Palace on poll: Too early to say how impeachment will turn out


Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte. INQUIRER

Commenting on an poll which showed that a majority of readers thought Chief Justice Renato Corona would not be convicted by the Senate, Malacañang said it was still too early to tell how his impeachment trial would turn out.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said Sunday the prosecution had not even wrapped up the first of eight articles of impeachment against Corona.

“We will still hear and watch a lot of  this impeachment trial,” Valte said on government radio dzRB.

An informal, nonscientific poll by showed (as of Sunday) 64.9 percent of 15,594 readers answering “No” to the question “Do you think the Senate will convict Chief Justice Renato Corona?” Only 35.1 percent answered  “Yes.” (

Told about’s poll, Valte said the Palace would defer any comment.

“We still don’t know what will happen in the next chapter,” she said. For one, she added, the prosecution had a pending subpoena for the opening of bank accounts owned by Corona and his wife.

Valte said the prosecution wanted to know the cash position of the Coronas so it could be “juxtaposed” on what was declared in the statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) of Corona.

Asked whether the Palace was still confident Corona would be convicted, Valte did not answer the question directly, saying only that the important thing was that the evidence was presented.

“At this point, it’s somewhat premature (to say Corona will be acquitted) because so far we are seeing that slowly the case is coming out…we still have a long way to go,” Valte said.

Valte also declined to respond to former Senator Francisco Tatad’s statement that President Benigno Aquino III would  end up being a “lame duck president” should Corona be acquitted by the Senate.

“At this point, those are just speculations. We are only on Article 2 and there are seven articles still remaining,” she said.

The Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, has so far held 11 hearing days on the case against Corona, with the prosecution set to wind up this week the first of the eight articles of impeachment filed by the House of Representatives against the Chief Justice.

Originally posted: 7:30 pm | Sunday, February 5th, 2012

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  • Mark


    ‘Kala ko ba bilib na bilib itong si ABnoy sa mga surveys?

    Di ba, kapag may kumokontra sa kaniya, ipina mumukha kaagad niya ang mga surveys na nagsasabing mahal na mahal siya ng taong bayan.

    Bakit ngayon, nag iba yata ang ihip ng hangin.

    Out of the blue, hindi daw mapag-kakatiwalaan ang mga surveys.

    Minsan, hindi ko ma gets kung ano ang tumatakbo sa loob ng utak nitong mongoloid na ito.

    An enigma.

    Kapwa baliw lang siguro ang makakabasa sa kanyang pag-iisip.

  • Mark

    Hindi sa pag bubuhat ng sariling bangko, I think the comment section of every inquirer article helped the tide against NoyNoy’s favor.

    Dati kasi, puro ABnoy lackeys lang ang sumusulat dito, believing they have the moral high ground.

    Daang matuwid ang kanilang battle cry, at akala nila sa kanilang mga sarili na santo sila.

    Unfortunately, this backfired.

    Alam naman natin sa simula pa lang na ang ‘daang matuwid’ ay isang kathang-isip lamang na nilikha sa loob ng isipan ng isang mongoloid.

    This was just a propaganda ploy, at akala ng mga mongoloid supporters na ma-uuto nila taong bayan.

    I was one of the few bloggers who stood my ground and fought against the mongoloid president and his abnormal supporters.

    Kaunti lang kami noon.

    But we had the truth on our side.

    Alam namin na libo-libong tao ang nag-babasa sa mga articles dito.’

    I believe we were able to convice a lot of Inquirer readers that NoyNoy is a moron, incompetent, irresponsible and unfit to be a president.

    Ngayon, alam na nila na hindi pala totoo na mahal ng taong bayan si NoyNoy.

    I think I have done my job to turn the tide.

    The inquirer surveys show.

    People want Corona Acquitted!

    To the rest of the anti-NoyNoy bloggers: BatangSingapore, pangitbudhiko, PacificoMariano, etc. , good job!

    Let’s continue destroying NoyNoy and his evil regime!

    And the band marches on!

    • tehot

      now that you mention Mariano Pacifico, what happened to him? 

  • johnllander

    Before Friday last week, the result was 71-29% in favor of corona’s conviction among 7,000 respondents.  Just two days after the result abruptly changed to 38-62% and the respondents rose to 13,000.  The number of those for acquittal increased by 6,000 without an increase for those in conviction.  This is improbable because from the start of survey the trend slowly grew to 71-29% then in just a day or two it reversed to 38-62% and a surprising increase in the number of respondents for acquittal only by 6,000 without an increase for conviction. Before Friday the number of voters per day is 500 more or less and in just two days it became 3,000/day!
    Someone from the camp of corona was manipulating the suvery just like what they are doing in an election.

    • Guest

      PRE,mukhang di mo nasusundan takbo ng paglilitiis…may mga empty seats na nga….panay DUD bomba ng nang-uusig……

    • Castro Omeng

      the 10th day and the 11th day of the trial is turning point. after Sen. Estrada prove that Tupas was lying about the 45 properties the tide-turns. I agree with Santi, hindi mo na subaybayan ang trial cguro.

    • Filipinoflash

      A 6,000 increase is highly improbable. Hindi naman ganyan ka popular si Corona, and many people are seeing the palusot of that Megaworld witness. 

      6,000 increase for acquittal while zero for conviction. Parang na “Hello Garci” na naman ang survey na ito. 

      • tehot

        have you watched the impeachment trial last thursday? it was monumental collapse on the part of prosecution. 

      • dannyflorencio



    • sigena

      pag against kay pnoy ang survey sabi dinaya kaagad. gising !!

    • Marlon

      alam mo bakit biglang nag-jump ang for acquittal?

      kasi noong Thursday, sinabi mismo ni Tupas na wala silang ebidensya sa 45 properties ni Corona tapos tinanggi pa nya na sila ang naglabas ng impormasyon tungkols sa 45 properties ni Corona.

      dahil inamin ng prosekusyon na wala silang ebidensya, nagalit ang taumbayan at bomoto for acquittal.


    • dannyflorencio


      DREAM,DREAM  !!!!!!

    • prangka

      Are you saying Inquirer allowed this manipulation to take place under its nose?  Mataas ang credibilidad ng Inquirer kaya no. 1 sila sa readers. Hindi naman siguro sila sira para sirain ang credibilidad na yan dahil kay Corona lang.

  • Guest

    he,he…kilala ba ninyo founder ng inquirer…di kayang suhulan,takutin mga empleyado ng news paper na yan….

  • Tirador Ngbuwaya

    I agree with former senator Francisco Tatad that president Noynoy will end up as a lame-duck President if Corona will be acquitted by the senate impeachment court. However, as I see it now, it will no longer be the evidence that will be presented in the court room that will determine the guilt or innocence of Corona. . . It will be the votation between the allies of President Noynoy and his enemies in the senate who are pretending as his allies. . .Should Corona remain as CJ of SC surely he and the Arroyo SC justices will always oppose the decisions of President Noynoy. . I think President Noynoy will not allow that to happen. . hindi na matutupad ang pangako nya sa taong bayan na lalabanan ang corruption. .  KOKONTRAHIN  SYA  LAGI NILA  CORONA. Alam ko na may solution na sila President Noynoy sa anumang mangyayari sa impeachment trial. . .

    • Castro Omeng

      saan na ang matuwid na daan kung hindi matuwid ang pamamaraan?

  • neoxyrel

    haha now the spin masters of PeNoy are now busy to turn the tide in their favor. I thought the malacanang mafia believes in surveys, but they don’t want to believe the true survey done by Inquirer.

    • tehot

      mejo bumaligtad kasi yung mga dating against kay corona kahit dito sa mga readers ng inquirer. but i wont be surprised if makabawi sa survey si penoy. alam naman ng lahat na mahilig sila gumastos sa mga bayarang commenters at voters

  • Filipinoflash

    palagay lang natin na walang daya ang survey na ito. You remember during the 2010 election campaign period, when Villar tied Noynoy at 34%? The enemies of Noynoy are rejoicing. They say they can overtake Noynoy. But that was a reminder of the people. What if Villar will become President. 

    And so the people themselves rallied and saved Noynoy from defeat. In less than a month, Noynoy regained the lead and eventually let Villar eat dusts. If the people will read this that Corona is winning, their rage against Corona will be rekindled. Can you imagine a Chief Justice who lied about his SALN will still continue to sit as Chief Justice? People will not allow that. 

    And I agree with Valte that its too early to tell. But as of now, public opinion is still against Corona. The people believe more on Pnoy than Corona. 

    • tehot

      thats not what i keep hearing on the streets (those who bother to watch impeachment trial anyway). a few tupas quimbo lies like that and prosecution is finished. 

  • Mark

    I am proud to say that I am one of the few bloggers here who stood his ground against NoyNoy during the early part of his regime.

    Sa simula pa lang, I always knew that this man is a fake.

    And I was proven right. As time unfolded, the public has become a witness of what NoyNoy is really like: A raging, incompetent monster.

    My vicious attacks against NoyNoy made a lot of undecided inquirer online readers to wonder.

    They would say to themselves, :”Teka muna…akala ko ba mahal ng taong bayan si NoyNoy. Akala ko ba anti-corruption si NoyNoy?”

    Imagine kung wala kami dito na tumitira sa mongoloid?

    Ano siya, sinuswerte?

    So to the anti-NoyNoy bloggers here, give yourselves a pat on the back.

    We did it!

    Let’s continue our attacks against this moron of a president.

    Let’s continue destroying NoyNoy and his abnormal regime!

    • tony

      good job bro…

      • Mark

        Thanks bro.

        Give yourself credit too for refusing to be a blind follower to a stupid president.

    • D0minico

       I am one of those who questioned (and still questioning) PNoy’s capacity to become an effective President. But we are stuck with him until 2016, so until then all I can do is challenge him on things I feel he’s wrong and SUPPORT him on things i feel he’s right. Unfortunately, this impeachment is one of his wrong moves.

      Until 2016, He is our President. Respect the position if not the person.

    • halabira


      • Mark

        Ikaw rin pare. You have been a staunch anti-NoyNoy advocate.

        And I salute you for choosing the right path.

        I admire you for refusing to follow a stupid and abnormal president.

        I can’t wait to see the day when this vindictive “president-kuno” is destroyed and thrown to the trash where he belongs.

    • aristeosj

      wow,proud of what?what about are you jumping up and down?bilib sa sarili masyado.
      may tawag dyan-delusions of grandeur.and what will your vicious attacks on this
       gov’t do for this country?misplaced and wrong sense of patriotism.

  • Filipinoflash

    Cuevas provide a conviction for Corona. he said, there is no liability if the inaccuracies of the SALN are not intentional by Corona. However, a research found out that Corona earned his masters of law degree in Harvard on taxation. Corona is also a tax and corporate lawyer working for SGV.  He also works as a lawyer for the Development Bank of the Philippines. Second as senior vice-president and general counsel of the Commercial Bank of Manila. Then as a senior officer of the Tax and Corporate Counseling Group of the Tax Division of Sycip Gorres and Velayo (SGV & Co).

    So based on these academic credentials, one can conclude that Corona is familiar about SALN, ITR’s, fair market value, assessed value and zonal value. 

    So how come Corona could claim inadvertence on the undervaluing and the non disclosure of properties in his SALN? Is Corona lying? 

    • a1phantom

      TAX is very different from SALN…..he included all the zonal values of his properties….tax is based on zonal values

      • relojero1

        Sinasabi dito matalino si Corona in law and taxation do you think he is stupid enough to include ill gotten wealth in his SALN if any. Hello common sense a1pha

  • Filipinoflash

    From Raisa Robles blog. 

    Corona made a speech before the Manila Overseas Press Club. An excerpt of that speech, he said, 

    “As such we shall continuously cleanse the court’s ranks by strengthening the integrity of the judiciary and raising it to the highest level possible. I believe that a member of the judiciary who is found guilty of dishonesty should not only be dismissed from the service but also disbarred. No ifs, no buts.”

    Corona failed to declare some properties in his SALN. He also undervalued some of his assets. Can we asked Corona, IS IT NOT A DISHONESTY?

    And let us remind Corona, what he suggest to do with the dishonest members of the judiciary based on that speech.

    • a1phantom

      First…he declared all his assets….i dont know where you got that info…..second….he gave the zonal value of his properties which are all accurate…..there is NO DISHONESTY

    • jeffrey zhao

      hey, balance ur views.. seek the truth as well di lang sa pakikinig sa alegasyon ng mga yellow KKKs, 

    • tehot

      trial through forums wont do you good. sa korte ka magpaliwanag

      • Filipinoflash

        funny but the Corona rah rah boys have no answer to this piece of information.

    • dannyflorencio


  • epros

    Dami nila ha ha paid posts tsk tsk

  • sigena

    sa sunod ito sa valte sa kulungan na to kasama si delima at lacierda.

  • a1phantom

    As Noynoy said….he will do whatever that needs tobe done to convict Corona

  • Jon

    Ang tao talaga, pag pabor sa kanila ang survey, ke gagaling na mag-bida.
    Kaso pag di pabor, no comment na lang muna.
    Aba’y panindigan nyo naman sana yang pagkiling nyo sa mga survey.
    Ang hirap dyan sa Palasyo, sa lahat ng bagay, puro double standard ang palakaran.
    Pag kay GMA mabilis pa sa alas-dose ang higanti pero pag kina Llamas and company, pa petik-petik lang.
    Yan ba ang “Matuwid na Daan” mo Pwehnoy?

  • padrefaura

    Asked whether the Palace was still confident Corona would be convicted, Valte did not answer the question directly, only saying that the important thing would be evidence presented to the Senate impeachment court.

    meaning, its more important that they continue with their black propaganda than convict the CJ.

    in the first place, the only evidence the prosecution have been presenting are pieces of evidence that is favorable to the Defense.

    • halabira


  • jeffrey zhao


  • kilabot

    too early to say because the no votes is bound to increase with all the fumbles of the prosecution.

    just wondering, where is lacierda now? preparing for his disbarment defense?

  • BatangSingapore

    totoo naman hindi ma convict si CJ dahil sablay nga kasi yun impeachment at ang bobobo ng mga prosecution.

  • sephgabriel

    Masyado kasi mayabang si penoy. Akala nya pag popular ka, lahat pwedi nya gawin kahit mali. Yan tuloy, pag di na convict si corona, lalabas na binabae at lampa syang pangulo. Dapat kasi trabaho ang inaatupag nya at hindi away ang pinagkaka abalaan nya.. pati impeachment nag front pa. Ay bobo talaga. Ang hina ng utak nya. Maliwanag na walang totoong kaso laban sa C J pilit pa ring nagtatalakpara ma impeach si C J. Pati pagka independent ng kongreso nasira tuloy sa pagiging tuta nila kay penoy. Ito dahil lamang sa pork. Humanda na kayo 188 tongressman. Kasama kayo sa panggulong ginagawa ng malacanang

  • GeorgeR


    • Rhine

       2Ch 7:14  if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  • BatangSingapore

    kaya nga after lumabas yan survey nag papogi ang Abnoy na presidente sa pamamagitan ni Grace Lee.  alam kasi niya na humihina ang kanyang kredebilidad at paniniwala sa kanya ng mamayan.

    kaso lang nun ginamit niya si Grace Lee ay panay public display of affection sya, yun nga lang sablay sablay.  sino ba matinong lalaki ang makikipag beso beso sa kursunada mo babae o syota. hahahhahahaha bading lang gumagawa nun.  mentras nga dapat pinipilit nya maka iskor.

  • dannyflorencio



  • Lito60

    See? Even the most BIASED newspaper in the Philippines couldn’t suppress the truth. It’s about time Noynoy and his cohorts realize that the Filipino people are NOT behind them. Sila sila lang ang nagbobolahan.

    • Filipinoflash

      We are not talking of truth here. We are talking about an UNSCIENTIFIC POLL. 

    • INQ_reader

      Eh bakit ka naman basa nang basa, at PM nang PM sa forum???? Kung tingin mo bias, layas dyan !!!

  • halabira

    this is just the tip of the iceberg? sa mga darating pang mga panahon, buong pilipinas ang magbubukas ng mga kaisipan ng silent majority para sibakin ang abnoy panot na rehimen

    • Filipinoflash

      dream on. Si Corona ang masibak. 

      • tehot

        bye bye tupas for your senatorial ambition! nyaanyaaaaaaaah!!

  • dannyflorencio




      Lalo na ang prosecution na pinamumunuan ni Anak ng Tupa.

  • dannyflorencio




  • Filipinoflash

    TAMEME ANG MGA CORONA RAH RAH BOYS DITO. Puro pag mumura lang ang masagot. 

    From Raisa Robles blog. 

    Corona made a speech before the Manila Overseas Press Club. An excerpt of that speech, he said, 

    “As such we shall continuously cleanse the court’s ranks by strengthening the integrity of the judiciary and raising it to the highest level possible. I believe that a member of the judiciary who is found guilty of dishonesty should not only be dismissed from the service but also disbarred. No ifs, no buts.” 

    • Marlon

      iba ang dishonesty sa omission to state acquisition cost ng real property sa SALN.

      nalagay ba ni Corona sa SALN nya ang kanyang mga properties? YES.

    • dannyflorencio


    • mekeni62

      …and your point is?

  • Nald_Ap

    They are now saying that its too early to make any conclusions.  I think they already made up their mind on the guilt of the accused even before the case was filed.  

    Tatad, for once, has it right.  If the Palace does not get its way, it would be very detrimental to them and their future would not be as yellow.

    • Filipinoflash

      Bakit tapos na ba ang impeachment? May 7 articles pa. Problema kasi, acquitted daw si Corona even before the case is filed. 

  • Filipinoflash

    Naniniwala sila sa UNSCIENTIFIC SURVEY. Pero hindi sila maniwala sa SWS at PULSE ASIA. Double Standard. 

    • tehot

      actually, no big deal naman yung survey talaga eh. nakakatawa lang makita na yung mga  palaging binibida na lamang daw sila sa survey at nasa panig nila ang pbliko eh pag hindi panig sa kanila ang survey ay kung ano ano pa ang sasabhin. but after day 10 and day 11 beating of the prosecution, hindi naman kataka taka na magpalit ng sentimyento ang mga mamayan na dati ay against kay corona. 

      we of course expect sws and pulse asia to soon release a survey of their own claiming majority are against corona – expected na yun.
      pagdasal nyo na lang na wag ulit mabugbog ang prosecution sa darating na mga araw. 
      (buti kung magkatotoo)


      Pag na-acquit si Corona, magtago na si AbNoy sa pinagalingan niya. Si AbNoy ang nagsimula ng lahat na kalokohan na ito.

    • dannyflorencio


  • sc53300

    UMAASA PA SI VALTE. . . hahahahaha. . . dapat maiintindihan ni Valte ang sinabi ni Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano in his parting words last Thursday when he was interviewed by Adel Tamano and Lynda Jumilla, :

       “ But please note, Lynda, ang Art. 2 should have been yung pinaka malinaw,  kasi malinaw ang 6713, ang 3019, ang forfeiture law, ang mga anti graft laws, malinaw yan eh. So pagdating mo dito sa ibang articles dealing with the closeness sa presidente, yun canons, judicial ethics  etc.,  mas subjective ang iba dyan. So kung ngayon ay medyo  malabo na lumilinaw expect mo na kung yong malinaw at dapat malinaw ay magiging maalabo, expect mo yong hindi
    dapat na malinaw kung anong mangyayari. But it will be a pleasant surprise kung  malinaw na malinaw ang isyu at saka ipi-present in such a way na maintindihan natin na mabilis and that’s fair to both sides.”
    = = =www.abs-cbnnewsdotcom/video/nation/02/02/12/cayetano-prosecution-has-proof-saln-it-relevant
    CHANGE dot with period.

  • quirinomayer

    I am sure that if the question asked by the was “Do you believe Corona is guilty?”, the results would have pleased Malacanang no end. Personally, I believe in the guilt of Corona but had I been asked “Do you believe Corona will be convicted?” ,  I would have tended to say
    “No” because of factors such as the great difference in the legal prowess of the defense and prosecution and likewise the biases of the senator-judges among others.  It is possible that some of those who voted negative in the survey think like the way I do on this score.

  • zugz

    kinakabahan na si abnoy baka maging lame duck president sya pag na acquit si CJ corona.sigurado may alam pa sila na  karamihan pa sa mga bumoto na “yes” eh yung mga bayaran ni carandang. hahaha.

  • mekeni62

    This Valte knows too much about the prosecution’s moves and she speaks in details!! Sa susunod na mag-deny pa ito na wala silang kinalaman sa impeachment idadalangin ko na mapipi na sana at nang madala!! Kung binabayaran ang bawat kasinungalingan nito at ni Lacierda,lumalangoy na sa pera ang dalawang ito.

  • Filipinoflash

    Do you have to use UPPER CASE LETTERS to drive home a point? Hindi yan dinadaan sa sigaw. To those who said Corona will not be convicted, dream on. Let us wait for the verdict. Would the senator judges believe that “…ahh the unscientific survey said that Corona will be acquitted.”

    The Senators are sensitive to public opinion. The Senators might not be good presentors but the evidence was clear and the intelligent filipino know who is telling the truth and who are not. 

  • Filipinoflash

    Let us wait for Lauro Vizconde, Justice Sereno and the journalist to testify. And let us also wait what will be the defense of corona will say about the letter of Estelito Mendoza on the recent flip flopping of the SC decision on FASAP case. 

    Let us wait also on the privilege card that Coronas have from PAL. Having card privileges when PAL has many pending litigations in the SC. 

    They are celebrating just because of the unscientific survey. And let us wait also of the hurriedly issued TRO in favor of Gloria Arroyo. Arroyo’s doctors will be summoned too. 

  • Filipinoflash

    I bet the Senate will lose credibility if they will ACQUIT CORONA. 

    • mekeni62

      No,it would be the other way around.The more they will be credible.At least they will show that they are better and independent thinking than the 188 congressmen who let themselves be bullied by Malacanang.

    • RonaBacay

      ANOTHER PNOY DEFENDER,,, MAYBE ONE OF APPLE LAPTOP RECEPIENT, fine for you,, trabaho mo lang naman yan, bawiin pano LACIERDA laptop LOL

    • eldy bones

      Malamang mawalan ng kredibilidad ang Senado sa mga taong T*NGA na hindi pinapaniwalaan ang ebidensyang iprinisinta sa impeachment trial pero mas pinaniniwalaan lang ang tsismis na pilit ikinakalat ng malacanang at ng prosecution

    • Ranulfo

      i say no,,people will thank them for restoration of rule of law..not yellow mob law

    • Sheryl

      i beg to disagree sir..

      the evidence so far presented by the prosecution shows to leg to stand on… 
      wala po kasi matibay at TOTOONG ebidensya eh. lumalabas puro bintang lang.

      so they must decide according to the evidence presented.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Valte is right to hold her horses until Malacañang can craft a well thought-out response to the Sunday survey.  To be sure, the survey is not scientific nor representative of the entire Filipino population.  We are only past week 3 and almost done with 1 out of 8 articles.  A lot has yet to be done, if at all.  But out there in the real world, a palpable spell of impeachment fatigue has set in and there’s no mistaking it.  Tabloids have returned to their usual offerings of the flesh as opposed to anything about the business of impeachment.  If the senate sergeant at arms were to conduct a daily headcount of the trial attendees, this will also provide us another indication of how much trouble journalists and citizens are willing to go through to attend the trial.  The bloodletting in the senate has gone far enough to cut Corona down to size and humiliate his family.  If the public truly wants more blood, then we should have seen this in PDI’s survey.  I expect the Corona and Arroyo camp to continue playing their underdog card well.  We can count on the administration to keep their full-court press while whetting our appetite with the latest on Grace and PNOY.    

    A word of advise to PNOY and the prosecution.  One thing that the prosecution continues to get wrong is their assumption that they have the moral high ground.  To vast majority of the public, the prosecution are just as corrupt and incorrigible as Corona or Arroyo or Marcos or Erap or Quirino to name a few.  The prosecution team led by Tupas should not project themselves as holier than thou in their courtroom elocution, presscon pronouncements or individual interviews.  When they claim they are doing this for truth or justice or higher calling, they are insulting the intelligence of the public.  They are doing this for themselves.  There is value in being honest and telling it like it is.

    So, if 2 out of 3 PDI respondents believe that senators will not convict Corona, will this become a self-reinforcing feedback that will shape the minds of our senator judges?  A shape of things to come.

    • Good_Governance

      Reply to Godofredo. Your last point is excellent. My own sense is that especially for senators who plan to run for reelection in 2013, this kind of feedback is likely to be an important if not dominant factor in their decisions. Whatever one may say about the honorable intentions of senators, they remain first and foremost politicians whose principal objective is to enhance or at least retain power (although they may disguise their power need as the need to advance the social good). As such, they are highly sensitive to the prevailing views of the public, including the highly incomplete and biased results of the PDI electronic poll.

      • mekeni62

        PDI is known to be a Pnoy friendly newspaper.For an electronic poll to say otherwise is now being bias hey? If the poll survey has shown to lean on a convicition would you say the same thing? I’m sure not.

      • Good_Governance

        Reply to mekeni62. The PDI article itself states that the poll was “unscientific”. This means that unlike in surveys done by say the Social Weather Stations or Pulse Asia, the respondents were not randomly selected, and the sample size was not determined in accordance with sound statistical practice. In fact the respondents were self-selected and limited only to those who had electronic access to the PDI. The “sampling bias” (this is the term used by statisticians) resulting from this non-randomized sample produces results that are NOT representative of the general population. It is in this sense that I used the word “biased” to describe the PDI poll results. It is an objective observation, not a normative one. Any statistician worth his numbers will dismiss the PDI results as “biased” in the same way that I have. And to answer your last question, my answer is yes. I would regard the opposite results as “biased”. The general point I want to stress is that results of electronic surveys that are not properly designed in accordance with sound statistical principles should always be taken with a grain of salt.

  • concernedpinay

    Malacanang is now feeling the boomerang in their haste to oust CJ Corona. It makes a lot of people think that it has more to do with the Hacienda Luisita case than anything else. And the revelation that Tupaz and his wife are partners of the law firm who filed a motion for clarification, in an effort to raise the 160 million to 5 billion payment to the Cojuangcos, at the SC is just too much! Do these people think that the public will not see this? Why is Rep Tupas the lead prosecution when he is inept and is involved with the law firm that represents the Hacienda Luisita case at the SC? If you have to fool the Filipinos, please do it in a smart way!!!

  • Igorotak

    Main CJ accuser Tupas building P50-M mansion on P25,000 pay
    Lead prosecutor in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona has been found to be building a mansion at Xavierville Subdivision in Quezon City which he has reportedly kept hidden from view by getting the construction workers to cover the almost finished exterior of his two-story house covered with a long blue plastic sheet while construction is ongoing.
    More millions of pesos are likely to be poured into the interiors of the Tupas mansion.
    Tupas and his co-prosecutors, all congressmen, have a salary of some P25,000 monthly, and is also on the Congress’ Alpha list for tax purposes.
    Many other congressmen are also known to own several homes

    and condominium units which, on the basis of just their salaries as members of Congress, certainly cannot afford to own such properties, if such is the argument being raised by the prosecutors against the Chief Justice.

  • Jay

    ibagsak ang rehimeng abnoy-aquino!

  • perdasil45

    Your HONOR, They all belongs to the same feathers ng MANDURAS CRUSADE. Si TUPAK and all the other Pnoy lapdogs Prosecutors portray themself as cleaner than clean. The rule of KARMA is now working “what goes around will come back like a boomerang”. Now TUPAK
    can swallow his own words against CJ Corona opening speech SIYA PALA ANG JUDAS ESCARIOTE. In short like father and son magnanakaw din…………

    The prosecutors were only good for public PLAYA MIRANDA trial, they thought that “taong
    Bayan” which they always said before the media, will heed to them…in the contrary will hate them….hope CJ Corona will be judge according to the evidence, and not with numbers of Senators…..

    This impeachment really proved only one thing, this separate men (defense team) from
    the kids (not boys prosecution team) kakahiya talaga ginagawa ng prosecution
    self destructing…. ang porma akala mo magagaling, un pala mga sinungaling.

    Ang Taong Bayan are now seeing the light — that the alleged “strong” bases for this
    impeachment case are but the products of the infantile imagination of Pnoy 188 lapdogs at the House of Representatives (with AK47 R. Llamas as choirmaster?).

    Dapat ihinto o itigil na ang hearing sa impeachment…..these prosecutors including LAMIERDA, BALDE at aso ni Pnoy De LIMA must be prosecuted…….

    Mabuhay ka Cuevas we need more brilliant great lawyers like you to fight for CJ rights vs. 59 TUPAK prosecutors. Go..go…go.. continue giving FREE lectures to all those PNOY prosecutors in THE SENATE KANGAROO COURT….

    “Kung walang Corona, may Hacienda Luisita!

    No, no, no, Mr. President, we don’t want one-man rule, again!
    What we need is a leader who follows the rule of law, not of the jungle!

    WOW, IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PH…………………….

  • Maldi2

    What do you expect VALDE to say?  She is a no-nonsense spooklady.  A typical ‘sipsip” that even addressing Kris as mam Kris.  She can simply call Ms. Kris – plain and simple. To address as mam Kris is degrading her title as spooklady!

  • RonaBacay

    PNOY allies miscalculated the madlang people, kala nila accept agad sa tao, they are wrong!! PROSEC liars-PHOTO-UP pa kyo sa media bandira list 45 assets daw ni CORONA,   HACIENDA LUISITA kaw talaga pakana sa lahat bakit nagsayang ng hard earned tax impeachment na yan.YOU CAN MAKE ME FOOL one, two, three, four.. but not all the time (HACIENDA LUISITA,
    LUNETA MASACARE, LIFTEST LAMMAS, DWARFING 3% ECONOMY, DAANG MATUWID DAW),, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. Recently HLI filed a motion in SC that 10Billion (2009 market value) shall be paid to HACIENDA LUISITA. It only shows how GREEDYtard the COAJANGCO-AQUINO , the most Greedytard clan in entire country.

  • eldy bones

    Ang akala kasi ng Malacanang at ng kanilang aso sa kongreso na lahat at madadala nila sa pangbu-bully.  They did not expect that the CJ will fight back and they also miscalculated the support the CJ will have from the people na hindi naapektohan ng yellow fever.  Lets continue to support CJ Corona.  Lets uphold the Rules of Law.  NO TO MOB RULE!

  • Joh Ker

     Pano di tataas ang survey na naniniwala na walang kasalanan si corona. Dahil po sa kapalpakan ng prosecutors at lantarang pagsisinungaling nito sa bayan at sa korte.. lalong lalo na sa media… Akala kasi ng mga tongressman na ito eh madadaan nila sa takutan si corona. Eh pumalag kaya ayan makinang pa sa noo ni noynoy ang kapalpakan ng mga prosecutors

  • Benedicto

    Buti pa mag work nalang kayo dyan sa palasyo para bayan asenso???  Huwag na kayo hanap ng hanap na gusot sa bayan? Pabayaan na natin si GLORIA may ebedensya ba kayong nakita? ey wala?  anyway si GMA for 9-year sa Bayan malaki ang kanyang economic contribution dbah? compared ngayon 2-years na si PNOY ano ang nakita ng taong bayan? pa down ang economy? rising prices of prime economic needs no body would say from Malacanyan how to address..

    • Erik Chua

      As GMA said to Pnoy – “It’s the economy, Student.”. 

    • Gerry

      Malaki nga ang Economic contribution ni GLORIA sa family nya, pero sa Bansa meron ba?

  • Patricia Ilagan

    sure!  that’s how “the palace” would react.  that’s expected and true to form.  the majority of thinking, observing “silent majority” and “noisy minority” has caught up with how “the palace of pnoy” thinks, moves, and reacts, spins, twists, turns, contorts… every issue and situation that he fixes his sick mind on.  in that at least, he has been so consistent (fixated is a better word) that he is predictable. the fixation will destroy, by hook or by crook, any and all legit and democratic institution and/or individual for the sake of self-serving, self-consumed desires and obsessions…. such as the hacienda luisita and power, power, power… just like the feudal lord he has been reared to become.

    so yes, we expect the palace to deny …no… “laban”/fight…the farmers, the poor, the common citizen, the taxpayers, just to get what it/he wants.

  • digihaus

    truly, the reply of valte can only mean that they will soon unleash some more of their dirty tricks against corona. malacanang is sending the signal that they will not hesitate to use the power of the pork, the power of the purse, the power of etc to remove corona by all dirty means. malacanang should be ashamed of itself.

  • prangka

    What if it’s other way around, where the survey favors conviction of Corona? Malacanang would probably say it this way: From the start we know he’s guilty. The people have spoken. :)

  • jericxx

    Read the signs, Valte – the prosecution is losing its “strongest” article.  What do you expect from the other articles?  There are even signals from the prosecution that they are dropping the other articles, obviously because they are too weak.

    Of course, you are not worried because you have other “plans” up your sleeves.  Time to unleash your dirty tricks?

  • Sheryl

    eto na.. on the merits, wala naman na prove ang prosecution. Article II ang inuna nila meaning yan ang pinakamalakas nilang charge. tapos inamin din nila na hindi naman pala impeachable offense ang Article II.. 

    that is why ganito ang result ng poll. matalino ang taong bayan, wag nila lokohin.

    btw, i voted NO in this poll.

  • Albin

    Traslation: “Wala pa kaming ebidensiya. Subukan naming i-pang bargain ang pork barrel ng senators, para manalo”.

  • jongie m

    This quest of the prosecutors, is somehow similar to the old novel Don Quixote, who attacked windmills that he believes to be a ferocious giants. His tendency to intervene violently in matters which do not concern him, result in many privations, injuries, and humiliations. 

    The only difference is that, in our real world today, Don Quixote is now wearing coat and tie instead of armor, riding on the budget of pork barrel instead of a horse, using articles of impeachment as his weapon to attack and kill the “giant”. And most specially, Don Quixote is now hiding under the name of Cong. Tupas. 

    How pathetic. :-)

  • sugbu

    kailan ba nag survey ?

  • pintados01

    The court of public opinion is now expecting that Senate won’t convict Corona.  This is because of the ineptness and incompetence of the prosecutors.  The trial is very public so the people will see how Corona wronged the Filipino people but it backfired since people now know how incompetent the prosecution is…Tupas, in the name of God, go…your just a decoration in the prosecution.  This is what you get for showing all those alleged evidence in public when in fact it can’t stand in court.

  • kulkat8

    Look at what a piece of real estate property could to a country and a man’s ability to lead.  Too much blood had already been sacrificed for the property and now it is threatening to bring down the whole country. Enough is enough it  is time to give back this land to the rightful owners ( the farmers of Hacienda Luisita).

  • akoydukha

    No wonder nagresign na lang si Solgen Cadiz dahil alam niya na walang patutunguhan ang impeachment na ito or maybe pinagresign ng amo dahil mahina ang prosecution team nila.

  • johnnie r

    Time to dangle pork for the Senate!!! Tingnana natin kung kakagat sila tulad ng House.

  • monATmex

    don’t you guys get it? i have been following this so called poll daily  ( since it started). what was amazing was that for quite some time, it was 64.+% yes and 35+% no and then OVERNIGHT a massive deluge of no votes reversed the percentage! was it a miracle? or was it manipulated? could thousands of people just decide to vote no all at the same time?

  • Edgar

    Malacañang downplays significance of surveys and recommends salt to fight poverty:

    Media: Madam, what do you make of the PDI survey with 60% believing in no conviction?
    Valte:  Like all surveys, we must take this survey with a grain of salt.  In fact with lots of salt.
    Media: Should 4.3 million hungry Filipino families also take the survey with a grain of salt?
    Valte:  Poor Filipinos are used to taking their food with lots of salt, so it should be ok for them.

  • Leona Salazar

    Renato Corona is a descent man. He observes proper decorum even in the most embarassing situation when Pnoy humiliated him on national television. He is a lot better than his persecutors and other high officials in the country. Pnoy should realize that bullying has no place anywhere. Be fair Pnoy!

  • Yoichi Toshiko Solis

    this is really a trial by publicity. if the news is against Corona, Malacanang/Prosecution will claim that it is the “voice of the sovereign filipino peope”, but if the outcome is against them they will either say “its manipulated or it is too early to say”. cant we just leave the senate with their job and hope that they will vote according to the evidence and clear conscience not on partisan.

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