s said: “Not one of them can open the filing cabinet without the other?”

She replied: “Yes, it’s a joint custody.”

Asked by Sen. Jinggoy Estrada whether the custodians of the signature cards were “small ladies,” Tiongson said they were “shorter than I am” but that the height of a person was “relative” to the observer.

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  • pangitbudhiko

    it could be grace lee

    • ngoyngoybastos

      it could not be grace lee, hoy! si llamas iyung small lady..si llamas ay asawa ni Pnoy Abnoy 

  • pangitbudhiko

    just trying to be funny. and don’t be calling ME bobo or what. But the way I see this impeachement CASE where it is heading it is heading right thru the canundrum of lies from DAY ONE OF THE IMPEACHMENT

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MIQDQTQUTZG2IKF73OODCLQMPY R

    Off course it was a fictitious story! Umali was saying it doesn’t matter now since we already have the documents through subpeona “PIGGING EXPEDITION”. Senate was fooled to issue subpoena – damage done! Senate can now rule to VOID all the proceedings regarding bank accounts because they were FAKE or  ILLEGALLY obtained.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MIQDQTQUTZG2IKF73OODCLQMPY R

    The end does not justify the means!

    • ngoyngoybastos

      kay Pnoy Abnoy, gagawin niya ang lahat maka paghigante lang sya kay GMA..kasi na basted sya nang ligawan nya si GMA nung student pa sya sa ateneo..may proof ako dito, galing din kay small lady, hahahahah..so microscopic, hindi makita daw sa CCTV nang senado….WHOM THE GODS WISH TO DESTROY, THEY FIRST MAKE MAD…iyan si pnoy abnoy na asawa ni llamas..palagi silang manood nang fake dvd diyan sa malacanang.

      • adam_d_ant

        hoy ikaw na naman … hindi naman nanligaw…..

        nahuli lang na nambubuso  ….. tulo pa laway eh ..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UUKT3KMR3HZPFPTGCWK5XQ2WY Mark

    Microscopic daw si little lady, kaya hindi makita sa CCTV ayun ni Cong Umali.

    My god!

    Are these the people tasked to impeach the chief justice?

    Stop this impeachment proceeding now!

    I want a refund of my tax used to support this circus!

    • ngoyngoybastos

      ang mastermind dito sa lokohang ito ay si Pnoy Abnoy, na asawa ni LLamas..nag pa secret marriage iyong dalawa sa Las Vegas..may picture ako jung gusto ninyong makita ang wedding nang dalawa na si Pnoy Abnoy at Llamas.Bigay sa akin ni small lady din..hahahaha

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UUKT3KMR3HZPFPTGCWK5XQ2WY Mark


        Nag 69 pa daw si ABnoy at Llamas sa Las Vegas during their honeymoon.

        Nakuha sa hidden camera inside their hotel suite.

        Nasa possession daw ang tapes ni small lady!

      • adam_d_ant

        hey, kayong dalawa … kaunting suwabe naman ‘tol ..

        bigyan naman natin ng kaunting privacy ang sex life ng ating dear leader  …leave it to imagination na lang …..

    • aristeosj

      si small lady kasing liit ng utak mo at yagballs mo!!!hahaha!!!

  • arjoedeg

    Sobrang kahihiyan na ginagawa ng prosecution, kahit galing sa pusali ang ebidensya e ipag-pipilitan pa na reliable. pwe! nakakasuka na kayo, sobrang panloloko na ginagawa ninyo sa taong bayan, kala nyo naman e mang-mang lahat ang pilipino.

  • trader003

    Rep. Umali, I was born at night, but I was not born last night. 

  • Mekeni Aso

    Iisa lang naman ang small lady. Si Gloria Arroyo

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UUKT3KMR3HZPFPTGCWK5XQ2WY Mark

      Did you mean to say, pati PNP nahawa sa ka bobohan ni NoyNoy at nalusutan sila ni GMA para pumunta sa senado at mag bigay ng dokumento kay Umali?

      Don’t you think, dapat nang palitan si ABnoy, at sobra nang nakakahawa ang kanyang ka bobohan?

      Pwerhisyo na talaga, di ba?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BMBLRJHAFMH2Q5SLCNXQMVBNXM ramsor


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MIQDQTQUTZG2IKF73OODCLQMPY R

    Aquino adviser sees Corona acquittal

    • turkak



  • WAJ

    Why would the prosecution team presenting an evidence that is not certified by the bank or directly came from the bank itself. I think that is a negligence and total stupdity. If piece evidence  does not show proof of it’s genuine originality, then it is trash and the prosecution could be charge for comitting false evidence. That will devastate the case. You can not say “it came from him, her, and this and that, and so on. The presentation must be valid and genuine.

    • turkak




  • tiyo_paeng

    she’s too small, she can’t be seen…….

  • turkak



    BALIW  NA BAKLA PA !!!!!  YUCKS !!!!!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UUKT3KMR3HZPFPTGCWK5XQ2WY Mark

      Baliw at bakla na.

      Drug user pa.

      ‘Yan si NoyNOy

      Cory, when she was still alive, once confided to a friend that she was concerned about NoyNoy’s drug use.

      • pugadlawin21

        Just imagine na nakasuot babae siya, ang pangit siguro niyang Bakla. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    • pugadlawin21

      Ang hirap ayaw pang lumabas sa closet, ayaw iwagayway ang pride bandila niya. Siguro OK lang naman siguro sa mga Pilipino kung umamin siya na isa siyang Diwata. At least he can dress up the way he wants, wear high heel shoes and make up etc..

      • adam_d_ant

        akala ko bro serena, diwata pala.  my apologies to diwata ng kadiliman …

        si kristeta kaya?  impakta ng malacanang  … kaya pala me mga kuwento na me lumalabas na multo sa palasyo   – kristeta pala.

  • turkak




  • ututen

    nagsisinungaling itong si Umali. hindi dapat maging public servant to. 

    • Thadeo Thadeo

      He wqs Gloria’s deputy customs commissioner for more than five years and probably got his campaign funds from there.

  • summum

    The small lady is only a pigment of Oh,mali’s pandaka pygmaea-like brain…

  • dead_pixel

    Umali: Hihihi. Wala ba sa CCTV? Hihihi. Actually, sa Malacanang galing ‘yan. Peksman! Totoo na ‘to. Naman kasi. Itong si Tupak, anu-anu nalang ang kasinungalingang pinapasa sa amin. Yan tuloy, wala na ngang laman ang articles of impeachment, ngayon basurang-basura na!

  • pugadlawin21

    Galing kay Panot at Ochoa yang fake documents na yan. Akala nila mafo force out nila si Corona tulad ni Guttierez at bibigay na tulad ni Reyes through harassment at pagsali sa family members. Vicious ang Pangit na Panot na ito.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUZISWUMVDD5QJUC7GBJKEM7XA prangka

    Stupid scapegoat, Someone who just offered Umali what would be tantamount as a breakthrough of the prosecution could not recall the identity of the woman and the exact location they met? Ha ha ha. Is that all you’ve got? Are you insulting our subnormal intelligence? Kahit bobo kami kapag may ginawang kabutihan ang isang stranger sa amin hindi namin makakalimutan ang name, looks at lugar ng pinangyarhan ng kabutihan. Come up with better alibi this time para kahit konti maniwala kami.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XJ6M3EEK5LGN77YOMKJHBCXF7Q jeronimo

      wala kasi utang na loob ang mga yan. walang pakiaalam, matataas masyado ang tingin sa sarile. biruin mo, binigyan ka ng ebidensya ( peke nga lang ) ni ha ni ho wala? tapos para daw sa taong bayan ang ginagawa nila? tinawag ngang hulog ng langit, linait din naman, tinawag pang panget kaya di daw nya matandaan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LLPTRPFUTYJXKI3KJS4B2UO4LI Jim De Garman

    sa sobrang kaliitan ng small lady ay di narecord ng CCTV or might be invisible lady.

  • SeanPhilippe

    The document maybe FAKE however, there was no statement of denial that such dollar account did not exist.

    In fact, PSBank went in length on this issue by going to the Supreme Court, which the court later granted and was given a TRO.

    Impeachment Court is NOT a judicial court. It is a court whose main objective is to find the TRUTH. The accused will never go to jail nor will be fine with hundreds of millions of pesos. The accused will simply be removed from holding public office.

    Holding a public office carries a great weight and with it, comes great moral responsibility. It is expected that these people will render service honestly and fairly, without fear or favor, and will comply with our laws completely. The higher is the office, the greater is the responsibility, the greater power is entrusted.

    With all these talks about dollar accounts, CJ Corona never stated in his SALN that he owned a dollar account. However, his lawyer, Karen Jimeno made a statement that Corona’s dollar accounts were part of his savings before he became Chief Justice. And Corona only became Chief Justice on May 2010. All his previous SALN before being the Chief Justice stated NO DOLLAR ACCOUNTS.

    Now, the impeachment court is given the chance, the opportunity to get the TRUTH. Will they allow their hands to be tied simply because of LEGALITIES? 

    If the impeachment court would rather observe all legalities, then they are not qualified to sit as impeachment court. Let the justices of the Supreme Court sit as impeachment court since, as all the Senator-Judges had been saying, Supreme Court is the last interpreter of the law.

    Indeed, TRUTH is very elusive especially now that the TRO encourages everyone to be in public service, steal as much money as you can, corrupt the position to its full capacity, convert the ill-gotten wealth into dollars, and no one will know how you’ve become the richest man in this country. 

    And being a public servant, forget about being honest and truthful on SALN. The Supreme Court’s TRO made it a piece of junk.

    The more the impeachment court allowed themselves to be entangled with legalities, the more it tells us that IMPEACHMENT IS A FUTILE EXERCISE. 

    The best course would be: OCCUPY PADRE FAURA !!!

    • patawad

      Mag isa ka.       

      Isa lang, . . . . . . .. .  rule of law rules. .. . .

      • SeanPhilippe

        Criminals hide behind the law. No wonder there are so many criminals in the country.

    • erick_1972

       If really Corona is guilty then so be it remove him from office but at the expense of violating a law. The law in confidentiality on bank records are absolute and clear. Even If Corona had foreign accounts specially dollars ,how would have they known this when the law is strict . The end does not and never justify the means .They have charged the Chief Justice with 8 articles then why concentrate on the other articles. If there are no laws in these land to follow what more would the country become. That banking law have been there for more than 35 years ,to protect not only one person but the entire nation, This nation is facing tougher task to survive and to expose the law would put more brunt on this country to survive. OFW ,BPO ,manufacturing and trading would be surely be hit with those foreign having to transact their business with these banks. Banking confidentiality has already broken what reassurance can the banks give to its depositor nor foreign investor that they can transact their business.Indeed the country looking for the REAL TRUTH, but what expense .Economic turmoil,  more unemployment ,more hungry mouths to feed.

      • SeanPhilippe

        He is a public official and as such, he is required by law to DECLARE ALL HIS ASSETS. Public has the RIGHT TO KNOW. No secrecy law applies here when there is another law that requires you to disclose your assets being a public official.

      • erick_1972

        All public officials should declare their assets and liabilities.That is there a Statement of assets and liabilities.Agreed on that but to break the foreign currency law never. This not a question of legality nor truth but a question of the economic significance. Even the greatest assurance by all of the senators would they give the money lost by the bank if there was a bank run.Would they give money to factories , business that were affected by a closure of a bank.Is the truth that important or mouths to feed not that important.They always assure but what is an assurance to the real world .A word for the a money at hand. The end does not justify the means.

      • SeanPhilippe

        As a public official, he needs to abide by what RA6173 demands from him. That same law is telling him, informing him, that the PUBLIC HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW.

        To respect the bank secrecy law, you have to respect the Constitution and other laws first especially if you are a PUBLIC OFFICIAL.

    • Thadeo Thadeo

      This a tacit admission that you can’t win your case in a legitimate court, so you are going to storm Padre Faura.  Aw, c’mon, Sean.  Be a good sport, if you can’t be a law-abiding citizen.

      • SeanPhilippe

        How can you claim a court legitimate if the Chief Justice himself is being impeach?

        How can you claim the impeachment court legitimate if the Chief Justice himself questioning its existence?

        Let’s settle this by getting the HIGHEST number on the street.

        I say this: OCCUPY PADRE FAURA !!! (LOL)

  • MansoLakay

    Di ba galing sa BOC yang si Umali. Dapat pa ba tayong magtaka sa gawain nya.

  • patawad

    I think the best way to check if Umali is telling the truth is to:

    a.  Ask him how many people gave him papers on the day he said he received the envelope from  
          small lady.
    b.  Give him  a simulation test.  Memory test ,For sure though he will be playing amnesiac  
          Recognition  test kaya. Pwede din pshchological test kung may amnesia, or lie detector test.   
          Whatever,   mahuhuli din ang kasi nungalingan niyan.
    c.   I set up siya.  lagyan bugging devices sa mga places or things that is with him,  mahuli sa bibig.

  • obionekenobi

    this is what you get  when you dont look for cctv overhead before you make your well crafted story.

  • mekeni62

    suot kasi iyong invisibility cloak ni Harry potter.he he he

  • padrefaura

    may pa-truth truth pang nalalaman ang prosecution, eh nahuli nanaman silang nagsisinungaling.

  • Lucy Antonio

    Di ba nakatulong ang papel na naabot ng LITTLE LADY.Tama ang account numbers.Di sa banko galing.Di ba ang sino man na may account,na hack ang password.isang click lanl lalabas ang account list ,Security ng banko ang dapat maimbestiga,Baka di taga banko ang LITTLE Lady,HACKER na na acess ang bank record.

  • quirinomayer

    The small lady source of the P100M is no better than the small lady of the prosecution. They both do not exist. So patas na lang ang laban. 

  • g219h

    Desperado na talaga ang administrasyong ito…..fake docs and evidence?????
    Hacienda Luisita is worth 10 billion….thats why

  • g219h

    HULI kayo Mr Abnoy. You pieces of lying scambags cannot fool the public anymore

  • impending_raptor

    Mr. Umali are you stupid or just plain dumb?,knowingly that CCTV are essentially place in and out of  the Senate building and all your movements where monitored, but still you insist that a so-called “SMALL LADY” handed you the documents and you said, you can’t remember her face?. That’s because there was NONE. Please don’t take us for a fool.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ACH24YUHU7OHCQ6CPLOEDZPLYM Leo

      HE IS STUPID!!!!.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    Even if the woman is found and presented, this woman cannot prove she got the evidence in good faith. She stole it. Hence, all documents and related testimonies are bound to be nullified. And the prosecution should be punished for making a mockery of our justice system.

    • MyBelovedPhil

      It does not matter if the evidence is not acquired in good faith, what matter is the account exists. By Constitution, it mandated public officials to disclose all of their assets and that failing to do so would constitute “prima facie evidence of unexplained wealth. There is no other way but to show the account to and see to it that the dependant is nothing to hide.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DCRXGIC23K4SU7AWVIGDCDAN7M AK2

        Let’s hope no one from YOUR bank decides to just expose your deposits to anyone.  

        I don’t know with you Malacanang apologists but if seems you can’t accept the proper way of doing things. Kahit baluktot ang pagkakuha ng ebidensya, wala kayong pakialam, all in the guise of finding out the truth. Wag na lang mag impeachment trial. Lokohan lang naman pala ito. 

      • deejhay

         It definitely matters. Pag kinarnap ang sasakyan mo para dalhin ang isang maysakit sa hospital, papayag ka ba? Aba siguro mumurahin mo sila

  • mang_tomas

    there are twists in the latest search and query for the small woman. i doubt if they can ever see her because that is the mandate of destiny. never allow mang juan enrile to see the small woman for as long as there is that big man in the sc who is lording over his power in wantonly abusive manner. 

    i salute umali for keeping his source in dark secrecy.. aren’t we forgetting that umali is also protected under our existing laws on not compelling him to testify against himself? 

  • wawa2172

    Honesty Umali…walang small lady…she may be a small particle as amoeba or molecule. You are a lawyer Umali and you should have a good memory to recall the face of the woman unless you are making it up. The CCTV does not show the small lady…di kaya ghost yon! Oh men..matanda ka na.. 

  • pinoy_abno

    Last week, Umali described the woman as “definitely heaven-sent” to the prosecution in its struggle to present the truth on Corona’s supposed unexplained wealth…..

    F*ck…bago nag-start yung impeachment mayroon daw pasabog….lumalabas ngayon kailangan pang mag-padala pa galing sa langit. Siguro imaginary friend ni Umali…kaya hindi lumabas sa CCTV. O di kaya….may sira din sa ulo tulad ni abnoy.

  • simon777

    baka pinagawa sa recto, lapit yun sa malacanang. luisita lang yan = 10 billion kay kalbo

  • spearheads

    Look how Justice Cuevas masterfully played with his legal gambit. When Osmena and Drilon jointly pursued other accounts and investments of CJ Corona in BPI, the two noynoy allies played their cards well by creating in the minds of the public that CJ Corona has additional investments in BPI which are not known to the public. Cuevas took their bluff and played as if CJ Corona was hiding something. It took a long while, or at least two hearings and appearances of witness Dizon, only to tell Osmena flat on his face that there are no such accounts except one bank current account. To his consternation, Osmena remarked “Then why is the Defense counsel so worried?” To this Cuevas replied, “I thought you are addressing the question to Sen. Drilon your honor” to the amusement of the gallery. Cuevas reply was a veiled suggestion that they are lawyering again for the Prosecution by obtaining evidence. This time they appear to be jokers of the senate. When the time of the Defense comes, the same scenario will be revealed to the public.

    • claipm

      how about the small lady?

  • Kuya_Orot

    Tapos na po ang boksing !! Dahil sa fake documents na ito, pinawalang sala mismo ng prosekusyon si Corona at sila ay guilty pa ng PERJURY for presenting it as evidence sa impeachment court. Sina Tupas et al ay mahaharap din sa kasong GRAVE MISCONDUCT sa ethics committee ng Mababang Kapulungan at maaari silang mapatalsik sa puwesto. Meron din silang kahalintulad na kasong haharapin sa Supreme Court at sila ay maaaring maaalisan ng lisensya bilang mga abogado.Wala na pong mukhang ihaharap pa ang IC sa taong bayan kung iba ang magiging decision nila

    • magsasakasanayon

       dream on

    • MyBelovedPhil

      It does not matter if the evidence is not acquired in good faith, what matter is the account exists. By Constitution, it mandated public officials to disclose all of their assets and that failing to do so would constitute “prima facie evidence of unexplained wealth. There is no other way but to show the account and to see to it that the dependant is nothing to hide.

  • http://twitter.com/Passer2012 Just Me

    The prosecution’s “small lady” is apparently so tiny that she can’t be seen in the closed-circuit television (CCTV) videos of the Senate. NAIYAK AKO SA KATATAWA DITO LOL

  • dodong1

    kawawa si Mura nanahimik na sinasali pa sa CIRCUS…

  • marriondale

    Hindi talaga makikita sa CCTV yun dahil siya ay “small white lady”.

  • RomyMacalintal

    Dwende nga po kasi yung nagpasa na small lady

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XJ6M3EEK5LGN77YOMKJHBCXF7Q jeronimo

    “I don’t really know who she is,” he said then. “I can’t remember her face. She appeared to be very ordinary, definitely not that beautiful because otherwise I would have paid more attention to her.”
    – – –  Hindi ko talaga alam kung sino sya, Hindi ko matandaan mukha nya. Di naman sya kagandahan, pangkaraniwan ang hitsura. Panget kase e, kung maganda siguro sya baka natandaan ko sya.

    The lawmaker said the woman gave him the envelope “probably in the Senate premises”
    – – – Ang sabe ng lawmaker binigay ang ang envelope sa akin ” siguro sa Senate premises”

    Umali said the woman’s identity was “irrelevant” as long as she helped the prosecution in bringing out the truth about Corona’s local and foreign currency deposits.

    – – – Sabi ni Umali, “hindi na importante kung sino ang babaeng ito” basta tumulong lang sya sa prosecution para mailabas ang katotohanan tungkol sa mga bank ( dolyar at peso ) account ni Corona. 

    Anak ng pating naman talaga oo. Inabutan ka lang ng envelope e ginawa mo nang ebidensya? Di nyo man lang siniguro kong ano ang laman? Di nyo man lang tinanong kung ano pangalan, kung credible ba ang taong nagbigay ng ebidensya sa inyo? Nag thank you ka ba? Tinawag mo ngang hulog ng langit, inalipusta mo naman. Tinawag mo pang pangit. Ganyan ba talaga kayo?

  • huandelacruz

    Sa CCTV ng VMMC nyo po tignan si “Small Lady” sigurado makikita nyo sya don..

  • Thadeo Thadeo

    Fakes and lies, FAKERS and LIARS.  That seems to be the order of the day.  Still smarting embarrassment from defending the caper of Ronald Llamas buying pirated DVD’s, the Palace is defending the lies pf Congressman Umali, declaring to the press that the leaked documents are authentic.

    The Palace spokesman has thrown all cautions to the wind in this exercise, unabashedly assuming the role of being the propaganda mouthpiece of the prosecutors.  His actions betrays their former claim that they have nothing to do with the impeachment initiation at first, followed by his statements to the press that they will stay away from it and leave the matter to Congress. 

    We were not born yesterday, however.  Blatant lies however expressed are detectable because the event is fully covered by media, and the people are very interested and observant.  It would be the highest state of folly for the lying spokesman to believe that his lies will stick.  

    Only those who want to deceived out of fanaticism will stay deceived.

  • PedroPenduco

    Maybe product of their imagination yan yung 10 seconds of justification na maisip nila noong natanong  ng mga senador dati na kung sino ang source hahaha.. ngayon na tisod tuloy, kasi kahit sa impeachment hearing yung “small lady”  na tinutukoy nila is si Gloria sila din kasi ang nagbansag hahaha..

    What can people of the Philippines expect aside from wealth walang mga utak yung pinag-lalagay nila sa congresso.. ayan kasi tanggap lang ng tanggap ng suhol tuwing election para tuloy circus mag presenta ang mga lawmakers nato… Anong aasahan nating good governance and service mga ito mas inuuna pa yung kick-back nila kaysa bayan.

    The lawmakers that doesn’t know the law really funny! We are in the Monkey’s hands…

    Watch out for on-going telenovela… The President of the Republic of Wang-Wang hahaha..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44QGTQXFYHNVPNMX453LWBPMXM Opel

    dwendie yon. maliit talaga kaya nga napasok nya vault ng ps bank eh. d makikita sa cctv yon

  • Rocky6076

    The prosecutors are keep on telling a lies that they now believe on their own lies,well maybe they will also tell to the yellow media that the CCTVs in the senate are fake and the head security should be impeached.

  • jeffrey zhao

    Lies, lies, lies ng mga prosecution! 

  • warpiglets

    di nakita sa cctv kasi nasa bulsa ni umali si small lady. haha. haist prosecution nga naman nagdedeliryo na. TALO!!!

  • Lucy Antonio

    Lillle lady,Congressman Umali,Ms Tiongson.Where did the paper come from/heaven.

    What comes to my mind is Internet fraud   HACKING…

    It helped because all the account numbers are correct.

  • adoremus

    Thick faced congressmen. The point is you were lying to your teeth and live on national media and across the world, telling the impeachment court about the small lady. How much more about the content of those documents? How about the senator-judges, they are ready to fight the Supreme Court of the country in favor of these liars and fake documents as their bullets? It is really more fun at the senate of the Philippines!

  • http://twitter.com/pangittalagaako pangittalagaako

    Are you sick Cong. Umali? Do not include your imaginary friend!

  • Bogart747

    Bakit hindi  e cross examine ni fatboy drilon ,cayetano,osmena,pangalinan ang mga fake documents  na ito na galing sa “small lady”.sabi nila hindi sila bias…..Bwahahhahahah.

  • http://fables.boxpinoy.com/ Lucky Luciano

    Kahit katangahan ng prosecution or kathang-isip ni umali hindi parin malulusutan ni CJ ang obvious:

    Saktong saktong ang mga account numbers. LOL……

  • http://twitter.com/_jayxx1 Jay

    ikulong si umali!
    ibagsak ang rehimeng abnoy-aquino!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MO4BEX7JVTCCK4AM7TWWIW5D7I Colips

    Obviously, the prosecution is lying even before the impeachment trial starts. they do not have a case that is why they bring the matter to the Yellow media.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3ZYLBPBRG55YPLIT4FLQWMKIAU ALECKS

    porky drilon lumayas ka na dyan, wla kang kwentang baboy,masahol ka pa sa amoy ng ebak ng baboy,d mo na maitatago pagkabias mo, umupo ka na lng sa tabi ng mga prosecutors, doble cara k, mukha k kc pera, kapal ng mukha, nakakapanindig ka ng balahibo twing lilitaw ka sa t.v

    • Bogart747

      Tama ka alecks ka partido kasi siya ni ABnoy ang fatboy ng senado na si drilon . na pressure kasi sila lahat ni abnoy. akala kasi ni abnoy. mahawakan niya sa leeg lahat ng senador,hehehehe …. abs-cbn is also very biased. sa coverage nila.masyado halata sila atty. tamano na nag ambisyon din na maging senador pabor kay abnoy para masama sa ticket nila sa 2013. atty. tamano abogado ka pa naman.lawakan mo ang inyo pag iisip. “dura lex sed lex” ika nga

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FOPMU3EOVKFANYIWAADV7EZAXU Divina Wind

       Si Drilon bata ng mga Hacienda Luisita Cojuangcos.

  • felixma

    45 properties part 2.  ang masama dito hindi sa media nilabas, kundi sa korte.  hindi lang pagdidiin kay corona ginawa ninyo dito kundi panloloko na sa impeachment court.  respeto naman ng konte.  tinuringan pa naman kayong mga abogado.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    story is full of holes  – next time ANYONE can hand an envelope full of powdered anthrax to this TONGGRESSMEN – because apparently    they accept whatever is handed to them

    Baka akala nila envelope full of TONG

  • antonioluna

    baka naman tiny lady iyon hindi small lady kaya hindi nakita sa camera hehehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night


  • tabalu

    kung ako ang aabutan ng ganyang envelope itatanong ko kung galing kanino?, para saan? sino ang nagpapabigay? at sino siya?(ang nag-abot) kung sasabog pala yung iaabot sa kanya edi una syang matitigok.



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FOPMU3EOVKFANYIWAADV7EZAXU Divina Wind

    Dapat itigil na ang impeachment proceeding. Umali and his documents don’t have credibility. The proceeding is just a waste of taxpayer’s money and time. Why the Senators are allowing themselves being used by those self-serving blockheads from the House of Representatives and Malacanang?

    The impeachment trial is all about the Hacienda Luisita.

  • kilabot

    the lying prosecutors and their power-drunk senator-caregivers are now lining the political death row. burial will be during the next elections. please don’t bring flowers, instead bring a copy of the constitution.

  • MyBelovedPhil

    It does not matter if the evidence is not acquired in good faith, what matter is the account exists. By Constitution, it mandated public officials to disclose all of their assets and that failing to do so would constitute “prima facie evidence of unexplained wealth. There is no other way but to show the account and to see to it that the dependant is nothing to hide.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night

      i hope one day the Police plant drugs on you and send you to jail…. then you will know the concept of rules of evidence, rule of law and judicial process


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DCRXGIC23K4SU7AWVIGDCDAN7M AK2

      Daig mo pa si Marcos kung magsalita. “It doesn’t matter if the evidence is not acquired in good faith”? 
      Si MyBelovedPhil ang ebidensya na lahat ng disipulo ni Balot nagiging diktador na ang utak. 

      Pagdasal mo na hindi ka maakusahan ng isang krimen na walang basehan.

    • hakudaten

      Oh my… there is no such thing as “It does not matter if the evidence is not acquired in good faith” in the Constitution.

    • deejhay

       It definitely matters. Pag kinarnap ang sasakyan mo para dalhin ang
      isang maysakit sa hospital, papayag ka ba? Aba siguro mumurahin mo sila

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BN4RGMJXFOD6DKC2HM24M34K34 Bart

    Nakatangtanga ang mga senador. Halatang binibilog ang ulo nila ng mga prosecutors pero they never cited these idiots for contempt.

  • alice_in_chains

    The PSBanks accounts/docs presented as evidence are fake if PSBank’s
    definition of fake is that the information is not printed in the
    official and duly signed PSBank’s documents i.e. passbooks SA & CA,
    Certificate of Time Deposit, etc. However, the evidence could be true if
    the “source” is a legit or existing Account Number with its
    corresponding Account Name that is current. The only problem is that it
    can only be printed or written on a piece of paper. Securing the
    original docs is impossible. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DCRXGIC23K4SU7AWVIGDCDAN7M AK2

      As it stands, the source is illegit. 

      • alice_in_chains

        oh i see. thanks. but if we refer to “[These] are fake documents,” Tiongson said. “These did not come from our bank. [These] are not replicas of genuine documents.” – she is referring to the documents itself which is indeed fake. but she did not clarify the source if account number is legit. did she?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_65YVCO7CYSN3KFOZNSOGUGYMVA jdg

        ugok kung fake na nga ang document paano magiong legit ang account number, can you please put brain in your empty head.

      • alice_in_chains

        jdg, mas ugok ka. kung nagsasabi ka ng opinyon mo, mas nakakatulong ka pa. basahin mo ulit yun post ko para maintindihan mo.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_63EF7GX4LHS3IQZGWJD2ZQU72M ganda

       hindi ba sabi ni jinggoy ay there are differences in the documents.

    • Rico Navea

      Parang naiiba ang definition ng fake pag sa mga anti-Corona. When you say fake, it is something not the actual photocopy of the original. Yun lang yun at wag nyo na i-expand pa ang definition ng fake para lang magamit nyo ang ebidensyang peke.

      • alice_in_chains

        rico, hindi ako pro pnoy or anti-corona. gusto ko lang malaman ang totoo kasi nagbabayad ako ntg buwis at hindi nakakatuwa magbayad taon taon ng buwis na kasing halaga na ng pang downpayment ng kotse.

        when you say fake, by definition it’s something tampered or fraudulent. hindi komo naka print o nakasulat yan sa papel o sa napkin ay peke na. kaya nga tinatanong dito ang source, kung legit nga.

      • sorbetero

        And to follow your reasoning, did you or anybody see and compare Umali’s copy with the original so that your conclusion can hold water? Wala pang original na na-iprisinta so hindi mo pwedeng sabihing fake. What is uncontested ,as the records of the president’s testimony has shown are – that the account numbers are all correct (5 in pesos and 5 in US dollars) at ang signatures ng branch manager at ni CJ on the so-called “fake” are real, so at this point, prima facie ,genuine ang kay Umali.

  • pintados01

    The prosecution is obviously lying if they said that don’t know who the woman is…puydi palang mag imbento ng documents and then send it to trial…mga incompetent talaga…Corona must be held accountable but please send competent and intelligent prosecutors naman…they themselves are breaking the law….

    • http://www.facebook.com/shockley.barins Jake Salandanan

       i heard sen. miriam santiago just lost it on the prosecutors

    • GKid

      I agree! But they already have 72 prosecutors, 60 private and the rest from the House, how many more do they need to have?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jun.pidlaoan Ernesto Pidlaoan

    Umali want to see the CCTV so he can point the place where the area is not covered by camera and of course he will say, that is the place where the small lady hand over the docs. hahaha, good move by Umali but not cleaver enough to foul us. Less than a week and a congressman and prosecutor forgot!! DMN LIAR

  • tabitabi

    Alam ko kung sino ang nagbigay nang envelope. Pero ang akala ko naka confine sya
    sa  Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center at may gwardya 24 hours para tiyak hindi makalabas.
    How did it happen?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_63EF7GX4LHS3IQZGWJD2ZQU72M ganda

    this comedy would be complete if the prosecution presented Mahal as the small lady.

  • wisdomseeker61

     Beware of the enemy’s bait inside your own trap. The faster you gobble the bait, the more you get hooked into it. And it will instead work against you. And you will find yourself wriggling in pain and shame. Think first before you bark. ~ The Art of Impeachment War

  • Madame_XX

    Why don’t you ask Horn.  She might have put the little lady to sleep already.

    • alice_in_chains

      i honestly dont think gma would go to this extent heheh but thow knows diba? saka bakit naman small lady pa piniling description ng prosecution. 

  • R2C2

    “We know and we trust that the Senate will always make the appropriate judgment in terms of ruling on the evidence because what they have right now were actually presented by the witnesses, not the ones attached by the prosecution,” he said.

    So wag na daw natin pansinin yung illegally obtained evidence na pinagkakamalaki nila na nahulog lang daw mula sa kalangitan once upon a time via isang anghel na hindi naman daw kagandahan. In the same way na dineclare nila sa media na 45 ang properties ni CJ e “joke joke joke” lang daw pala.

    Umali might make it good as a fisherman one of these days but as a lawyer, he should have been aware of the exclusionary rule. May dahilan kung bakit nasa saligang batas yan. Everyone’s right to due process. Hindi yan nasa batas dahil trip trip lang.

  • AntiAko


    Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw – Susan Roces

    • alice_in_chains

       uh bakit si susan? ano meron?

      • AntiAko

        i don’t want to take credit from where it is due. baka magalit si susan roces na hindi ko siya quoted.

        ayokong mag plagiarize. mahirap na…hahaha (hello del castillo?)

      • alice_in_chains

        ok ok…no problem. pero sana ma share mo…o kaya link naman dyan hehehe

    • nkogni2

       TAMA.. kaya pala si CJ Corona ay magnanakaw, sinungaling kasi.

      • AntiAko

        ay naku, AREN’T THEY ALL?

        Ginigisa lang tayo sa sarili nating mantika ng mga politko at mga taong nasa kapangyarihan – halos lahat sila sinungaling at magnanakaw!!!

        chief justice? congressmen? senators? president and vice-president? executives of GOCCs? traffic enforcers? customs officials? immigration officers? hulidap policemen? mayors and governors? armm officials? lolong? PARE-PAREHO LANG SILANG LAHAT MGA BUWAYA!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYSEPM7BIAEMCNNASWOWQ5RTKY Ang Kampanero

    malamang wala talagang small lady or short lady. but most likely, empleyado yun ng gobyerno na inutusan for data gathering. posible that the accoount numbers were made known to this unknown courier and was imposed nalang sa digitized image of PSBpro-forma bank documents, madali naman mag-scan ng signature

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHNINNC46C2XRRJAOYCP3B5EOE Anthony

    Sabi nga nila, “ang paulit-ulit na pagsisinungaling ay nagiging katotohanan”. hahahaha.

  • Spokesman2

    Ang daming nauto ng mga tongresman. Beteranong mga sinungaling , mandaraya at mandarambong ang yan. Kahit satellite camera hindi nila makikita yung small lady nayan, pigment ng imagination ni umali yan to cover up an illegal act. 

  • nkogni2

     May be this small lady is GMA, so far she is the only small girl known to media and public. Do you remember the “save the little girl”? She is the only one who has influence to CJ Corona, and Congressman Umali met her at VMMC.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WY6DYZY7M2OMWPQGMVQDOD5MDI Joseph Ian

    Hindi kaya white lady yan kaya hindi nakikita ng camera???

  • JosephNess

    the cctv not showing what all wanted to see which was nowhere there to see, does mean that there was no small lady…the proof of which was this documents, existed…these were not illegally obtained by the prosecutors but was freely given to them…as to their authenticity is beside the point, the proof showed that the bank accounts are true and really existed… technicalities ?  that’s for the defense…  

    • sorbetero

      You are correct and may we add, the bank accounts were confirmed by the bank president to belong to the respondent CJ, five (5)  of which were in pesos and the remaining five (5) in US dollars. Exacto.In addition , the signatures on the document were confirmed to be those of the branch manager AND , take note, that of the depositor himself. Now, how can it be loosely claimed as fake when the entries are undeniably genuine? Lalo na kung verbal lang ang katapat, wala ng iba pa? Katakataka!!!

      • marriondale

        The problem is di naman ma-authenticate yung document; hence, spurious and inadmissible.  Pati ngayon, sinabi na ni senate president enrile that he takes full responsibility over the subpoenas he issued on the strength of that document.  Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nito, kung wala naman talagang small lady, nagsinungaling at posibleng nanghingi ang prosecution ng dokumento sa bangko kahit illegal ito.  Baka ma-disbar pa yung mga abogadong gumawa nito if they had the intention in the first place.

      • sorbetero

        Ipagpalagay nating tama ang theoria mo na “nanghingi ang prosecution ng dokumento(mismo) sa bangko”,  samakatuwid galing mismo sa PSBank ano, eh di lalo ng hindi “fake”ito,  tama di ba. At kung ibinigay na kusang luob mismo ng bangko, eh di sila mismo (bangko) ang dapat usigin, tama ba ulit? Samakatuwid, baka taga bangko ang tinaguriang “small lady” but that description is inconsequential to the issue of whether Umali’s document is “fake” DAW? Anyway, authenticated naman lahat ng entries duon and that is now uncontested.

  • Thadeo Thadeo

    If you want to know what kind of congressman Umali is, remember he was GMA’s deputy customs commissioner for five years.  During the last year of GMA’s term, he switched to the Liberal Party and ran for congressman in Oriental Mindoro.  He spent more than fifty million pesos for his campaign.  Now, can you deduce where he got them?

    • backstroke

      Turncoat pala itong si Mali! 50M FOR CAMPAIGN!!! WOW!

      • andoy123

        I doubt about this lady- Rep.Umali was talking about!   As one said,do a Drug Test!
        Not sure where is He is for!(Defense or Prosecution)!
        I pity the Prosecution team,the People-, and our country!

  • http://twitter.com/bolblizt Dominic

    I think the small lady doesn’t exist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francisco-Alagbate/1718044920 Francisco Alagbate

    To be a lawyer one has to posses good brains, undergo arduous hardships and engage in court battles.  In the case of Mr. Renato Corona, I would assume that he told his defense team the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  It is only then that he can be fully defended well by his lawyers.  The defense team has the obligation to defend Mr. Renato Corona at all cost.  That is why both panels are employing everything legal that they know at their disposal, either to defend or prosecute.  Remember the case of O.J. Simpson?.  Bottom line:  is Mr. Renato Corona worth the peoples’ trust and confidence after everything has been said and done? 

    • ThePattern

      to be lawyer, one has to be kapalmuks.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XJ6M3EEK5LGN77YOMKJHBCXF7Q jeronimo

      “That is why both panels are employing everything legal that they know at their disposal”

      ** the prosecution presented an illegaly obtained and fake evidence in the impeachment court… talk about legal.

      “To be a lawyer one has to posses good brains, undergo arduous hardships and engage in court battles. ” it does’nt show on the prosecution team.

      “Bottom line:  is Mr. Renato Corona worth the peoples’ trust and confidence after everything has been said and done? ” — The only thing  accomplished by the prosecution as of now is the character assasination of Corona and hoping that public persecution would help them win this case. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QCLEC7OWDIBMBUEFIGHTGR4VEI bulad

    what else do you expect from A congressman, more specifically from a politician?

    di na kayo natutu, kaya ganito ang pilipinas. and bobobo ng mga tao.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQ3ZZ7UKLRGHXAV7LMDSXWM5IQ Nong

      was tionson presented as an expert witness to check that the document is fake?.palagay ko hidi…then why focus on her revelations na fake yoon…chance to deviaate the isuu…

      .merong original yan syempre…. saan ba manggaling ang duplicate.. pwede hindi sa bank.. but its there somewhere.. just look…not jump na fake kaagad..first check brom the bank records.. prenumbered ba o accountable forms… if none.. check from other sources.. kung wala..then conlude..hindi nyo lang makita ang original.. but not fake. .. bakit exacto ang 10 account numbers//// parang nanalo ka sa lotto…magic

  • Guest

    anything that is imaginary is not visible and don’t occupy space and has no weight. therefore; it doesn’t matter.

    • jdhdl-FWC jdhdl

      sorry po pobre, iba po ang opinion ng prosecution and executive department.  Anything imaginary that is NOT visible and DON’T occupy space and has NO real weight DOES matter IF the filipino people can be made to believe it.

  • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr

    I demand that Umali take a drug test!  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UUKT3KMR3HZPFPTGCWK5XQ2WY Mark

      Isama na si PNoy sa drug test.

      When Cory was still alive, she once confided to a friend that she was concerned about NoyNoy’s drug use.

      NoyNoy is a known compulsive person.

      The fact that he chain smokes shows his mental framework to be OC.

      He would stay up late until the wee hours of dawn, and sleep until noon.

      It won’t be surprising if he also engaged in the use of illicit drugs like marijuana or banned stimulants.

      • Bogart747


  • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr

    Baka may mas malinaw na kopya si LLAMAS

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QKIKXLTZATX3UJQM2OE4PED2UE Shinigami

    It’s been clear that this prosecution team are but liars..yet the yellow zombies believe in them soo much..tsk tsk tsk..

    • jdhdl-FWC jdhdl

      yan po ang resulta ng pagiging blind followers. not literraly blink but blind in the mind.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XYSU75JJODXJSSWEJFVCXJ324U Jonathan


    1) To file TRO sa Supreme Court to stop impeachment
    2) Conduct PRESS CONFERENCE and accuse Senator Judges of bias
    3) To declare MIS-TRIAL
    4) WALK-OUT

    • Herculian

      Buti ka pa alam mo ang mga mangyayari.  Puede bang mag under oath ka nito? Bahwhahaha!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XYSU75JJODXJSSWEJFVCXJ324U Jonathan

         ok sige under oath na ako…

    • AntiAko


      1) File impeachment case
      2) Conduct PRESS CONFERENCE and initiate trial by publicity
      3) Tell LIES and PRESENT BOGUS DOCUMENTS during trial
      4) Expect senator Drilon and others to facilitate FISHING EXPEDITION
      5) LOSE
      6) Call for PEOPLE POWER 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XYSU75JJODXJSSWEJFVCXJ324U Jonathan

         eh ano naman masama jan???

      • tehot

        hindi masama para sayo? kaya kayo kinakantyawan mga t*ng@ng dilaw 

  • PedroPenduco

    The 3 Major branch of the Govt. No longer function properly. I would like to suggest for those Military Generals to step in and dissolved the civilian government. Conduct a election after 6 months para naman ma educate ulit ang mga tao sa kahalangan pagkakaisa…  ipag-bawal ang mga politician  that doesn’t have qualification to served the nation, guilty or not its time for next generation of good leaders sa ating bansa. Only then aasenso ang bansa matagal ng stagnant ang economy and politician wala ng ginawa kundi either mag hain ng allegation and manood ng boxing.

    We should focus on educating our politician, Send some scholars abroad matotoo  kung paano magpatakbo at di lang nagmamagaling and for show lang na magaling sila kono.

    Never again let those old fool politicians good or bad to run the government palitan lahat!!

    • Datu_Bago

      i guess you were not yet born during martial law.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

    of the prosecution team, i admire atty. quimbo for his professionalism, passion and dedication to his work. but to say that the identity of the “small lady” is irrelevant to the issue, is for me in my simple mind as an ordinary citizen, is absurd. how can a distinguished lawyer and representative of marikina city can say that without thinking that their actions involved a law being violated, bank secrecy law to be specific. of course he is well aware and informed about said law, however, to support the fishing expedition that their leader tupas ungas have created, they will stand on their ground and say that what is important is they showed that CJ Corona has huge account with the banks even it means violating the very laws that they helped creating. what an irony in the philippine politics.

    • jdhdl-FWC jdhdl

      the prosecution team must be reminded and punished because of that what they did, that the end does not justifies the means.  maski na gaano pa kaganda ang kulay na ipinta nila sa kanilang ginawa.  MALI pa rin yun ayon sa ating batas.   Syempre ibang hukuman na ang gagawa nun.   Sana lang ay may magreklamo, otherwise, thank you na lang

    • boymanok

      i agree. if this impeachment trial is being done by adhering to all proper legal procedures and relying on unquestionable facts and solid evidence, it would be fair to the people as well as to corona whether he’s impeached or not. the problem is the imposition of dirty tactics particularly by the prosecution  which made the entire process a failure from the beginning…furthermore, how can we expect a fair judgment with some senator judges blatantly revealing  whose side are they on? the defense will always make “palusot” but if the prosecution will just stick to the facts and come up with one solid evidence in just one  article, tapos na ang laban. kaso nawala ang professionalism pati na rin ang credibility  dahil sa kahambugan.

  • Roose Bolton

    It was a “white lady”! Small, yes, but nonetheless invisible to the cameras! Only Umali can see her that time.

    • boymanok

      naku baka yan din yung nagpapakita sa balete drive? …nakarating na pala ng senado

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VY25ZOHU3FJFFX6CYSH5W4AX3I sugbu

    The small lady is no other than ,the Little Girl….panay kasi hung up sa phone sa mga tawag nya kay Renato…

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/gV2zz9QHmuR3P4LyvolxUkksSOmi#85fa4 linejohn

      Baka ang tinutukoy ni Rep. UMALI na very very small/”little” kailangan maggamit ng sensor ay si Gloriang Laundrywoman na tumawag kang Cheap Justice na notoriously violating the Anti-Laundering Law at may Dollar account naitinatago.  

  • Datu_Bago

    malakas ang ebidensya, pero palpak ang prosecution sa pag handle ng kaso.

  • erine0

    The prosecution has really fouled up the impeachment proceedings. They are terribly ignorant of the law and totally incompetent. If Corona is acquitted, the prosecution will only have himself to blame. The situation is compounded by the lack of introspection by senator-judges like Drilon, Osmeña and Pangilinan who have not been behaving as jurors, but as prosecutors. This kind of behavior by the supposed judges only undermines the impeachment proceedings. These senators, by their naked show of partiality, have only cast doubt on whether the proceedings can be fair and according to procedure.

  • boymanok

    sa sobrang liit hindi nakita ang small lady …he he he

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/gV2zz9QHmuR3P4LyvolxUkksSOmi#85fa4 linejohn

      Sobrang liit ang “little white lady o duwende  “friendly being” o gawa-gawa ni Rep. UMALI galing sa inidoro???? he.he.he….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z7Z7T6SC4KK3A3332DMPMFVWFM Abnoynoy

    napakalinaw na gawa gawa lang yan hehe

  • erine0

    The “small lady” is none other than the PS Bank branch manager, Tiongson, who is related by affinity to chief prosecutor Tupas. Tupas’ involvement in skullduggery is emerging. Tupas, by engaging in illegal acts, has single-handedly destroyed the case for the prosecution.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    The “small lady” character is a mere pseudo name to complete the script  created by the Prosecution Team, which unfortunately, EXPLODED ON THEIR FACES……Shame…

    • deejhay

       sarap sabihin..IN YOUR FACES!!! hahahahah!!!!

  • pogisinats

    Si “small lady” ay isang matalinong tao.
    Bakit iaabot ni small lady ang envelope sa lugar na alam niyang may CCTV camera?
    Kung ikaw si small lady, gagawin mo ba iyon?
    Hindi lahat ng lugar ay abot ng CCTV camera.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

      palusot – there is no small lady

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J4X5RZIRHCGVSXJWSH7DEFN6WI rodger66

        mayroong small lady kaso di pinansin si Cong sUmali dahil may ka-date na iba Valentines kasi

    • seve rino

      that lady is small but she is not stupid to be seen by the camera.

  • neoxyrel

    the prosecutors should have said “small white lady” hehehehe

  • mirage2004

    baka yun isa sa mga small ladies sa RECTO nagbigigay.. dami kaya nabibili dun documents 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MVQTXYYHXZF5LNAQFNQ6CU6W6M P P

    “small lady” eh di si GMA yon, haha

  • JLMS

    mga sinungaling….tingnan nyo muna dumi sa mukha nyo at linisin nyo bago nyo sabihin na madumi ang mukha ng ibang tao..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVBPRR4NKZ2DFURBCD5I4Q5GN4 Leg

    ..at nag-DAMAGE CONTROL ang mga NOYtards! bwahahhahahaa **evil laugh**

    sumasaLANGIT sana kaluluwa nyo!

    oh…wag na mag-react mga NOYtards..baka atakihin kayo sa puso.
    bwahahahha **evil laugh again**

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVBPRR4NKZ2DFURBCD5I4Q5GN4 Leg

    si PNoy cguro yong “small lady” na tinutukoy ni TONGressman Umali.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J4X5RZIRHCGVSXJWSH7DEFN6WI rodger66

      naka-wig ba?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QY7YT64FNHGIJW2BGNSVYA2WUI gear

      hehehehe, baka si sen lechon baboy (lam na un) – naka kapa kasi

  • tehot

    id rather believe that manananggal exists than this small lady umali is speaking of

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J4X5RZIRHCGVSXJWSH7DEFN6WI rodger66

    paano makita ng CCTV e masyadong small ang lady…kasing liit ng langgam nakakagat sa bayag ni Cong Umali-s !!!

  • katabay1106

    She was no small lady, He was a small man and he is a Congressman. He most probably get it from the Manager of PS Bank whose family is their political ally in Iloilo. Sen Estrada is very smart. He learns very well from Senate President Enrile. Kudos Senator!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MVQTXYYHXZF5LNAQFNQ6CU6W6M P P

       Kaya magkakalink sila Tiongson, Tupas at Brenda kaya ipatawag na lahat ng mga taga Iloilo kung taga San Juan din sila kasi tyak kamag-anak incorporated sila nila Junggoy

      • seve rino

        Sama na si Drilon kasi taga Iloilo yan at si Osmena kasi may kamag anak yan na ilonggo

  • seve rino

    Nalusutan ni small lady ang defense kaya marami ang nagalit.

  • joeldcndcn


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

      hung hang  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKPNHSPBMK74VZ3GBIPNTJA7KE Edwin

    there is no small lady..there was a whitelady cannot be seen by naked eyes and by the camera..

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Naku, yari itong si Umali and the prosecution.  Walang naniniwala sa ‘small lady’ na kwentong barbero.  Hehehehehe…. Did they really think the senators, like Enrile, are that gullible?  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PZCN62UBWNKFSNDJ2D3JQBBBWQ max m

    i have a invisble friend too. thats only when i dont take my medication or listen to the antics of the senate

  • 711sense

    It is very obvious to me who is lying… Umali is.

  • 711sense

    The ilonggo kamag anak gang strikes again… Watch out for Miriam, she’ll be after all of you. I have the feeling that the dots conenecting between the gang will be revealed soon… some photo or video evidence would be a plus.

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