Corona has P24.6M in PSBank

But bank chief won’t reveal dollar deposits


BANKER ON HOT SEAT PSBank president Pascual Garcia III: Dollar deposit is absolutely protected. SENATE POOL

Chief Justice Renato Corona kept at least P24.6 million in five peso accounts with Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) between 2007 and 2010, the Senate impeachment court found out Wednesday in proceedings that lasted five hours, the longest that it conducted since the trial began on January 16.

Senator-judges and a private prosecutor of the House of Representatives obtained the information from the president of PSBank whom the Senate had ordered to present certifications of Corona’s deposits despite separate petitions that the bank and Corona filed in the Supreme Court earlier in the day to restrain the impeachment tribunal from doing so.

PSBank president Pascual Garcia III, however, only produced the certifications for five peso accounts covering the ending balances for the years 2007-2010.

Garcia recognized that the subpoena issued by the Senate also covered five dollar accounts of Corona but told senator-judges he had decided not to bring documents indicating these details for fear of being exposed to criminal liability.

He cited Republic Act No. 6426, or the Foreign Currency Deposit Act, that, according to him, does not allow the disclosure of foreign currency accounts unless a written consent of the depositor is obtained.

Under questioning by private prosecutor Demetrio Custodio, Garcia revealed that of the five peso accounts, one had an ending balance of P5,018,255.26 as of Dec. 31, 2007.

Ballooning accounts

At this point, the four other accounts did not yet exist.

While this first account was later closed, another account was opened in 2009 that had an ending balance of P8.5 million as of December 31 that same year.

This account ballooned to more than P12.5 million by the end of 2010.

A third account, opened only in 2010, had a balance of P7.148 million also by the end of that year.

Garcia said one account indicated in the Senate subpoena did not contain any balance from 2007 to 2010 while a fifth was opened and closed in December 2009.

Since the Senate specifically asked for the balance as of December 31, Garcia said PSBank did not submit a balance since the account was already closed by that date.

The lead defense counsel, Serafin Cuevas, at first tried to convince Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile not to allow Garcia’s testimony, reminding the impeachment court of his panel’s own petition for certiorari filed earlier Wednesday in the Supreme Court.

“If the tribunal eventually decides the presentation of the bank witnesses is not in accordance with the law, would that render their testimony null and void? Would it be considered valid?” Cuevas asked.

No SC decision

Enrile, however, asserted that since the Supreme Court had not yet issued a decision, the impeachment court should hear Garcia’s testimony.

When confronted by Enrile for his failure to present documents on Corona’s alleged dollar accounts, Garcia initially explained that the PSBank had “sought guidance” from the Supreme Court through a petition.

“We thought it best not to disclose at this time anything on dollar deposits because the law on foreign deposits guarantees absolute confidentiality. If we disclose without the consent of the depositor, we would be exposing ourselves to possible criminal liability,” Garcia said.

Restraining order

But when asked by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano the truth about the petition, Garcia admitted that the PSBank petition was actually an appeal to the tribunal to “restrain the impeachment court and protect us from revealing” details of Corona’s dollar accounts.

Other senators stood up, asserting the Senate’s authority to try impeachment cases, eventually prompting Senator Franklin Drilon to suggest that Garcia be ordered to file a written explanation why he should not be cited in contempt for his refusal to reveal the dollar accounts.

Senator Joker Arroyo, however, reminded the court that during the impeachment trial of then President Joseph Estrada, a Citibank official who was called to testify on Estrada’s alleged dollar accounts invoked RA 6426 and was not punished.

“I don’t remember his name but in treating this (case), we should also be guided by that precedence,” he said.

Arroyo noted that Garcia was faced with a choice of satisfying the Senate subpoena and risk criminal liability for exposing the dollar accounts, or observing the law and face the senator-judges’ contempt.

“We should grant the witness some consideration… Are we so crude as to say he follow us regardless of the consequences?” Arroyo asked.

As Enrile considered putting the issue to a vote, Majority Leader Vicente Sotto offered a compromise to merely ask Garcia to explain without the threat of a penalty.

Drilon was unmoved, forcing Arroyo to once again walk to the microphone.

‘Crucify witness’

“My colleague seems to be in a hurry to crucify this witness. He came here in obedience to our subpoena. Is he acting in bad faith? He’s saying he needs to protect the bank and its depositors and what is the response of the Senate,” Arroyo said, his voice shaking.

Getting impatient, Enrile ordered Garcia to explain why he was not able to bring Corona’s dollar records.

BPI branch manager

“This is not a show cause order. Just to submit a written explanation, so ordered,” he said while banging the gavel.

The Senate last night ordered Leonora Dizon, branch manager of Bank of the Philippine Islands on Ayala Avenue in Makati City, to appear at the resumption of the trial this afternoon.

Senator Sergio Osmeña III also suggested that the impeachment court subpoena the entire board of PSBank to appear at the trial in connection with Corona’s accounts with the bank so that Garcia would not be the only “one in danger of being cited for contempt.” This was not acted upon.

The defense respected the decision of the Senate to deny its motion to defer the implementation of its order directing officials of BPI and PSBank to submit bank documents.

“That is the reality that we have to face,” Tranquil Salvador III, one of the defense spokespersons, told reporters.  With reports TJ Burgonio and Marlon Ramos

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  • BPL75

    Our group of court employees would like to withdraw support to CJ Corona in a strong favor of truth revealed on the impeachment trial. We are greatly saddened and disappointed to know that you have lied and betrayed the public trust and the biggest taint to the judicial institution. We are urging you to stop your desperate moves to pave way for total judicial reform.

    • prangka

      Are you really speaking for the group? Then reveal your identity. Because I can do also  what you did. But yes I agree with you, there seem to be fishy with those accounts. But I am reserving may judgement until the defense cross examine the witness.

      • tadasolo

        we want to remain anonymous here after all the subject is corona. Do not make those people on this posting the subject of your opinion. Posting should be based on merits and your opinion on the process and if corona should be remove based on your take on the evidence

      • deep


      • wyl5326

        bank statements can’t speak, so can’t be crossed. we just have to accept it for what it was if proven to be true copy.

    • AllaMo

      Good on you, for seeing the light. However, for your epiphany to be more effective, you must reveal yourself. And, shout your stand from the loftiest turrets of the court.

  • mel bercel

     laws on confidentiality of a philippine foreign currency bank account (Republic Act No. 6426) and anti-money laundering do not make sense if these two laws are taken together.

    let us say a money launderer has dirty pesos, and  buys foreign currency in the black market, deposits his foreign currency in his philippine bank account as a foreign currency account, the dirty money seems to have been washed and made clean because now it is protected under the confidentiality law.

    is the corona foreign currency account not part of his net worth and should not be declared?  is  mr corona being paid in foreign currency for his services, or did he sell something paid in foreign currency, or did his relatives give him foreign currency as gift?  does he not need to declare this  foreign currency for tax purposes?

    again double standard here, peso account can be revealed but foreign currency account cannot be revealed in peso-land. colonial mentality pa rin pa ba ito. foreign currency seems to be superior than the peso in the peso land (not in terms of value but of importance and official legal tender).

    • Guest

      Thanks, you have a very logical observation. After this trial, I hope the two laws should be fused and revised.

    • Ronald Espanola

       mer bercel….blame it to the legislators. ang dami nga nating batas, ang dami namang butas.

  • goldilock

    Not every Filipino face Congress or Senate investigation. Impeachment is special and Banks who hides under bank secrecy law to hide the truth must not operate in the Philippines. It is not for the best interest of the Philippines to have a bank conniving with individual who can launder money. Impeachment proceedings by congress or senate must be able and should have this innate power to look whatever records so it can carry its mandate to best protect the Philippines and its treasury from robbers. Government can request any public officials bank account offshore through FATF. It is best for the Philippines if corrupt public officials bank run. End their corrupt activities this way. Ban from public office.

  • charlie_oscar

    Kano FBI was just hacked by a group of kids from Romania called ” Anonymous”  making a big laugh accross the globe…. FBI was using a sp[ecial BAT phone for secret information but they got hacked anyway and put on YOUTUBE  –  Keywords: Anonymous hacks FBI + benny’s hill london!

  • Usa Cal

    “That is the reality that we have to face,”. This was the statement of one of the defense lawyers when they failed to block the release of the PSB peso accounts of CJ. Correct, because at the end of the day it is CJ and his family who will face the after effects of this impeachment and not the dream defense team headed by Atty. Cuevas.  They talk of seeking legal relief to the Supreme Court without realizing that this impeachment trial is a relief sought by the public for him to vacate his position as CJ because CJ Corona is a midnight appointee and could not be trusted.

  • charlie_oscar

    Miriam?   Ohhhhh Miriam?   No comment?

  • Alisa

    Now folks author of this article is way biased concluding on speculation without the benefit of the accused being able to respond. Is this journalism providing equality to all concerned?

    • Flavio


      bias ?? napanood o napakingan mo ba ang impeachment proceedings yesterday ?
      i suggest you do so before you make a further fool of yourself…

      • Alisa

        Yup, I’ve seen it and I’m not making a fool of myself. So the author added all figures and concluded that the sum is the absolute truth per the headline. Now, tell me if you share the same belief with the author of this article?

      • Flavio

        i guess you are right Alisa. the headline is wrong.corona does not have P24.6 million sa PS Bank….dahil may $ pa siyang naka deposito sa PS Bank ! so there. happy now miss beautiful ?

      • AllaMo

        It seems that you are of the bedlief that corruption ain’t until you say it is. Precisely what marcos, enrile, erap, the garcias, lapids, ampatuans,, et. al. believe.

      • willylansangan

        alisa you don’t get it, it does not matter 24or 19 million the fact is he did not declare this on his saln

  • PinoyAkoPinoyTayo

    In effect, the senate and congress (prosecution) are telling PSBank to break the law that they themselves crafted. Now that I know this law, I will not be surprised that most politicians are hiding their money in a foreign deposit account. Ngayon, di kaya ito ang dahilan bakit lumalakas and USD against peso? bili ng bili ng USD mga politiko eh.

  • Political Jaywalker

    I wonder what is the secret of a single income earner like Renato Corona in amassing P24.6M plus his multi-million properties that includes a penthouse reserved for the rich and that does not even include his dollar bank account?

    No wonder he is soliciting the help of his gang mates errr fellow justice, there is no way his lawyers can weasel him out of this predicament as financial figures are extra difficult to spin into honesty and integrity when the discrepancy is too obvious, LOL….

    • batangpaslit

      baka nag laro sa stocks?

      • Political Jaywalker

        Sabit pa rin for not declaring his income with the BIR…..

  • SadPinoy

    This impeachment court supersedes the supreme court.  Why can’t it grant immunity to the witness, PSBank president Pascual Garcia III?  Will the ruling of the supreme court on his petition for protection over-rule that of the impeachment court?  Of course not!  In this sense, the three branches of the government are still equal as they are all subservient to the impeachment court.  

    Apparently, this stage of impeachment process is a new frontier for everybody concerned (as Estrada’s was aborted).  Fortunately, we have our Constitution, Conscience and Common Sense.  No matter what, Justice will prevail for the Filipino People!

    • batangpaslit

      tumpak…ano, rebolusyon na lang? chaotic na rin eh..

      • wyl5326

        sige nga, ma-una ka, tingnan natin kung susunod sa iyo si Midnight CJ !

  • Flavio

    ‘langya talaga itong si joker. hindi na na contempt yung bankero sa impeachment trial ni estrada DAHIL MOOT NA ‘YUN KASO NI ERAP. napatalsik na nga sya.
    joker tumandang paurong. sinira mo ‘yung pangalan mo. paging rene saguisag . batukan mo nga yang matandang ‘yan ng matauhan !

    • Guest

      Joker is a scum of the earth.

      For few millions, he turned his back to the people he served and sold his soul to the devil.

    • batangpaslit

      “Joker” nga kasi, Bok, eh.
      takot mabuksan ang bank book ni Corona, kasi baka ang ibang pera ni Corona ay kanya pala yon
      pinataggo sa CJ

  • Alisa

    I’m not for Corona nor I’m against congress or the senate. Pero por dios por santo, tingnan natin ang intensiyon ng magkabilang panig. It’s way to obvious that this exercise of our so called defending  the people using the constitution are all kaplastikan. Niloloko na lang tayo na eto ay para sa kapakanan ng sambayanan.

    Please your Honorable kababayan, tignan natin sa ating puso kung ano talaga ang dapat paniwalaan. Para sa akin lahat sila may sariling tinatagong sariling kapakanan.

    Now, regarding this article by Cathy C. Yamsuan, do you think this is responsible journalism or tabloid at best?

    • Guest

      You should take side or go back to high school.

      Speak out and defend the truth.

      But I know, you are a pro-Corona. The truth is not in you.

      • batangpaslit

        whom are you responding VD? ano ba sabi nia…diko nasundan eh

      • Guest

        Alisa’s – 24th from the eldest comment.

    • Kandong

      Saan ba galing ang article na to? Di ba sa impeachment trial kahapon ng ilabas ng PSB manager mga dokumento na nagsasaad ng mga nakaw na kayamanan ng Thief Justice?
      Sa palagay ko mas marami ang laman nong hindi natalakay na limang account na naglalaman ng dolyar. Katunayan nga ang hinihingi ng prosekusyon ay labing-apat na account ang isubpoena pero sampu lang ang nilagdaan.
      Panahon na para malaman natin ang katotohanan. Hanggang kelan ka matatauhan na ang Pilipinas ay unti-unting nagbabago at malapit ng mapuksa ang kurapsyon?

    • arthur1401

      You are not for corona? what a joke, just like joker arroyo.

    • enerinuj

      ikaw ano ang paniniwala mo nasa sayo yan pero wag mo nang isali ang iba sa paniniwala mo kasi may mga sarili rin kaming paniniwala

    • batchmatters

      hindi naman panloloko alisa ang pagnanais na palabasin ang katotohanan. hindi ka ba naniniwala doon sa sinabi ng presidente ng psbank na milyon milyon ang deposito ni CJ corona sa kanila, pero hindi ba at wala naman yung sa kanyang SALN?

  • pcosmachine




    • Alisa

      Show yourself and state your position without hiding. So then we can have a legitimate commentary and rebuttal. Otherwise, you are resorting to mob rule. 

      • deep


  • patawad

    Wala na, parang wala akong tiwala sa most of the senator judges, kita mo na kung saan sila, kahit pa nga may pa dasal dasal pa sila every start of their proceedings. imploring guidance from heaven above. Ewan kung saan talaga nanggagaling ang kanilang guidance, sa taas ba or sa ibang force dito sa lupa.  Duon yata sila nakikinig sa nagdidikta na may maraming pork.

    Nadulas din si Farinas ng sabihin niya sa open court  na they are partners with the senator judges to oust CJ Corona, tapos kunyari hindi ganoon pagtutol ni Pia Cayetano.

  • SadPinoy

    @Alisa: In fairness to the author of this piece, her report contains no conclusions nor speculations.  Read the article first before joining the conversation.  We’d like to know your honest opinion.

    • Alisa

      The title says so:
      “Corona has P24.6M in PSBank”

      and misleading. Add lang ng add then conclusion. LOL

    • Alisa

      Can you now see why this is not responsible journalism? Karamihan ng nakikita ng mga magbabasa ang titulo lang at hindi ang buod ng salaysay. It has to be fair to everyone concerned.

      • Ronald Espanola

         ang yaman pala ni Corona, meron syang P24.6M sa PSBank. Pero teka, after reading the article, hindi naman pala ganun ka yaman si Corona. Meron lang sya P19.648M sa PSBank by year end 2010. The title is indeed misleading!

      • tadasolo

        corona must be withdrawing the money to buy the condos

    • Ronald Espanola

        ang yaman pala ni Corona, meron syang P24.6M sa PSBank. Pero teka, after reading the article, hindi naman pala ganun ka yaman si Corona. Meron lang sya P19.648M sa PSBank by year end 2010. The title is indeed misleading!

      • batchmatters

        the title is really misleading because the dollar account is not yet looked into. masyado naman nyong ini-ismol si CJ Corona e big time maski sa anong bagay.

  • Hey_Dudes

    True we are a democratic country but at some point democracy should not trample the people when bad things already staring you in the face  are somehow overruled by technicalities.  The likes of Miriam Santiago, Joker Arroyo, Renato C. Corona are but few of a rotten bottle product causing stomach churns among Filipino people long suffering from corruption and the legal minds to know how to pervert it.  Fellow Filipinos, this is as good as it come an opportunity to finally vote these people out of congress next year.  ENOUGH.

    • Kandong

      I assure you that I will not vote for Mirriam, Joker and ….. Renato? Is the Thief Justice running for office next election? Please clarify.

      • Hey_Dudes

        Yes kabayan Kandong.  I assure you Renato C. Corona will be running.  He will be running away from you and me plus million other Filipinos angry about his arrogance.

    • Ulipur

      No chance at all next year.  Si Miriam 2016 pa ang end ng term niya. Pero aalis daw
      sa The Hague for the ICC Job (kung tatawagin pa siya).

      Si Joker hanggang 2016 pa rin. Pero tapos na ang kanyang second term sa 2016.

      • goldilock

        You will be mad when you realized they have reserved  position after their term of office. They then take: mayor, governor, secretary of any department, ambassador to any country and chief of any semi government run corporations or becomes an adviser or official consultant. Look at previous President, she is a congresswoman. How many do you know of a public official who have actually serve different position? They are doing a loop with these different position on different years. Next election, vote for a no name candidate, who is not a current public official, preferably independent with no party. Remember its the end of the Mayan long count on 12.21.2012. Let it be the end of the long running names of public officials and vote for new ones.

  • tadasolo

    corona by his bank deposits and condo properties provide a damming evidence that he benefited greatly through shady means, and without any discernible explanation for accumulating those assets based solely on his income. coronas activities are meant to hide and deceived. coronas pattern of behavior are classic example and confirmation of a culture of acting with “Impunity” and”Entitlement” of an elite class in our system whose total disregard of the law are apparent and are taking advantage of the system due to their delusional belief that they can get away with it.

    • anak_mahirap50

      Came from protection money, like the mafia! If this is true, thief corona is a member of mafia Philippines, lol!

    • Guest

      And despite all of these, still some “sub-mental cretins” (to use Brenda’s term) are still defending Corona.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Renato C. Corona – the most honest individual ever appointed to the supreme court can explain this wealth by a simple denominator.  He earns it in his 5-6 (bumbay 101 trade) business.

    • anak_mahirap50

      Ha ha ha, this is true! 

  • Guest

    The government should keep the P24.6 million. Corona challenged the prosecutors before to keep anything they found beyond the assets he declared.

    Do we still allow this liar to continue to be our Chief Justice?

    This non-declaration is enough to stop the hearing at impeachment court and for senators to vote.

    However if they want to still exposed further this thief, then let it be.

    The prosecution should be commended for letting the truth come out.

    The defense should be hanged for suppressing the truth.

    If this case happened in China, Corona should have been shot in the head at public square last week. He is lucky we Filipinos are soft hearted. And we get abused by grafters year after year.

  • quirinomayer

    This is dejavu to the  2001 impeachment trial when bank records and testimonies doomed President Estrada. At this point, it certainly looks like Corona has been exposed by bank records and a testimony  as a thief  of no mean proportions.

    Corona rahrah boys, any defense of your idol this time?

    • batchmatters

      Kaya yung mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno, wag nyo nang ibangko yung dekwat nyo kundi itago na lang sa baul o ipitin sa kama.

  • arthur1401

    It boggles the mind of observers to see the joker reminding the senate about the refusal of the body to punish citibank official for not divulging the dollar account of erap in his trial prior to edsa 2.

    another mind-boggling action of the joker is his emphatic defense not to open the dollar account of corona for, I believe, is the smoking gun that the prosecution wants to present that will serve as the last nail in the coffin before corona is buried.

    During erap’s trial, the majority of senators/judges were for erap, including miriam and others. the joker then was one of the prosecutors. the joker even presented on the screen during the trial the bank accounts and document of erap that showed the extent of erap’s hidden wealth.

     Now that the joker is one of the judges, along with the consistent miriam, they became the public enemy # 1 of those who wanted to expose the extent of corona’s wealth. why is it that the joker is now very vocal in his refusal to expose corona’s wealth in this trial when during erap’s trial, he was the most eloquent in presenting erap’s wealth?  

    The joker forgot to say that the reason why the citibank official was not punished during erap’s trial was because it was overtaken by his walk-out, along with all the prosecutors, when envelope 2 was not opened not because the senate tribunal did not punish the official. The walk-out of the joker and company abruptly ended the trial without conclusion.Therefore, the joker erred big time when he said that that there was a already a precedent to base his assertion. The joker must be joking. 

    In erap’s impeachment, the joker cried “we want the truth”. In this trial, the joker cried “we want to hide the truth”,

    What causes the joker to develop hdementiah and amnesia in the twilight of his life? That is the question that also boggles my mind. I don’t know.

    • sharkbaittt

       he is living up to his name, there is something fishy about this once great human rights advocate… why oh why joker?

      • arthur1401

        what happened to the joker? I don’t know.
        that is the $1M question that everyone is asking but no one can answer.
        All i can say is that the joker is likely to be included in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” for being the most mysterious person ever.

      • jamesgeorge

        Joker got a lot of money from “cousin Gloria”! He’s afraid his bank accounts may be next! This guy turned from angel to L_ _ _ FER…

      • Lucky Luciano

        You mean from Lucifer to a devil, then a Joker.

      • pogisinats

        Yes, that’s him..

      • batangpaslit


    • batangpaslit

      Joker have some dollar account perhaps that he’s scared it will be discovered too, which is grossly disproportionate to his income as Senatong


    ANO PA?  Sapul-na-sapul na yagbadoodles, e, umi-ilag pa si yer ener boy f.

    Tama din naman yong gusto ni boy f na pawalang bisa ang lahat ng imbistigasyon ng impeachment….DAHIL kahit na wala ng imbistigasyon, klarong-klaro at bistadong-bistado na ang mga pagsasalamangka niyang ginagawa gamit ang itim nyang saya sa pagpuno ng kanyang alkansiya at pangongolekta ng mga condemonyo at mga lupa at mga bahay.  Hindi ako magtataka kung pati ang Jones Bridge ay na sa pangalan na din ng magwaswit na boy f.

  • JR

    Tanggalin na nga kasi ang Coronang iyan! pinagtatagal pa..mas lalong lumalaki ang gastos ng mga Pilipino sa pagbabayad sa mga walang kwentang senador na tagapagtanggol ng corrupt na huwes na iyan. Tayo namang mga mamayan, pakiusap lang kung maaari wag na wag na nating iboto ulit ang mga senador na puro bunganga ang ginagamit. Sila dapat ang nagsisilbi sa atin dahil ang sweldo nila sa atin galing pero ang nangyayari, sila mismo ang nagtatakip sa corruption ng kapwa nila corrupt na lingkod kuno ng bayan. Matuto na tayo sa nangyayaring ito! alam na natin kung sino-sino sila…

    • Alisa

      For your information and gumagastos dito and kongresso na ginagamit ang pera ng taong bayan.

      • Tabatsoy

        Money well spent

      • enerinuj

        worth it naman kasi maibabalik ang nakaw na pera sa taong byan..di magtatapos impeachment lang ang kaso ni CORONA mararami siyang haharapin na kaso

      • batchmatters

        ang dinekwat ni CJ Corona di ba e pera din ng bayan?

  • Alisa

    No one of us know whether this is a checking or savings account. Kung checking account ba and  money is deposited and withdrawn to pay for liabilities, is it considered an asset? The documents merely stated end of the year balance.

    Kabilis naman natin mambato ng paratang. How about for all our benefit and safety, pakingan muna natin ang lahat ng punto ng magkabilang panig?

    Fair enough? Otherwise, mob rule…then I disagree…sorry…

    • AllaMo

      Has it occurred to you to wonder where corona, with his cj’s salary, came up with millions in several accounts with one bank? On second thunk, I guess not. You have eyes, but refuse to see.

    • Madame_XX

      Bagsak ka seguro sa Accounting, ah!  Bank accounts like savings and checking are ASSETS.  Have you ever tried figuring out your personal networth?
      Well, Troll.  See you in the next blog site.

    • aristeosj

      Isinisingit pa rin Ng mob rule dito.wala ka na bang ibang argumento.paano mo pa maririnig yung kabilang panig eh humingi na ng saklolo sa SC.sorry,i disagree with you.

    • batchmatters

      it still is assest ke savings o chequing account based on accounting conventions alisa. no lusot na talaga si CJ

  • saintleonardo

    Thief justice patron saint is Judas Iscariot. He betray his master Jesus
    Christ while the thief justice betray his master the Filipino people.
    He enriched himself by taking donations (lagay), etc, and evading tax. This is only the tip of the iceberg, wait for the foreign currency account and other banks. Remember this is only in Philippine banks, how about overseas.

  • str8boy

    RIP Renato Corona as Cheap Justice. Umalis ka na, mag-relaks ka nalang sa penthouse. Justice ka pa man din hindi mo mailagay ng tama ang entries sa SALN mo? Kahiya hiya ka, wala nang maniniwala sa iyo.

  • MonMayuga

    If dollar accounts in a local bank cannot be revealed even in court without the permission of the owner then this could be the safest way to hide wealth which may have been acquired though illegal means such as plunder, theft, graft and corruption. 

    People would just buy large amounts of dollars and deposit them in the banks. The owner would simply refuse to allow the bank to reveal his wealth and sleep soundly.

  • MonMayuga

    It really paid to be Gloria Arroyo’s Chief Legal Counsel, Chief of Staff, Acting Executive Secretary.

  • patawad

    “This impeachment court supersedes the supreme court.”
    I do not think that is the real intention of the law or whichever they are invoking about this.  Paano nila mapapalitan ang dunong ng mga justices sa law?  Paano kung walang matinik na abogado among the senators? Paano kung lahat ng senators are the likes of Lapid and Bong Revilla, sila ba ang masusunod kesa sa mga bihasa sa batas na mga justices of the SC?  Still kung question on how to interpret the law, dapat sa SC pa rin. 

    • Kandong

      Research mo kung bakit meron legislative body para malaman mo ang kasagutan sa iyong tanong. Para mas madali tignan mo na lang sa diksyonaryo meaning ng “legislatures”.

    • dgboy

       paano kung may tiwaling justice.

    • mel bercel

      this is the reason why impeachment  is a political process and not a judicial process (though it may appears to be). you do not need to be a lawyer to be come a senator, you just need the vote and confidence of the people. you are guided by the law, the law of common sense. you, as a senator wants to find the truth.  technicalities should not apply if it hinders the truth. i also believe that the rules of evidence and rules of courts just be used as guide, the rule of common sense and parliamentary procedures of respect and decency  in order to have civilized and orderly proceedings and determination should apply. we should treat this as an impeachment exercise and not a judicial exercise because this is not a criminal, civil or administrative complaint. to remove or to not remove due to articles presented are the issues of argument and determination. the subject person is not guilty of any crime but his remaining in office is suspect. the rep-prosec has to prove that he is no longer worthy to remain in office and the suspect assisted by his counsel that he did not do any act that would remove him  from his office. the senator-judges, in turn, will hear both sides and make an assessment.

      as long as we have a minute inkling that this is akin to criminal or administrative case, we will be misled and misguided. this is the tactic that the defense team is employing to create doubt and confusion. if you notice the defense present arguments to favor their cause and then they use the same argument to discredit the prosecution cause. such is the wisdom of the professor, retired justice, eloquent speaker, to contradict himself with some of the listeners not noticing it.

      • suburbanmother

        very well said.

  • saintleonardo

    This is why Serafin Cuevas and Haren Jimeno are really afraid for the bank accounts to be presented in the impeachment trial. All their effort will be for nothing. Wasted honeymoon.

  • saintleonardo

    Congratulation for the Prosecutors a job well done.

  • Flavio

    sabi ni corona nuon bago maumpisahan ang trial , kung ano mang assets ang makita ay sa kanila na lang. pwede ko na bang ma withdraw ‘yung $20 miilion chief ?

    • avatar2011

      tama ka flavio. at lahat daw ng ari-arian niya na mapatunayan sa kanya – maliban sa lima lamang – ay ibibigay daw niya sa nakakita nito. O ano ngayon Thief Justice huling-huli ka na!!!

  • Bulalo

    the figures are really irrelevant. they do not, in any way, reflect any wrongdoing by corona, even taking into consideration the disclosed bir records of his purported income.

    we have to look at the entire picture before making any judgment.

    • AllaMo

      Millions in several peso accounts in one bank, dollar accounts notwithstanding, irrelevant?!.Can the picture be more entire? C’mon, take off your blinders.

    • avatar2011

      ano ba bulalo, ilang beses na nagsinungaling si Corona – halos bawat taon – sa SALN niya. nakakahiya na ang Pinas ay may mahistradomg tulad niya.

    • arthur1401

      what bigger picture are you talking about? What picture is bigger than the untruthful SALN, and hidden wealth? And the biggest picture is- a CJ of SC must be a person with proven provity and integrity, honest and credible, which corona has destroyed by being the opposite. whether the hidden wealth is irrelevant or not, the issue is- he posseses hidden health beyond his means and he lied in his SALN.
      That my friend is the issue.

      • Bulalo

        with all due respect, your statements are all conjectures.

        as you can see my friend, all the mess that’s happening in the impeachment proceeding now is a product of an ill-motivated complaint, in the disregard of the rule of law.

        if the prosecution is really of good faith in bringing out such destructive accusations, they should have painstakingly conducted first a thorough investigation and should have gathered first the relevant evidences needed to support such accusations. even in other jurisdictions similar to our form of government, the filing of an impeachment complaint is a tedious task that is only brought out after a careful and extensive investigation and clear understanding of the proponents of the complaint.

        the big question is, why the undue haste in filing the current complaint?

        whether or not cj is guilty is not the very issue at the moment since that should be resolved only after the conclusion of the trial. the issue facing the impeachment proceeding now is whether or not to allow all possible means, lawful or not, to ferret out what the prosecution is preaching as the “truth”.

      • arthur1401

        You’re looking at the issue purely on the basis of civil and criminal proceedings and has totally ignored the fact that impeachment is a political exercise created to remove an impeachable officer who is found to have lost the trust of the people he is bound to serve. It is for this reason that impeachable officers are indicted by congressmen and tried by senators who may or may not be lawyers. It is also for this reason that congress and senate have their own rules to follow using the legal jurisprudence as supplement only or guide and may not even be adopted, depending on circumstances. Guilty beyond reasonable guilt is not even a requirement to find the accused guilty.
        You coined “ill-motivated complaint” because you sided with corona while I say the opposite because I wanted corona to be fired. I firmly believe that his stay in SC may further create more problems than solutions because he is part of the problem. 
        Even in any corporate world, high ranking officer can be fired on the spot because the owners or superiors felt that allowing him to stay in the company may cause more harm than good. Similarly, corona is being impeached because he lost the trust of the people to sit in SC anymore, as a result of so many questionable dealings and unexplained wealth in the past. corona is lucky because he still has the privilege to defend himself and can use the best lawyers money can buy, unlike a company officer who can be fired on the spot for loss of trust.
        SALN of corona was not obtained before corona was impeached because he was hiding it from public view. it took an accidental question by drilon to have it disclosed. 
        Some of the evidences like fat bank accounts and expensive houses may have been obtained only during the trial. But fate may have played a role in this impeachment because fat bank accounts and expensive houses, which are geometrically disproportional to his income and are not declared in SALN, were discovered. To allow him to stay for several more years, is to allow him to amass more wealth that may jeopardize his impartiality as judge.
        Using expensive lawyers further erode my trust for him because he has to explain where he will get the money to pay them. Pro-bone lawyers? That is a violation of the law as it is illegal to receive gifts as clearly expounded by saguisag and other lawyers How can we trust corona that he won’t turn the favor to cuevas and company later? 
        This nation can’t afford to let him stay in SC for even for 1 minute because he is dangerous to the health of the nation. The faster he is fired, the better for morality to recover, which is the main reason why corona was impeached. 
        I rest my case.

  • WAJ

    Ex Chief Justice retire and leading defense lawyer of Renato Corona are you not being bothered by your conscience depending your client (Corona) who is a liar and not a truly an honest person who is holding the position as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Have you ever think about the consequences it may give you after all said and done that Corona has been hiding his dishonesty of being untruthful servant of the government of the Philippines behind the wall of justice. You have been a truly professional in the field of law, a professor, and ex Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. You have a well deserved respect for all your accomplishments. You reached the very top of you career and profession but blemish it may if you fail the very last one of your battle. Save the respect and reputation you have built for your yourself. You will be proud as you fade away and to the mind of the people they will remember you as their hero because you are the savior of  JUSTICE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. GOD SPEED TO YOU SIR!

  • sharkbaittt

    this is just one bank, not to  mention the dollar accounts ( which i believe would definitely be bigger), ps bank complied but not in good faith for they left the big fish, if i have this amount, for sure i will have the same in atleast another bank, we are not dealing with mag tataho here, he is so clever in opening and closing bank accounts to make the money trail as crooked (like him) as possible… there is nothing left for him to cling on to his post, and if the filipino people let this one get away, sorry to say but theres not a bit of integrity left for us in the eyes of the world…

  • oracle888

    Ask yourself, how many violations shall CJ Corona be held accountable in order to impeach him out of the office?

    The Constitution limits the offenses to the following: culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust.

    The House prosecution team cited 8 articles of violation which include all the offenses defined in our Constitution.

    But do we need all of them to be proven in order to remove CJ Corona out of the office?  The answer is “NO”. Either one of the offenses cited by the Constitution is good enough to remove him.

    So far, even a layman can see the huge discrepancies of CJ Corona’s SALNs and his income tax returns as well as his various bank accounts.

    If he cannot explain the discrepancies and the source of those money, then it leads to so-called unexplained wealth which is tantamount to illicit enrichment during all those years. In this case, he shall be impeached out of office for the offenses of bribery, graft and corruption, and betrayal of public trust.

    No wonder the defense team has been objecting the inclusion of those testimonies and documents as evidences.

    Nevertheless, it is good for the public to understand and know all the violations that CJ Corona has committed as charged by the House prosecution team.

  • pinoydinako

    While so many poor Pinoys go to sleep hungry at night, so many are homeless, so many can not afford school tuition, so many can not afford health care and so many have to go abroad so that they can support their families,

    Thief Justice Corona just keeps on making “easy money.”  Lies, lies and more lies from Corona to make us believe that he is a role model of honesty, integrity and the worthy chief law interpreter of the land.

    And his accomplices on top of the list are Miriam Santiago and
    Joker Arroyo are supporting him using legal technicalities and promoting fear of “constitutional
    crisis” and possible “bank run,”  which in American term is called “bullshit.”   Miriam and Joker —
    you are also on the people’s list of Public Enemy Number One.  You are part of the evil axis of GMA.  May araw din kayo.

    If this Garcia bank president does not produce all the subpoenaed documents he should be jailed.  Subpoenaed his vice-presidents then.   Since the bank is under Bangko Sentral, the audit examiner from Sentral Bank, can likewise be summoned to produce the same documents.

    Salamat to the short lady, the prosecuting team and the Senators who turned down the motion for reconsideration of the lady Senator who seems to be getting worse with her mental disorder.

  • tadasolo

    My friends I would not be surprise when the Defense will have its chance they will provide manufactured “evidence” these accounts including dollars accounts are entrusted to corona by his relatives and friends and is being paid a nominal fee. They will provide manufactured documentation to prove that. Be ready. These lawyers will look at all the loopholes and this is one of them.

  • kulittwit

    Is honesty not a virtue of the chief justice?  Why did he not declare all those money in his SALN? Ninakaw nya ba yan? why hide it?

  • Rae_E

    Thanks for not resigning despite our pleas after all Mr. Corona, now we know how top crooks in gov’t. work in stashing their loot & escaping accountability: Open dollar accounts & invoke bank secrecy laws. Your impeachment legacy is paving the way in catching more of your ilk in gov’t. God is indeed the ultimate arbiter of justice. “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done” Gen. 50:20.

  • Lapu_lapu

    For the first time the Senate-Court showed it really meant business. Enrile is assertive and unmoved by theatrics, dead serious about getting the needed evidence. He senses something really big! Me too! If the peso accounts are big already, how much more of the dollar accounts! Wow! It will surely blow our tops! He never learned from Erap and Mike Arroyo who used aliases. I don’t know if Corona is stupid or what! Well, good for the public, it is easier to catch a thief acting like a good guy! 

    • Tabatsoy

      I do not underestimate Corona, he is not stupid. I do not ever think that the accounts that we now know here in PH are all he has.    What we do not know are other accounts in the Philippines and those overseas.  Because he still has a daughter (I think) studying in U.S., there also could be a possibility of accounts in the US, aside from perhaps tax-haven countries.

  • arthur1401

    Bernas, Libarios, SC employees, judges and court employees who declared court holiday to support corona, lawyers who are anticipating favorable jugment from SC-SHOW YOUR FACE NOW.

    Tell us why corona is worth dying for.

    The bank accounts not disclosed in corona’s SALN’s but exposed by PSBank president speak for itself. whether that hidden wealth of corona is accepted or not by senate, whether gifts, stolen, bribe or not is irrelevant and immaterial because the issue here is that our democracy needs a CJ who is not liar and must be credible and honest in all his dealings, inside and out of SC. 

    What have been shown so far are just the peso accounts. The dollar accounts are not yet open. Based on the amount listed in his bank account, the value must be mind-boggling, considering the the yearly salary of corona is less than a P1M/year with no known other income.

    Now, corona is risking constitutional crisis just to save his skin, but bringing with him the downfall of our country as a nation. What a pathetic move by a supposedly honorable man. 

    When will corona be enlingthened? When will he realize that personal and his family’s integrity is worthier than all the wealth and power combined?

    Again, we ask Bernas, Libarios, SC employees, judges and court employees who declared court holiday to support corona, lawyers who are anticipating favorable jugment from SC, do not tell us that the evidence is worthless because the documents were taken illegally. That is not the issue anymore. The person you are defending is not fit all to stay a second in SC. His hidden wealth and SALN confirm that.

    Technicalities will not change the fact that SC justice, most specially the CJ, must be have a character beyond question. But what we are seeing is a SC CJ who is the exact opposite.

    • Avelino

      We are urging BERNAS,LIBARIOS,KIT TATAD,JOKER ARROYO,MIIRIAM SANTIAGO,KAREN JIMENO,LITO LAPID,BONG REVILLA,DANNY SUAREZ,DICK GORDON,MITOS MAGSAYSAY and the GMA cabal to apologize publicly to the Filipino people for supporting the THIEF JUSTICE who has serpentine eyes and reptilian looks.

      • arthur1401

        Yes-these vult ur es must apologize. Miriam specially, must dig her own g rave for using technicalities not to open the account. To us people, technicality is not important. what we want is truth. Now the truth is out. They must all go to….

  • Jerome

     : It’s either IRRESPONSIBLE talaga kayo or di kayo marunong ng SIMPLE ACCOUNTING. Why would you add all three accounts (P5M + P7M + P12.5) when the fact of the matter is, one account was already ZERO BALANCE when the other TWO ACCOUNTS existed?To illustrate: 
               1st acct             2nd acct              3rd acct                     RUNNING TOTAL
    2007:    P5M                 non-existent          non-existent              P5M2009:      0                     P  8.9M               non-existent              P8.9M
    2010:      0                     P12.5M               P7.148                      P19.648M

    So dapat, P19.648M lang.

    I’m not pro-corona but pro-truth, Inquirer is acting like the prosecutors again, misleading the public. Di ba nga pinansin ni Jinggoy bakit di binanggit yung ending nung 2008 and  2009 nung acct na may P5M, because walang laman.

    The point is, get your facts straight INQUIRER Whether this has been declared in the SALN or legit is not the purpose of this posting but to give a clear picture of the PSB account.

    Now if you ask me how this valuation of is possible, here are possible explanations:

    a.) if you are familiar with what happened with the stockmarket in 2008, it’s possible that Corona was able to take advantage of the financial crisis in 2008 and placed his money in stocks na bagsak presyo talaga at that time, in this case, most of the stocks, which by 2009-2010 went back to their normal prices or are now even priced higher (all time high as a matter of fact). It is possible na he cashed in na in 2010. A lot of people I know gained even more than the 220% valuation of his money (valuation% = P19.6M / P8.9M x 100).

    b.) It’s possible na may mga variable life insurance policies siya na nagmature na rin.

    Kaya ho maganda talaga na magkaroon ng FINANCIAL EDUCATION ang bawat Filipino para maka-avail din ho sa secret ng mga mayayaman at hindi ho kailangan ng millions para maka-access sa  ganitong system (if you want, bigyan ko ho kayo ng proposal. Nag-advertise pa. hehehe). 

    Information is POWER.

    • Tabatsoy

      I also read news at r a p p l e r because it is factual and more credible.
      However, I am sorry I cannot accept your possible explanations re your valuation, because it is your own supposition.  Please tell only the facts.

      • Jerome

        If by facts you mean, kung ano talaga ang ginawa ni Corona at pano nya pinalago ang pera niya ng ganun kalaki, that I do not have. But I guess lahat naman tayo wala nun. in other words, we should all keep an open and objective mind regarding this matter. 

        But on whether the events I mentioned on my post are factual/actually happened, you can check your stockmarket history and the financial market.
        As a matter of fact, kung ill-gotten wealth yun, which I believe is the point of all this, I will not be that stupid to put them in the bank. I will try to find a way to launder it outside of the country to some Swiss account or itago mo lang sa bahay mo.

      • aristeosj

        I think he tried to hide it by not declaring all of the amount on his SALN.

      • Ulipur

        Sir/Madam Jerome:

        Ill-gotten or whatever po ay ang ibig palabasin ang katotohanan na ang

        SALN ni RCC ay mali ang declaration or disclosure. Under-declared po

        ang kanyang Cash in Bank and Other Investments.

      • Jerome

        I understand. But even then, we have to wait for the defense explanation before we conclude. Unfortunately, most of the posters here wants corona’s head even before he has explained his side of the story. 

        All I am saying is, I posted those explanations not to defend corona but to open their minds to other possibilities.  

        Pano pala kung kayo yung nasasakdal, would you not want to avail of the same legal remedies?

        Kaya nga sabi ni Enrile dati di ba, if you have any other basis on how this trial should be conducted, e open naman siya. Now between the Rule of Law and the Mob Rule, I still prefer to live under the Rule of Law.

    • Filipinoflash

      Let Corona  defend himself. These are just figments of your imagination. 

      • enerinuj

        ay di idepensa nya ang sarili nya…chief justice siya kaya nya ipagtanggol ang sarili nya eh bakit kumuha siya ng abogado??????

      • japski

        ang tanga mo talaga …. sagot ka ng agot di mo alam ang impeachment rules ..

      • Jerome

        Don’t you think that by drawing up your conclusion that he is guilty even before the completion of this trial is far more a figment of your imagination than the alternative explanation that I am offering? 

        If you are allowed to post your baseless conclusion, then I don’t see any reason why I should not be allowed to post mine, which has more basis unlike most here who base it on their herd mentality.

      • aristeosj

        The question is why are they seeking now the intervention of the SC when the constitution says that the senate is supreme in this cases.this is the impeachment court not a criminal court.if corona has got nothing to hide,as he boasted before the trial began,then go on with it and not file petitions to the SC and even petitioning sereno and carpio to inhibit from deciding on his petitions.he is pushing his luck too much.

      • ututen

        Don’t they have right in seeking SC?

      • Jerome

        You are correct that the impeachment court is not a criminal court but what they are questioning is neither the sole power of the senate to try the impeachment nor the nature of the trial but the manner on how it is being done.

        In Philippine law, you can refer to (cite) U.S. cases to justify your  position. Why do we do that? Are we not independent in conducting cases in the Philippines from the U.S. judicial system? 

        Yes we are but the rationale to this accepted practice is that other than the fact that we just copied most of our laws from the U.S., the U.S. judicial system has been in existence longer than our judicial system.

        If you know this, the line of argument of the defense would be that  although the impeachment court has the sole power in these proceedings, it is a known fact that there is only one impeachment case still on their record, which is the Erap case making them an inexperienced court.

        On the other hand, the SC has the experience in court proceedings based on the volume of cases they have hence, it would be arrogant and unwise not to listen to the wisdom of experience. 

        You should note also that in the resolutions of the senate on different issues, they usually go back to jurisprudence. Now does that mean that they are weak? No, it only means that they refer to the experience of a totally separate, although inferior in this situation (according to most), branch of the Government. 

      • UN_Observer

        In Philippine law, you can refer to (cite) U.S. cases to justify your  position. Why do we do that? Are we not independent in conducting cases in the Philippines from the U.S. judicial system? ” You said.

        Not really.  Divorce law?  Drug Law?  Abortion Law?  Banking Laws?  Citizenship Laws?  Gun Laws?  ETC.   ETC.  ETC.  US Laws not only differ from Phllippine Laws, but the enforcement defies comparison.

    • Avelino

      Ano kaya kung ikaw na lang lag abogado ni Thief Justice Corona? mas magaling kpa ni cuevas at atty. Topak syo.

    • Ulipur

      Kailangan po talaga ang financial literacy ng mga Pinoy.

      Mayroon na po yatang proposal to promote FL sa ating mga school pasimula pa lang sa

      mababang paaralan.


      • enerinuj

        turuan nyo muna si CORONA kasi mukhang siya yong illiterate kasi di nya mabalance ang SALN nya….

      • SG0609

        ganid kc cya kaya inilagay nya sa pangalan nya. and he didnt see it coming na kaya palang buksan ng impeachment court ang laman ng  kanyang banko. financial literacy my ass…tell that to corona…

    • enerinuj

      sa senado na lang siya magpaliwang kasi aabangan ng taong bayan…wag kang magmagaling dyan….

    • jashs

      granting na 19.648M ang pera sa psb bank, considering yung kanyang income … i am just curious kung saan at paano siya nagkaroon ng ganuon pera at properties … i am not pro or anti-cj corona … siguro i have to watch the live coverage of the impeachment trial to enlighten me more … 

      • Jerome

        Precisely the point, hintayin natin ang defense magsalita, then we conclude.


      parang kakalase mo noon si noli hernandes,
      question lang, ang galing mo pala sa finance e bakit firends at people you know lang ang

      p.s. baka puwede mo akong ipakilala sa mga investor friends mo at maka pag invest din ako.

      • Jerome

        I hope nabasa mo yung buong post ko and not just the part that you want to read kasi nga sabi ko sa last part na if anyone is interested, I can make a proposal for anyone regarding financial planning and investing.  

  • Filipinoflash

    feeling ko, mag walk out na ang depensa. Malapit na. Pag nangyari yun, botohan ka agad. Impeach Corona. 

  • 1mainstream2

    corona is pushing everything to its limits. the whole nation should beware of this one
    person very short on morals and pushing the nation to a brink of disaster.
    corona loves discounts but he can not discount the filipinos

  • quirinomayer

    Parang himala. Bigla wala ako nakikita sa mga admirers at defenders ni Corona dito sa forum. Yong mga nanlalait sa Prosecution at nagsasabing lahat ng sinasabi nila e kasinungalingan at in pursuit of vendetta of Pinoy, irrelevent, rule of law and not mob rule, at kung ano-ano pa dyan. Parang mga kampon ng kadaliman na takot sa liwanag. Ngayon na nabutas ang takip ng Cueva ni Corona ta pilit tinatakpan ni Cuevas, pumapasok na ang liwanag at nabubunyag na ang mga kalansay na tinatago ni Corona. Lahat ng technicalities e wala nang saysay dahil sa tingin ng mamamayan, tama ang impeachment complaint.

    • Filipinoflash

      natameme na sila tsong. Nahiya na rin sila sa sarili nila. Hindi na kayang ipagtanggol ang idol nila. Nabisto na eh. 

    • aristeosj

      Walang himala kabayan.truth is still our best just can not escape from the truth.truth shall set us all free.meron pa rin paisa-isang nagdedepensa sa kanya.pero tignan mo yung ipinost nila.akala mo binabangungot sila o dili kaya’y lasing nang isulat nila iyon.hahaha!at leastmay kasama pa silang Joker sa senado.

  • yesyesyo

    Gaano man kalaki o kaliit ang bank deposits ni corona mula 2000 hanggang 2010, dapat naka declare sa SALN. Maliwanag na betrayal of public trust ang hindi makatotohanang SALN na sinumpaan ng chief justice.

  • SeanPhilippe

    The pattern of untruthful and dishonest declaration of assets and liabilities in SALN has been established and proven regardless whether the income or money is legally acquired or not. 

    The Constitution is clear in its purpose for SALN. This is no longer about ill-gotten wealth, which can be tackled at a later time, but the willful disregard on the very purpose of SALN, especially from a Chief Justice who should set the highest standard for a public servant.

    One cannot argue the CSC resolution about amending previous filed SALN if there is an established pattern of continuous discrepancy and with considerable differences in amount or value.

  • Max Elemino


  • Ulipur

    RENATO       =   BORN AGAIN


    CORONA     = CROWN

    Gandang Pangalan Ibinigay ng mga  Magulang

    Ngunit sinira ng Anak na Pasaway.


  • Avelino

    Tapos na ang laban. Saan ba nakuha ni Thief Justice ang 24.5 million pesos ? what about the dollar bank accounts? wala ito sa kanyang mga SALN. Thief Justice KAPAL TALAGA ng mukha mo .

  • Filipinoflash

    Peso account lang yan ha. At sa isang banko pa lang. 

  • Ceazar

    If it is ruled that the bank accounts cannot be opened except only on the consent of the depositor, eh di lahat ng mga nakaw na yaman ng mga drug lords, jueteng lords, kidnappers at mga corrupt officials sa customs, bir atbp, i-convert na lang in dollars at ideposito sa ating mga bangko. safe na at hindi na puwedeng busisihin. hindi mo na kailangang itago sa cayman islands o kaya sa hongkong.

    also paging midas marquez… kailangan ka ng chief justice para ipagtanggol mo ang kanyang mga bank deposits. calling all court employees and the ibp/libarios… kailangan pa ng maraming novena at court holidays para malusutan ni chief justice itong gusot na ito. ipagtanggol natin ang mahal na punong mahistrado. ipagtanggol natin ang independence ng judiciary. ipagtanggol natin ang demokrasya.

  • bisdakis

    Nowhere to go! This is just plain political theatrics of the elite. While the poor like us enjoy watching their show thinking that we would gain something from this.  
         Since the time of Marcos until today, nothing is happening to really punish the oligarchs who committed crimes against the Filipino people.  Imelda Marcos and family, who were part of that dreaded dictatorship and looting, are free as the bird, and worse, they are back on their thrones.
         The Estradas, look at them. Erap was released. Jingoy and other family members, like the Marcoses are back sitting on the thrones.  Gloria Arroyo. Hospital Arrest only. And for sure soon will be released. Now another elite is being tried in the name of Corona. What do you expect? Same as those I have mentioned above. And the show will go on and on and on and on.    
         Do you think if it was Juan de la Cruz who stole food for his family and got arrested will be treated like them? Would he ever be free like Marcoses and Estradas who stole billions? Would he be given “hospital arrest” like Gloria Arroyo who stole millions? The answer is surely no!

  • oracle888

    I challenge CJ Corona to allow the disclosure of his dollar account(s) at the PSB.

    If you have nothing to hide, then accept my challenge.

  • barok

    Even if he gets acquitted via the antics of Miriam Buang and Big Joke Arroyo, his robes will always be full of sh*t and dirt.
    Save the SC, do the right thing CJ…RESIGN!

  • Jef

    In erap’s impeachment, the joker cried FOUL  “we want the truth”. In this trial, the joker cried INSANE” we want to hide the truth”, LOLO ulyanin kana talaga sarili muna ngayon intindi mo…you forgot the people bumoto syo…

  • enerinuj


    • SG0609

      hahahaha…punto por punto nga daw na haharapin nya eh hehehehehe…banko por banko pala hahaha

  • anu12345

    The banks have a point there. I wonder if the Senate can shield them in a regular court, let alone if the lawsuit reaches the SC where they vote like INC. Like I said before, that law does not prohibit a court to order an accused to get the records himself. Self-incrimination? Maybe. If the accused invoke his right against “self-incrimination” and I am the judge, I will say fine. I will vote for conviction. That’s an easy one.

  • vestrevistal

    Now we know why bigtime thieves thrive in this country; not only are they enjoying their stolen wealth, their remnants are occupying lofty positions in the land; how on earth can this country ever extricate itself from poverty and injustice?

  • Belekoy

    I’m just amazed that a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that figured in so many flip-flop decisions and speedy TROs has so many bank accounts in peso and in dollar. I don’t see how interpreting court decisions and cases, laws and rules can result in one Supreme Court justice having so many bank accounts. This is just mind-boggling…

  • padrefaura

     you guys dont get it. corona may have that money in the bank, but is that his?
    remember that he is paying condos for his children. kailangan pang patunayan ng prosecution na sa kanya talaga yun. maaring dineposito lang yung pera ng anak para pambayad sa condo.

    secondly, we are talking of the highest person in the judiciary, yung pera na yan, wala pa sinabi sa bank accounts na malamang meron kay tupas o sinuman sa mga prosecutor o senador. kung CJ na corrupt ka, dapat daan-daang milyon ang pera mo.

    lastly, it again boils down on whether or not improper disclosure of assets in a SALN is an impeachable offense. hindi! hindi yan high crime and masyadong stretch ng imagination para sabihin breach of trust.

    • John

      so what you are saying is…the children gave their money to the CJ to pay for their (children’s) condo. 
      bakit hindi muna ibinigay ng mga bata sa account ng kanilang lolo…tapos ibigay ng lolo sa asawa nya…tapos ibigay ng lola sa anak niyang pinakamatanda…ibigay naman sa sunod na kapatid ni CJ…kung marami pang kapatid si CJ ibigay din sa kanilng account…bago ibigay sa account ni CJ.  yan maraming na siyang dahilan dyan.

      the bank accounts of the prosecutor or other senators is a different matter…feel free to bring this to court..what we are here is the CJ to answer his very apparent bias and his bastardizing the institution.

      as the highest man in the judiciary, it is just right that he be an example of good justice…how could you be a good justice if in just a simple SALN you are already lying?

      let us help change our culture of corruption in the government and not condoning their primitive acts.

    • surrey09

      Kayong mga bayaran na mga taga comment para kay Thief Justice Corona are unbelievable. Go to the blogs of Raissa Robles & you will see that the SC convicted a Mayor & a cousin for just failing to declare that they were relatives in his SALN. How much more for someone like Thief Justice Corona who has not declared his properties & underdeclares those he did declare? ‘Yong kinonvict ng SC was just for failure to delcare their correct relationship in their SALN while ‘yong kay Thief Justice Corona is really panloloko ng bayan at halata na ill-gotten wealth. O anong say ninyong mga empleyado sa SC at mga Korte na pamisa-misa pa kayo at pledge of loyalty para sa inyong amo na nabulatlat na ang kanyang mga bahu! Can you still continue to support him? Anong sa nyo, Midas Marquez & Guerrero, the head of the employees’ union at the SC, maaatim pa ba ninyong suportahan ang inyong Thief Justice?


       ang narinig ko kay small lady ay hinahawakan lang daw ni Corona ang perang ito
      para kay LITTLE LADY.

    • raul n

      top notch position in tax division in SGV formerly and position ni corona at dating kawani ng bangko bakit nahirapan sya mag fill up ng SALN nya.

    • SG0609

      hello archbishop Cruz andito ka lang pala…bading ka talaga hahahaha

  • cruzrd

    I am not surprised, I will not be surprised either if someone says Tonggressman xx Senatong xx have unexplained millions of dollars in their bank accounts. Ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. Jail Corona if proven guilty. But we should not stop there. Prosecute and jsil if found guilty the Tongressmen and the Senatong too!

  • medyobaliw

    oooops…. checkmate.  i wonder how can CJ Corona can untangle himself out of this.  no way he can he recover.  he is a damaged regardless…

  • Juan

    Just asking why so many accounts? In my simple opinion, if you had so many account it means that you a involved in a syndicate, many business dealings or you had something to hide from your family. . Just proved that Corona has many account then we already know that this person is involved is many shady dealing. If you are a clean person, you had only one account because you are not afraid to be known and you are not hiding something. In syndicate, you can open an account and when you received the money you can close it to mislead the trackers. For every dealing has it’s own account, just like Mafia. . Therefore Corona can not be trusted. .

    • David

      “Just asking why so many accounts?”

      If you have plenty of money, would you trust all that in just one bank? That’s what some people did with, say, Urban Bank…until they closed down suddenly without prior notice. Mind you, Urban Bank was doing so well in its first five years, I think, until that happened.

      I myself would open in as many accounts in as many banks as I can afford, but not go over the PDIC-insured limit. That doesn’t mean I’m involved in some syndicate or whatever, even if some people foolishly and ignorantly think otherwise.

      • AMORMINA

         10 accounts in one bank?

  • cdcdrvcr

    ano ba big deal sa P20M when nakapagbenta naman ng lupa ang mga corona, una P18M, sunod P34M, sunod P8M, atbp.

    umiikot naman ang pera at cash kaya madali na yan sagutin.  

    siguro, mas mabuti rin na ma expose din ang peso account sa psbank, bpi at metrobank ng mga senator-judges,  188 congressman, at malacanang cabinet para malaman na sisiw lang itong kay corona.

    • Partner777

      engot ka, di mo ba alam na yung dineclare ni corona sa saln nya ay 3m na cash lng? bro, ikaw ang dapat gumising, dapat lng alisin mga corrupt officials nang bansa para tayo ma unlad. itong gma at mike ang dapat nxt in line. billions ang mga ninakaw nito.

    • Karabkatab

      @cdcdrvcr:disqus No big deal kabayan as far as Corona is concerned and other moneyed people in this board..  Eh, kaso nakalimutan o sinadya ni Corona na hindi e relect ang PhP 20 million ++ sa kanyang SALN.  Wala pa dollar yan.  Ito ang Big deal kabayan…

  • Ilving Tabios Zamora

    The Impeachment Court should now dissolve…  It is such an impotent and divided body it cannot even enforce its own subpoenas.  It is time the Senators now default on their constitutional mandate to go on with the impeachment proceedings and ask the people they represent to directly act out their true wishes on the Corona Impeachment.  For in the final analysis it is the people’s supremacy that must rule and reign!

    • batangpaslit

      Rebolusyon na….!?

    • David

      Which people’s supremacy are we talking here? That of the banks? The C and D classes? The so-called middle class? The fishermen? The call center agents?

  • Roman31

    I do not agree that having different accounts in a given bank necessarily mean that one has criminal intent in doing so. There are many reasons for having more than one account in a given bank, personal, convinience and/or business. I and my children usually have several accounts in our favorite bank. If the intention is to hide illegal transactions, the most logical thing to do is have different accounts in different banks. Another important reason is the insurance coverage of the accounts.

  • anu12345

    Corona said “we are a family of no ordinary means” so they can afford to buy condos, albeit heavily discounted and undervalued/missing in the SALNs. So, what is tens of million pesos, hundreds of thousand dollars (maybe million dollars) in the banks. So, when its the defense’ turn to present witnesses and evidences, they will prove that some of these were loans, some were gifts, some were inherited and many are not theirs. For safekeeping. They will just have to be very creative in explaining why there are discrepancies in the SALNs.  His lawyers can do that.

    • surrey09

      Noong una, naaawa ako sa asawa at mga anak ni Thief Justuice Corona, but not anymore. They are all parties & beneficiaries to the corruption of their husband & father. I wonder how they can still face family, friends & society with all these revelations on the unexplained wealth of this family that can only be the fruit of corruption. Nakakahiya kayo, mga kapalmuks. It’s time the Thief Justice did an Angelo Reyes, but he won’t do it as he will brazen it out.

  • digihaus

    bigo at luhaan na naman ang mga yellow. napaka-simpleng plus or minus lang ay hindi pa kayang ma-compute ng mga kokote nila.   tama nga naman na kung nakapagbenta ang mga corona ng lupa ay aabot na nga sa P60M ang pondo at napakadali ng sagutin ang P20M.

    nakakaawa naman ang iba dyan at parang naglululundag na naman sa maling akala.  hindi na nahiya gumawa ng conclusion habang hindi pa naririnig ang isang panig kaya parating mali ang conclusion.  

    paano susunod ang iba sa mga yellow kung parating mali-mali ang mga sinasabi nila.  mag yellow people power na kayo kung gusto nyo at ipaglaban ninyo ang mga illusion ninyo pero wala ng ibang naniniwala sa inyo kundi kayo-kayo lang din.   

    • Jun Nicolas

      Ganun ba? asked mr Thief Corona to open his dollar account, then kung konti laman, tpos na boxing..Kaso mukang kniakabog na sila..Pinapatigil an ang impeachment ng dahil lang sa bank account..Hahahaha

    • SG0609

      lakasan mo loob mo digihaus…kaya nyo yan…iconvince mo sarili mo at mga kasama mo na hindi totoo lahat ang bank accounts na yan…

  • Water Towelboy

    watching the trial gave me a time to reflect whats it for me in the Bill of Rights. Next election 2013 i am now making a list of senators who can give importance in uplifting and protecting human rights law as their platform.

  • batangpaslit

    Bakit takot si Joker Arroyo na buksan ang bank account ni Mr Corona? If the provisions on Impeachement allows it why is he scared?
    Is he scared if he is subjected to Impeachment, his bank account would be discovered too?

    • anonymous

      Batang paslit, please read the Foreign Currency Act. Absolute confidentiality ang mga dollar accounts unless may written permission from the depositor? Ganun na ka kataas ang impeachment court that they violate laws? Naku.. 

      • Jun Nicolas

        Sir, There is an exception to every rule, bka di nyo po alam.

    • jdhdl-FWC jdhdl

      batangpaslit, napanood mo ba yung discussion tungkol sa pagpapalabas ng foreign account ni CJ?   sa opinion mo ay nahihira ka lang.  Please lang panoorin mo ulit yung part from 5:30 to 7pm .

      I’ll post you a question, alin ang mas mabigat..   Republic Act No. 6426 or Subpoena ng imipeachment court?

    • wawa2172

       Were not lawyers thus we may not understand the complexities of opening bank accounts. On peso account, the account can be open as impeachment is considered as one of the compelling reason to open it but not the dollar account. The only way it can be open is if the depositor allow it to be open. The impeachment court should be careful in forcing bank managers to open the dollar account as the poor person will be violating the law. As manager of PS Bank Mr. Garcia knows that he is in dilemma. The impeachment court must not break the law because what is true to Mr. Garcia will be true to all. Impeachment court is a political court and the regular court is another. The regular court could put Mr. Garcia in jail. Thus the issue must be resolved first. So for Joker, he is not for covering the truth but he more concern in observing the law. What is the very purpose of the dollar account law when it is intended to be broken for the CJ alone. The law must have a general application and must not be broken just because of a single person. The SC did not break the 20 year prescription of Hubert Webb case as it is the law reason his case is now in the bin. Law is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow but its the law. 

  • mang_tomas

    why is it so difficult for psbank to reveal the truth and nothing but the truth?  the sovereign people who are anxiously waiting for the outcome of this clear reluctance of psbank to satisfy the terms and conditions of the subpoena issued to it by the impeachment court cannot sit by and wait idly..

    certainly, the entire proceedings cannot unceremoniously come to a halt simply because of a petition filed before the supreme court, the very court where the respondent sits in as chief justice 

    the principle of self-defense on the part of respondent corona is in the offing and its going to be a foregone conclusion how will the supreme court treat this pending petition that may send its chief to utter embarrassment….

  • Brando

    If those millions of CJ Corona were ill-gotten, the prosecution must prove it. Tumatawa lang si Cuevas dahil madaling sagutin pagdating ng panahon na ang defense na ay siya nang magpaliwanag versus the articles of impeachment.

    Sa ngayon nagpapabugbog lang ang defense at sinasagang lang ang mga suntok ng prosecution. Hindi pa siya sumusontok. Nagtitiis lamang. Antayin natin ang panahon na pwede na siyang sumuntok.

    Tingin ko ang marami sa atin hindi alam na ganito ang rules of procedures sa pagdinig.

    • Karabkatab

      @yahoo-NXU2XGAHFDYLAQULE3TMTR6SWU:disqus Siga nga Brando, e explain mo ng maigi ang “rules of procedures” sa pag dinig baka sakali may mapulot kami sayong aral…

  • David

    “why is it so difficult for psbank to reveal the truth and nothing but the truth?”

    It is telling the truth. Just one you probably don’t want to hear, siguro, especially if laws have already been established addressing specific parts of it.

    Do you want to disregard the law then, especially if it might…might…affect you?

    • raul n

      because telling the truth is dangerous to your life.

  • lito ty

    Saludo ako kay Mr. Pascual Garcia President ng PSBank ..kung ibang lider yan ipapain lang ang mga tauhan nila… saludo ako sayo sir…

  • Jhhayme

    Dapat itigil na yan Impeachment!!
     tama itigil na…Prosecution must manifest that enough na un…26m pesos of undeclared assets sa SALN is enough to question credibility of CJ Corona..Betrayal of trust pasok din.  Senator judges must vote, what else do you need? sayang  pera taong bayan if you continue the  impeachment,Th evidences are there . Let the Defense finish to present counter defense evidence then — Voting na


      If the prosecution thinks that they got CJ Corona already with the PSBANK accounts then they should go ahead and make a motion that they are done with their case. Let the Defense take the floor and have the senators judges rule already.

      Hopefully whatever ruling they come up with, everyone follows and respects it. Government needs to go back to work.

  • 5855

    kahit pahintoin nila yang impeachment ngayon CORONA is guilty na. . . .wala daw siyang itinatago he he he . .malalip na ang depensa mo diyan baka wala nang depensa kung ako lang ang tatanungin. . .tapos ang laban kaibigan. . .walang itinatago wow. . .ang dami pala parang ang manga ARROYOS na BWAYYYYYYAAAAAA

  • edleon

    These so called TOP NOTCH defense lawyers are now asking the SC to stop the impeachment… why???  Becuse they are having a hard time in stopping the TRUTH to come out!!!

  • metroromy

    nasa 4th week na pero wala pa rin pinagbago ang mga dilaw. hanggang ngayon ay puro pa rin sila daldal.  kung sana magbanat sila ng buto at ayusin ang mga ebidensya nila ay hindi sana nagkakagulo ng ganito.

    nasa 4th week na at hanggang ngayon ay nagpapabukas pa sila ng 2nd envelope – sangkaterba na nga na 2nd envelopes ang binuksan pero hindi pa rin nila natitisod ang smoking gun. 

    ganyan talaga ang problema kung walang saysay ang reklamo. mabuti pa nga na ipatigil na ng supreme court yan impeachment na yan dahil nasasayang lang ang pera ng bayan ng dahil sa kapritso ng isang penoy by the pasig river.

    • tyopaeng

      sa tingin mo lng yon….

      Mahirap kasi tanggapin ang katutuhanan na corrupt si Arroyo at corona!!!

    • marionics

      oo nga, P24 M lang kasi ano? hahahahaha

      payaaaaat na payaaaat para sa cj hahaha

  • PikonNaKami

    Bank Presidents like Garcia and other bank officers and employees get their bonuses depending on meeting their target deposits.  It is obvious that in the case of PSBank, the bank officers and employees do not care about who deposits their monies and the source of these monies.

    Please do not tell me that not even 1 person in PSBank wondered why a government official, and no less than the Chief Justice himself, would be able to have dollar deposits in their bank. Of course everyone turned a blind eye because it helps them get their bonuses.  All PSBank officers and employees are thieves because they all benefited from the money stolen by government officials which they are zealously hiding in their bank.

    And the fattest bonus (ergo the biggest thief, aside of course from the owners of the bank) was that of Garcia’s so he does not deserve a salute.

  • andoybarrios

     Republic Act No. 6426, or the Foreign Currency Deposit Act should be modified in pursuant of AML and government officials should not be allowed to use this as a shield from uncovering ill-gotten wealth………….sana may isang congresista na palakasin ang AML at baguhin ang RA 6426 na ito ay hindi applicable sa government employee at politicians or mas mabuti pa alisin na ng tuluyan kasi ang switzerland binago na din ang policy nila since 9/11 at ng lumabas ang AML…..

  • leo27

    “Kung may mahahanap kayong tagong yaman ko, sa inyo na!”, or words to that effect. That Corona told the prosecution panel thru the media. Ang magiging mayaman pala dito ay ang prosecution panel. Sa bilis ng paglabas ng mga nakatagong yaman ay malamang mamulubi ang CJ, kaya tumakbo na siya sa SC. Sa dami ng yaman na makukuha ng prosecution ay marami na ang volunteer para makaparte rin

  • marivon

    Marami akong pera dahil mayaman si mommy gloria at maraming negosyo si daddy FG, malaki ang mana ng misis ko sa mga magulang niya at ano ba pakialam ninyo? – cheap just tiis

  • Jun Nicolas

    kahit medyo Kamote ang defense, kinakabog din pla ang depensa. I think pag binasura ng supreme court and TRO na hinihingi ng Defense sa pagbukas ng dollar account. Patay kang bata ka. Im sure yung peso account medyo di pa ganun kalaki. Matalino tlga si Thiif Justice ha, ginawa pang dollar account ha, dahil may batas na di sya basta basta pwedeng buksan, kung wlang consent ng owner. But I guess there is an exemption in this Rule, lalo na iba naman sa impeachment court. Like what happened to Erap Dollar account na nabuksan din noon.

    • jaygibi

      hnidi po nabuksan ang dollar account niya.. basahin mo ang report.

      • jeff964

        actually kahit di na mabuksan. ang nakadeclare sa SALN nya ay 3.5 million lng cash nya.
        Meron na syang 20 million eh yung sa BPI pa.
        Siguro curious lang talagang malaman  kung magkano ang laman nung dollar account

      • raul n

        bank secrecy is not absolute. even swiss bank the most secretive bank in the world was fined by america (hundreds of millions of dollars) because of being the haven of tax-pinasubmit nito ang lista ng mga depositor sa IRS suspected of evading taxes. evader, even drug cartels, dictators (some marcos swiss deposit are even turn over to the govt). Ngayon nag collapse ba ang economy ng switzerland na ang kabuhayan nila ay banking?

  • ramama

    mabuti naman at matatalino na ang mga pilipino ngayon.  hindi na sila basta na lang naniniwala sa mga sinasabi ng mga kalaban ni corona, lalong-lalo na napatunayan na mga sinungaling ang mga ito ng lokohin nila ang bayan at nag-imbento ng 45 na properties when 5 lang naman pala.

    pagkatapos mabisto sa kanilang pagsisinungaling ay nagsinungaling na naman. (nag-deny)

    kung ang bayan ay napagsinungalingan na ng 2 beses, kahit 100 beses ay kayang gawin ng mga kalaban ni corona.

    ano na naman kaya ang gusto nila palabasin sa mga bank accounts – iba-iba rin at magkakasalungat din naman ang sinasabi nila.

    kaya wala ng naniniwala sa mga sinisabi ng mga dilaw dahil zero credibility na ang mga yan.

    • jeff964

      walang sense comment. matatalino na nga mga pilipino ikaw na lang ang naiwan na natiling bobo. 24 properties more than enough to convict him at  hindi 5 ok. umayos ka.

  • jdhdl-FWC jdhdl

    Dapat magkaroon ng panibagong pagusapan dito..    Alin sa dalawa ang dapat sundin or mas mabigat..  
    Republic Act No. 6426 or subpoena ng impeachment court?

  • TimeTraveller123

    Very misleading ang title, hindi naman 24.6 million iyon kundi at the end of 2010 ay 19.648 million lang iyon. Sana naman maging responsible rin itong writer kasi ang impression is 24.6. Anyone can argue that the degree of impact between 24.6 and 19.648 is thesame since high numbers pero still the report should be accurate. For crying out loud this is NEWS not OPINION dapat. Also iyong comments tungkol kay Joker sinasabi lang niya na noong panahon nila as prosecutors may na subpoena  as a witness, hindi rin niya dinala iyong information about doon sa dollar account but he was not charge with contempt. Some may argue that the reason why is because the trial was cut short pero if you go back to the records nobody stood up and ask the court to cite him in contempt. Iyon po ang sinasabi. Bakit ba hindi niya dinala? Kasi may batas at ang batas na iyon ay dapat sundin ng lahat maski korte, kahit impeachment court pa ay dapat sundin ang mga batas. Pero because of the disappointment of the anti-corona Senators, gusto nilang icite ng contempt. Sa akin hindi iyon fair kasi sinusunod lang naman niya iyong batas. Kahit pa siguro may subpoena, hindi iyon enough reason para labagin mo ang batas lalo na kung involved ang information ng maraming tao, mga patrons ng banko. Lumabas na ang katotohanan pero huwag natin labagin ang batas at karapatan ng tao.   

    • Rednaxela VD

      What do you expect from Inquirer?  They were the ones who sensationalized the 45 Corona assets.  They are the ones leading the persecution and smear campaign against Penoy enemies.   They are an extension of Malacanang and is building up Penoy as some sort of a demigod

    • jeff964

      may subopena di ba? di ka naman makakasuhan kasi sinunod mo ang subpoena.  kung di naman paparusahan baka sa susunod ganun din ang gagawin ng ibang witness.

      • TimeTraveller123

        Sir, ang subpoena ay galing sa korte. Maaring labag iyon sa batas kahit pa majority of Senators voted to subpoena these documents. But the law is the law, nobody, nothing, not even a court, not even the impeachment court, not even the president can can go against the law. Ito ay batas na nasa ibatas ng matagal ng panahon, at ang iba ay payag na labagin basta makuha lang nila ang gusto nila. Ako po ay wala akong pakialam kung sino ang makulong basta may ebidensiya na magpapatunay na deserve nila. Pero kung iyong pamamaraan naman ng pagkuha ng ebidensiya ay hindi naayon sa batas ako po ay tutol. Siguro if there is 1 thing we should all agree on, that should be the principle that we are a country of laws and not of men. Siguro kahit doon lang mag agree tayo, maski pro or anti corona, pro GMA etc. siguro kahit doon lang mag agree tayo dahil kung hindi tiyak ko lalong magkakagulo ang ating bayan. 

    • Don

      Yamsuan was one of the three journalists (if they can be called as that) who craftily titled an article about Corona getting 11M from a ‘dead’ firm.

  • Karabkatab

    Dapat siguro sa balang araw e ammend ang law on foreign currency deposit unit (FCDU) account ng Pilipinas. Ang may karapatan lang siguro mag open ng ganitong account ay yuong pamilya ng mga OFW, at mga veterano ng amerika, businesses engaged in exports, foreign residents and legit people and businesses engaged in foreign currency trading.  Mga politiko at emplyado ng gobyerno dapat mahigpit na ipagbawal na magkaroon ng ganitong account sa kawalang sapat na rason na magkmal at mag impok sa banyagang pera.

    • jeff964

      tama pero dapat wag ganun kastrict yung bank secrecy law eh kung may OFW na relative eh loophole na nman yan.
      Anyway dapat tlagang baguhin na yan kasi panahon pa ni marcos yan, ginawa para protektahan ang mga ninakaw ni marcos

      • Karabkatab

        @jeff964, Limited to immediate family ng OFW lang brod, yung pinaka beneficiary ng remittance sa family… Siguro naman meron sapat na implementing rules para dyan. Hindi naman sa ako ay nag mamarunong pero owning a foreign deposit account sometimes endangers the economy of a poor country like ours.  Take the case of jueteng lords, ang pisong barya nila ay pinam bibili ng dollars ng mga OFWs say sa Hongkong. Then they will open a dollar account either in Hongkong or PH.


       I agree. Amend nila yung law para ma-include yung mga exemptions. Dapat after nung impeachment ni Erap, binago na nila yan. They have 10 years to change it or add ways to pry into these accounts.

  • TimeTraveller123

    Hindi po nabuksan iyong dollar account noong impeachment trial ni Erap pero iyong bank official hindi po siya nacontempt.

    • jeff964

      di nabuksan kasi nagwalk out si joker arroyo.

      • TimeTraveller123

        Sir, panoorin ninyo iyong pagwawalk out na sinasabi ninyo. The government prosecutors stayed in the chamber. Sila Apostol, Arroyo, Gonzales etc. ay nandoon at nakikipag usap pa nga sila sa mga senators. Mga private prosecutors iyong nagwalk out. Sana naman po maging accurate tayo sa mga sinasabi natin.

  • Albin

    Paalisin na si Drilon. Hindi na umiintindi ng batas, o ng makatwiran. Kung sa palagay niya ang impeachment court ang pinaka-mataas sa lahat, opinion lang niya yun. Ang final na taga-interpret ay ang Supreme Court.

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      paalisin mo na din si joker arroyo

    • kapitanBagwis

      hmmm….aral ka muna ng Constitution kung ano sinasabi ukol sa senado bilang impeachment court….nahahalata ka tuloy na medyo me pagka ano ka….

  • rjimenez1226

    Corona’s alipores are hard at work dedending their thief justice. .   Kawatan talaga itong si Corona.

  • Rednaxela VD

    Why dont we put this all in a vote right now?  It seems the impeachment court has made up their mind about Corona.

    What Penoy is doing is just further dividing the nation through persecution of the Cj and the SC.  Sinira niya ang Megaworld.  Now he is damaging the Banks.  The House has been tarnished (as if they were not tarnished already) bec of the railroad process.  Media has been corrputed.  What’s next?

    Will Penoy wait for the economy to collapse or for the international community to intervene?  He is letting this play out without any concrete result or benefit for the Filipinos on hand except for his selfih vendetta.  He is just laying it out and letting the public interpret it through the sensationalism of media outlets like Inquirer. 

    But after this, may magyayari bang reform?  All he will do is place a puppet CJ and go after the previous administration with impunity as a smokescreen for his proven incompetence.  All this while he bangs Grace Lee

    • jashs

      i am not anti or pro cj corona … okey na yung contention mo and you made your point pero ng sabihin mo na ‘all the while he bangs Grace Lee’, nawawala ka na sa lugar … kung sa debate team ka nakasali, i think matatalo kayo … duon ka lang sa parameters ng pinag-uusapan

      • Rednaxela VD

        Dont be fools.  All of this will really happen while he bangs Grace Lee.  Poor Grace,  i loved her but now bumaba pagtingin ko sa kanya dahil sa pagpatol niya kay Penoy.

        Im sure it will be a bang, bang, bye for Grace.. because Penoy’s track record with women are proven lousy just like his proven track record in governance.  Ginagawa lang ng media na pakilig at soap opera kasi yan ang gusto ng idiotic pinoys

      • AMORMINA

         pa check mu yong vd mo baka third stage syphilis na yan at naapektuhan na yong utak mo.

    • reydomingo

      bastos… wala kang pinag aralan…

      • kris makati

        hehehe ikaw naman, ibig sabihin lang siguro ni rednaxela vd sa “he bangs grace lee” eh pag silang dalawa lang ang magkasama madalas silang maglaro ng ps3 ng war at shooting games, kaya nag ba-bang bang silang dalawa… wag ka masyadong hot.

    • rosamistika16

      i dont think PNoy damaged the image or credibility of Megaworld, in fact, their company has become popular to many as a company that builds high end condos and now not only the rich are looking into that but also the middle class people who wants to own a better condo…so your statement na “Sinira nya ang Megaworld” is only your own opinion…your own!

      More so with PSBank and BPI because for me I have no reason to close my accounts with them.  I’m an ordinary citizen so why would I be afraid for my account with them to be disclosed to public?  Do you think the senate will find even a single minute to scrutinize my bank accounts with them or with other banks as well? No way! – your opinion again is based on your own …your own!

      Phil. economy will not prosper as long as corrupt government officials are around.  I still believe that what PNoy is doing is for the benefit of the country.  I will wait for his term to finish before I make judgment to him…So wait for that time..

    • SG0609

      Rednaxela VD. why did u reverse ur name from Alexander???Ah u must be gay…okay…got it…rednaxela venereal disease whahahaha

  • Roly Aldo

    ang senado ang gumagawa ng batas at nakita nila nung impeach ni erap ay may ganito ng batas

    bakit di nila inaalis o inaamend ang batas na ito kung ayaw nila dito

    tapos ngayon sila na ang partisan ay gusto nilang magpa contempt

  • Arvin Acosta

    Isa lang ang tanong: Bakit takot ang depensa na buksan ang dollar accounts? Mayroon bang kahindik-hindik na nilalaman ang mga ito? Kung malinis ang konsensya ni Corona, siya na mismo ang mag-boluntaryo na isapubliko ang laman ng accounts upang patunayan sa taong bayan na mailinis sya.


      Bakit iniisip agad natin takot ang isang tao kung hindi tinanggap ang hamon? Example ko lang dyan ay paano kung may naghahamon sa akin ng suntukan sa labas ng bahay namin. Kilala ko siya at sparring partner ni Alistair Overeem yun. Gated ang bahay namin kaya may proteksyon ako sa kanya. Bakit ako lalabas? Duwag na ba akong matuturing? Bago ko bitawan proteksyon ko, wasakin muna niya yung bakod at gate ko. Pag nagawa niya yun, doon lang ako haharap sa kanya.

      Why compel him to give up his advantage? For what, to be demonized further in the eyes of the public? What good does it do to him open them now during the time of the prosecutors to present evidence. Would it not do him more good if his lawyers were the one to present them after the prosecutors rest? Even from the start, I doubted that they had anything to pin the Chief Justice. Now I see that the prosecutors are really fishing for evidence. The impeachment complaint was filed out of malice and unsubstantiated allegations due to lack of solid, verifiable evidence. Mahirap uriratin ang utak ng mga prosecution team, dapat ilahad nila sa papel para makita naman ng iba.

      • SG0609

         ganda ng rason mo ah…hindi naman patayan to pre…pakapalan lang naman ang laban dito…kung makapal ang prosekusyon, mas makapal ang amo mong si korona…

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

         Uulitin ko lang ha. Hindi ako tauhan ni CJ Corona. Ang opinion ko opinion ko at di ako binabayaran para ibigay yun. Yung example ko kung di mo nagustuhan, binagay ko lang dahil dun sa picture ni Arvin Acosta. Di kasi nakasuot ng T-Shirt so gumamit ako ng MMA na example.

        Huwag mo tingnan yung sagot ko na patayan. Tingnan mo na lang na depensa yan eh. Pwede nya gamitin bakit di gamitin. Makapal na ba mukha mo kung gamitin yung mga pwedeng gamitin? Makapal ang mukha ni CJ Corona kung mapatunayan at mahatulan siya sa impeachment court tapos tumakbo sa  SC para ipa-nullify yung judgement. Hanggang walang judgement ang Impeachment court, gigitna pa rin ako at ang comment ko kung magtutunog maka-CJ Corona OK lang. Basta alam ko sa sarili ko, opinion ko yan hanggang walang mapakita sila Tupas sa akin, through the impeachment court, na tamang proof para maging pro-prosecution tono ng comment ko.

        Eto ang sigurado ko sa sarili ko, kung may mapakita na proof ang prosecution na sobrang linis ng pagkakakuha nito at yung objection ng defense ay hindi makatwiran sigurado na may comment ako na tutunog na pabor kina Tupas.

        Hanggang walang desisyon ang impeachment court, open season pa sa akin yan. Pwede ako kumampi sa defense o sa prosecution. Pero pag meron ng desisyon, kahit hindi ako agree sa reason duon na rin ako lulugar.

      • barok

        anlabo ng example mo dre…kasing labo ng inodorong barado.

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        look at the picture of the one who made the original comment. He was shirtless so I assumed he is a fan of MMA, so I used the analogy. All I was talking about was on why would one give up his defenses when challenged by a much stronger opponent.

        (PNOY administration) The stronger aggressor, Gates and walls (the rights of the accused, the Bank Secrecy Law and FCDU deposits)

        basagin muna yung defenses ni CJ Corona then prosecution has access to his accounts. You just should not expect him to give these defenses up for no reason. Do you get it barok?

  • panot_incompetent

    20 yrs of service in government at pati yung pagiging private lawyer
    niya expected ko aabot ng 100 million ang pera ni corona sa bank pero
    barya lang pala hahaha.. kumpara sa mga congressman at senador 5 yrs 10
    yrs eh bilyon na agad ang pera..

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      Please justify how can he earned 100M in just 20years

    • Hampas

      The Chief Justice is not a practicing private lawyer. His only income is from government service. He could not have accumulated such wealth from his meager salaries. He’s clearly hiding something, which you want to gloss over because you are so bent on trying to discredit this administration. There are evidences against Corona. Where are yours? If you have them, why not act like a good citizen and bring these to court.

    • raul n

      20yrs in govt service yayaman ka? 100M? You know how big is the salary in govt that you can earn millions? what private practice? look at his carreer mag hanap ka sa google. Nasa mataas sya na position dati sa tax departmnt ng SGV what an irony hindi sya marunong mag fill up ng SALN (statement of assets, liabilities and networth) di ba magaling sya? O ngayon PESO pa lang yan wala pa yong DOLLAR. Kung ikaw ay magkandidato sa congressman dapat mayaman ka muna para may pambili ka ng boto. Karamihan sa mga congressman ay dati ng mayaman at may mga negosyo na kanila protektahan kaya nagtakbo sila. Tanungin mo si pandak arroyo at pekeng congressman kuno ng mga driver at sekyu na si mikey at nacongresman na dato kasi gumawa ng bagong distrito sa bicol.

  • elpobre

    Tuloy ba ang rally ng INC, umpisa na naman ito ng people power.

  • dongBarako

    Ang dine-clare ni Corona eh 3.5million lang?!…ito’y tiyak na panlilinlang sa taong bayan!
    Unde oath pa naman ang SALN tapos kasinungalin lang pala!!
    Tanggalin na Si CORONA!! hindi karapat-dapat ang kataas-taasang hukom ay sinungaling!

    • elpobre

      Pano kung ang pera ni CJ sa bank ay pera na padala ni Castillo sa kanyang account? hearsay na depense yan, pero bakit you concluded na sinungaling ang CJ, you don’t wait for the answer, therefore, sinungaling ka rin. Hindi kasi tinitinbang ang pag-iisip e..

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        ang gulo naman ng logic mo

      • elpobre

        paki tuwid ngaa compadre

  • Roly Aldo

    the real voice of the people is the constitution 

    you follow the constitution you follow the voice of the people of the past, present and the future

    not the voice of the big mouthed yellow army and landlords

  • kuraratsa

    mga buwaya kayo, total pare pareho naman kayo mga kurakot….sana kayo na lang ang nilindol.

  • Pablo Juan

    I like Sen Osmenas and Sen Cayetano questions on the psbank president.. contrary to what they were initially saying that they were just seeking some kind of clarification from the SC.. it turns out that what they are after is a TRO no less!  To say that paano naman ang 2k+ na mga employees nila and the 600k+ na mga depositors nila?? paano naman ang demands ng 95 MILLION FILIPINOS WANTING TO KNOW THE TRUTH?!!!


      The bank secrecy law protects the rights of the depositor and the bank holding the deposit. This law was really meant to protect their rights.

      Wanting the truth does not make it right to violate this particular law. If this will be allowed over what is right as provided by the law, what will stop other individuals from violating and intruding on the privacy of that one depositor.

      Before anyone comments negatively on the bank secrecy law, maybe we should ask ourselves why this particular law was enacted. Maybe we should look at the benefits of this law rather than just focusing on “it hiding the truth”. The truth is he has money and this is proven by his bank balances. Another truth is they are substantial, but the better question is how did he come up with this money.

      Does he have the means to raise this much money? Yes. He has income from his work, he has been flipping properties, he has loans.

      I see nothing wrong having money in the bank, especially if he can prove that he legally earned them. In my opinion, balances are not a big deal. What the prosecution should require is the movement of the money. They should try to trace and follow the flow of money. For all we know, these big balances were just being moved around.

      • AMORMINA

         kala ko sabi mo noon employee ka ng MEGAWORLD NGAYON sa bangko naman, believe ako sa dami ng raket mo.

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        AMORMINA… Yes I was an employee of Megaworld. Ibig sabihin puro property lang alam ko  dahil nanggaling ako dun at wala na akong alam sa bangko? Eh nagco-comment din ako sa taxes, ibig sabihin may “racket” din ako sa BIR? May comment din ako sa SALN, ibig ba sabihin government employee rin ako? May comment ako sa “Manila Hotel – a Manila hotel room” dito sa PDI, ibig ba sabihin sa Manila Hotel ako nagtratrabaho?

        Hindi na ba ako pwede magkaroon ng kaibigan sa bangko? Wala ba akong mata na pwede gamitin para magbasa ng mga bagay na may interest ako? Sa tingin mo ba yung mga sinasabi ko kinokopya ko kung saan saan?

        Please if you cannot comment on what I wrote, do not make comments about me.

  • Truthheretostay

    The PSBank President-Prosecutor witness’ stand on his refusal to conceal documents pertaining to US $ deposits is understandable.But unacceptable his failure to reveal elementary information,when asked by a senator-judge on the type of the peso accounts as to time deposit,money market placements,savings account,current account etc.A bank president at that can judge on the basis of the account numbers.Doing so would open a pandora box and more questions from the tribunal.


      What is the relevance of knowing if it were Savings, checking or time deposit accounts? If it were important, it should have been included in the request. I often see this pandora’s box being referred to. What exactly do we expect to happen when the accounts are qualified?

      • Truthheretostay

        There were five PSBank Peso account numbers with 12-digit numbers,but common to all five accounts are the same first six digit numbers 089-121,and covered by one opening account form with signature cards.Obviously,the signature cards enable the account holder to withdraw thru signed checking(current) accounts,withdrawal slips for savings account and/or ATM.
        The subpoena covered fixed income placements,time deposits etc which from
        the account numbers submitted,referred only to either savings and or current(checking)account deposits which can be debited.The PSBank President
        was evasive,when form the first 6 digits,he can decipher the type of account.That is why a pandora box is likely with the disclosure of fixed income placements.

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        I still do not get why these will be a pandora’s box. The other account linked could be settlement accounts only for the placements. Why is it important to disclose the fixed income placements? Are you implying that through the accounts enumerated in the subpoena, one could trace the Fixed income placements?


    mr chief justice. kung talagang mahal mo ang bayan . magresign ka na lang. isipin mo ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa na maaring madamay .

    • malaya1962

      palaboy .. ano naman ang kaugnayan ng ekonomiya asa kaso ni JCorona.. di ba sabi ng presidente hindi naman makakaapekta ang case case kay corona sa ekpnomiya.. BAGASK ANG EKONOMIYA dahil tamad ang presidente at sabi nga ni Grace Lee h”halos limang oras silang nag-uusap sa telepono ni PNoy.. now tell me bakit kay abgasak ang ekonomiya hah? about corona can we just watch na lang kase busssssy pa si PNoy sa lovelife niya

      • GurangsaCueva


  • DRE

    sino ka para magsabi ng resign? bigyan ng pagkakataon magpaliwanag, then after dun ka mag judge sa kanya…. 

  • just

    Fact is, Corona now have more troubles that he started. He now haa to deal with more legal battles in his lifetime related to unexplained wealth. By being dishonest, he is not fit to be anybody’d judge, much more of the nation.

  • Pinoydin

    We are all been DUPED!!!

    CJ Corona’s impeachment is just a smoke screen.

    The real reason why this is happening comes down to Hacienda Luisita, which will cost TAX PAYER’s money Php10 BILLION (not Million, but BILLION).

    This should be the headline for Inquirer:

    President Aquino’s clan wants P10B for Hacienda
    Aquino’s clan want’s a Lion’s share of what should be what the farmers should have.

    • Domingo

      totoo kaya talaga na mga magsasaka ang makikinabang sa hacienda luisita? baka naman mga abogado rin na ginagamit lang kunwari mga magsasaka?malimit kasi mangyari ito. tulad na lang sa mga welga welga di ba?

  • Pinoydin

    CJ Corona’s impeachment is just a smoke screen.
    The real reason why this is happening comes down to Hacienda Luisita, which will cost TAX PAYER’s money Php10 BILLION (not Million, but BILLION).
    This should be the headline for Inquirer:
    President Aquino’s clan wants P10B for Hacienda
    Aquino’s clan want’s a Lion’s share of what should be what the farmers should have.

  • Pinoydin

    We are all been DUPED!!!CJ Corona’s impeachment is just a smoke screen.The real reason why this is happening comes down to Hacienda Luisita, which will cost TAX PAYER’s money Php10 BILLION (not Million, but BILLION).This should be the headline for Inquirer:President Aquino’s clan wants P10B for Hacienda Aquino’s clan want’s a Lion’s share of what should be what the farmers should have.

  • digihaus

    kawawa naman ang mga yellow.  sa sobrang kulelat nila ay defense pa ngayon ang takot.  hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin nila maintindiihan ang mindset ng mga law-abiding citizens kasi mga law-breakers sila by nature. dapat lang na matuto sumunod sa batas ang mga prosecutors. bawal ang mali-maling paraan. hindi lahat ng bagay nakukuha sa daldal na walang saysay.

  • dongBarako

    issue ng karapatan : CJ Corona vs. People of the RP

    The right of CJ Corona who was appointed by a corrupt president or the right of Millions of Filipino who wants the truth!!

    Anong mangingibabaw dito?!

    • elpobre

      Nangingibabaw ang greed, tingnan mo ngat ang bilis ng pirmahan, hindi ko gusto si CJ pero ang paraang ito na ginawa ng tongressman kasabwat ang ehikutibo, parang merong maitim na hangarin ito dahil pag kakampi ng na nila ang CJ walang check ang balance sa 3 equal of republican government. At mahungkat ang mga kasong pabor sa current admin at admin politicians, hintayin ba natin ang new admin para para tugisin na naman itong mga bastos na politiko ng current admin. 

      • roy kruge

        Replying to elpobre>> a nan spammer..greed ni corona sa pera… yan ang dahilan sa impeachment na ito…kaya nga akala ni cj sa kanya ang sc… ayaw nya check and balances… kasi mabubuking sya sa mga kinurakot nya… hahahah

      • kapitanBagwis

        Huwag mong kalilimutan na sinibak ni Mr Corona ang Truth Commission at ang pag issue ng TRO in favor of GMA to travel bago siya na impeached dahilan nga sa beholden siya kay GMA…wala siyang independence as required by the Constitution sa isang Chief Justice of the land. You just need a little common sense to comprehend my reply to your comment.

    • kapitanBagwis

      Mr Corona forfeited his rights the moment he violated the SALNs…for being dishonest and betraying public trust.

  • Truthheretostay

    The PSBank President-Prosecutor witness’ stand on his refusal to make public,
    documents pertaining to US $ deposits is understandable.But
    unacceptable his failure to reveal elementary information,when asked by a
    senator-judge on the type of the peso accounts as to time deposit,money
    market placements,savings account,current account etc.A bank president
    at that can judge on the basis of the account numbers.Doing so would
    open a pandora box and more questions from the tribunal.

    • TimeTraveller123

      He said he did not bring those information because they were not part of the Subpoena. In other words, sinusunod lang niya iyong parte ng subpoena na naayon sa batas which is those accounts involving the peso accounts.

      • GurangsaCueva

        REPUBLIC ACT NO.1405  
        SECTION 2. All deposits of WHATEVER NATURE with banks or banking institutions in the Philippines including investments in bonds issued by the Government of the Philippines, its political subdivisions and its instrumentalities, are hereby considered as of an absolutely confidential nature and may not be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office, EXCEPT upon written permission of the depositor, or in cases of IMPEACHMENT, or upon order of a competent court in cases of bribery or dereliction of duty of public officials, or in cases where the money deposited or invested is the subject matter of the litigation.

      • Truthheretostay

        The five(5) unspecified Peso PSBank account numbers,not only had 12-digit numbers,the first six() numbers are the same for all five peso accounts:089-121,and differ on the last six digits.The President knows,and can decipher the numbers.

  • dongBarako

    Anong sabi ni CJ Corona pag may DISHONEST na HUKOM?!

    “…As such we shall continuously cleanse the court’s ranks by strengthening the integrity of the judiciary and raising it to the highest level possible. I believe that a member of the judiciary who is found guilty of dishonesty should not only be dismissed from the service but also disbarred. No ifs, no buts.”(part of Speech delivered by Chief Justice Renato C. Corona at the MOPC Judiciary Night, 7:00 p.m., 24 June 2010, )

  • jeffrey zhao

    24 million AGAINST 10billion of the Luisita’s cost!

  • Fakescthiefjustice

    Corona Saln + hidden ill-gotten wealth 

     2002 P14.9 million; 
     2003 P7 million
     2004 P7 million
     2005 P8 million
     2006 P9 million
     2007 11 million
     2008 P12 million
     2009 P14 million
     2010 P22.9M

  • Fakescthiefjustice

    How much is the salary of Philippines’ Supreme Court’s chief justice?

    Chief Justice salary grade- 32 = 46,200 pesos including COLA.

    • Jay

       magkano salary mo galing kay carandang et al? nabubuhay ka sa kaka spam sa news sites.

  • Jay

    ibagsak ang rehimeng abnoy-aquino

    • kapitanBagwis

      What you are saying is no longer exercising free speech…you are inciting to sedition…

  • antonioluna

    dapat nating igalang ang batas na gawa ng isang diktador para protektahan ang kanyang nakaw na yaman, hindi naman nakapagtataka na bagkos na baguhin ang batas na ito ay pinagtibay pa ng mga sumunod na administrasyon dahil lahat naman sila nakikinabang sa batas na ito, sa madaling salita lahat sila magnanakaw kaya huwag na nating asahan mawala ang batas ng mga magnanakaw.

    maari sanang baguhin ito at bigyan ng exemption at ilagay doon na hindi balido ang batas na ito kapag ang depositor ay nakademanda ng plunder o kaya ay nakasalang sa impeachment pero sino ang gagawa nito?korte suprema? eh si cheap dog na nga ang isa sa nakikinabang sa batas na ito, kawawang pinoy

  • xcalibor

    Before the revelation of Corona’s bank accounts, the defense team and other pro-corona political alies were accusing the prosecution team of “fishing expidition” of geting the evidences against the acused. And now that the prosecution got the “big catch” in their expiditon, the defense team as well as the accused himself are now also in their “fishing expidition”  for looking any technicalities or any means to hide the truth. Didn’t they know that no amount of experieced law experts can actually hide the truth…no one in this world.   

    • barok

      tumpak bro…baka di na abutin to ng isang buwan.

  • Bogart747

    I think we should not judge CJ corona at this point can  we just listen to both sides hirap sa atin mga pinoy madali tayo  maniwala sa mga pinapakita ng prosection maybe , we should weigh both sides give also a chance to the defense to present their side .ang technique ng prosecution is to gain the sympathy of the public . ika nga Trial by publicity. can we just observe this trial unfolds and hopefully genuine verdict will be served. 

    • marionics

      it proves na may malaki siyang bank deposits na di nakalagay sa saln. later on he will have the opportunity to refute this (if he can). but for now, the burden of proof has shifted to him to present his countervailing evidence (if any).


       I agree with your statement. This is how we should all act. Observe, Learn and then make the decision based on complete information

      • SG0609

        complete info kamo??? e ayaw ngang pabuksan un mga iba pang bank accounts ng amo mong mayaman…paano maging complete ang info nyan? hahaha

      • kapitanBagwis

        Korek ka dyan….ano ilalabas ng defense tumakbo na nga sa supreme court para itago dollar account ni Mr Corona….lol

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        SG0609… hindi ako employee ni CJ Corona. Huwag mo ako isama sa mga tingin mong bayaran. May opinion ako para sa sarili ko at di ako ahente ng prosecution o ng defense.

        Binubuksan ko lang ang isip ko kasi ayaw ko manghusga agad agad. Ang comment ko base sa alam ko, sa nakikita ko kung paano binuo at nililitis ang kaso. Kung di mo makita yung problema na nakikita ko, wala akong magagawa. Tanong ko lang pag binigyan ka ba ng bank records madudugtong mo ba? Anong silbi na alam mo yung headline pero hindi mo alam yung detalye.

        Kumpleto na ba para sa iyo yung deklarasyon ng mga Balanse? Yan na ba ang kumpleto para sa iyo? Ang sinasabi ko, hintayin mo ang Defense. Bakit ilalabas mo na ngayon yung ebidensya eh sinusubukan ng Prosecution kumuha ng reaksyon sa kampo ni CJ Corona. Nakita mo ba kung paano lapitan yung witness nung nagpaalam yung abogado ni Hubert Webb. Narinig mo rin ba yung pag-photocopy ng Prosecution agad ng bank certification kahit walang paalam sa Impeachment court. Di mo ba iniisip na baka nga nanghuhula lang sila Tupas at ngayon umaasa ng ebidensya mula sa Defense para patunayan yung binibintang nila kay CJ Corona.

        Paano magiging kumpleto ang information? Hintayin yung defense kung ano masasabi nila… Dapat kasi binasag muna ng impeachment court, mas lalo na ng prosecution, yung existing na batas bago pinaharap yung witness. Tingnan mo nangyari, nagkaroon ng dahilan para humingi ng ruling sa SC. Tingin ko naman alam nila Justice Cuevas na mas mapapasama position nila sa public opinion kung pupunta sila sa SC. Dapat nung umpisa pa lang sila Tupas na ang humingi ng authority sa SC na ipabukas… pwede rin naman silang lumapit sa AMLC na under ng BSP para sa records na kailangan nila, bakit di nila naisip gawin yun?

        Sa pagkakaalam ko kasi, may mga paraan na pwede gawin ang gobyerno para makita yung accounts ni CJ Corona, bakit hindi ginamit? Kasi hindi naisip?

        Please lang ha, wag ninyo ako sabihan na bayaran ako kaya ganito opinion ko. Ugali ko lang na hindi agad-agad nanghuhusga ng kapwa ko lalo na kung hindi ko kilala.

    • Lucky Luciano

      If it’s Al Capone, Kahit alam mong may kalokohan, bibigyan mo parin ng benefit of the doubt, Hindi ka magtataka kung bakit siya matatakot or mag rerequest ng TRO’s.

      Pero si chief justice Corona “Honest” yan, kaya in the name of Justice, isasacrifice niya yung privacy kaya papayag na yan ipakita yung iba pang accounts niya pati narin yung mga dollar account niya. Ganyan ka transparent si CJ Corona. Wala siyang alam na dapat ikatakot, dahil alam niya sa sarili niya n malinis siya at wala siyang tinatago sa konsensya niya. Hindi yan mag rerequest ng kahit anong TRO sa ngalan ng katotohanan.

      Sana…………………………… Wish ko lang……………………………..

  • dongBarako

    “The fact remains that at the heart of our sovereign mandate is the people’s trust in the courts. The people’s trust, however, is not confined to physical infrastructure. Improving human infrastructure is essential in maintaining integrity which in the final analysis gives us the right to judge. Hence, corruption in the judiciary, whether real or perceived, is particularly insidious and reprehensible. A corrupt judiciary is totally unacceptable as it severely handicaps the legal and institutional mechanism designed to curb abuses in government.” -CJ Corona.

    • kapitanBagwis

      Let him eat his own words…now he is being bitten by his own words.

  • Bogart747

    Magkano kaya ang binabayad ni abnoy kay Mr. PIG DRILON? masyado nagmamalinis ang taong ito ! might as well subject this boar to lifestyle check…..

    • huandelacruz

      Sir your calling Drilon a PIG eh 747 kayo mas malaki pa kayo sa kanya.. :-)

    • Lolo_Basyong

      I agree.  That ‘balimbing’s’ arrogant swagger whenever he rises to the defense of the prosecution in the impeachment trial is really irritating.  A lifestyle check is definitely in order.  What happened to his alleged questionable properties in Iloilo?  

    • Gerry

      Sayo mag kano binayad ng pandak? siguro may pang bile kana ng utak pls bumule kanaman.

    • Neo Colours

      …Then there are those comment writers who quickly resort to name calling, insults, and outright slander. It is sometimes very clear that the content or meaning of the hub sailed over their heads and they have no other way of commenting because they did not understand….Old Poolman

    • kapitanBagwis

      Walang bastusan…mangatuwiran ka

  • dongBarako

    to the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey group, of the 8 men who’ve
    served as Chief Justice since 1986, Teehankee had the highest public
    satisfaction rating, and Corona, the lowest. Teehankee
    had a net rating of 52 percent. He was a lonely voice in the Marcos
    Supreme Court, and is best known for administering the oath of office on
    President Corazon Aquino in the EDSA Revolution.
    No other Chief Justice has come close.

    net score, meaning his satisfaction score minus his dissatisfaction
    score, is now at zero. It was negative 18 at the start of his term last
    year, after his controversial midnight appointment by outgoing President
    Gloria Arroyo. (ABS-CBNews, Dec. 2011)

    • Lolo_Basyong

      Pagkaisahan ka ba naman ng entire machinery ng ehekutibo, kasama na ang Inquirer, e talagang madedehado ka sa mata ng publiko.  Hehehehehehe….  

      To ilustrate, I wonder how Niel Tupas’s rating now stands after it has been revealed that, despite assailing Corona for his alleged fabulous properties, meron pala siyang mala-palasyong bahay sa Quezon City na nagkakahalaga ng 50M gayong sumusweldo lang siya ng 25,000 a month.

      • satamalang

        Sagutin mo ang issue at huwag ipasa sa iba ang bola.

      • Lolo_Basyong

        satamalang:  Kaya nga may impeachment trial na para sagutin ang issue, di ga utoy?  Kaso, we have all been provided with the sorry spectacle of bungling prosecution lawyers who have to be coached by the presiding officer on the proper way of cross examination.  Hahahahaha….

      • antonioluna

         mayaman nga ang tatay nya dahil yumaman din ito sa pagiging pulitiko pero ibang usapin iyon, kay cheap dog muna tayo pagkatapos si tapus este tupas naman ang tirahin natin

    • basyong

      dongbarako tama ka si corona ang pinakamababa dong.alam mo kung bakit? lutong makaw ng SWS ni mang ahas at gawa ng False Asia.


      I do not understand, does this mean that his satisfaction rating improved? It was -18 last year and now it is at zero, meaning an improvement of +18. So the attacks on the Chief Justice actually changed people’s perception of him, in effect making him more fit for the post.

      If PNOY’s plan was to rectify the perception of the people on the SC, then it is working. He must be a genius to have pulled this off. Imagine making tremendous noise and airing negative publicity acting as if to show contempt on the current SC. And all the while, he was really planning to raise the people’s perception of the SC. Wow! All that work and moro-moro just to make the ratings go high. I could not believe I fell for it. Good work Mr. President! (that is if it was really your intent, which I hope it was)

  • romfagen

    at isang basket ah este banco lang ito!
    hindi naman sya stupid to put all his eggs in one basket. di ba?

  • Atlason

    Still doesn’t prove anything, let’s wait for the reply of the defense before jumping into any conclusion.

    • marionics

      it proves na may malaki siyang bank deposits na di nakalagay sa saln. later on he will have the opportunity to refute this (if he can). but for now, the burden of proof has shifted to him to present his countervailing evidence (if any).

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        I agree. The Chief Justice should explain this when their time comes.

  • skyrockettt


  • biznizdok

    nais lang naman na maipaliwanag at malinis ang pangalan. matapang naman sya nung 1st day ng impeachment sana ituloy tuloy na nya kung wala syang tinatago. yun lang nais ng madlang pipol at pagkatapos umupo na sya hanggat gusto nya.

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Nabigla ako dun sa 24.6 M.  Until I realized that the reporter ADDED THE ENDING BALANCES OF DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS for different years. Hehehehehe….  

    Ayokong mag-isip na ang Inquirer editors ay pinapayagan ang ganitong uri ng disinformation to support the prosecution’s claim that the CJ’s bank deposits are disproportionate to his salary (although one’s income for a year doesn’t necessarily have to come only from his day job).

    • dongBarako

      You mean may iba pang pinagkikitaan si Chief Justice?..ano naman kaya yun?!..

      • antonioluna

         namamalimos sa simbahan?manager ng pokpok sa quezon ave?nagwejuteng?

      • Lolo_Basyong

        dongBarako:   Hindi naman siguro imposible kung merong ibang income si CJ besides his salary at the SC na hindi galing sa kurapsyon.  Malay natin, meron siyang pinauupahang bahay, o may parte siya sa ani ng lupa ng kanilang pamilya, etc.  

    • satamalang

      Whats the big difference if it is 24.6M or 19M? Yun bang 5M na ibababa nito ay malaking factor? Parehas din yun.

      Hirap sa atin sa pagiging sobrang panatiko, nagiging unreasonable.

      Ang tanong bakit di niya ito idineklara at itinatago pilt.

      • Lolo_Basyong

        Factual reporting ang issue, utoy.  Dahil may pagka-gullible ang nakararami.  Hehehehe…. As to your claim of non-declaration, hintayin mo ang depensa when it takes the floor on the matter, hane?  

      • kapitanBagwis

        Mukhang mali ang issue mo lolo….ang issue ay ang kasalanan ni Mr Corona ng hindi pag declare ng halaga sa SALNs niya whether P24 Mil + or P19 Mil +….huwag ninyong palabuin ang tubig.,,Ano hihintayin natin sa defense humihingi na nga ng saklolo sa supreme court.

      • Lolo_Basyong

        kapitanBagwis:  Ikaw ang nagpapalabo, utoy, dahil wala naririnig sa panig ng depensa ay may kongklusyon ka na.  Hehehehehe…. Una, di natin alam kung totoo nga ang mga figures na sinabi mo; o kung tutuo man, ay paano nagkaganun.  


        Katotohanan ang gusto nating malaman. Dapat yong totoo lamang ang sasabihin. Lahat naman ng mga argumento ay tama pero ang dapat nating intindihin ay yong sino ang pinaka tama at resonable ang sinasabi. Mahirap magpaliwanag sa mga hindi nakakaunawa ng mga bagay na kailangan ng  critical thinking.  

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        I agree with Lolo Basyong. Factual reporting lang. If to sensationalized this is what they are after then it is wrong to print it like that. Remember, in the minds of the uninformed they will be looking for the reconciliation of the PhP24.6M. If the CJ only accounts for PhP19.6M, the people will still remember the PhP 24.6M figure and would ask why he was not able to account the remaining PhP5M.

        That is why the difference is important, and equally if not more for PDI to report the true holdings in PS bank.

    • huandelacruz

      The title says

      Corona Has P24.6M in PSBank

      Tama naman sir ah, all the 24.6 million is deposited sa PSBank.. Ang pangit naman yata ng title kung..

      Corona Has  P5,018,255.26 as of Dec. 31, 2007 on the first account, P8,500,000 as of Dec 31 , 2009 & ballooned to P12,500,000 at the end of 2010 on the second and  P7,148,000 on the third account in 2010.

      Ang haba ng title, sayang sa space..

      …”(although one’s income for a year doesn’t necessarily have to come only from his day job).”

      Yan dapat patunayan ng defense di na kailangan ang supreme court..

      • Lolo_Basyong

        huandelacruz:  Pay attention to the word ‘HAS’ in the article’s title.  Ang dating kasi nyan ay meron si CJ ng 24.6 million NGAYON (which is not true).  A better, and fairer, title would be:  “CORONA’S PSBANK DEPOSITS REVEALED.”  Then, the body could discuss the details, ie, how much ending balance for each year.

      • kapitanBagwis

        Kayo na kaya maging editor ng PDI…ang gagaling ninyo kasi…lol

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        But you do not just add them up. Actually I cannot see how they came up with PhP24.6M. The balance as of 2007 are included in the balance ending 2008, so on and so forth.

        I am seeing 2 accounts existing as of December 2010 totalling PhP19.6M. In order to come up to PhP24.6M does that mean that the PhP5M is spread in the 3 other accounts?

        Come to think of it, If you’re trying to sensationalize something P24.6M does look much better than PhP19.6M. It brings out the greed even more.

  • BoyWaray

    The title of this article is misleading. They added the balances of different accounts from different years!

    • Kayang

       correct….. that the way to gain support for their cause….however, closed to 20 million pesos are certainly to be explained….. and it has to be explained, why 16 million were not in his SALN….


      Agree! Movement are more important than balances. For all we know these may have been the result of 20+ years of hard work, flipping properties and proceeds from lines of credit.

  • antonioluna

    kung walang pinagtatakpan si cheap dog thief justice bakit hindi sya magbigay ng waiver para maipalabas ang kanyang dollar account pero ang ginawa nya ay humingi pa sya ng tulong sa kapwa nya aso sa korte suprema, wala mang direktang ibidensya sa kilos at galaw nya pa lang ewan na lang


       Why should he give up his ally, which happens to be an existing law, at this point in the Impeachment trial? I think we should all wait for the Defense’s time to show their evidence. With his accounts being discussed now, I do not think the Defense will leave this issue unanswered.  

      • antonioluna

        that is correct do not think because you are not capable of doing that, you are not even capable of understanding that foreign currency deposit act was created by a presidential decree during the dictatorship, you do not even know that this law was created to protect marcos’  and his cronies ill-gotten wealth, by simple analogy anyone using this law as a shield to protect his dollar deposit is nevertheless a scumbag and a thief.

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        Wow. Do you know me personally for you to comment that I am not capable of thinking? What is this that I wrote? Was this conceived out of combining just any letter in the alphabet? Have I been rude to anyone in this forum? Did you even understand my comment? We are talking about available defenses to the accused (You are in favor of waiving it and I am asking why should he) and your connecting the law to the author? Please Marcos has not been president since 1986. I agree the law has been restricting and it should have been fixed long ago. But that is the law and that law is available to CJ Corona to abuse until he feels he had extracted the last juice of it.

        Answering this issue is very vital to the CJ and to the defense. The public opinion on the CJ will further diminish if the defense does not answer the issue. (This, antonioluna, is what I meant by my last sentence)

      • antonioluna

        before this foreign currency deposit act became a republic act it was a PD a presidential decree, marcos was the creator of this law.

  • cliff_castillo

    Just imagine, that’s only the PS Bank peso deposit accounts of Corona.  If we add the dollar deposit accounts plus his BPI bank accounts, this will really make people say… that’s incredible, sobra na, Mr. Corona!  Resign immediately to save us from the publicity hungry congressmen and senators.

    • parefrank

       And what about Tupas’ wealth, condo and accounts?

      • ernie

        bakit , si tupas ba ang ‘on trial’ ? kung may reklamo kayo kay tupas, by all means present all your evidence incl his bank account to the ombudsman..

      • kapitanBagwis

        Ernie huwag mo ng patulan yang si parefrank….mukhang maluwag ang tornilyo niyan.

  • linoca

    Mr. Pascual Garcia, PSB President, did Mr. Corona threatened you with a criminal suit if you open his dollar account to the Senate? 

    • parefrank

       Are you really so dumb? Not Corona but a long standing law threatens criminal liability. Only that under Noy, laws have not much value if they are not in his favor.
      If Ninoy really was so correct and sincere as he is tagged, he must rotate in his tomb like a fan.

      • ramser

        You mean to say that it is mandatory to prosecute the person because he reveals the truth? Is that law so dumb as to prosecute for telling the truth? In effect you are saying that the law is there to protect the rich and mighty. Time for a change dont you think?

        In any case why hide facts? He can alway do an Angelo Reyes and stop wasting everybody’s time.


      Ayon sa pagka intindi ko mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ng batas ang pag disclose ng dollar account nang sino mang depositor sa lahat ng Banks dito sa Pilipinas kung walang pahintulot ang depositor. Binibigyan ng batas ang sino mang depositor na idimanda ang sino man sa tauhan ng Bangko na mag disclose ng foreign currency account. Ang problema kasi sa prosecution nagbibintang ng wala pang hawak na ibedensya. Hindi kumpleto at specific ang mga ebidensya sa kasong isinampa. Pagka sampa ng kaso saka mangangalap ng ebidensya.

      Pag ganyan ang gagawin sa lahat ng nanunungkulan sa gobyerno baka mas marami sa mga impeachable officials at mga kawani sa mga notorious bureaus,  tanggal.

  • skyrockettt

    MAS GUGUSTUHIN ko namang ma-acquit si Corona kesa palitan sya ni Noynoy ng bagong CJ na magre-reward sa pamilya nya ng P10B bayad para sa Hacienda Luisita land distribution. Sino ang higit na corrupt????!!!!

    • satamalang

      Kung nasa impeachment court ka lang sasabihan ka na ni Atty Cuevas ng “Objection your honor, irrelevant.”

      • skyrockettt

        Sige tignan natin kung dikayo magwala sa galit kapag ang tax ng tao mapunta sa pagbayad sa P10B para sa mga cojuangco. Napapangisi na ngayon si Noynoy sa upuan nya habang nagyoyosi, kasi kahit relax relax lang sya daming nagta-trabaho para sa kanya para mai-sakatuparan nya ang pagbabawas ng mga justices sa Supreme court na posibleng mag vote against the cojuangco demand na P10B. Iniisa-isa na nyang tanggalin ang mga sagabal sa kanyang pansariling ambisyon! Bwahahaha! Sa laki ba naman ng P10B(and even more), masisilaw talaga ang kanyang mga appointed justices na ipagtanggol sya! Ang saya saya!

      • jashs

        you stick to the issue, don’t go out of the parameter … ang impeachment kay cj corona at ang hacienda luisita ay magkaiba … i am not a pro or anti-cj corona, i am just reading the different opinons posted

      • skyrockettt

        ang impeachment kay corona at ang issue ng HL ay magkakabit. Nagbubulag-bulagan kaba?

      • kapitanBagwis

        Huh???? hindi ko naririnig sa trial ang Luisita, paano naging magkakabit???? Ipaliwanag mo nga sa aming mga nagbubulag-bulagan…

      • skyrockettt

        hintayin nalang natin ang imbestigasyon about Corona’s bank account. Ito kaseng PDI mahilig gumawa ng headline na nagco-cause lang ng panic kaagad sa mga tao, hehe. Conclusion kaagad ang mga tao kahit wala pang trial. It’s a reflection of a brainwashed society.

      • kapitanBagwis

        Marami palang manghuhula dito…lol

    • dongBarako

      Siguradong dadamputin ka ng Sgt. at Arms at ipapatapon sa labas by order of senate president manong johnny!;re not only irrelevant but out of place!…lol

    • parefrank

       That are 10 billion more reasons for Noy and his family clan to control the SC

    • kapitanBagwis

      Di ka lang pala matalino…manghuhula ka pa rin pala…galing mo talaga…lol

      • skyrockettt

        asset yan! salamat sir.

  • Gelai

    Aquino: I will redistribute Hacienda Luisita in 5 years – Phil Daily Inquirer, 02.10.2010

    By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr., Philip Tubeza
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 02:21:00 02/10/2010

    Filed Under: Inquirer Politics, Eleksyon 2010, Benigno Aquino III, Agrarian Reform
    MANILA, Philippines?Sen. Benigno ?Noynoy? Aquino III Tuesday promised to redistribute the
    6,453-hectare Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI) within five years as prescribed by the new agrarian
    reform law.

    In a press conference at his father?s ancestral home in Concepcion, Tarlac, where the Liberal
    Party (LP) standard-bearer formally launched his candidacy, Aquino said that the hacienda
    controlled by the Cojuangco family….

    • alice_in_chains


    • rtgrtg

      Desperado na talaga ang mga aso ni Corona at ineequate ang Luisita na ni singko eh wala ng share si Aquino.. Ang isyu rito ay ang PAGTATAKSIL NI THIEF CORONA SA TIWALA NG TAONG BAYAN!

  • John

    I do believe that it stated here that the dollar bank accounts can be open by direction of Corona.   If this gentleman has nothing to hide, why not show “your hand”?

    • jdhdl-FWC jdhdl

      hopefully CJ will show his dollar account pag defense na ang magsasalit.  Iyon ay para ibalik ang tiwala ng mga pilipino sa kanya.  unless ang until mawala ang duda sa mga accounts na iyon at for sure mahihirapan sya na manguna sa supreme court.  

      kung ako ang nasa lugar ni CJ, tama lang na hindi ko ipapakita ang dollar account sa panahon ng prosecution.  hahayaan ko silang magtrabaho ng husto na ipaglaban ang side nila.  Ilalabas ko lang yun pag time ko na (defense).

  • Jeno

    LCorona’s life is in the line but he doesn’t want his cards on the table. If he is innocent then his dollar account will acquit him. It could just contain 1 dollar. But he doesn’t want. He is like a man whose boat is sinking in the ocean but doesn’t want to wear his life vest. Why? That’s the puzzle! ”
    Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.” 

  • jdhdl-FWC jdhdl

    ano po ba yung 24milyon sa account ni CJ.  Iyon po ba ay total ng ending balance from 2007 to 2010 or iyon ba ay ang total ng lahat ng account sa 2010 only?  Syempre naman hindi mo na dapat isama sa computation yung 2007 to 2009 since pwede na widthraw na yun or closed na yung account ng 2010.

    • dongBarako

      ate..ending balance as of dec.31 2010, (e suma total mo yan)….kasi iyan kasi ang i de-de-clare mo sa 2011 SALN. Yung Cash mo sa nakaraang taon…sympre ang cut-off e dec.31.

      Kung anong pera mo lahat2x previous year ending dec.31 yan ang e declare mo sa SALN kasalukuyan taon. Ang nilagay ni ginnoong Corona ay 3.5million lang…samantalang 20million ang pera nya,….intidihan mo na neneng?..wala pa ang mga dolyares niya at pera sa BPI.

    • Default

      To correct PDI, Corona had a total of P19.648 million in the 5 peso accounts at PSBank as of end 2010. I believe this is not disclosed in his 2010 SALN.

  • Catman John

    Since the Defense is so bent on technicalities, even coaching the Bank officials that they would be liable for criminal prosecution if the amounts are disclosed, the Bank officials could disclose the amount the vile pig faced Corona has stolen to the nearest rounded off 10,000 peso, and would get away with the same double standard bamboozling legalities Cuevas knows too well.

  • parefrank

    to BoyWaray
    you wrote
    The title of this article is misleading. They added the balances of different accounts from different years!

    Do you think that PDI or the prosecutors wil ever care or feel bothered about such “little mistake”?

    • Default

      Corona had a total of P19.648 million in the 5 peso accounts at PSBank as of end 2010. That’s definitely not disclosed in his 2010 SALN.

  • rtgrtg

    Kahanga hanga si Ginoong Corona. Sa suweldong 40K sa isang buwan eh nakakapagipon siya ng milyong milyong piso. Nakakabili ng maraming bahay at kotse. Iyan ang gayahin ninyo! Be a Corona! Kaya kayong mga hampaslupang bumibira ke Thief Justice, magsumikap kayo..gayahin ninyo si Corona!

    • kapitanBagwis

      Kasi hindi na siya kumakain at bumibili ng damit…naglalakad lang siya kasi mahal ang gasolina kaya siya nakaipon ng milyon milyon kaya lang itinago niya.

  • asarin

    WALANG ITINATAGO SI CORONA! ang mahahalungkat nyong pera sa bangko at mga properties bukod doon na ideneklara sa kanyang SALN ay sainyo na! PIPIRMA SYA NG WAIVER! ganun katotoo si CORONA! o ano may angal pa! wala syang kasalanan. malinis sya! hindi sya tuta ni ate glo! hindi sya humingi ng discount sa megaworld! may pera si mrs. corona at ang mga anak nya! hindi sya KURAP! nagsisimba sya at may takot sya sa DYOS. kaya nga kinampihan sya ni Bishop Cruz. busilak ang kanyang mga hangarin! hindi naman nya hiningi kay ate glo ang CJ posisyon. may karapatan sya dahil qualified sya. hindi sya midnight appointee ayun sa decision en banc ng supreme court. 

    • satamalang

      You are entiltled to your own opinion under our constitution.

      Walang makapipigil sa iyo diyan mali ka man o tama. 

      • antoncervantesjr

        ser, i think the guy is being sarcastic

  • batchmatters

    pag bad ka lagot ka kay Joker, tsk tsk. kung kaylan tumanda saka nagpakasira nang husto!


    P12.5M + P7.148M = P19.648M lang po dapat hindi P24.6M. Posible na yong P5.018M noong 2007 ay nadagdag na sa  2010 balance na P19.648M.

    • NegaStarr


  • raul n

    if inquirer is biased. then there is no excuse why doronilla and tiglao be included in the column of inquirer. pikon lang ang mga arroyo at corona sychophants kasi talo sila sa mga argumento

    • Bong

      Non sequitur ang argument mo raul.

      Elementary pa lang yata ako ay columnist na si Dornila sa PDI. Tiglao, if I remember it correctly was journalist and a PDI columnist years ago, before he worked with GMA.

      They  have their own independent columns where they can write anything they want and they earned their column as veteran journalists, just like De Quiros.

      Iba na ang usapan when it comes to news section and headlines.

    • Brando

      Doronilla’s and Tiglao’s commentaries rarely come out here. That’s the difference.

  • NegaStarr

    Headline needs correction. Balances should be computed as of a single reckoning date. Here, Inquirer added balances from various years. Polish up on math, headline-maker.

    Anyway, do Inquirer editors really read comments, take them to heart and make adjustments. I guess the safe answer is no. Sad.

  • Brando

    Even if CJ Corona has P100M, wala akong nakikitang mali. Accusers have to produce evidence that that amount of money was ill-gotten.

    Ill-gotten or not? That is the question.

    CJ Corona must be heard first before we make a conclusion. For now, because of the rules of procedures in any trial court, including the Senate Impeachment Court, the defense can not yet present their arguments versus the claims of the prosecution.

    Kuha niyo?

    • satamalang

      Ang mali di niya ito sinabi sa SALN niya na dapat ay isinama niya as required by the law.

      Lawywer law-breaker, CJ pa man din.

      KUHA MO.


        Malalaman natin kung bakit kapag panahon na ni CJ Corana ang magpaliwanag. Ngayon puro bintang pa lang ang naririnig at nababasa natin.

      • Brando

        Antay ka lang miss sa sagot ng defense when time comes they can already present their evidence. That is due process of law. Afford the respondent time to explain his side. Don’t make a conclusion yet.

        Pag sinabihan ka ng ibang tao na mabaho ang amoy mo, is it okay to you if others believe what that man has said without you arguing it with him to defend imputation against you?

        Think again.

      • satamalang

        confident ka a, kasambahay ka ba mukhang may access ka sa info niya

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Thursday, February 9, 2012 11:17 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Corona has P24.6M in PSBank

        Disqus generic email template

        Brando wrote, in response to satamalang:
        Antay ka lang miss sa sagot ng defense when time comes they can already present their evidence. That is due process of law. Afford the respondent time to explain his side. Don’t make a conclusion yet.
        Pag sinabihan ka ng ibang tao na mabaho ang amoy mo, is it okay to you if others believe what that man has said without you arguing it with him to defend imputation against you?
        Think again.
        Link to comment

    • Lucky Luciano

      He’s the Chief Justice, an Equivalent of the President, and probably more powerful.
      He’s regarded as the conscience of this nation, the guardian of our rights.

      He’s the last person you’ll expect to lie.
      Kung lolokohin ka ng tagapagpatupad ng batas, saan kapa pupunta

      Kuha mo?

    • dodong1

      saan nya kinuha yung mga milyones nya sa bangko at yung mga milyones na pinambili ng mga ari arian nila?? sige nga.. hindi pa ba sapat yun…magkano ang kinikita nya bilang isang abogado noon hanggang naging cj siya? kaduda duda mag karoon sila ng ganyang kayamanan…

  • Default

    To correct PDI, Corona had a total of P19.648 million in the 5 peso accounts at PSBank as of end 2010. I believe this is not disclosed in his 2010 SALN.

  • Revie

    senator arroyo’s behavior yesterday seemed questionable.  Why the exasperation?  If some accuse senator drilon to lawyer for the prosecution, what about senator arroyo?  what do you think he’s doing? he made it appear that he cared about the welfare of the witness and his constituents but it does not appear like that….he was even defensive being tagged as pro corona…is he not?

  • Lucky Luciano

    Different accounts from different years doesn’t matter.

    He earned it from his part-time hobby, as a beggar.

    Say CJ is already 80 years old who earns Php1000.00 a day from begging thus :

    365(Number of days in a year)
    80(Current age of CJ)
    Php1000.00(Average alms received everyday from good Samaritans) 

    365 x 80 = 29200 days

    29200 x Php1000 = Php 29,200,000.00

    Wow, begging since the day you were born, without day offs, is a sure ticket to be a millionaire.

    It’s either a miracle or corruption.

    The fact that he’s in the alpha list of the BIR, that is only for people who have no
    other source of income but their salaries. Those who do must file an
    income tax return.

  • Revie

    i regret voting for senator arroyo….


      Magkakaiba ang pang unawa ng bawat tao. Sa abot ng aking pang unawa si Senator Arroyo ay isa sa mga pinaka maganda, tama at resonable ang mga argumento kaya isa sya sa mga hinahangaan ko sa mga judges ng impeachment court.

  • parefrank

    It is true, they added the balance of closed accounts to the existing balance and mention a number of accounts which includes closed and empty accounts. So, if I open an account but close it and open another with the same money and do it ten times, how many accounts and how much money do I have at the end? For common sense just one, for the persecution team (and PDI) I have ten?
    Besides, it looks as if Drilon wants to overtake Carpio on the way to Chief Justice. Or he has a case at SC?

    • SG0609

      i admire ur courage…keep believing…the accounts wont be opened the SC is there to save the day…and oh I forgot…with bishop CRUZ. go go go SC gogogo Corona!!!

  • Marlon

    easy lang mga kababayan. pinapa-suspense lang ni Corona ang boring na impeachment trial.

    ilalabas at ilalabas naman talaga yang mga “bank accounts” na iyan. nagpapa-awa effect lang yan sa Supreme Court pero walang TRO na lalabas.

    hinde porke’t ganun ang balanse mo sa bangko ay ibig sabihin nun ay pera mo yun lahat.

    pwedeng may nagpahawak sayo ng pera or “money held in trust” or nakalagay na sa mga post-dated check na pambayad ng installment ng condominium.

    kung hinde ka matinong accountant, hinde mo makikita ang mga posibilidad na iyon.

    hinde pa nagprepresenta ng ebidensya ang depensa kaya hinde ko sila pangungunahan.

    basta ito lang ang iiwan kong katanungan: 


    • satamalang

      Ganyan nga pre huwag kang mawalan ng pag-asa.

      Makakaahon din kayo.

      Don’t stop believing. Kasama mo si Bishop Cruz sa pagdarasal.

    • Paitan

       sinabi mo na puwedeng may nagpahawak na ibang tao ng pera niya ka Corona..tanong..kung ikaw ang taong yon na may pera..ano anman ang intensyon mo at bakit sa bank account ni Corona mo bakit naman papayag ang isang Chief Justice na tulad ni Corona?

    • Paitan

       KUNG MAY TAGONG YAMAN SI CORONA, SA TINGIN NYO BA AY ILALAGAY NYA ITO SA TUNAY NYA NA PANGALAN??? …Kung ganyan ang gagawin ni Corona..tanungin kita..anong klaseng Chief Justice siya??di ba maliwanag na pandaraya na ang gagawin niya kung ganon?

  • Paitan

    P19.648 million plus yong limang $ accounts niya kung mayron ngang laman…magkano kaya ang total ng perang yaman ni Corona na nasa bangko?

  • RyanE

    RA 6426 is the refuge of plunderers. I think corrupt government officials are now in a hurry to convert their peso accounts to dollar accounts.

    Foreign Currency Deposits Act should be amended. Those opened by foreigners may be subject to restriction on disclosures but not those by PHL citizens, especially government officials.

    • iduniq

      Not only corrupt government officials but common criminals can open dollar accounts and no one can touch the money in the bank as per PSB president, “the only exception is if the depositor gives his/her conset to examine the account”.

  • bingvt

    Clearly, Corona has grossly understated the assets listed in his SALN, which he filed under oath.  This is without even looking at other bank accounts. Can’t the Senate already impeach him so we can all go back to business as usual?


      The Senate cannot. They have to hear the side of the Defense first. Why are we focusing too much on the assets? If he had understated his assets, could it not be that there may be understatements in his liabilities as well that explains it? The Defense, for all we know, could be holding contingent liability document which they would present when their time has come.

      The House of Representatives already impeached CJ Corona, the senate is administering his day on court and his right to due process.

  • antoncervantesjr

    ill gotten? another issue is — tax evasion.

    CJ obviously did not pay any taxes on his ‘income’, regardless of whether it is ill gotten or not.

    that is also, aside from not declaring those funds in his SALN, which makes on think of his intention to deceive.

    graft and corruption charges can be dealt with separately.

    while the defense team is obviously brilliant and skilled in lawyering for CJ, CJ really must go.

  • Paitan

    simplehan na lng natin,,yon bang P19.648 million pesos na total ng peso deposits niya ay inilagay ba niya sa SALN? kung hindi,,malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw pag walang bagyo kung sino talaga si Corona..dito pa lang katalo na..


       He still has an ace in his hand… he has been buying properties for his daughter as was testified before. His account could be the beneficiary account of transfers made by his daughter. If I can come up with this justification in a matter of minutes, think what the Defense could come up with all the information available to them. To say that he loses the case because of the bank’s testimony is premature. Before putting judgement on the CJ’s guilt why don’t we wait for the Defense’s time to present their evidences.

      • Bordjok Calvo

         tagal naman…

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

         Prosecution has to finish presenting their case first. After that, the defense takes the floor, then the judges decide

  • Bong

    We so on televesion kung paano pinagkaguluhan na prosecution ang bank accounts ni Corona na para silang pack of wolves.

    But what is hapenning here?

    FIRST, the bank account was released to a third party by an unknown small lady who gave it to a CONGRESSMAN, WHO DID NOT MAKE ANY INQUIRY WHY THAT SMALL LADY HAS THE BANK ACCOUNT OF another person. (SA US IDENTITY THEFT NA ITO TO SAY THE LEAST and this is a CRIME).

    SECOND, the senate and the entire government seem to turn a blind eye to the incident GIVING THE MESSAGE THAT IN THE PHILIPPINES BANK RECORDS ARE NOT SAFE, they can be stolen (beware!!!).

    THIRD, the senate itself of the republic dignify the whole incident BY ADMINITTING THE STOLEN BANK RECORDS AS EVIDENCE.

    FOURTH, the congress is VIOLATING THE VERY LAW IT LEGISLATED (foreign currency account act).

    FIFTH, bank officials are being dragged into the controversy and might even be punished when they have nothing to do with the trial, except that Corona happened to be their depositor.


    Is their a hope for our country?

    • satamalang

      Di naman ito kasong kriminal kapatid na puede mong ikakulong o ikabitay.

      KREDIBILIDAD lang kung puede ka pang umupo sa isang tungkuling sensitibo.

    • satamalang

      Bayaan mo na iyang mga elected officials at mga tao nagluklok diyan.

      Pero ang mga huwes tulad ni CJ Corona ay by appointment lang kaya kung ano ang pinakamataas na qualifications ay dapat gamitin natin.

  • comperk

    maliit masyado ung 29M nya, ang totoong pera ni corona nasa dollar account nya. pero lugi na sya ngayom sa dollar account nya kasi bumagsak nag dollar kahapon naging 42 nalang. hahahaha!

  • C

    Senate to self…    Dont forgot to move all profits from graft to foreign currency accounts.

  • tumbokin

    P24.6 million + over 20 houses = Corrupt govt official and
     I presume this is just the tip of the iceberg
    So stop the senate inquiry na we have seen enough.

  • paraluman paraluman

    tapon na sa bartolina yan! haha

  • joboni96

    yung corona dollar pa kaya?

  • C

    P’noy just needs to issue unconditional immunity from prosecution to the Bank representative related to any testimony made before the impeachment court.       It always amazes me how civil servants in the RP try to explain how they have amazed million/billions in wealth despite having never earned significant income.   Of course many of those Senators attempting to sit in judgement are themselves guilty.


      I do not think PNoy’s written guarantee would hold in court. The bank officers would still have their records tarnished. And all PNoy can do is to pardon them to not suffer the inconvenience of being imprisoned. Still the guilty verdict will be entered into public record. I think the best immunity the banks have is to comply with the law.

      By the way, for PNoy to issue the immunity suggests that his word has more potency than the other branches of government.

  • mmm choco

    credebilidad??  pwe!   how about this??

    Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas, of a P50-million mansion in a posh subdivision in Quezon City. there is proof..ehhe just go to the land registration.nandoon  po. but his SALN does not say state this..

    bulok lahat na tongress at senadors.. pag politico..bulok

    • Paitan

       TAMA..noon ko pa sinabi na mula sa kapitan ng barangay hanggang sa pangulo e ilantad ang totoong yaman nila kung gusto nila ang tunay na pagbabago…

    • jurbinsky77

      15M not 50M and you can see the property listed in his next year’s SALN.

    • rosamistika16

      @mmm choco: bulok lahat na tongress at senadors.. pag politico..bulok

      ano na gusto mong gawin natin sa lahat na politiko simula sa kagawad ng barangay ha? palitan natin, ganun po ba? at ikaw kaya ang pumalit gusto mo presidente ikaw na rin. then kpag ikaw na ang nsa pwesto ano nman na ang itatawag namin sayo? IKAW LNG BA ANG MATATAWAG NAMIN NA HINDI POLITIKO AT MAY CREDIBILIDAD?

      start ka na ng pangangalap ng ebidensya kina tupas tapos magsampa ka na rin ng impeachment case then, ikaw na rin ang maghatol kc IKAW lng ang hindi politiko at ikaw lng ang malinis…so hypocrite!
      tanggapin na natin na sakit na ng khit anong bansa ang corruption kaya ang magagawa lng natin ay khit papano man lng ay malimitahan o mabawasan eto khit kunti man lng at ng may matira pa sa mga maliliit na mamamayan.

  • andrew lim

    We told you Cuevas and the superb defense lawyers are not interested in the truth or in what is just. They are only interested in what is legal or not.

    what is legal is not necessarily always truthful or just.

  • mmm choco

    eto  p a credebilidad.. the list of cases of a director of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), Ms. Aleta Tolentino. As a PCSO director, Aleta, an appointment of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, takes part in assessing and approving projects the PCSO are to undertake. She also is reported to head several committees and is authorized to disburse money in the furtherance of her duties.
    And maybe, part of Aleta’s sworn duties, is to help the administration in persecuting its predecessor.

  • mmm choco

    According to the list -Aleta is facing estafa with Case No. 8477-2001-C, before Regional Trial Court 92 in Calamba, Laguna.
    Aleta is also alleged to have been charged with one more case of estafa, also in Calamba, Laguna, Case No. I-00-44, and

    another estafa case in a ourt in Makati city, Case No. 93-305.
    Aleta, according to the list handed to me by my informant, is also facing a case in RTC Branch 61 in Angeles City in Pampanga, Case No. 02-318, for allegedly failing to remit contributions to the Social Security System.

    But the question that begs for answer is: if Aleta is involved in cases involving money, why on earth was she appointed to a sensitive position which deals mainly with money? Is this the daang matuwid Noynoy is bragging all along? Appointing people with questionable backgrounds to this administration?

    Aleta is not the first person in the Aquino administration whose credibility has been questioned. Aside from Tupas, there the former commissioner of the Bureau of Customs for the missing 2,000 containers, Secretary Edwin Lacierda for the Apple laptops, and a countless of other personalities in the Aquino administration.

    • jurbinsky77

      Is buying Apple laptop considered as graft?  Millions were taken by Gloria and her husband and most of her cabinet mebers. Apple laptops cost is spit in the ocean. And maybe the sin of Tupas is he is the son of his father but what is his sin? He is renovating a house costing 15M not 50M and that the property will be in next year’s SALN.

       Who is this Aleta?

      I wish that hoping for an honest society is not a one man’s prayer. Don’t you want to have a good government? Is your reason for living – to mock the person who wants the best for all? 

  • ordinaryo

    bat di nagtataly ung headline at detalye?
    24.6m (between 2007 to 2010?)
    palagay ko dapat iisang cut off date.

    pag may 10m ka sa isang account tapos ilipat mo sa isang account magiging 20m na total?
    kahit 0 na isa?

    di kaya madaya ang pagka sulat nito.

    • Paitan

       kung ikaw ba ang mayari ng account na ganun,bakit naman pahihirapan mo sarili mo na gumawa ng isa pang account para lang ilipat ang laman non.hahaha

    • jurbinsky77

      Something is still unusual even if our imagination would entertain a man doing the same as what you suggest. But 10M is too much for a short period of time. And why would he do creating a new account and move his money like in musical chair game?

      The last time I hear Mr Corona was he was daring the prosecution to find the money and they will have it. Now is it too much to get his written consent for the people to know the exent of his rottenness?

  • Paitan

    ang isang mahusay na abogado ay kayang gawin ang kasabihang..nababaluktot nila ang matuwid na batas at naitutuwid nila ang baluktot. yan kasi pinagaralan nila e..pero sa mata ng mamamayan na may kakayahang umunawa at sumuri ng tunay na larawan ng mga isyung pinaguusapan e di nila kayang diktahan kung ano ang nasa isip ng isang indibidwal. 

  • iduniq

    This saga started with similar circumstance to the one who appointed her, a dubious way of getting into his/her position.  The nation can function for an extended of time without the presence of the President who is supposedly the leader of the nation and directly voted by the people, why can the Supreme Court must hurry to name the Chief Justice even when the appointment ban is already in effect.  Also why did Corona accept when this position is supposedly honorable and there is no honor when the validity of the appointment is in question. And now any law in the book I think is thrown at him so he relinquish the position.

  • dongBarako

    Mabuhay tayo!

    The power of the people thru Impeachment has prevailed!!..Impeachment Court is people’s court!..mga Senator-Judeges andyan lahat ng klaseng tao – ordinaryong tao, artista, artistahin, comediane, action star, abogado, ex-militar, negosyante, Tv personality, Tv host, etc….

  • sk2tk

    wala ng maisagot ang mga PRO-ARROYO, PRO-CORONA at PRO-CORRUPTION, kaya kung ano ano na lng pinagdadadada dito..hahaha..manigas kayo…

    • Henry E. Samonte

      Maniwala ka o hindi, after these sensational epoxy, on CJ Corona, let us also impeach the Senators and Congressman for not stating their true value in their SALN. And worst, some did not submit any SALN at all just like former President Gloria.

      Relax lang, it will be their turn next, and the SC will have their day………. he hehe.Joke lang. 

  • linoca

    Mr. Pascual Garcia, PSB President, you can now expect that persons who have DIRTY MONEY will come to your bank.  On the other hand, people who disagree with your excuses, will now consider withdrawing their funds to show their disappointment.

  • Noriel Bernabe

    Let me give you guys a recall of the violations that pnoy and his prostitutes have committed against our system of democracy. pnoy through his justice secretary defied the TRO issued by the supreme court even without legal or constitutional basis. second, pnoy used the COMELEC to conspire with DOJ to make a joint investigation on electoral sabotage against the former president. counsel of the defendant questioned this in the supreme court but despite of the pending decision of the honorable court in regard to the aforesaid issue, the COMELEC railroaded the investigation. but the worse thing that happened was, sixto brillantes (former counsel of FPJ) participated in the voting procedure involving the filing of electoral sabotage case even if the COMELEC rule itself prohibits such act.

    but pnoy was never contented in violating and circumventing rules, procedure, and laws to get back at his perceived political foes. next target was merci. with the help of mammoth administration propaganda against the sitting ombudsman, pnoy and his allies worked to defame her name in front of the public using yellow media. the ombudsman is guilty in the bar of public opinion even without the trial. as a result, she resigned before the senate convene as an impeachment court. but the catch here is that, the law itself prohibits the resignation of a public official pending an investigation against him or her. pnoy violated this law on anti graft and corrupt practices by signing merci’s resignation. enough reason to impeach him.

    the shame campaign did not relent. after the SC in a “unanimous” decision ruled to favor the distribution of hacienda luisita and rejecting STO (a predatory tactic of aquino-cojuangco clan to get hold of luisita), pnoy came out in the public enraged. the chief executive berated the chief justice on several occasions including the forum held by no less than SC. this ill-manned president used the opportunity to lambast corona in the forum organized by the institution the latter represent.

    after the hacienda ruling, the prostituted allies of pnoy and he, met in a restaurant in qc to plot the ouster of CJ. the house of representative railroaded the filing of the impeachment. the chief justice was impeached in the prostituted house even if the articles of impeachment did not met the constitutional requirement of verification. those who refuse to sign the articles of impeachment were not spared. mandanas was removed from the powerful committee that he used to handle even if he is member of the ruling majority. tiangco (majority) had his PDAF witheld when he refuse to sign merci’s impeachment. for the second time he and his collegues were compelled to sign a constitutionally flawed impeachment complaint this time involving the CJ of SC.

    the house rules on impeachment were revised during merci’s time removing the two essential constitutional safeguards or requirements such as “personal knowledge”. this move is all intended to easily file an impeachment complaint that this administration could use against their perceived political enemies. suddenly, the filing of an impeachment can be done instantaneously use to coerce and plant fear among those who refuse the will of the balding man in the pasig river.

    back to the senate, during the trial it was proven that the badly written impeachment complaint needed to be toss back to the prostituted house of representatives for the wordings were badly wriiten. the law itself dictates that accusations must be based on facts, not on opinion or inferences and must be exact. the articles of impeachment does not even allege corona of amassing ill-gotten wealth but only alleges corona for non-disclosure of SALN. during the inquiry of sen-judge drilon, it was proven that the clerk of court had his (corona’s) SALN. it was also that day that the impeachment court proved that corona regularly files his SALN forcing the prosecution to abandon such accusation. a clear victory for the defense.

    the court in exercise of liberality on many occassions have ruled in favor of the prosecution. the reason being is because the senate sitting as an impeacmhent court wanted to hasten the proceeding.

    prosecution using dirty tactics presented before the media list of properties allegedly owned by corona. however, lately during the hearing, it was proven that the list was in fact inaccurate and bloated to make it appear as if corona amassed so many properties. the prosecution vehemently denied that the prosecution got anything to do with the distribution of such evidence in the media. however, in one occasion, sen-judge estrada managed to get a clear admission from tupas jr. that it was he who distributed the unsworn, unverified and unvalidated documents in the media.

    the prosecution during the trial wanted to open certain bank accounts of corona in BPI and in PS bank (including peso and dollar account). the senate ruled on having the the president of PS bank to testify in the impeachment court inspite of the fact that there is a pending appeal in SC questioning the legality of disclosing corona’s dollar accounts. the bank secrecy law is clear, no one can divulge information involving a dollar account as it is treated with confidentiality. the only time that this can be opened is when the depositor allows it. what the majority of our sen-judge want is to open this even if it is a clear violation of law. tackling the issue of corona’s bank account is geared towards discussing the issue on paragraph 2.4 of article 2. the senate as an impeachment court already ruled not to tackle this portion of the impeachment complaint. if they will proceed, they are in great danger of violating their own ruling and posssibly violating the constitutional right of the defendant.

    instrumental to the issuance of the subpoena to the banks was the illegally acquired bank documents handed by the “little lady”  to the prosecution. however, one of the prosecutors in a slip of the tongue referred to the lady as “he.”  it could be a manifestation that the prosecution is trying to cover the real identity of the one who handed those illegally acquired documents. even the possession of this illegally acquired documents warrants an investigation. i wonder why the senate did not investigate the prosecution team regarding this issue? worse, they (senate) even use this illegally acquired documents as bassi to issue a subpoena.

    this impeachment court is the only court that does not accept MRs. the essence of the right to file an MR supports the issue on the right of the concerned party to be heard. if this impeachment court under their rules does not accept MRs, then it deserves to be conducting their hearings in planet mars.

    • Lito G

      congrats bro! sigurado ang laki ng bonus mo hehe

      • comperk

        ahahaha! tama ka. kung d yan inc taga supreme court to. akala siguro bobo tayo porket d nagsasalita at nagrarally.

    • Bordjok Calvo

      ok na dre… nabasa na namin… kunin mo na yung bayad mo kay Corona… hahaha!

    • Vladymir

      Ang haba pre parang sermon sa misa  doon sa Supreme court kung saan ang malaking picture ni corona ang nasa background,Nazi style…sa susunod na linggo sa mars na raw gaganapin ang hearings,punta tayo lahat doon…%$#@&**

  • obionekenobi

    Transaction in bank does not prove anything.

  • ofwme2807

    This is the truth that our thief justice is hiding for so long, ill-gotten money, wealth, coming from the follwing :  donations received for valuable lawyering services in cash or in kind, gifts, SOP’s, lagay para maipanalo ang kaso ng corporate clients ni companero at companera, big and small business of Filipino at Chinese businessmen at padrino system sa judiciary, lagay ni GMA at FG sa mga kaso nila TRO’s,  lagay sa bidding and contracts under sa judiciary, pabaon at pasalubong sa incoming at retiring CJ at foreign funded loans at travels, budget ng unfilled positions sa judiciary, conversions at non-implementation of projects ng judiciary etc etc.  After lahat ng bank accounts both known and unknown, meron pa tagong yaman yan sa shares of stocks of corporations, time deposits, treasury bills, money markets everything wont be surprised kung hindi aabot sa 200-500M cash, dollar accounts, real estate properties, shares of stocks in private corporations and all other financial instruments na pinasok ni thief justice.  Well malaki laking pera na rin iyan for the not so ordinary family at pwede ng mag-retire anytime soon…

  • SickOfItAll !

    i wonder what stupid comments will come next from arroyo supporters and cronies! hope you fukkers get implicated one way or another in this fiasco or cases in the future!


  • LabkoPinas

    Just because the Chief Justice has that amount in his accounts does not mean it is dirty money. It is for the prosecution to prove. I am sure if the investigate the accounts of the Cojuangcos, Aquinos and 90% of congress the same dirty suspicion can also raise eyebrows.

    • karmicmantra

      Fact is, dirty money or not, he didn’t declare it in his SALN. As to whether other public officials have similarly bloated bank accounts is a red herring, for it is the CJ who is on trial here, and no other.

    • Den

      When your assets are found to be not proportional to your lawful income and other legitimate sources of funds, such as inheritance, then the law automatically presumes that the unexplained wealth is ill-gotten. In which case, the burden of proof shifts to the accused and not the one accusing. So you see, Mr Corona’s properties and bank deposits clearly do not match his SALN and his ITR’s, thus the unexplained wealth is already a prima facie evidence of ill-gotten wealth. It is now incumbent upon him, being a public servant with access to public funds, to prove that these assets are not pilferred from the public coffers.

      • LabkoPinas

        So let us then wait for the explanation to come out and not judge him as Malacanang and the prosecutors are doing. All I am saying is wait before you judge which obviously they, malacanang and their lackeys, have not.

  • obionekenobi

    inquirer is bias with the article title: this would create an impression that these money were at the account the whole time.  ( what if it was only used to transact payments?)

  • dasty

    tanggalin niyo lahat ng comment tab niyo sa lahat ng article niyo kung style niyo pumili lang ng pwd e comment bawal bah magcomment sa PNOY Hacienda Luisita article dahil maka PNOY kau… BIAS kau… 

    • Paitan

       Isa pang issue na dapat din tutukan at tignan kung sakaling matanggal sa puwesto si Corona..

    • Paitan

       buti na lng di itinuloy ang pangungulekta ng toll fee pag dumaan ka don..hahaha

  • Lucky Luciano

    In Chess, The Chief Justice is currently in a “Zugzwang”, a position in which one player can move only with loss or severe disadvantage.

    Lie about $1 Billion or lie about 1 centavo. the fact that you’re a chief justice, for you, to lie is to blaspheme.

    Credibility is a great responsibility, in the case Sen. Joker, one can only shake his head.

  • ofwme2807

    Masakit napasakit ng sinapit ni thief justice nabuking at nabisto ang mga tagong yaman at meron pa, hindi pa rin bumibitiw sa kapit sa pwesto kasi marami pang parating na pera..Ang tanong nya bakit ako lang, ako pa na thief justice ang inimbestigahan e pareho-pareho lng sila ng kalakaran sa SC, kaya si justice del Castillo kesyo magleave at magpaopera kasi naimpeached.  Mabuti pang mgretire na lng ako kesa lumabas din ang baho at mga tagong yaman.  Who’s next in the SC ang susunod kayang ma-impeach???

  • Euandros

    Walang bayad ang mga lawyers ni Corona?Walang naniniwala kahit isang pilipino!

  • obionekenobi

    every anti cj is jumping to conclusion without hearing the other side of the story. The defense has not yet presented  their side.

    • robertcarino

      ha! with any country’s tax collection agency, you have to prove how you got all those assets.  and since these were either not reported or were undervalued in the SALN, me prima facie na!!! the ball, indeed, should now be in the defense’s court.  me probable cause to suspect ill-gotten wealth.  the burden to prove otherwise is now on the defense.

  • rogelio

    If ever I will win the 250M lotto jackpot I will not afraid to deposit it to PS Bank as it is acquired legally, ha ha ha.

  • cyclopes

    Ilabas na ang bank records ni Corona para lalong makita ng taong bayan ang pagka corrupt niya

  • aboring

    We have seen enough.
    kailangan pa bang patagalin?

  • ofwme2807

    To sen.joker arroyo nung panahon ni marcos hinangaan ka namin mga martial law babies kami ang galing mo bilib kami sa iyo ipinaglaban mo ang human rights ng mga taong ipinakulong at ginipit ni marcos subalit anong nangyari ngayon?? siguro nahawa nasa genes nyo at sa pangalang dala dala nyo nawala na ang prinsipyong matuwid at ipinaglaban at hinangaan namin, nahawa na din kay kay senator brenda absentee at high blood santiago.  ewan ko siguro sa mga hanay nyo ng human rights lawyer kayo ang natatanging naligaw ang landas hindi na kayo maihanay kina dating senator saguisag, tanada, guingona, chino roces, osmena (serge ha) at ang magigiting na tagapanggol ng karapatang pantao…sayang sana makapagbalik tanaw kayo at makapag-isip isip pa rin kung kayo’y nasa tamang landas at magbalik-loob hindi pa huli ang lahat…good luck senator

  • LMcorpuz

    Sobrang mandaraya at corrupt ang chief justice ng SC! Magresign ka na! Mahiya ka naman

    • Vladymir

      Walang hiya nga eh…ano ka ba?

  • jurbinsky77

    Hey Atty Tranquil Salvador, what reality are you facing? Yours is to hide the truth from the public. Your staple is lies and more lies. If I were you, I will resign from the propaganda panel. Considering that Renato Corona has some 60M psos worth of properties. Her 2 children about 10 M each. Now the peso bank account in one bank has 20M and the dollar account some $700,000 which is 28M pesos. Maybe in BPI enato Corona has another 20M deposit.

    From where did he get those amount of money in short period of time? Did he sell the SC decision to the prejusdice of justice?
     He is
    Will somebody file a case against him, for illegal wealth? He is rotten to the core. Pamisa-misa pa.

    • elpobre

      Ang tanong mo sasagutin ng defense yan kayat hindi dapat nag tatapos ang isip mo dyan. Alam ko at nakita kong meron kang Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley dyan sa carport ng bahay mo, ngayon paniwalaan ba ako ng ibang tao? suppose to be hindi, kailangan ko munang patunayan yan sa kanila, ipinakita ko na ngayon, aba ang yaman mo pala, ang tanong saan nang galing ang pinamabili mo nyan? agad-agad mo bang iladlad sa publiko? hindi ka ba kinakabahan na mamayang gabi salakayin ka ng magnanakaw? You need a protection and due process para sa karapatan mo. Kung ayaw mo nang ganyan e di subukan mo, iladlad mo na lahat.

      • josebenitez

        interesado ako sa magiging sagot nila.  pero sa disclosure pa lang, talo na agad ang manok mo. di niya kasi idineklara sa SALN nya ang perang yan.

        maawa na lang sana siya sa mamamayan at mag resign na lang siya.

  • Angel Divera

    Wala pa namang nagsasabi ill-gotten mga account ni Corona pero we must see how big it is first then the defense has to explain how he acquired it, then ayun tapos ang story. The problem is the banks this time are protecting the client which is under impeachment, they don’t know impeachment court is as high as the SC.

  • maypakialamako

    THIEF justice corona ng patay, you’re time is up! the gates of he ll are waiting for you:)

    • robertcarino

      sana nga.  sana nga.  let’s hope this case doesn’t go the way of many others before it, na nakatakas o napawalang sala ung mga me kasalanan.  after all, it is the philippines.

  • bentot_junior

    Samapahan na ng tax evasion yang si Corona,ano pa bang hinihintay Ms. Henares?

    • robertcarino

      not to mention money laundering.  at me international implications yan.  and if any of corona’s household has had any US dealings, liable din sila sa RICO Act.  this gets mooooore interesting.

  • Demy_Morada

    Si Sen Miriam kht nasa bahay nagpapadala pa ng letter para lang maka epal sa trial!

  • elpobre

    Sabi ni aling labandera at mang tiago, bakit hindi pa ilabas ni CJ ang bank account kung walang siyang tinatago. Aba e…ganon-ganon nalang ba? kasalukuyang merong processo sa ngayon ito ngang impeachment at yan ay sasagutin ng defense pag sila na ang may tuka. Ngayon bakit ayaw ni CJ, dahil gusto ng prosecution tongressmans na ipahiya si CJ sa pagladlad ng bank account without explaining on the other side at karapatan ni CJ ang nakataya dito, kung totoo man o hindi ano na ba ang pananaw ng taong bayan? e di ninakaw nga ni CJ ang pera dahil napakarami nito, pero alam niyo ba ang sagot kayat nag coconclude kayo ng ganyan, hintayin ang sagot dahil merong processo. Bato lang kayo ng bato, hindi niyo tinitimbang ang karapatan ng tao. Kung nagkasala e ano? ang mahalaga ay merong due process, at nakikinabang tayong lahat dito, Gets….?

  • ofwme2807

    lesson learned here: kung ikaw ay mai-impeach pinaka the best magresign ka na lng para di makalkal ang baho at mga nakaw na yaman ng pamilya mo.  si thief justice di nakinig ngmagaling kasi nga thief justice akala kayang lusutan ang batas ayan buking.  wish ko lang itong si dating ombudsman merceditas gutierrez sana maimbestigahan din sa ill-gotten wealth, sana pakisilip din sa BIR yung kanyang SALN, ITR, real estate properties at bank accounts im sure mayroon ding itinatagong yaman si madame…please com. henares, doj at ombudsman…

  • Tagailog

    I thought he was that clean that he was more than willing to face the impeachment court, now he is asking the help of his cohort at the supreme court.  and i think we should invite the drug cartel. smugglers,dictators even terrorist group to deposit their dollars here in the Philippines base in the argument of miriam santiago. we can advertise to the world that the this countries bank is accepting dirty and blood money. 

    • robertcarino

      verrrry gooood point, sir. 

  • ThePattern

    maiba lang ng konti, dapat yung BoC clerk na naka Porsche at namaril imbestigahan din.  yang mga kagaya ni Corona na “sobrang” yama pala eh tiktikan ng husto kung saan nanggaling ang “yaman” nila.

    nakakalungkot lang isipin na marami pa ring corrupt na kagaya ni Corona na nagpapahirap sa atin.  yan ang fine example ng hoodlum in robe! kaya di maganda ang tingin ng karamihan sa mga abugado eh, dahil maalam at marunong kayo sa legal na aspeto patungkol sa batas, dinadaan niyo sa pagiging tuso nyo pag nahuli kayong nangungurakot.

    di naman kayo matalino eh porket mga abugado kayo, mandarambong kayo numero uno!  pinaglalaruan nyo ang batas.  imbes na ginagawa ng senado ang kanilang trabaho sa paggawa ng batas, sinasayang nyo oras at pera ng bayan.  yung pinanggastos ng senado para sa impeachment na yan napunta na lang sana sa mga nasalanta ng lindol sa Cebu at karatig na pook.

    kung di lang masama na lipulin kayong lahat na mga corrupt sa gobyerno at ilibing ng buhay! leche flan kayong lahat!

  • RonnieV

    What a crooked idea, people who have dirty money will come to that bank while those who disagree with the banks reason which is solely based on the foreign accounts policy will withdraw? I cannot imagine this kind of thinking. Every depositor will surely have apprehensions when their accounts are exposed to public that’s why the law on secrecy is very strict and very specific for purposes of protection. Whoever in the position of Mr. Garcia, will surely feel the same. It’s not easy to testify when you will be exposed to criminal liability as a consequence of your act, and remember it’s not his will to testify, as he merely acted in compliance with the  subpoena.

    • robertcarino

      may i remind you also that there is the Law on Anti-Money Laundering.  in the global fight against graft, corruption and crimes involving currency smuggling and terrorism, the interests of the many far outweigh the interests (and evil intentions) of the one or few.  the forex secrecy law favors only the corrupt in the philippines, as they have many things to hide, indeed.

  • Barak_O

    dapat idisbar yang si thief midnight

    andamang atraso

    • Lucky Luciano

      I-disbar at ilagay behind the bars.

  • Tagailog

    this supreme court for the past years in their rulings had been anti poor, anti workers and lost it’s common sense of what is a fair justice. It can’t even define what is a “crony” You will admire the elected Japanese public servant, pag nasankot sila sa scandal o cotroversyal, nag re resign na sila. Here a mere appointed public servant, kapit tuko sa pwesto. ang kakapal ng mukha.No one should be above the law. not even the elected president of the land nor the appointed chief justice of the supereme court.

    • Ricky

      Sa sobrang anti-poor, ayun dinisusyonan na ipamagay ang hacienda luisita sa mga magsasaka.

  • elpobre

    Ang tanong mo sasagutin ng defense yan kayat hindi dapat nag tatapos ang isip mo dyan. Alam ko at nakita kong meron kang Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley dyan sa carport ng bahay mo, ngayon paniwalaan ba ako ng ibang tao? suppose to be hindi, kailangan ko munang patunayan yan sa kanila, ipinakita ko na ngayon, aba ang yaman mo pala, ang tanong saan nang galing ang pinamabili mo nyan? agad-agad mo bang iladlad sa publiko? hindi ka ba kinakabahan na mamayang gabi salakayin ka ng magnanakaw? You need a protection and due process para sa karapatan mo. Kung ayaw mo nang ganyan e di subukan mo, iladlad mo na lahat. 

    • Freddie Mariano

      Uupa ko ng security at private army. 

  • Roehl

    If you are going to swallow the headline of this news item, you would think that Corona has PHP24.6 million in the bank! But actually he has PHP19.648 AS OF December, 2010. From an accounting point of view, this is the running balance of his Peso Cash in Bank account. It would be interesting to compare this with his declared Cash balance on his SALN of 2010! Any of the bloggers here know what that value is (under the Assets column)? … If the declared value in the SALN is greater than what is calculated here? I hope you know what it means!

    • robertcarino

      it means this renato corona, who claimed that he was so financially hard-up that he had to receive charity from gloria for medical expenses, had all along all these financial and real estate assets.  this huge amount is just what has been uncovered so far! and further that the discrepancy between these discovered assets and those declared in the SALN continues to grow  by the day.  finally, it means that corono is a liar, a thief, a fraud, a cheat. 

    • Migosatel

      He stated in his SALN that he have a 3.5 mil on CASH & INVESTMENT.

  • Loggnat

    ‘REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9160 – Sec. 2. Declaration of Policy. – It is hereby declared the policy of the State to protect and preserve the integrity and confidentiality of bank accounts and to ensure that the Philippines shall not be used as a money laundering site for the proceeds of any unlawful activity.’ /// Here is one way of accessing any bank account in the Phil. bank. If the individual is under investigation and/or charge of money laundering, his/her bank account can be opened and checked by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). Two of the unlawful activity are as follows: 3) Section 3 paragraphs B, C, E, G, H and I of Republic Act No. 3019, as amended, otherwise known as the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. (4) Plunder under Republic Act No. 7080, as mended./// The Dept. of Justice and the Bureau of Internal Revenue is probably very busy collecting evidence from the impeachment trial. If/when the trial is over and whether Corona wins or loses, it will not be a surprise if other charges will be filed from either or both of these two government offices. If charges such as graft and corruption and/or plunder is filed, an investigation for money laundering can be started and all of Corona’s dollar accounts can be opened and checked by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). Mr. Corona’s trouble will not end after the impeachment trial, I think. But that’s only my opinion and I’ve been known to make mistake. =)) 

    • antonioluna

       very good point.

  • robertcarino

    mga kababayan, peso accounts palang ni renato corona yan, a!  di pa kasama ung forex sa pangalan niya, at ung ibang accounts niya na nasa pangalan ng iba!

    • elpobre

      And you demonize CJ and inject to the people that this man is only one step behind satan. Ano ba ang sabi sayo ni Corona noong tinanong mo kung saan galing ang pera niya? kung wala kang sagot, wag kang mag conclude. 

      • Bordjok Calvo

         ikaw ba alam mo?

  • Guest

    filipinos desire for a better government. here is an opportunity to make straight the crooked line, yet a lot would still side with the bad guys. i would not wonder if the philippines remain as it is or even get worse

    • elpobre

      At tingnan mo ang resulta nitong defectivong complain, milliones ang gastos ng taong bayan sa karurunongan ng mga tongressmans at kasabwat nitong ehikutibo.

  • Jhhayme

    Naku! maski sampahan ng kaso sa Ill gotten wealth si Corona granting ma abswelto sa Impeachment..may panahon pa siya itago  yan 26 million na yan , unles diyan kukunin pambayad kina Cuevas et al at pati sa mga bayarang media at followers,,,ubos yan

  • neo

    The cat is out in the bag.  Hala ka Corona.  I thought wala kang tinatago

  • LarcyB

    now..knowing how much money this thief justice Corona got in the banks (and more to be revealed from other accounts esp the dollar accounts), tell me–he wouldn’t be earning more than the president of the Philippines, eh? I’m sure kahit na moron or bopol no pilipino kayang i-calculate ang irregularities, don’t tell me these so-called high-profiled defense lawyers don’t know simple arithmetic…

    Tranquil Salvador et al– what are you trying to achieve in defending CJ? Fame and notoriety, to be different, eh? How can you make fictions out of verified facts, esp figures???
    Your type and practice ethics prove the saying, “lawyers are liars”…

    • elpobre

      O kita mo, moro pa kami sa pakiramdam mo, salary lang kasi ang binabasihan mo kung bakit nagkaroon ng ganitong karaming pera ang tao, at bakit nakaw kaagad ang conclusion? wala bang paraan na kumamal ng pera ang tao maliban sa salary your honor? 

      • Bordjok Calvo

         pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

      • Migosatel

        E kaso yun lang and dineclare niya sa SALN niya e at wala siyang nilagay na ibang pang means kung ano e….take note UNDEROATH yun.

    • benny

      Sangayon ako sa iyo LarcyB…saka dapat yong mga abogado kapag alam na nilang guilty ang kanilang kleyente matuwid naman seguro na payuhan nilang aminin at panagutan ang kanilang kasalanan…Pero dahil nga sa salaping bayad karamihan sa mga Abogado sa bansa natin tinuturuan pang magsinungaling ang kleyenting akusado at naghahanap pa ng butas sa ating mga batas para mailusot ang mali…dahil nasilaw sa kinang ng”Salapi”…Kung sabagay baka sa kabilang buhay ay kailanganin nila….

  • dwarfina

    Halatang ninakaw ni CJ Corona ang karamihan ng yaman niya. Sana makasuhan na siya ng plunder ng gobyerno.

    • elpobre

      At halata ring gustong pahiyain ang CJ, kahit illegal ang pagkuha ng kanyang bank account.

      • neo

        At mas pinapaboran mo pa cya sa tagong yaman nya kesa sa pagkalkal ng katotohanan.  Oh come on!

      • benny

        kailangan bang puro technicalities ang ipapairal mo “elpobre” kung sa malinis na paraan nya nakuha ang mga iyon di ipaliwanag nya makikinig ako, kami… Pero kung nakaw, payag ka na itago na ganoon na lang? bakit dahil baka maapektuhan din ang iba o baka may itinatago ka rin…..

      • Vladymir

        Meron pa bang hiya si corona?

  • josebenitez

    pare ko, mababawi naman pag ma confiscate na ang nakaw na pera at ari ari-an ni corona.  ok na rate of return yan.

  • Guest


  • ZandraKC

    Sana mapabilis ang impeachment trial at makulong na ang corrupt na si Renato Corona!

    • elpobre

      Hindi po kulong ang parusa sa complain, talsik po.

  • Jay

    sabi nga nila…. MABAIT SI CJ CORONA kaya nga pala kalimitan ng driver nya 1 week lang ang itatagal sa kanya hehehehehe 

  • lanAlera

    CJ Corona is a Philippine hero!  This is all just black propaganda from P-Noy’s mouthpiece the Inquirer.

    • benny

      IanAlera….wag kang panatiko sa tao o grupo ang bayan ang mahalin mo para sa susunod na henerasyon…tumingin ka sa nakapaligid na bansa sa atin, tayo lang ang hindi pinanagot ang mga tiwaling Pulitiko at mga kawani ng Gobyerno. Gumising po tayo hindi lang para sa atin mga sarili kungdi para na rin sa ating mahal na Bayan..

    • Vladymir

      You belong to a mental institution if you think so…what an idiot!

    • IanAlera


      This is a ‘troll’ account of Jose, the IDIOT.  He copied my username and
      uses it to troll. (Take a look at my profile and Jose’s troll account).

      Jose resorts to ‘trolling’ and replies with insults when he cannot refute a comment with reasonable arguments.  Such an IDIOT.

    • IanAlera


      Beware of this ‘troll’ account of Jose, the IDIOT.  He copied my username and uses it to troll. (Take a look at my profile and Jose’s troll account.)

      Jose resorts to ‘trolling’ and replies with insults when he cannot refute a comment with reasonable arguments.  Such an IDIOT.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Ang dami palang pera ni Mr Corona sa PSBank. Kailangan pa bang ipaliwanag niya ito upang malaman kung sa pagnanakaw nanggaling ang ganitong kalaking deposito? Ayon sa sinasabing Foreign Currency Deposit Unit, banyaga lamang ang maaring magkaroon ng dollar account sa mga banko sa Pilipinas. Kung mayroon ba siyang dollar account sa anomang banko sa Pilipinas, kailangan pa bang itanong kung siya ay banyaga? Ano pa ang kailangang patunayan ng mga taga-usig upang maniwala ang Impeachment Court na hindi tapat si Mr Corona sa pagiging malinis at marangal na Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Sabagay, sa mga nahalungkat tungkol sa kanyang mga pag-aari, deposito sa banko, ang pagsisinungaling sa kanyang SALN at mga desisyon na pumapabor kay Mrs Gloria Arroyo, alam na ng mga Pilipinong may malasakit sa Pilipinas kung anong klaseng public servant si Mr Renato Corona. Sana naman ay nararamdaman ni Mr Corona at ng buo niyang pamilya ang kahihiyang idinulot ng pagiging wala niyang delicadeza. Kung wala silang nararamdamang hiya, marahil ay dahil sa alam nilang maraming mga naglilingkod sa bayan ang ganito ang uri ng pamumuhay.

    • elpobre

      Ang huli ay tama, parang sinabing, nagnanakaw nga ang taong gobyerno at politicians, bakit hindi namin magawa. Pero kumpadre, kahit si Satanas nag karuon ng diyos process, tinanong muna siya kung san siya galing at hindi kaagad-agad pinatay, kayat hayan nagiging masama ang tao ngayon dahil sa kanyang impluwensya. Kung sa tingin mong one step behind si CJ from Satan, give him a due process. Gets?

      • tra6Gpeche

        Kaibigan, pasensya ka na dahil wala akong kasiguruhan kung nangyari nga ang tungkol sa sinasabi mong Satanas at Diyos. Dahil dito, mahirap pagbatayan ang sinasabi mong nangyari kay Satanas. Ang sigurado ako ay masyado ng kumapal ang mukha ng aking kababayang taga Tanauan. Sigurado din ako na ang pinagmulan niyang angkan ay iginagalang at tinitingala sa amin dahil payak, mapakumbaba, may delicadeza at pinakamahalaga sa kanila ang kanilang malinis na pangalan. Kaibang-kaiba si Mr Renato Corona magmula nang siya ay mapadikit kay Ginang Gloria Arroyo.

  • LarcyB

    in reply top elpobre..
    I don’t give a hoot about talking about CJ case..of course hindi lang salary ang basehan..yet, has there been any other source of CJ’s income that has been known/declared since, ie, companies he owned, shares? NOPE:-)

    • elpobre

      And concluding of nakaw? saan ang karapatan ni CJ sa conclusiong yan. Ang sabi ko na, balak lang hiyain ng Admin at kaalyado nito doon sa congress kayat kahit illegal sa pagkuha ng bank account inipresenta, hindi bat immoral yan?

      • LarcyB

        cool..I like your opinion:-)..but I really think that CJ bank accounts should be opened for public scrutiny, him being a public employee (mind you, a high -profile one proned to kurakot or malversation of funds, will be a matter of time for all these allegations to be justified)..the common sentiment nga is–kung malinis ang consience niya at hindi ill-gotten ang pera niya at assets – what’s his qualms about subjecting his bank accounts to to the Filipinos who are paying taxes where his salaries are being taken from???

  • robertcarino

    oh, sure… sure, boss.   aaaaaanything you say.  here’s your medication.

  • freda filipina

    Wala daw bayad ang defense team ni Corona? Isang malaking kalokohan yan!

  • robertcarino

    oooohhh sure…. ang laking alleged crime na yan kumpara dun sa pagnanakaw, pagsinungaling at panloloko ni renato corona.  suuuuuuuuure.

  • Guest

    why do these guys always address enrile “your honor” when he does not have one? it is an insult to the victims of his dirty works to be where he is now and get what he gets now, just an example are the thousands of lives 
    taken (and perpetually counting)  because of landslides and floods due to his illegal logging activities

  • Lucky Luciano

    Ang daming lipat ng accounts, like the elaborations of a bad liar.

    Baka may kinalalaman sa Feng Shui kaya palipat lipat ng bank account.

    Subukan ko nga rin ilipat ilpat bank account ko tignan ko kung makakabili ako ng Condo.

    Hindi na ako magugulat kung may mga lalabas pang fictitious names dito na may account sa iba pang mga bangko. Wag naman sanang magaya sa sinapit ng mga bank accounts ni Jose Pidal.

    • Rocky6076

      Corona is a top caliber lawyer with a masters degree in Harvard and if he did not make that much money during his prime years before he became chief justice then is a loser.At this moment many top notch lawyer are mocking him, you know why? Compare to them Corona is a pauper.

      • Lucky Luciano

        Mas madaming hampas lupa sa gobyerno at mas malalaki ang ninakaw at patuloy na ninanakaw hanggang sa ngayon.

        But compare to them Corona is a fool, you know why, sa kapiranggot na halaga kumpara sa mga mga kinukulimbat ng hindi Harvard graduates nagpasira siya, iyon ang sayang, nakalipas na ang prime years niya at malapit na siyang gumarahe, nagpagamit pa siya, He’s a Chief Justice.

        No wonder Gloria got the best of him.

  • dongBarako

    Hindi magpe-petition ng TRO si Corona kung hindi DAMAGING ang Dollar Account nya!
    Ito ang magpapa-bagsak sa kanya!!..taong bayan wag tayong papapayag na ma-Suppress na naman ang katotohonan!

    Corona…magbigay ka ng Go signal na patingnan ang Dollar bank account mo kung talagang INNOCENTE ka!

    • elpobre

      Merong dollar o wala, merong isang bagay ang dapat protektahan, bank secrecy law, kahit limang peso ang laman ng bank account ko, kailangan kong itago yan sa publiko at kahit biliyones man ang laman mas lalo na. Sa kaso ni Corona, why you concluded na nakaw ang pera, alam mo na ba ang punot dulo kung saan galing? hindi pa tapos ang paglilitis nag huhusga ka na kaagad.
      Kung bakit hindi nilabas, dahil meron na ngayong process at yan ay dinidinig, at pag may process dapat sundan at kung hindi magkawindang-windang ang kaso. Gets?

  • Roehl

    To robertcarino: Do you know the declared value of the Cash in Bank in the SALN of Corona for year 2010? Any pro-Pinoy bloggers here know the answer please?

  • ungga

    Ang impeachment trial ay isang political process. Hindi na dapat makisawsaw ang SC!

  • arthur1401

    atty esguerra said that the money indicated in corona’s bank accounts may not be his but somebody else’. Yes, Atty esguerra is correct. The money in one of the account is mine. 
    I will confess now since it is now open to the public. The P12M in coronas 2010 bank account is mine. I just entrusted that to him because corona is honest and I trust him. I know my money is safe in his hand.
    CJ Corona, it’s time to get back my money. please give me that $12M you deposit in your account before the government get it from you. That’s mine and should be return to me..

  • andrew lim

    Just got this from TV: regards the undeclared 24M of Corona in his SALN, Atty Esguerra is saying it may not be his, it’s just in his name, parang trust account.


    Who will believe this?  We told you the high priced lawyers of Corona may be good, but they are only after what is legal, not what is truthful or what is just.

    • elpobre

      Ay sira ka pala, pag yan ay pinatago sa kanya ng anak niya, yari ka. Yan dahil iisa lang ang iniisip mo

      • andrew lim

        ikaw ang sira, e di lahat ng kriminal pwedeng sabihin na ang laman ng kanilang mga account pinatago lang ng kaibigan o anak nila….tapos abswelto na…..
        e kung sabihin kong akin yun, e di dapat ibigay nya sa akin?

      • elpobre

        Ang sinasabi ko dapat mong unawain, there is reason kung san galing ang pera at yan ang sasagutin ng defense, ang dahil wala pa silang sinabi, inuunahan niyo na.

      • Lucky Luciano

        elpobre, Ako si Batman, huwag mong pagsasabi ha.

  • sibak

    sabi ni COrona hindi nila ako mapapaalis sa puwesto. Patayin muna nila ako! Kaya PATAYIN SA KAHIHIYAN SI CORONA! BUKSAN ANG LAHAT NG DOLLAR ACCOUNTS ni corona.

  • sibak

    LAtest sa TV, paiyak iyak pa si Corona. Sino ba ang hindi maiiyak eh na expose ang limpak limpak na kwarta niya sa madla, kaya, GOODBYE na DI BA?

  • arman_singson

    Walang karapatan ang Supreme Court na patigilin ang Corona trial. This is a constitutional process at work.

  • Beguine

    And presumably this is only the tip of the
    ICEBERG!!!! of Renato Corona’s ill gotten

    No wonder he’s looking like a fattened pig!

    Much too fat in more ways than one and must be sent
    to the slaughterhouse.  

  • alexfrommactan

    Garcia is indeed in a very difficult spot. It is true that if he open Coronas dollar account, he and the bank might be subject to criminal liability. He and the bank could suffer. If he will not heed to the order of Senate, he might be cited for contempt, which is equally bad.

    At the back of his mind, he might be cursing that foreign currency law and current impeachment trial of Corona. Both he has nothing to do about.


  • orangec5

    The reason why the Corona camp is suddenly panicking, is they didn’t anticipated Corona’s bank accounts to be forcefully exposed in the impeachment trial as they were relying too much on the bank secrecy law. With the defense’ confidence and arrogance clearly diminished after the expose of the accounts – there’s no other course for them but to flash their arrogance in futility. Since it is clearly understated in his SALN (his cash assets), there can be no sufficient alibi to cover-up this issue (unlike former FG Arroyo who had his brother forged up a Jose Pidal account beforehand – LOL). 

    The defense as well as Corona himself knows this, and they’re attempting to escape persecution the only way they know best – telling dear mother Supreme Court to scold the supposed bully from the block. LOL.

  • elpobre

    Ang sinasabi ko dapat mong unawain, there is reason kung san galing ang pera at yan ang sasagutin ng defense, at dahil wala pa silang sinabi, inuunahan niyo na.

  • panot_incompetent

    wag lang maging TUTA ni NOYNOY ang SUPREME COURT dahil lahat ng naging
    presidente ganyan ang ginawa para mangurakot!!! at para ligtas sa lahat
    ng kaso.. yan ang ginawa ni GLORIA kaya yan din ang gagawin ni noynoy..
    Gusto lahat ng presidente hawak nila lahat para magawa nila lahat ng
    katarantaduhan nila… sa bandang huli mangungurakot ulit yan bago
    bumaba sa pwesto tapos eto nmn tayo LUGMOK SA KAHIRAPAN.. paulit ulit
    nlang tayo.. yan ang mga binoto nyo.. wala na kayong magagawa.. nag
    PAPAUTO sa Gobyerno

  • Pepe Smith

    Now it is very clear that Drillon is not acting as an impartial judge but rather a puppet of Pnoy. He should inhibit himself as an impeachment judge if he has some sense of delicadesa left in him.

    • beeznet

      If searching for the truth is being a puppet of PNoy, so be it! Corona is obviously hiding something; thus, he should resign!

    • tonto_ka

      If CORONA has DELICADEZA he should not accept the position because he knows pretty well it was COVERED BY THE APPOINTMENT BAN…

    • speedybagal

      Pepe Smith ayaw mo bang malaman ang katotohanan?

      hindi na importante kung puppet man sya o ano pa man itawag … ang mahalaga ay malaman ng taong bayan ang katotohanan … 

    • plankton107

      In the same manner that Joker Arroyo is also (still?) a puppet of GMA. If that’s the case then both should inhibit.

  • Jhhayme

    Kaya pala madami na hoholdup …Sa PSBANK pala pinophoto copy un statement ng account..Kakatakot mag open account diyan. Ka bobo un Pres ng PSBANK kung sumagot sa tanong, pano ginawang president ni Arthur Ty yan…

    • hanep

      sa PSB  kasi  di masyadong  malaking  bangko  para  di  mabuking.
      kasi  kung sa  PB ISLANDS  madaling  mabuking.  tuso  talaga  itong
      corona  family. 

  • Jhhayme

    Naku madadagdagan caso ni Corona, Sa Anti Laudering act bawal yan..Atty Esquerra, you should have thought about what you volunteered as an OPINION OR FACT, besides Atty Esguerra just confirmed that the 26M is indeed correct and existent..Corona , you have just been incriminated by your spokeperson.

  • sibak

    did you see Corona during the rally in front of the supreme court? Gusto nya yata’ng palitan si Nora Aunor. Dressed in white, hands raised in supplication and mumbling… WALANG HIMALA sa akin mga ACCOUNT!

  • Edwin

    ang tanong..kay CORONA ba ang pera? paano kung frame-up lang ang lahat at may nag-deposit lang para mapatunayan na guilty si CJ..well, don’t judge the book by its cover only..lahat sila ay corrupt, na-single out lng si CJ.. 

    • speedybagal

      inamin na nga ng abogado ni corona na kanya ang ang account … patawa ka Edwin

    • tonyabs

      Baka kasi isa ka rin doon sa nakinabang ng nakaraan administrasyon kaya ngayon putol ang ligaya..Bulag ka kasi

      Eh baki di niya pinakansela sa banko yon deposit madali lang yon kung talaga hindi sa kanya.He will know if there will be deposits to his account, he gets a monthly or quarterly bank statement so that irregularity you are talking is far fetched from truth.

    • huey_4ph

      Through defense counsel Cuevas who filed petition of TRO in the Sc it is deemed admitted by corona that he owned all the bank accounts. Intiende?

  • perdasil45

    “The LORD, the LORD, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast love for the thousandth generation, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, yet by no means clearing the guilty, but visiting the iniquity of the parents upon the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.”

  • whyinthisworld

    What else do we want to convict corona. Do we need to see more than 100m as 26m is not yet an impeachable level?  Open his dollar account and we will see more exciting scene on this drama of the century.  Joker are you joking? Panggulo ka kahit kailan. 

    • hanep

      ulyanin  na  si  joker  na  joke talaga.

    • Sierra

      Si Joker ay joker (feb. 8 trial day):

      Drilon: asks Enrile to order PSB President to submit a written explanation why he should not be cited in contempt for refusing to obey subpoena regarding Corona’s dollar account.

      Joker: says that similar thing happened to Citibank in Estrada’s trial and Impeachment Court did not pursue the matter; asks PSB President how many PSB employees will be affected, how many depositors they have (translation: maawa naman kayo, huhu). But he is not “objecting” (translation: hindi ako kontrabida kahit nahahalatang pro-Corona).

      Enrile: says that because there is a motion by Drilon and an “objection” from Joker, then the Senate should vote immediately.

      Drilon: proposes that the matter be discussed close-door, and corrects Enrile that Joker himself says that he is not “objecting”.

      Enrile: asks Joker if he is “objecting”.

      Joker’s winning answer: I DON’T KNOW if what I said was an objection, manifestation, or whatever.

       WINNER si lolo. Di niya na alam ano pinagsasabi niya.

      Alam niya lang “it’s burdensome, it’s burdensome” (referring to the impeachment trial).

  • hanep

    kung meron  si corona  na  Ph 24 million,  dun sa  ayaw  buksan na dollar  accounts
    malamang  mas  malaki pa.  san  galing  itong  milyong – milyong pera ?

    • ThePattern

      malamang ke little girl.

    • WindTalker

      malamang sa World Bank… di ba nagpautang sila regarding sa Judicial project kuno…

  • Lucky Luciano

    12 Million sa BPI.
    Nice Chief Justice

  • Josefino

    E ano, OGAG, kung may nadeposito na pera yan dyan?  Alam naman namin na pera dyan sa account labas, pasok lang.  Dik naman galing sa squatter si CJ bago umupo sa SC. Wala akong makitang dahilan kung bakit kinukunekta nila sa impeachment yan. Paninirang puri lang yan ng mga hunghang na alagad ni P-noy. Nakakasawa na talaga itong puro TV na lang inaatupag ng mga Pinoy.   

    • speedybagal

      kanino at anong puri pinagsasabi mo Josefino … bakit mo alam na kakasawa ang TV … di ka ba PINOY? di ba yan din inaatupag mo? TV kaya nagsasawa ka sa pakikinig .. ei di manood ka sa radyo kung sawa ka sa TV di ba simple lang solusyon sa problema mo

      • Josefino

        BS ka  rin tulad ni P-noy na ginawa nang telenovela and takbo ng Pnoy sa mga dramang yan.  My comments not be very appealing to you, but it seems a LOT OF YOU have been riding all too eagerly along with the caprices of this president who has really nothing to show in terms of achievement for thos people.  Impeachment? BS. Just because his vested and personal interests are at stake?  Magising na kayo at naninilaw na mata nyo sa katutunganga sa TV.

      • wyl5326

        With the public seeing the extent of undeclared assets of Midnight CJ, any self-respecting member of his pro-bono Defense team should come forward now and denounced the prosecutors for their efforts to totally destroy the Midnight CJ in order to get credit for it and capitalized on it to run for high public office ! Then they could vow that they will do everything possible to deny them that credit, because they will make sure that the Midnight CJ will be convicted and removed from office as they have now seen for what morally, reprehensibly unethical that he is ! That would be a similar ending scenario from the movie “And Justice for All” starring Al Pacino from the ’80s era where the audience clapped at the end ! If they follow that script, they might find themselves get disbarred !      So realistically, what should the Impeachment court do now ? It is very obvious now that as this live Telnovela drags on, it becomes obviously very disturbing to almost everybody concerned, but we can’t just abort the trial without any conclusion. However, we have a very determined Defendant who is in a deadly ground and who would try to survive by every means necessary. Letting him escape would be like giving GoLiar another chance to continue ruling over us when she went back on her solemn pledge andlaughed at us for believing on her lies ! I don’t know the psychological profile of Midnight CJ, but perhaps he can be persuaded to give up when the Impeachment court gives out a strong signal to Open his Dollar accounts, even as he tried to seek sanctuary from his conniving Tyrants that he still controls at the SC ! The impeachment court could probably secretly signal that they will convict him in all Articles if he refused to abandon his slow self-immolation on live TV ! 

    • tonyabs

      Baka kasi isa ka rin doon sa nakinabang ng nakaraan administrasyon kaya ngayon putol ang ligaya..Bulag ka kasi.

    • Sierra

      Oo nga, di galing sa squatter si Corona. Ipagpalagay na nating mayaman na siya bago pa man siya naging Justice. PERO, noong 2002, nang umupo siya bilang Justice, nag-file na siya ng SALN. Lahat ng assets niya — pati yung nakuha niya bago pa man siya naupo sa puwesto — ay nakasulat na sa SALN niya noong 2002.

      Ngayon, ang tanong, bakit biglang lumaki ang yaman niya pagkatapos ng 2002? Okey lang sana kung noong 2002, nakasaad na sa SALN niya ang limpak-limpak na pera na nasa account niya, kung totoo ngang ganoon na siya kayaman bago naupo bilang mahistrado.

      Pero hindi eh. Hindi pa siya ganoon kayaman noong 2002 batay sa kanyang SALN. After 2002 lang lumaki ng ganito ang yaman niya. Isa lang ang konklusyon diyan. Yumaman siya ng todo PAGKATAPOS siya maupo sa puwesto bilang mahistrado.

      Get your logic straight.

    • Boboyboi

      Hirit ng hirit hindi naman pala alam ang isyu. Hindi naman isyu dito kung mayaman sya dati o nagpayaman sya habang nakaupo siya bilang CJ. Ang isyu dito, bakit hindi nya diniklera ng tama ang kayamanan nya sa SALN. 

      Kahit bilyonaryo pa sya bago pa man sya umupo bilang CJ, o kaya naman hindi sya nagpayaman habang nakaupo, dapat ideklara nya pa rin ng tama ang SALN nya. 

      Kaya nga dyan pumapasok ang betrayal of public trust. Hindi ka nga magnanakaw, pero sinungaling ka naman, aba e di ka talaga dapat umupo bilang CJ. 

  • ThingkingThomas

    I and my family are closing our accounts with PS bank. Many of my friends who are disgusted with them because of this will be doing the same. Boycott PS bank, they protect thieves who steal from you.

    • heaven Liner

      ako naman will pull out my accounts sa psbank kasi may LEAK sa security on the confidentiality of their records… baka kung kani-kanino mapunta at ma-kidnap ako ng wala sa oras… katakot.

      • tonyabs

        Panaginip mo lang yon..Bakit nagnakaw ka na ng million para ka kidnapin.

    • mikerocky

      Kudos to PSBank for standing up to what is right, honest and proper. Unlike some people who wallow in dishonesty, impropriety, and wrongfulness.

    • blank

      Do you honestly know what will happen to the economy if PS Bank goes to a bank run??? Mag isip bago mag comment…

  • dennis

    24.6 Million but declared!…In compare to 1peso BUT NOT DECLARED sa SALN?…Tanong:Alin ang dapat makulong?…..Is there a big difference in figures if ang paglalabanan lang eh kung “declared or not sa SALN?”

    • tonyabs

      Hindi declare yon 24.6Million ang declare ay 3.5 Million, Ang lesson sinasabi mo tungkol sa pagpapalaki ng mga anak, na icorrect  sila sa magsinungaling at mangupit kahit na 1 peso lang haba bata para hindi nila makasanayan at paglaki ay  million ang nakawin..

  • rodger66

    too shame kung ganoon lang ang pera nya sa banko tapos pinag-kagulohan pa???they should go after Danding Cojuangcos’ assets worth P32billion kung saan nanggaling iyon???

    • rein1188

      tukmol k…c danding negosyante.normal n maraming pera yun..c coronang amo mo empleyado ng gobyerno..pinapasahud ng gobyerno…at sya ang may kaso s impeachment court at hindi c danding….

  • glenn_detour

    i don’t even bother reading thru the transcript of this “do not open” bull. they don’t have a choice but to support the move since it’s going to create a precedent, and that’s the end of everybody’s integrity and political future, for all of them are alike. it’s getting to be frustratingly pointless pursuing the truth when everybody is living in a glass house.

  • tonyabs

    CJ Corona should have resign before the start of the trial based on some information that have been deciphered by news organizations and he could have not been badly exposed as what happened now.. I do not know who advised him to pursue and fight the impeachment which now brought his family in shame.. He will also liable in the future  civil and criminal case.

  • Sierra

    In today’s trial (Feb. 9), witness from BPI testified that Corona had P12 Million in his checking account as of Dec. 31, 2010. Defense Atty. Cuevas then asked the Court to subpoena Corona’s MONTHLY statements of accounts from 2005-2010. According to him, the monthly balances would show that the P12M was not a one-time big time deposit, but was accumulated over the years. Motion was granted by Presiding Officer Enrile.

    W/ this development, Senator Drilon asked Enrile to subpoena the monthly balances of all the other accounts, INCLUDING the PSB accounts (which contained at least P24M in peso deposits alone). Because if the defense could ask for the subpoena of defendant’s monthly statements of accounts, then why not the prosecution?

    But what did Atty. Cuevas do? He suddenly made an about-face! He suddenly no longer wanted to have the monthly statements of accounts subpoenaed, because allegedly, Corona phoned him and said that he had the necessary documents in his possession. Corona clearly has something to hide as to his PSB and other accounts. Oops! Wrong move, Mr. Former Justice Cuevas.

    I hope the Senate would subpoena the MONTHLY statements of all of Corona’s accounts – including the PSB. Earlier, the Senate ruled that the monthly statements are IRRELEVANT to the issue of SALN – that only the YEAR-END BALANCE is relevant. But Defense Atty. Cuevas’ motion to subpoena the BPI monthly statements from 2005-2010 is an ADMISSION from the defense that the MONTHLY statements of Corona with regard to the BPI account is HIGHLY RELEVANT to the issue of SALN.

    It’s really funny – what the defense is trying to do! Relevant lang kung pumapabor ang ebidensiya sa kanila. Pero kung damaging, irrelevant, not related to SALN daw. What’s this, relative relevance? Relevant only to the defense, but not to the prosecution? Pareho lang namang MONTHLY statements of accounts yan, no matter which bank. Bakit ang monthly statement of accounts lang ng BPI ang relevant; ang sa PSB hindi?

  • Sierra

    Senate should have subpoenaed the bank certifications for the MONTHLY balances of Corona’s different bank accounts. Instead, the Senate limited the subpoenas ONLY TO THE YEAR-END BALANCES or December 31 of each year.

    The Senate’s reason? They say that the monthly balances are IRRELEVANT to the issue of SALN. They say that the SALN requires information as to assets only as of the end of each year, thus only the year-end balance is relevant.

    But what is required to be disclosed in the SALN? Assets! Now, a bank deposit is an asset. If I withdraw an amount of money from my bank deposit, does it cease becoming my asset? Of course not. It merely ceases to become part of my bank deposit. But it remains to be cash, which is an asset. Or I could use the cash withdrawn to acquire other assets.

    Corona could have deposited inexplicable amounts of money in his bank accounts any time from Jan. 1 to Dec. 30, which he could have withdrawn BEFORE Dec. 31 of any given year. Do the amounts withdrawn cease to become his assets? Does Corona have the right to exclude the amounts withdrawn from the bank deposits (but remain in his possession or converted into other assets) from his SALN? Of course not.

    So why not subpoena the documents pertaining to the monthly balances?!!! Marahil ang dahilan ay merong pumasok na milyones sa accounts ni Corona within the year pero na-withdraw niya before Dec. 31 of whatever year at hindi dineclare sa SALN.

    • wyl5326

      I totally agree with you on this, because withdrawal or payment to purchase other assets could be hidden during the year ! That would be a loophole where Midnight CJ can hide, but he can’t retraced past events, only going forward. That would be what other crooks will learn to avoid in future.

  • mikerocky

    One has to wonder why CJ Corona chose to fight it out before the Senate and forego resignation when in fact he knows that this day will come and that at least his secret peso bank deposits would be looked upon. A miscalculation from a CJ no less (although mnidnight appointed), or in compliance with the master puppeteer, GMA?  

  • jongie m

    Just looking ahead: Aquino at present controls the Executive and Legislative Branch of our government. If he replace the Chief Justice with his own appointee, then he also controls the Judicial Branch. Our country will then be controlled of one powerful family. That would be very scary. 

    I also feel that this impeachment is all about Hacienda Luisita case.  President Aquino’s family have a pending motion for reconsideration in the Supreme Court on Hacienda Luisita Inc., wherein the Aquino family insist that our government (using our taxes) to pay their family 10 Billion pesos plus  as due compensation. 
    If I were President Aquino I will withdraw their motion for reconsideration in the Supreme Court re Hacienda Luisita case, to show the people that I really have no personal interest in the on going impeachment of CJ Corona. 

    • wyl5326

      With the public seeing the extent of undeclared assets of Midnight CJ, any self-respecting member of his pro-bono Defense team should come forward now and denounced the prosecutors for their efforts to totally destroy the Midnight CJ in order to get credit for it and capitalized on it to run for high public office ! Then they could vow that they will do everything possible to deny them that credit, because they will make sure that the Midnight CJ will be convicted and removed from office as they have now seen for what morally, reprehensibly unethical that he is ! That would be a similar ending scenario from the movie “And Justice for All” starring Al Pacino from the ’80s era where the audience clapped at the end ! If they follow that script, they might find themselves get disbarred !      So realistically, what should the Impeachment court do now ? It is very obvious now that as this live Telnovela drags on, it becomes obviously very disturbing to almost everybody concerned, but we can’t just abort the trial without any conclusion. However, we have a very determined Defendant who is in a deadly ground and who would try to survive by every means necessary. Letting him escape would be like giving GoLiar another chance to continue ruling over us when she went back on her solemn pledge andlaughed at us for believing on her lies ! I don’t know the psychological profile of Midnight CJ, but perhaps he can be persuaded to give up when the Impeachment court gives out a strong signal to Open his Dollar accounts, even as he tried to seek sanctuary from his conniving Tyrants that he still controls at the SC ! The impeachment court could probably secretly signal that they will convict him in all Articles if he refused to abandon his slow self-immolation on live TV ! 

    • Italpino

      jongie m, please also look back when the Executive and Legislative as well as the Judicial branches of the government are controlled by one person in the name of GMA and you were so quiet then… and has no worries voiced out… Why are you worrying only now?

  • blank

    magnanakaw lang ba ang nakikidnap???

  • dan4321

    Could it be that Corona ia also one of the caretakers of Arroyo’s Bank Accounts?

  • dan4321

    Whoelse would and should Arroyo confidently HIDE her LOOTED MONEY with? It should be somebody who is not only “trustworthy” but also somebody that is “untouchable”.

  • wyl5326

    With the public seeing the extent of undeclared assets of Midnight CJ, any self-respecting member of his pro-bono Defense team should come forward now and denounced the prosecutors for their efforts to totally destroy the Midnight CJ in order to get credit for it and capitalized on it to run for high public office ! Then they could vow that they will do everything possible to deny them that credit, because they will make sure that the Midnight CJ will be convicted and removed from office as they have now seen for what morally, reprehensibly unethical that he is ! That would be a similar ending scenario from the movie “And Justice for All” starring Al Pacino from the ’80s era where the audience clapped at the end ! If they follow that script, they might find themselves get disbarred !      So realistically, what should the Impeachment court do now ? It is very obvious now that as this live Telnovela drags on, it becomes obviously very disturbing to almost everybody concerned, but we can’t just abort the trial without any conclusion. However, we have a very determined Defendant who is in a deadly ground and who would try to survive by every means necessary. Letting him escape would be like giving GoLiar another chance to continue ruling over us when she went back on her solemn pledge andlaughed at us for believing on her lies ! I don’t know the psychological profile of Midnight CJ, but perhaps he can be persuaded to give up when the Impeachment court gives out a strong signal to Open his Dollar accounts, even as he tried to seek sanctuary from his conniving Tyrants that he still controls at the SC ! The impeachment court could probably secretly signal that they will convict him in all Articles if he refused to abandon his slow self-immolation on live TV ! 

    • SadPinoy

      It’s too late now for him to resign.  The Impeachment Court has to wrap up with a verdict, to fulfill its constitutional mandate.

  • coolfreezy

    We are just now seeing the other side of the coin. Let’s wait for the other side to be exposed. If you want justice and truth. Let us all be fair.

    • Alex

      Fair? What planet are you from?  The SALN was submitted voluntarily by Corona.  Tested against records, he lied!  This is his own doing, no one else.  He got caught by his own lies. This is the other side of the coin, the evidences.  

      • coolfreezy

        fair… a must! are you an alien? lol

        where do the evidences come from? all the evidences that will be presented for now aim to pin down the accused. prosecution will be idiots if they are going to present an evidence that they cannot sustain as such.

        wait for the counter-evidence, for you to really weigh things right.

  • mang_tomas

    cj corona undoubtedly amassed unexplained wealth. the amount of his deposit with the psbank is totally unthinkable if we take into consideration the monthly salary that a sc chief justice shall supposedly receive monthly. 

    this is a big fat slap on the face of the man, who is second to none when it comes to ill-gotten wealth discussions.. 

    thanks cj for being so rich  after all.. 

  • summum

    Prosecutors and some senator-judges, for sure, pushed the presentation of bank documents from PSBank belonging to the chief magistrate, and with the aid of their yellow media, portrayed these bank accounts with “huge” deposits.
    Days before, the prosecutors even came up with the incredible yarn — and it is a yarn — that they obtained an envelope containing copies of the bank accounts of Chief Justice Renato Corona from an “anonymous small lady” during one of the Senate court’s trial days.
    The “small lady” so claimed Rep. Rey Umali, was not even pretty.
    The Senate ruled that while the bank documents of the CJ may be presented, their admissibility as evidence, however, is still to be determined.
    Makes one wonder why the Senate, as a court, agrees to have documents presented and testified to by witnesses, but may not use them anyway as far as evidence goes.
    But if such is the ruling, then a better way to do it is for the documents to go directly to the court, without the need for the witness to testify to their authenticity or go to the extent of announcing just how much in deposits is contained in the accounts. After all, it is not evidence as yet. So why bring it out publicly at all?
    In any case, the PSBank president did bring before the court the certifications of the bank balance of the accounts said to be the CJ’s, with the private prosecutor allowed to have him testify on the contents of the year ending balances of the accounts.
    So were the balances huge?
    The yellow and Noynoy media tried to make the deposits look big, by coming up with a banner saying that the bank acounts of the CJ yielded balances of a total of P24.6 million, which is what one can term very misleading of the media, especially since not only did the bank balances cover a span of at least three years, but also that there were bank accounts that had a zero bank balance.
    Besides, given the fact that those bank documents were merely year end balances, such cannot be taken as the CJ having stashed a “huge” pile of money.
    Then too, in this day and age, what is a P5 million or P8 million bank balance? It is not in the hundreds of millions or a billion stashed. Also, the CJ and other Supreme Court magistrates, such as Justice Antonio Carpio, can have as much as a P47 million networth. Despite his summary of his statements of assets and liabilities and networth (SALn), he also may not have declared his accurate bank balances. Neither for that matter, did junior Justice Lourdes Sereno come up with an accurate networth, and for sure, she may also have underdeclared her bank balance, given the fact that she earned as “legal researcher” for the government’s side, in the arbitration courts in the US and Singapore, some P25 million, which is hardly reflected even in her SALn summary, where she claimed to have a networth of P17 million.
    So why make it out as though the CJ is a poverty-stroken magistrate and for him to have a “total” bank balance of P24 million already translates to his having amassed ill-gotten wealth?
    The CJ was a private lawyer once worked in big offices such as the SGV, and even went to Harvard University. A pauper can hardly be expected to go through law school and hit Harvard.
    As for the yellow media-claimed “24.6 million total” deposits, heck, the congressmen and senators and even the Cabinet members, along with Noynoy, have bigger bank balances than what the CJ is being portrayed as having in his accounts.
    Would lead prosecutor have afforded his 620 or so square meter lot and mansion, which he claims only cost him P14.5 million (which is pretty inaccurate), considering the fact that, in 2011, the price of land in Xavierville was already anywhere between P25,000 to P30,000 and building a big mansion certainly can’t cost a total of P14.5 million. Do the math.
    Tupas and his collegues in the House have less than P5 million in their accounts, or even less than a “total” of P24.6 million in their accounts? Who do they think they are fooling?
    Moreover, even assuming that the CJ had underdeclared his bank balance as his SALn shows, and even granting but not conceding that he had committed perjury, although the law on SALn allows corrections, is perjury an impeachable crime? It certainly is not.
    So what were the prosecutors and their senator-judge allies really after, if not to further humiliate him and portray him as having amassed ill-gotten wealth?
    That’s really very very dirty play.

    • mahuli

      ok, let’s do the math…
      1 = 1 correct!
      1M = 1M correct!
      3M = 24M INCORRECT! INACCURATE! FALSE! and this only covers his PSB peso accounts.

  • dinddong

    napaka walang hiya ni Thief Justice Corona, saan galing ang pera ?? sa mga decission mo ??? resign now kung may ka hihiyaan ka pa

  • Allen Bandril

    If PSBank has that practice of not inquiring where the money came from for opening a dollar account, then it’s a safe haven for ill-gotten wealth. They only have to ask for dollars when bribed, and deposit it in PS Bank, and any investigation ends there. If you are a nationalistic Filipino, and have an account with PS Bank, you should close your account and bank your money somewhere else.

  • missaya

    isn’t it that the coronas were paid 34M for a property sold for the LRT station ?

    • tonyabs

      Wala problema doon ang tanong kung meron nabenta nila yon 34M property for LRT Station bakit di niya  nilagay sa kanya SALN.. kung talaga nagbenta nga.. Perjury na ang kaso niya.. Kung totoo naman ano main reason bakit di niya dineklare , ayaw niya magbayad ng tax? 

      • Mr

         Sa asawa nya kasi yun… eh paano kung sa account niya nai deposit..automatic nasa kanya yun?

  • Alex

    Pascual Garcia III is nothing but a criminal enabler, and so is the bank that he heads.  He would rather protect a thief than tell the truth!  BOYCOTT PSBANK!  Isn’t it so obvious that there is a big disparity between his SALN and his bank accounts. A crime has been committed yet PSBANK opted to betray Juan de la Cruz and they have not remorse about it.  
    The Supreme Court just announced to the thieves, it’s ok to hide illegal wealth in the Philippines. They will give you the TRO should you need it! Just make sure, it’s a dollar account!

    • batangpaslit

      the banks are the legitimized thieves, sanctioned by the State.
      pag ikaw ang mag invest sa bangko, magkano pa ang Interest na ibigay sa ‘yo, bilang “income” ng investment mo?
      pero, pag nanghiram ka sa bangko, against your investment, magkano ba ang Interest mong bayaran?
      ang mga fees sa maintaining balance? at ano-ano pang ek-ek pag nag deposito ka or mag withdraw? lahat ng galaw merong fees, wala nang service.
      pag namatay ang depositor, ano ang ginagawa sa bank deposits? are they making efforts to contact the nearest of kins’?
      may mga pangyayari, namatay ang holder ang bank investment certificates.
      nang ikubra ang anak ang pera, wala na ang pera.
      pag nanghiram ka ng pera, diba, dapat secured, dapat may collateral.
      pag nag deposit ka, ano ang collateral na binibigay ng bangko? ano ang security na binibigay sa depositor? pass book, ATM Card?
      many bankers are thieves

  • perdasil45


    PSBank’s Tiongson leaked CJ’s peso, dollar accounts—source

    By Ninez Cacho-Olivares Editor in-Chief


    The claimed “small lady” who supplied the prosecution with the the envelope that had copies of the Phililppine Savings Bank (PSBank) documents was none other than the Katipunan
    branch manager, Annabelle Tiongson, who had leaked this to a second “leak,” one
    Gigi Sawit who, in turn, gave the copies to blogger and stringer of the South China Morning Post, Raissa Robles, who then passed it on to the prosecutors, a impeachable source told the Tribune yesterday.

    Lead Prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr. and prosecutor-congressman Rey Umali have been caught lying to the Senate impeachment court on their “small lady” story. He said it was an
    anonymous source who had handed him an envelope in the Senate premises containing the bank accounts of Chief Justice Renato Corona, as CCTV cameras of the Senate, which investigated the claim of Umali, showed no footage at all of anybody approaching the congressman.

    It appears that Tupas is a bank client of the same bank headed by its branch mana-ger,

    Tupas is Tiongson client and is claimed to have an account in that bank that runs to the

    The source said the bank documents were first shown to Tupas who had asked for these.

    “This was the reason the prosecutors, in asking for the subpoena from the senators, did not
    ask for the branch manager Tiongson, and instead they had (Pascual Garcia), president of the PSBank testify instead on the bank’s yearly ending balance on the accounts of Corona,” the source pointed out.

    “And that’s the reason Tupas and Umali came up with the story of the ‘anonymous’ source of the bank documents giving the congressman an envelope, to protect Tiongson and
    themselves,” the source added. The prosecutor described his source as “a small
    lady” who had unremarkable features.

    Tiongson has been summoned

    PSBank president wanted to block, owning all liability and responsibility, while also stating in
    court that the copies of the bank documents attached to the summons as annexes do not appear to be a facsimile of the original bank documents.

    Presiding Impeachment officer Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile revealed Thursday that the BSP is now investigating the leakage of the bank documents that the prosecution used
    as basis to subpoena the bank records of the Chief Justice with the PSBank.

    Enrile said this as he directed to bring to the impeachment court branch manager Tiongson of the PSBank-Katipunan where Corona maintains bank accounts, said to be both peso and
    dollar accounts.

    ”I must tell you that this court is in possession of information regarding the leakage bank
    documents and, in fact, the BSP is now conducting an investigation regarding
    this leakage,” Enrile said.

    “We have to protect the integrity of the bank system. So, bring the manager here to answer
    questions,” Enrile instructed Garcia.

    Garcia was asked about the opening balance of the alleged 10 accounts of Corona with PSBank but the bank official failed to provide the convincing answers.

    Shown with bank documents used by the prosecution to request for subpoena on Corona’s bank records, Garcia said the bank documents do not jibe with original documents of
    Corona’s bank deposits.

    ”This court is in possession of information regarding the manner of this leak, the release of
    these documents and so you better be candid with us because if you don’t, we will be forced to apply the rules of this court,” Enrile warned.

    Garcia answered: “In all candidness, we have gone through the process of auditing this and we
    have determined that based on what we have as original documents, those documents floating around do not come from PSBank,” Garcia insisted.

    ”In other words, they are fake documents?,” Enrile asked again.

    ”They are not facsimiles (photo copy) of the original documents that we have. They must be
    fake,” Garcia replied.

    Senator-judge Jinggoy Estrada asked Garcia if their PSBank branch manager in Katipunan is a small lady.

    ”She’s not little. She’s tall,” Garcia said.

    It is believed that if it is found that an officer of the bank had leaked the documents of a
    private depositor, she as well as the bank itself can be held liable and sued by the depositor and sanctioned by the Bangkp Sentral ng Pilipinas, which is why Garcia is being made the the bank’s fall guy assuming all responsibility and liability, and the reason the bank, through Garcia, is protecting Tiongson.

    Enrile warned that the prosecution panel could be held liable if the documents they used to back up their request for the issuance of subpoena on bank officials and records of
    PSBank and Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI), are proven to be fake.

    “The prosecution will have a lot of things to answer for this if indeed they do not jibe with
    your original documents, how they came into posession with these documents.They say it was given to them anonymously,” Enrile said.

    Garcia disputed before an open court, not only the authenticity of the bank documents presented by the prosecution Wednesday before the Senate impeachment court but also its

    In continuing his appearance before the impeachment tribunal, Garcia noted under oath at least mentioned twice that “those documents floating around did not come from

    He further underscored that he did not identify the owner of the foreign deposits when he
    first appeared before the impeachment court, affirming only the nature of the account during Wednesday’s trial proceedings.

    Presented by Senator Estrada with a copy of the document that can be found attached to the
    subpoena filed by the prosecution Friday last week where an “$700K” was reflected as alleged initial deposit, Garcia claimed: “We do not know. We have not seen it your honor. But I don’t think it came from our bank,” he said.

    Enrile asked if Garcia was saying the documents were fake.

    “I’m not saying that your honor. I can say that offhand, there are differences,” the witness
    said referring to the entries and format of the document which was produced in
    a photocopy, adding the need to compare the said “exhibit” of the prosecution with the “original” bank documents.

    Garcia said that before he came out testify, they took it upon themselves to conduct reviews of
    the bank documents.

    “Insofar as the documents floating around, it did not come from the bank,” he said.

    Where will it come from then?” asked the presiding officer.

    “I have no idea. But if you will compare it with our bank documents, you can see differences.
    These documents, we cannot comment (on them) on because we have not seen them,”
    he said.

    Enrile ordered the witness to produce the original copy for the court to use in examining and
    basis for comparison, adding that whoever produced the document will face appropriate sanctions.

    Initially, Estrada pried into the possibility of the bank insiders themselves as the source of the
    document that came into possession of the prosecution panel, Garcia immediately
    dismissed such insinuation

    “What’s your definition of a short lady,” Estrada asked the bank executive.

    “I can’t say the definition of a short lady but I can tell you that she’s tall,” Garcia said,
    referring to the bank’s Katipunan branch manager Annabel Tiongson.

    The bank executive maintained that their bank or any of their employees would not dare “leak” any document, especially those pertaining to foreign deposits knowing full well the
    criminal liability under the existing laws.

    Senator-judges Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan and Alan Peter Cayetano took turns in
    sqeezing blood, so to speak, from Garcia into admitting the existence of Corona’s purported dollar accounts but the bank executive was compelled to tell the court that he did not specifically testified the owner of the five accounts as that of the chief magistrate, only affirming its existence in their records.

    “You mentioned that there were dollar accounts. Did you ask him (Corona) where the dollars came from,” asked Drilon.

    “I did not mention anything with respect to dollar accounts. The only thing that I have declared
    to the body your honor is that I cannot present anything on five accounts because they are dollar deposit accounts,” he replied.

    But Drilon was insistent and pressed for any information as to what could have been the source of the dollar deposits, citing the bank industry’s policy of “know your client”

    “I cannot disclose your honor. With due respect anything with respect to dollar accnts bec they’re covered by FCDA (Foreign Currency Deposits Act) law. We did not present
    anything about the dollar account,” Garcia reminded the senator-judge.

    The other senator-judges also attempted to secure answer from the witness but to no
    avail, pointing out that any response that will come from him would be in violation of the law.

    Unless, he said, the Supreme Court will issue a decision on the petition they filed, that’s the
    only time he will submit to the wishes of the senator-judges.

    “My appreciation is if there is any exemption to is, it is the SC will rule,” he said.

    With Angie M. Rosales

    • batangpaslit

      isawalat na ang lahat ng kabobohan both from the prosecutor and defense side.
      kung pareho-pareho silang mga ungas, eh, di mag alsa na ang taong bayan

  • gian_paul

    I remember the CJ saying “walang akong tinatago”. Now is the time to walk the talk. Allow PSBank to show in court your dollar account. Matagal nang mas malaki ang binabayaran kong tax compared sa iyo pero bakit mas mayaman ka?

    • batangpaslit

      if the collection effors is effective and efficient, the old homeland do not to pass new tax revenue laws
      if bribe take and corrupt practices of mulcting the national treasury is gone, the Philippines would turn out to be well off

  • v

    kita nyo na. pag iba ang nag violate sa batas, maingay sila. pag sila nag violate, tahimik sila or they call by another name, TRADEMARK NG MGA YELLOWS, mga nag haharing puri sa ating bansa.mga HYPOCRITES!

  • batangpaslit

    i see…i’ll surf her remarks to have an appreciation of what she said
    thanks Kabayan

  • mizabel

    Kaya  ang mga  naghaharing-uri  at mga oligarchs ay lalong yumayaman dahil sa  inyo  mga bobong mahihirap  na nagpapagamit sa  kanila.  Gumagawa kayo ng krimen dahil sa  kahirapan. Nagtatanong kayo  bakit may mga mahihirap at  mayayaman.  Mahirap kayo dahil pinahihirapan kayo ng mga pulitikong magnanakaw.  Dapat ang perang nakaw nila ay napunta sa social  services  para sa inyo,para makapag-aral ang inyong mga anak o kapatid na hahango sa inyo mula sa kahirapan.  Dahil mga bobo kayo, sumusuporta pa kayo sa mga nagpapahirap sa inyo.  Mga mangmang!

  • Fakescthiefjustice

    Calling all Magnanakaw convert your Peso account to Dollar account 

    Occupy SC(super corrupt)
    9.Jose Mendoza
    10. Bienvenido Reyes 
    Jose Midas Marquez(Gay Spokesman)

  • Fakescthiefjustice

    How much is the salary of Philippines’ Supreme Court’s chief justice?

    Chief Justice salary grade- 32 = 46,200 pesos including COLA.

  • Fakescthiefjustice

     Corona Saln + hidden ill-gotten wealth 

     2002 P14.9 million; 
     2003 P7 million
     2004 P7 million
     2005 P8 million
     2006 P9 million
     2007 11 million
     2008 P12 million
     2009 P14 million
     2010 P22.9M

    • Mr

       kulang pa nga yan…may 34 milyon pa yan ang Corona na inaward ng korte….

      Mayaman talaga sila…

      Move on…

      • dodo

        ang dami kayang apawalang salang may pera. eh cnong nag palaya nang mga yon eh mga nanjan sa pwesto nang justices. tnawag pang Department of Justice, dna lang DJ = disc jockey lol

  • joeldcndcn


  • gaijinpo

    CJ: “walang akong tinatago”
    hahahaha nakakatuwa. siningaling din pala.

  • reneboy726


    • Mr




  • Fakescthiefjustice

    ‘misuse’ of $21.9-M WB loan to SC project

  • rba1224

    It must be Gloria and Jose Pidal’s pabaon. RENATO CORONA is a crook.  The USD account must be opened too…

  • deep



  • deep






  • dodo

    kunin na yan at ilaan sa paglinis sa maruruming justices, they are the most corrupt people lives on earth.

  • katabay1106

    So the Corona’s have 24.6 Millions in PSBank. This is equivalent to 12.3 hectares of Hacienda Luisita at the asking price of Php 2 Millions per hectares of the Cojuangco as endorsed by a Pnoy appointed Justice of the SC.  This is just a drop in the bucket of the Php 13 Billion which is really at stake in this impechment of the CJ Corona. Wake up people.

    • Mr

       TAMA….dapat nga ma disburse na ang inilabas na 2 bilyon noong December sa DA  kung saan pumunta dahil baka pinambayad yun sa 188 na pumirma..

      Klarong pinahiya si Corona  kasi akala nila mag resign gaya sa ginawa kay Merci….

      Ngayon 10 Bilyon ang hinihingi ng HLI sa gobyerno….di ba Sirena?

  • Mr

    So the Corona’s have 24.6 Millions in PSBank. This is equivalent to 12.3
    hectares of Hacienda Luisita at the asking price of Php 2 Millions per
    hectares of the Cojuangco as endorsed by a Pnoy appointed Justice of the
    SC.  This is just a drop in the bucket of the Php 13 Billion which is
    really at stake in this impechment of the CJ Corona. Wake up people.


  • Tipay

    sige corono ‘wag kang aalis dyan sa SC at marami pang madedelihensya dyan at ilagay mo na sa dollar account mo kay hindi mabubusisi. kawawang juan de la cruz.

    magkano kaya naibigay ni tatay lucio, biro mo, kaysa 2.7 billion para sa fasap, nabaliktad, kung 10% nalang kaya pareho ng porsyento ng mga congressman ang ibinigay, wow laking paghahatian ng mga justices.

  • Nagagalitna

    Hindi na po bago ito sa Pilipinas…kasi yong mga mayor nga at congressman mas malaki yong ninanakaw at mga nakadeposito sa bangko eh lalo pa yong si Corona sya yong isa sa pinakamataas ang position sa bansa natin.
    Sa mga Pilipino na ang isip manlamang ng kapwa at sarili lng iniintindi ok lng yan pero para doon sa mga gusto ng pagbabago di maganda yan.

  • mangdo

    ito yong tinatawag na “Pandoras box”…full of mega-sensitve information…papaano na lang kaya ang accnts. sa BPI???? millions din iyon….magtago ka na Mang Corona….sa saya nga SC…

  • wehd1nga

    peke ka ng mommy mo corona saan galing pera mo? sabit ka sa gumagawa ng shabu ano?

  • Mr



  • jongie m

    “A Man Burned His Own House Because Somebody Reported There Are Termites In It”

    In my opinion, the act filing the impeachment against Chief Justice Corana, is no different from burning a house simply because somebody reported that there are termites in it. Everybody loses whatever the outcome of the impeachment is. The credibility of all vital institutions of our government (executive, legislative, and judiciary) are now in question, the integrity of the banking system is at risk, the economy is neglected, the Filipino people are being divided, and millions of pesos are being wasted everyday.

    I believe, there are many ways to kill the cat as they say, but it should be the cheaper and the peaceful way. If the American government was able to put Al Capone in jail just by tax evasion charges, our government can do similar actions too.
    If the the Aquino administration does not really have any personal interest in the impeachment of CJ Corona, they could have simply utilized “the pest control” and not totally burn our house (government institutions).

  • Mr



    PEKE !!! PEKE!!! PEKE!!!







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