Llamas sorry, says he forgets ‘I’m no longer a regular guy’



THE BARGAIN HUNTER President Aquino confers with his controversial political adviser, Ronald Llamas, in Malacañang. EDWIN BACASMAS

Even with a Cabinet rank and the privilege of being in the President’s inner circle, Ronald Llamas claims he still forgets that he’s “no longer a regular guy.”

The presidential adviser on political affairs admitted this much in an interview on Monday, after issuing a formal apology to Malacañang over a Philippine Daily Inquirer eyewitness report that spotted him buying pirated DVDs in a Quezon City mall last week.

The episode once again put Llamas on the spot, three months after he was forced to explain why he was keeping several firearms, including a semiautomatic assault rifle which was inadvertently exposed in public after two of his bodyguards figured in a road accident while Llamas was abroad.

But Llamas need not feel alone and without friends on this one. Among those who think he should be given some slack is a former President—and ironically a pillar of the local film industry—as well as a former university president who vouched for Llamas’ “simplicity” and fancy for “everything cheap.”

‘A nonissue’

“He was not stealing. He was, in fact, buying,” former President Joseph Estrada said at Kapihan sa Diamond Hotel media forum on Monday, drawing chuckles from the gathering.

Estrada said the Aquino administration had more important matters to prioritize, like the issue of corruption. “(Llamas’ purchase of pirated DVDs) is not an issue, so why should we play it up?” he said.

He said the government should instead offer alternative sources of livelihood to those being forced to sell pirated merchandise and “investigate why pirated DVDs were being sold (in a mall) in the first place.”

‘Hypocritical outrage’

Former University of the Philippines president Francisco Nemenzo also defended Llamas on Tuesday from what he called the “hypocritical outrage over the tabloid photo showing him in a pirated DVD stall in a popular shopping mall.”

“Pirated goods will attract ordinary people when the originals are excessively priced,” Nemenzo said in a press statement.

Nemenzo said he had been a close friend of Llamas for the past 30 years and that he knew him to be “an assiduous bargain hunter who shuns expensive department stores and boutiques.”

He recalled that during a conference he and Llamas attended in Europe a few years ago, the latter “dragged (Nemenzo) to a flea market where they searched for treasures in piles of rubbish.” This was when the conference “became unbearably boring.”

‘He loves anything cheap’

“He loves anything and everything cheap,” Nemenzo said, noting that his friend “has not lost his simplicity even if he is already a Cabinet member and one of the President’s closest advisers.”

“The derogatory publicity he elicited last week only shows that Ronald is unlike others who suddenly adopt a lavish lifestyle once appointed to high positions. I am glad that he is still the simple person I have known him to be,” Nemenzo said.

Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., has given Llamas until Wednesday to “explain in writing” why he should not face “administrative disciplinary proceedings” over the DVD purchase.

Llamas apologized to President Aquino, a shooting range buddy, on Friday and also to fellow government officials in a statement released to the press on Monday.

“Sometimes I do forget I am no longer a regular guy,” he said when reached by the Inquirer on the phone.

He said this could pretty much explain what happened on the night of January 23, when he was photographed by Inquirer Bandera associate editor Dona Policar casually buying almost P2,000 worth of pirated DVDs.

Good bargain

Llamas said he was with his two daughters when he purchased the DVDs at Circle C mall on Congressional Avenue. They do go malling together at least once a month, and he would indeed often go for cheap items if offered a good bargain, he said.

In his statement, Llamas apologized to the government “for any difficulty and unintended embarrassment” and promised to “exercise more care and prudence” in his actions.

Llamas said he had also apologized to President Aquino himself “for the impropriety and lack of discretion as well as the unintended embarrassment this may have caused the administration.”

“I didn’t want the government to expend its energy over a regretful incident and so I submitted to the process that was launched and I am ready to face the findings and recommendations of the inquiry,” he said.

Deputy presidential spokesperon Abigail Valte said the Palace was “holding off any judgment because the investigation (was) still ongoing,” when asked by reporters whether Llamas still enjoyed the trust and confidence of the President.

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  • cliff_castillo

    In spite of his lapse in judgment, there are some positive things that were mentioned like his remaining simple and not extravagant given his position.  Also, he didn’t use or take advantage of his position to gain some benefit.  Others in his position would not even bother looking for bargains because they can easily afford anything by using their position and influence.  It is difficult to find another person like him.  Would you prefer one who is always very careful in stealing by smartly covering up their crime?  The punishment should fit the mistake and I think a reprimand is sufficient and not resignation because we shouldn’t lose a person simply for buying something that almost all of us must have done at least once.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J4X5RZIRHCGVSXJWSH7DEFN6WI rodger66

      oo nga ano? pirated din ang AK-47 at bakit di sumpak na lang ang dala e bala lang ang bilhin nya?…maawa ka naman sa sarili mo masyado kang ns brainwashed !!!

  • wilms1963

    mga b sit….kayo ang gugulo nyo..ano ba talaga …masama bang bumili ng pirated DVD/cd l o hinde
    kung hinde  e bakit hinuhuli nyo iyong mga nagtitinda?at kung oo , ok lang pala kung gusto mong makatipid?  
    akala ko ba intelectual property rights yan  na … na may lehitimong nagmamay-ari at  di pweede basta gamitin ng walang permiso/ bayad
    nemenzo, erap at iba pa kayo ang hypocrite sa tingin ko

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B77DMOK2SNWGCAHMMH6ZUHHH6E Chris

      kung ok kay erap na bumili ng pirated dvd di ko na sya iboboto ,bakit eh kung umiinom sya ng wine ano ba ngalan yon eh 200 USdollar ang isa ,sana inom ni erap eh tuba naniwala na ako sa kanya.papogi lang yan ksi kakadidato sa maynil ng mayor at si kimatienza ang vice .wag kayo maniwala,yong wine ni erap ay don perignom ata.200 dollar ang isa he,he,

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYVO5BIPX6WO4IGFRGIQE3P6HY Ruben

        Karamihan sa mga mamahaling alak ni Erap noon eh bigay naman ng mga kumpare at kaibigan.  Di naman ikinakaila ni Erap na mahilig siyang uminom kahit Mayor pa siya ng San Juan.  Sa kabila niyan ay sinuportahan pa rin siya ng mga tao hanggang maging Pangulo.

  • quirinomayer

    Dapat itong si Llamas isama doon sa pinipison na pirated DVDs/CDs. Itong statement na he forgets he’s no longer a regular guy ay kasinungalingan. Di ba nagdala pa siya ng mga bodyguards noong namili ng DVDs? At di ba may nakitang mga ilang high powered na baril sa kanyang kotse kamaikailan lang? Second hand din ba iyon?

    At ikaw naman Nemenzo, this is not about simplicity and preference for the cheap. This is about a high government official flouting government laws. You can have your shameless and uncontrollable friend all to yourself.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VUBFBIYFAJOPPP4FP3CKBJ4M6A SOre loser

    Galing ng excuse…wow.

  • stanfordmillbrand

    oo nga wow. P-Noy me “i am sorry” version rin sa admin mo. Ano yan lusot na naman? adik ka pag ganun

  • isalexus

    He he he hye– he forgot that he is really a natural regular law-breaker in the first place!!! Wangwang– nasaan ang Daan Matuwid mo?!>?

  • isalexus

    LLamas is willing to break a law by abetting copyright pirates because he forgot he is not just a regular guy!! HAHAHA– so the rest of us regular guys are scofflaw and lawbreakers?!?

  • impending_raptor

    What a stupid statement from Llamas or you’re just playing dumb?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J4X5RZIRHCGVSXJWSH7DEFN6WI rodger66

    Nemenzo and Llamas in… dumb and dumber !!!

  • jbadge

    This Nemenzo guy is missing the point, which is, how can we curb piracy in the industry in order to give due credit to the people who produced the songs and movies, when people, especially in high and influential positions, are continually and with impunity purchase these illegal items? So because he’s cheap, does it mean that his action is now justified? Dumb and dumber they are indeed!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYVO5BIPX6WO4IGFRGIQE3P6HY Ruben

    Is Llamas saying that he would buy pirated DVDs and carry high powered weapons in the street if he were an ordinary guy?

  • rnoldrmada

    Personally, I think it’s no big deal really. The guy was adhering to the economic forces being presented at that time and being cheap as he is, he grabbed on the opportunity. The problem was he got caught which makes a whole lot of difference from others who does the same thing.

  • grhof265

    Excuse is not good enough.  If PNoy is smart, he should let him go.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NV25ZPWMBDYFXEYR3AWQ43ZS5E Hein S

    Buying Pirated Goods is Stealing.  And is a Crime.

    What happened to Derechong Daan?

  • agxo3

    “Pirated goods will attract ordinary people when the originals are excessively priced,” Nemenzo said in a press statement.

    “The derogatory publicity he elicited last week only shows that Ronald
    is unlike others who suddenly adopt a lavish lifestyle once appointed to
    high positions. I am glad that he is still the simple person I have
    known him to be,”


    NOT living lavishly does NOT mean seeking out pirated goods. What Nemenzo does not seem to understand is that buying pirated goods is STEALING someone’s work and not compensating him fairly for it. If you consider the original item too expensive and want to save money, you have two options:
    1) don’t buy it!!! find a less expensive item!!! There is NO LAW that requires you to buy the expensive item.
    2) buy it used. There is NO LAW the prevents you from buying a used item.

    NOT and option is stealing someone’s work. For a university president and a former Philippine president to defend those actions very clearly illustrates the depth and breadth of the lack of honesty and integrity in the Filipino culture today.

    And BTW – “daang matuwid” was suppsedly PNoy’s main thrust and EVERYTHING, includiung Coron’s impeachment, is supposedly driven by that. Well, daang matuwid should be practiced in EVERYTHING YOU DO, not just that which is convenient; it should be a fundamental philosophy that drives ALL the actions of ALL the President’s men, and by extension the whole government. If you cannot lead by example, how do you expect to lead at all??

  • randyaltarejos

    I’m on the side of former President Erap Estrada who said that the government should instead attend to more pressing problems that the country has at the moment. Playing up negative stories against a cabinet member like Ronaldo Llamas on the print media is not fair at all. I don’t think his constitutional rights should be clipped just because he is a cabinet member. And does this mean that if you are a ranking public official within the inner cricle of P-Noy, you have no right to decide on what to buy in the market? If those priated DVDs are not available in the open markets, do you think customers like Llamas would buy them?

    • jbadge

      Mr. Llamas, and others like him, are held in such high regard at which they are expected to perform deeds that are both legal and ethical. After all, they are the extension of the president, and as such, they are to emulate P-noy’s principles. He should remember that his actions in public, or otherwise, would reflect upon the administration in which he is a member of. And If there are no buyers then there are no, or significantly less available, pirated DVDs in the market. 

  • randyaltarejos

    If Llamas is not doing his duties as a cabinet member or perhaps, he has acquired ill-gotten wealth like what other government officials do, then it is something that the media write about and for the government to investigate. But there were no reports that Llamas has been remiss in his functions as a cabinet member.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MIQDQTQUTZG2IKF73OODCLQMPY R

    What a LAME excuse! Bulok na ang style mo panis na pero binibili pa rin ni ABNOy – same banana.. Erap joke lang pala!

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Why did Nemenzo and Llamas leave a conference in Europe and go shopping at a flea market when they were on official business and travel paid for by the government? Granted it was boring, but it is no excuse to be shopping when they should be in attendance during official conference hours.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Others admit only irregularities in their conduct. 
    This one says that he himself became an irregular person because of his new job. 
    PNoy should be a good Samaritan and help him.
    Make him a regular guy once more.
    That’s what friends are for.

  • w4d

    Are you serious???? Even Estrada’s reasoning is flawed….This is a slap on the face of the anti-piracy campaign if PNOY lets this slide. Dumb, dumb, dumb excuses!!!!
    Estrada’s “other matters to prioritize” just shows his lack of comprehension to the term “priority”, itself. LLamas’ excuse of, “I forgot I’m no longer a regular guy”, deserves him a slap in the face and a kick out of the President’s circle. What a shame.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MPXBEUGBAUKSOM7GBU276D7PWU mike

    if that was indeed in a well  known  mall that was so open in public, its beyond my comprehension why the mtrcb (?) doesnt know why an illegal business is operating there? and if it indeed it were? why does the media doesnt report it directly to the concerned agency ?? was it just fishing that somehow this mr lamas will go and buy there???  Je ne comprend pas???  expliquez svp?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U6I5Z47EK5YM3VCD3GXEPJB3CU cutie boy

      hay naku, kung ano-ano pa isuue nilalabas mo…… si llamas dapat magresign, lumalaki na ulo… tanga ba sya na ngayon nya lang nalaman na hindi sya regular guy.. so inaamin nya na moron sya tulad ng presidente nya….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYSEPM7BIAEMCNNASWOWQ5RTKY Ang Kampanero

    llamas says “he forgot he is longer a regular guy”, really?  and he thinks he is special? what a fly!  for all that he was in for, the title of presidential adviser on political affairs does not fit him anymore, it more of adviser on dirty tricks

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U6I5Z47EK5YM3VCD3GXEPJB3CU cutie boy

    hoy nemenzo, ang ipokrito yang kaibigan mong llamas at presidente mong baluktot ang daan….. walang karapatan mamunio mga tulad tula……

  • clarencelinares



    >>>“Sometimes I do forget I am no longer a regular guy,”<<<

    CORRECT!  You are an IRREGULAR guy, guy.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    Ronald Llamas claims he still forgets that he’s “no longer a regular guy.” WHAT?! EVEN WHEN HE WAS STILL WITH NGOs HE THINKS HE’S SOMEBODY! LIKE SOMEONE WITH A POWER TO WIELD OVER HIS DOMINION.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WJX5I5FJL52QCZDUKDNWOTIZHQ Lateralus

    simple lang pala ang magkaron ng AK 47, nakalimutan na yata yun at DVD na ang naging isyu hehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U6I5Z47EK5YM3VCD3GXEPJB3CU cutie boy

    “”””“He was not stealing. He was, in fact, buying,” former President Joseph Estrada said at Kapihan sa Diamond Hotel media forum on Monday, drawing chuckles from the gathering.””””
    PIRACY IS STEALING… palagi yan pinapakita before or after manood ka sa sinehan…. bopol talaga…..

  • goavan

    we get your point nemenzo, we will can continue to buy pirated DVDs including cabinet members.  Moreover, remove or dissolve those gov’t agencies in charge of eliminating pirated items in the market.  Erap, you better seal your mouth.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

    Who is this Llamas guy?  Does he hold Penoy by the crown jewels kaya ganun na lang ang kapit niya?  What is their secret?

    Maybe he has intel regarding the activities of Penoy after their shooting escapades… watching pirated (po rn)  movies perhaps?

  • dapatmalaman

    if pnoy wants to be an exemplar of propriety, he should fire this recidivist llamas right away. he is a disgrace to the public servant race. for credibility’s sake, mr. president, fire llamas. retain him in your circle, but fire him to show you mean business.

    i forget i’m no longer a regular guy? does this clown think a regular guy is just like him, a pirate and a person who lacks the qualifications to be a decent public servant, let alone, member of society who acts according to his stature and responsibility? kapag ikaw ay nahalal o nakuhang tagapagsilbi ng presidente, umakto ka naman ayon sa posisyon mo. kung ika’y pumapatol sa mga pirated dvds noon, pwes, ngayon, limitahan mo naman at bantayan ang mga aksyon mo. isa kang ehemplo ng mga kababayan mo. nohhhh!

  • JosephNess

    Even with a Cabinet rank and the privilege of being in the President’s inner circle, Ronald Llamas claims he still forgets that he’s “no longer a regular guy.”

    senility has no part in government service…one should be retired…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QZZKXPEA67I7HELEIYM35QVYFA Jon

    Para makabitbit ka ng AK at itakbo ito ng mga bata mo sa harapan ng pulis, matagal mo nang alam na hindi ka na ordinaryong tao.
    Angat na angat ka nga ngayon pogi.
    Sa kasikatan mo, di ka nga kayang sampolan ni Pwehnoy at ipatupad yung “Matuwid na Daan” nya. “Untouchable” dapat ang tawag sa iyo.
    Ang tanong, ano ba ang pinagkakautangang-loob sa iyo ni Pwehnoy?

  • Nald_Ap

    What an arrogant person! The logic is certainly as twisted as the mind of his boss.  The two of you belong with each other.  

  • tabalu

    hanap po natin ay pantay-pantay bakit di nalang i-abolish ang OMB, huwag ng hulihin ang mga namimirata kung pwede naman palang bumili kahit ipinagbabawal.

  • marivon

    Abolish na lang OMB. Naglolokohan lang kayo. Llamas makapal talaga apog mo, sana kahit kaunti pinahiram mo ng kapal ( sa buhok) yung amo mo. Paano tayo aasenso kung ganito ang mga namumuno sa atin?

  • carlcid

    Llamas forgets that he should no longer behave publicly like a thug, which he actually is.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WBXMVJ2VFPRFDKP4DTRHPNDGVI carlo

    ngayon na alam na ni noynoy na hindi lang napadaan si Llamas, ano kaya ang gagawin nya?

    Buying anything pirated is like cheating from the original manufacturers of the product..

  • AllaMo

    Its too late for llamas to learn to be circumspect, as befits his appointment. he must turn in his irrevocable resignation. And, save PNoy’s administration from his simple mind.

  • carlorocci

    “He loves anything and everything cheap,” Nemenzo said, noting that his friend “has not lost his simplicity even if he is already a Cabinet member and one of the President’s closest advisers.”“The derogatory publicity he elicited last week only shows that Ronald is unlike others who suddenly adopt a lavish lifestyle once appointed to high positions. I am glad that he is still the simple person I have known him to be,” Nemenzo said.Ma-depensahan lang kahit na ano sasabihin pabor kay Llamas, tsk….Pangalawa na po ito mga Mister….He is no longer a regular guy…..came-out in the closet na si Llamas…Bading na bading…

  • Rocky6076

    For Llamas a regular Filipino guys are the one’s that carry assault rifles in their car and buys illegal CDs,if it’s that so then there are more fun in the Philippines.

  • Nagagalitna

    Sinasayang mo lng tax namin bopol ka tanga pa…anay ka sa hanay ng maayos na mga gov’t official. Umalios ka na dian Llamas kapal ng mukha mo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    When Llamas carried an AK-47, he also forgot he was no longer a regular guy?
    When he went to INV to convince them to let Cuevas quit the Defense, he was no loger a regular guy?

  • katabay1106

    Asa pa kayo! Sec. Ronald Llamas is a certified KKK and Pnoy needs the help of leftist Akbayan in his Plan B against CJ Corona. He is untouchable.

  • Francis81

    Si Pweenoy mahilig sa mga cheap na tao kasi cheap din siya.

  • samarutan

    As a team member of the Aquino Cabinet Llamas’ obnoxious actions are viewed by the public as being condoned by Pnoy. His bloopers (assault rifles, Garcillano kuryente & lately the pirated DVD) are being used against the President himself. In short, he is a nothing but a liability. If Llamas  respects  the President he should should tender his resignation pronto to spare the President from further embarrassment!  LLAMAS  RESIGN NOW!

  • Malik62

    What a lame excuse. When the AK-47 controversy exploded Llamas said he needed firearms for protection due to the sensitivity and risks of  his position.  Now he’s saying that he forgot that he no longer an ordinary guy?

    Indeed he was buying–buying stolen intellectual property.

  • Francis81

    Sabi ni Pweenoy kay Llamas sa picture: Mamaya ha gaganyanin kita!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DI3QGCJEEFK52CT4DTQ7I5SRUE Neil

    Sa totoo lang,  ang karamihang kritiko ni LLAMAS ay consistent na bumabanat din kay NOYNOY AQUINO.  Ganito talaga ang pulitika,   may kababawan at personal. 

    Tulad sa kaso ni Erap na hinanapan din ng isyung personal (maraming asawa),  IMF head na si Dominique Strauss-Kahn at dating US President na si Clinton.   Ang modus,   dadaanin ka sa BLACKMAILING upang mapwersang magresign sa pwesto ang mga kaaway sa pulitika. 

    Ang tantya ng marami,  organisadong mga grupo na kaaway sa pulitika na nagsusubaybay at nagmomonitor sa mga galaw ng mga matataas na opisyal ng Administration ni NOYNOY AQUINO.

    AASAHANG magpapatuloy ang mga ganitong modus operandi.

  • The Amateur Ear .

    Speak for yourself, Mr. Llamas. Not all “regular guys” buy pirated DVDs.

  • pintados01

    The message of this administration is – “it’s okay to buy pirated DVD’s” 

  • Ilonggo2011

    Yung masyadong nagmamalinis ang malacanang lang naman…Na pa ka pogi nila sa mata ng tao…75% sa survey accepted sila…no wonder when they come to do foolishness it’s just ok…yan nag MATUWID NA DAAN..

  • Ilonggo2011


  • tenderfender

    regular guy? kala ko ba madaming banta sa buhay mo kaya ka merong AK-47 to “protect yourself” because of your job? therefore, VIP ang turing mo sa sarili mo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HCCTT6COHRQZD2NJIWM4UGXDEU Dibo Dragon

    To ERAP, if you don’t know what you are saying, please shut your mouth.  Artista ka pa nanam and your saying buying PIRATED DVD is ok?

    To NAMENZO, you should not be going out of a conference, there’s a reason why someone sent you there, you’re wasting money by not attending the it.

    To LLAMAS, when doing somthing illegal, please don’t bring your daughters, baka magaya pa sa iyo yan,  sayang naman.

    To OMB, if the buying stops piracy can stop too.  please, revise your #%$^%# law!

  • cerebro_unum

    It doesn’t matter if you are with your two daughters or with the queen of England! What you did was an act against an intellectual property, banned or copyrighted material. Being a government official you carry a heavier burdern of responsibility compared to one ordinary sidewalk vendor! It does not excuse you from this violation of property rights as recognized by all civilized society in the world! That is why it is prohibited because mere possession of this contraband is against the law! Purchasing one knowingly they are pirated goods, made you an accessory to a criminal offense!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J47R2PJFKFPPV25TLBRVNXIYKY Mel

    I’m a regular guy, so its ok for me to buy pirated DVDs?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      Mel, I’m also a regular guy. Can I carry an AK-47? he, he, you have a point.

      • nico fopalan

        ah ewan

  • kilabot

    erap defending llamas? not surprising, both of them patronizes illegal activities — jueteng, piracy.

    nemenzo has a point, mahal kasi ang orihinal kaya pirated na lang. greedy kasi tong mga manuf ng origs kaya yan ang napala. pero di ako naniniwala na simple pa rin si llamas, simpleton siguro.

  • http://civilservice.boxpinoy.com/civilserviceexam.php Rorschach

    He’s a very simple and humble person, instead of M203 granade launchers pinili nya nalang ay Kalashnikovs.

    Simpleng patawa tong si LAMAS. Dami mo ng sablay baka nakakalimutan mo na rin.

    • batangpaslit

      i like your humor, Bro. very intelligent line.

  • Quality1

    Akala ko sa matuwid na daan na tayo…..Piracy is a form of stealing….paanoo tayo uulad kong wala tayong disiplina sa sarili….naturingan pa naman na cabinet members…PNOY gumising ka na.

    • batangpaslit

      tunay ka nang Quality, Bro. walang patungohan ang bayan natin. kung hindi sinungaling ang mga opisyal natin, abussador. kung hindi abusador, incompetent.
      wala na talaga…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WWUPA2BUHQMWC2X2M3CTOYDDRM Kukuri Kapu

    Buti pa si instant undersecretary ng Tourism Enteng Romano may delicadeza at nagresign agad after the Pilipinas kay Ganda fiasco.

    • batangpaslit

      you can say it again…

  • PerfectPoster

    Amazing. So that means, if you’re a regular individual, you’re entitled to buy pirated goods of any form. How cool is that? Thanks Mr. Political Adviser.

    • batangpaslit

      paano kaya naging political adviser itong si Llamas eh walang sense of wisdom?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QDIUAPEDDMN7WP7PWYRVDPVXHM Asiong

    Daan matuwid = Daang piracy. Makakapal mga mukha.

  • Beersheva

    “Sometimes I do forget I am no longer a regular guy”. Sino kaya maniniwala dito? Sana nag-apoligize ka na lang. Niloloko mo na kami nito.

  • nico fopalan

    dami ipokrito oh. haha. di kau namimili ng pirated dvds? di kayo nag dadownload ng mp3s?

    • batangpaslit

      Nic, hindi ko ginagawa either isa sa dalawa.
      For one, may pinabili akong CD, ako ng 2K PESOS sa isang kaibigan. Ibinalik sa akin ang 2K dahil 500.00 PESOS lang daw ang isa. Itinabi nia ang 500 PESOS tip daw nia for buying a cheaper CD. Diko mapakinangan ang CD. ‘Di obra. I called up the chap who bought for me the CD. Sagot sa akin…kasi pirated ‘yan, 50 PESOS nga lang ‘yan. Na pirate ang aking pera. ‘Di ko na rin binawi ang nakupit kong pera. Pero, di na sia naka hingi sa akin ng tulong. Naka bakasyon ako doon sa Manila.
      Music? I prefer to watch a live concert or a Video purchased rom a regular outlet. It only costs me $30 DOLLARS a piece. Malinis pa ang konsensia ko.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3AITTOHVBILS62DE24F3GQW5L4 Masao

      @nico fopalan: Not all people buy pirated stuff. It might surprise you but there are other people out there who can still differentiate what’s right and wrong.

    • Lloyd Angelo Cabaces

      bakit? adviser ba kami ng presidente? toinks! eh pano kung hindi naman talaga namimili.. katulad ka kasi ni llamas.. magsama kayong dalawa!

    • Bisaya_Man

      Buying pirated goods is STEALING,
      not only from the movie/music industry but also to the govt dahil walang tax
      ito…. ok lang ba magnakaw ng maliliit na bagay?…. ok lang ba magnakaw dahil
      ginagawa naman ito sa karamihan?…. KASO LANG ITO ANG PINAGSIMULAN NG

  • truth_1210

    piracy is not priority kasi..wala nang lagay..ang OMB they are fighting on it..ngayon sabihin lang ng gobyerno not priority..at malimutin talaga ang kkk…dalawang beses nato ah…

    • batangpaslit

      abolish the office of OMB…what is the point? if i were the officials of OMB, i will resign in disgust

  • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr

    This dude thinks he’s special? WTF

  • TalagaNaman

    Lamas forgets that he’s no longer a regular guy because his bodyguards do not remind him. hehehehe

    Blame again your bodyguards and fire them.

    • batangpaslit

      this reflects Llamas ability in recruiting his close in staff, including bodyguards. wala ding alam kung ano ang bawal at kung ano ang kaaya-aya

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KGVM5VWUUTUM26BNJLU3KSZZFA deepwater

    Nice article to cover up Llamas blunders. If he is really a good man, he should resign instead of apologizing. Waland delikadeza?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    Clear and simple PALUSOT,,,,But Llamas has nothing to worry about, PNOY will always be behind him, thru thick and thin…That’s what KKK are for…..lol 

  • Bisaya_Man

    buying pirated goods is STEALING….. ok lang ba magnakaw?…. ok lang ba magnakaw dahil maliit na bagay lang naman ito?… kaso ito ang ugat ng corruption… nag sisimula sa maliliit na bagay.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3AITTOHVBILS62DE24F3GQW5L4 Masao

    Erap still doesn’t get it. The difference here is that Llamas was just not buying DVD but pirated DVD. That is wrong and illegal. It hurts the film industry and doesn’t help the economy. Erap should know better because he was once an actor. He won’t get any royalty when people buy pirated DVDs.

    Aquino should fire him(Llamas) and set an example. Kung palulusutin niya lang ito eh ilan pang kabulastugan, sadya man o hindi, ang palalampasin niya sa mga tauhan niya. In the end you will end up with a government that is full of excuses and staff that is just not efficient nor trustworthy.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWQYLBXNJ4JJS6FZ5FYEYTDXPE Roly Aldo

    tell that to the all artist to of the philippines

    bat walang nagrereklamong mga artist

    sorry mga singer actor at mga producer

    pwede ng mamili ang mga juan de la cruz ng mga pirated

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWQYLBXNJ4JJS6FZ5FYEYTDXPE Roly Aldo

    for sale mga video nung mmff

    3 for 100 only

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWQYLBXNJ4JJS6FZ5FYEYTDXPE Roly Aldo

    wala talaga kong makitang ni katiting sa wisdom ni erap

    sabagay kaya nga pala ganyan ang nangyari sa buhay nya

  • Warren Tolentino

    This is a sad day for the Optical Media Board campaign against piracy. It is a not a question whether Ronald Llamas is in the government or not and it a simple matter of how he intend to help the government against piracy. Though this country do not have a law that penalize purchaser of pirated intellectual proprietary items, Ronald Llamas cannot ignored for the fact that he knew those items that he is purchasing was produced illegally. His actions does not befit his current standing and the Office of the President should have reprimanded him with suspension.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    tama..hinde ka na nga isang regular guy,,,dahil isa ka nang highly irregular scumbag….

  • kishbuff


  • http://twitter.com/Dodj Donardo Cuago


  • http://twitter.com/SRenoso Sam Renoso

    I think everyone commits mistake, on the scale of mistakes that government officials make, Llamas’ booboo is pretty much on the lower end of the spectrum.

  • Andoy51

    I think Llamas’ apology is well taken. But he has to be doubly careful now because he is no longer “a regular guy.” Llamas is now a Cabinet member whose every action should honor the high office he holds as President Aquino’s political adviser.

    • Bisaya_Man

      Buying pirated goods is STEALING, not only from the movie/music industry but also from the govt dahil walang tax ito…. ok lang ba magnakaw ng maliliit na bagay?…. ok lang ba magnakaw dahil ginagawa naman ito sa karamihan?…. KASO LANG ITO ANG PINAGSIMULAN NG CORRUPTION

  • doodzie

    so ano . ganun lang sorry lang ok na tau .. T A E  talga tong gobyerno natin ..

  • Bisaya_Man

    Buying pirated goods is STEALING, not only from the movie/music industry but also from the govt dahil walang tax ito…. ok lang ba magnakaw ng maliliit na bagay?…. ok lang ba magnakaw dahil ginagawa naman ito sa karamihan?…. KASO LANG ITO ANG PINAGSIMULAN NG CORRUPTION

  • amuyao

    kung makacomment naman ang mga tao akala mo di rin bumibili ng mga pirata… minsan talaga ang mga tao, ipokrito. e buti nga itong si llamas, yan lang ginawa e… e yung iba jan, wala nga sa spotlight, puro naman pagnanakaw ang ginagawa.. bakit di yung mga taong yun ang hanapin nyo. 

    • Bisaya_Man

      Buying pirated goods is STEALING, not only from the movie/music industry but also from the govt dahil walang tax ito…. ok lang ba magnakaw ng maliliit na bagay?…. ok lang ba magnakaw dahil ginagawa naman ito sa karamihan?…. KASO LANG ITO ANG PINAGSIMULAN NG CORRUPTION

  • amuyao

    so alam mo? mukhang namimirata ka rin.. 

  • http://twitter.com/SRenoso Sam Renoso

    Demolition job lang ang pagse-sensationalize ng issue na ito, wala sila kasing mahanap na ibang baho kay Llamas. I am not defending him, bina-base ko lang sa nakikita ko. Wala naman syang involvement sa mga maslantaran na corruption, protection of self-interest or pagpapadrino. Cut him some slack, I would prefer someone buying fake DVD’s any day over someone who buys blue rays from Rustan’s using our people’s money.

  • ordinaryo

    parang hahalikan ni lamas tong abnoy sa pic ahh. galing facebook ba to?
    ano magkahawak kaya ng kamay nila?

  • MarcyPulilan

    Makakapal din pala ang mukha kahit si PNoy at mga tao niya, walang delicadeza. Hoy PNoy, tigilan mo na ang kasasabi ng matuwid na daan, puro ka salita kulang ka sa gawa. Kumapi pa ang isang mangdarambong na si Erap na sinasabing OK lang magnakaw. Ganyan ba talaga pag nasa Malacanyang na kayo, may licensiya na kayong magisgasigaan? Bumagsak na sana kayong lahat, una ka na Benigno Aquino III, apo ng isang collaborator at traidor sa Pilipinas noong panahon ng hapon.

    • imafilipinocitizen01

      talaga? san mo nakuha yan? pinanganak ka na ba ng panahon ng hapon? hehehe!

      • MarcyPulilan

        To imafilipinocitizen01 ….he he he he he :)

  • Littlefox131

    Llamas is morally flawed. Expectations by people around you might change as you go up, but your own personal expectation should be the same.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    I wonder what is the reaction of Ogie Alcasid, Leah Navaro, Dindong Dantes, Kris Aquino, all artists and all lapdogs of Pnoy on this issue, na kabaro nila ang inakusahan?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWQYLBXNJ4JJS6FZ5FYEYTDXPE Roly Aldo

      kung panhon ni gma yan tyak magsasama sila at magdedemand agad ng resgination

      yan mga yan kataut takut na protesta ang gagawin lalo ng ang black n white movement

      at mga artista

      • http://twitter.com/iamalexsanpedro Alexandra San Pedro

        There is no point of comparison to what GMA and her cohorts have done during her administration (i.e. rampant cases of corruption) with the issue of Sec. Llamas buying pirated DVDs. 

  • dead_pixel

    noyAbnoy and llamas are more than KKKK!
    Your lover is not to be SACKED but to be SUCKED! —noyAbnoy

    • imafilipinocitizen01

      hoy dead pixel, di ka straight noh?? hahaha.. yan lang kasi masabi mo eh! non sense.. tsk!

      • dead_pixel


        Tama ka. Bading ang amo mong dilaw.
        Hindi siya straight. Hindi siya matuwid.
        Walang daang matuwid. Expect ka lang na mas kikinding-kinding pa ang daan tungo sa putikan!

  • SelmerMk6

    Cut the guy some slack.  Not that I condone Intellectual Property infringement, but many of us are guilty of buying pirated DVDs or name brand knock offs at one point and time.  His apology was candid and direct to the point.  Let’s move on.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UZECTUOAD7JS6QPNSFP7Q4DDZE Benedicto

    Pasaway sa Aquino administration dapat tanggalin sa puesto? sayang ang pera ng bayan pangpa sahod sa inyu??????? walang mudo???

  • i_am_filipino

    I also hereby instructing the Government and the President to fire him at once. There is no exception to the rules. This picture is already spreading throughout the WORLD and not only Philippines. If you have conscience to our people, then you will have no doubts at all that this man is one of the paraiste that sabotage the image of good governance. Your silence to the request is meant that you are more than corrupt and need to be impeached at once.

  • Beersheva

    Sometimes I do forget I am no longer a regular guy = I am humble kuno but I should always remember I’m big shot now and you small people take note. False modesty much?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKPNHSPBMK74VZ3GBIPNTJA7KE Edwin

    sorry guys..hindi na pala ako bagets….yooo!!! lelong mo lokohin mo, ibig sabihin wala ka rin sa sarili kapag nagbigay ng advice kay PNOY?

  • AbangPinoy

    One thing I learn of being a good Christian is that “When you say something bad or insulting others, You!, I repeat… YOU are the one that been degraded…. because you not only commit a SIN in God but also creating a bad impression to the eyeview of normal christian who believed that it wrong to insult or judge others….. (always count the Blessings & not the Frustrations in life….. also, Live a Simply & Happy Life without hurting anybody!!!)

  • 2pascio

    Nag-sorry na si
    Presidential Political adviser Ronald Llamas kay Pnoy. Guilty sa pagbibili ng
    pirated DVDs. Bwahahaha, nakakahiya ka Lamas.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    I love all the manufactured outrage.

    Really, who criticizing him hasn’t bought pirated goods?  This is the Philippines, everyone does it.  I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but it’s pretty much socially acceptable nowadays.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWQYLBXNJ4JJS6FZ5FYEYTDXPE Roly Aldo

    nakikinabang kasi sila ogie, regine dingdong at mga artist ke pnoy kaya di sila nagrereklamo kahit kabaro nila hanapbuhay ang naaapektuhan

    what a hypocrisy

  • nikkomahor

    bakit ba hindi masipa ni presidente yang si llamas? 

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Kabit no Rizza Hontiveros yan. Malaki ang utang ng loob ni Pnoy sa Akbayan, sila ang inaasahan niya para magkaroon ng kaunting flavor na aktibista ang Gobyerno niya. Panabla ba sa mga taga Bayan Muna, Gabriella at iba pang kaliwa.

  • AbdullahZahir

    heto ang magandang sasabihin dapat ni llamas:

    I didn’t want the government to expend its energy over a regretful incident and so I tendered my final and irrevocable resignation.

  • http://twitter.com/chaecer chaecer

    lumalabas ndi big deal ang pirated stuff dito sa atin..eh ano pa ginagawa ni ronnie rickets? 

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Takot lang nya sa mga kabarilan ni Pnoy!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MBO3E3FOIA3AYAMXYMIUV4FDUM edwin

    This pirated DVD’s, branded clothes, toys, etc. are accepted nowadays by most of us, rich and mostly the poor. Its up to those people to choose depends on the budget.. there is no issue on this only the price of original is very expensive. If they can make it affordable why not.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      There is no issue kung ikaw lang ang bibili siguro. eh kung Presidentail Adviser ka na at de-body guarad ka pa kung maimili ng mga pinirata. Non-issue pa din kaya?

  • tonto_ka

    in saudi arabia, in uae there are sections in the cities that sell fake and/or pirated branded items that were patronize by europeans, americans as well as pinoys and it was never an issue. onli in da philippines.

  • imafilipinocitizen01

    buti nga dvd lang yan.. at least di sya hypocrite! e yung iba pakitang tao sa harap ng madla pero sa dilim nagnanakaw ng milyon at bilyon pa.. lahat naman bumibili nyan.. it’s not a big issue anyway! ino OA lang ng mga tao.. actrually di naman yan banat kay llamas.. ginagamit lang nila ito dahil si P-Noy talaga ang sinisiraan.,,.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5EXRFDCPX5Q4GYTWIEHJVXXTY Chad Ordilliano

      Tanga ka!! Sobra ka sa kabobohan!!syempre aamin na yan kse nakunan ng video.public official sya iho, presidential adviser pa alam mo ba un dapat maging role model sya ang tibay pa ng naman ng kampanya anti piracy tapos ganyan. ganda ng tuwad na daan talaga!!!isa ka sa anay ng lipunan kunsintidor ka kuhang-kuha na nga sa video eh bulag-bulagan ka pa na hindi mali un.Ungas!!tapos ung sinasabi mo na magnanakaw hindi p nga tapos ang kaso hinuhusgahan mo kagad.magisip ka iho nasa tumbong ata utak mo eh.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5EXRFDCPX5Q4GYTWIEHJVXXTY Chad Ordilliano

      Btw,si penoy abnoy hindi naman sinisiraan eh.FYI,may nakikita lang ang taong bayan sa kanya na hindi tama.magresearch ka lang alamin bago magsalita.if you want igoogle mo search mo “cojuangco-aquino dark secrets” yan pra maliwanagan ka full of facts.kaya lng un eh kung panatiko ka na nya,no way na maniwala ka sa mga katotohan.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Sabihin mo kaya sa mga producer yan? Ang yabang ng Gobyerno na mag-raid at ganun nalang kung gibain ang mga tindhan ng mga pobereng Marano sa Quiapo. Sa kabila nito ang Presidential Adviser pala ni Pnoy ang numero-unong parokyano!

  • imafilipinocitizen01

    sya umaamin.. di katulad ng iba ang kapal ng mukhang magdeny! kahit marame ng ebidensya..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5EXRFDCPX5Q4GYTWIEHJVXXTY Chad Ordilliano

      Hindi pa ebidensya un patapusin mo muna bago ka magconclude napaka judgemental mo naman napapaghalatang mahina ang kokote.kahit sino naman sigurong pulitiko pag check mo saln eh hindi magtatally.lalo na ito P15,440,268 in 2009 to P54,999,370 in 2010 !!! mas mahirap i explain yon!!hehe yan ang biglang paglobo ng yaman ng idol mo na penoy.Tanong mo na rin kung saan nanggaling ung ipinamahagi nyang milyones sa mga rebelde.ok

  • imafilipinocitizen01

    i believe that’s not the intention.. didn’t u read the article? he is just used in buying cheap stuff.. i adore the simplicity of this man.. very down to earth and humble..

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Yup, humble talaga! Ikam na ang may kargadang dalawang AK-47 sa mamahaling SUV na may plakang OPA at may kasamang mga bodyguard na de barong habang namilimi ng piniratang dvd! Simpleng tao ni Llamas no?

  • imafilipinocitizen01

    lam mo, dapat ang pangalan mo PAULIT-ULIT.. kase napaka redundant ng mga statements mo.. is that the only thing you can say? copy paste.. tsk!

  • imafilipinocitizen01

    booooo… hahaha! :D

  • francoalminolibre

    when the chief justice bought a cheap condo unit everyone was ready to accuse him of corruption, but when it was llamas who was caught buying cheap goods he was defended by malacanang and his friends. everything that coronas did is evil and everything that llamas did is saintly. where is your sense of fairness folks?  

  • imafilipinocitizen01

    millions is > than thousands

  • sakitsakitan

    Buti pa si Llamas nakakabili ng pirated DVDs pero di naman makabili ng kahit isang stick
    ng yosi. Nanghihingi lang. Bili ka naman oy!

  • ggsalvador72

    Ang sabi sa Malacanang si Llamas ang tanging cabinet official na madalas manghingi ng
    sigarilyo kay Pnoy. Hoy mahiya ka naman Llamas. Puro ka libre.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Hayaan mo para magsama sila sa ospital kapag may cancer na ang kanilang mga baga!

  • Hagler

    Pati UP President pinagtanggol pa itong si Llmas, flea market is different from a pirated item. Pumasok ka sa US with pekeng Louis Vuitton kulong at deport ka.Akala ko ba matatalino kayo!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5EXRFDCPX5Q4GYTWIEHJVXXTY Chad Ordilliano

    haha..takot na lng ni penoy abnoy jan kay liamas!!liamasin kse sya nyan.haha..kapal moks sabagay konting himas at bola lng kay abnoyski ayos na un mau-uto na nya yan. Uto-uto yan si penoy abnoy eh.

  • pinoynga

    The quality of a person’s character is always judged by its corresponding actions and words. In the Japanese code of “Bushido” it’s not necessary for anyone to have to “SWEAR” to anything, because under the “Bushido” code, everything that someone declares are all the TRUTH, both those declared in obscurity and those declared in public. In any case, the most noble thing to do is to say, “I’m sorry! I did something wrong.” (full stop). EXCUSES are like giving someone a gift but with the “PRICE TAG” still dangling with it!

  • amado_guerero

    Sino kaya dito hindi bumibili ng pirated…? mga hipokritong hudas!!! 

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Sino naman kaya dito ang may rangkong Secretary at Presidential Adviser sa Gobyernong na may slogan na daang matuwid?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5EXRFDCPX5Q4GYTWIEHJVXXTY Chad Ordilliano

      Ikaw!haha…honestly hindi ako bumibili ng pirated hindi kase ko mahilig sa movies kung may gusto ako movie watch ko sa cable wait ko na lng dun since hindi naman ganun katagal bago ilabas sa cable & syempre ibang situation ung kay Liamas kase public figure and gov’t official pa “presidential adviser”kuha mo?

    • mekeni62

      amado,di ba mas hipokrito ang mga taong nagpapalakad ng gobyerno at sila ang susuway sa batas? So sila ang tawagin mong hudas.Sumali ka na rin.

  • mekeni62

    Wala na to.Tuloy ang ligaya ni llamas.Ikaw ba namang right hand ng Hari.

  • Wesley_james

    Aktibista pa lang si Llamas noon nanghihingi na ng yosi yan. Hanggang ngayon ba naman ganoon pa rin siya. Kapal din talaga ano.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5EXRFDCPX5Q4GYTWIEHJVXXTY Chad Ordilliano

      Ipayosi dapat jan eh ung titi ng mga abnoyista!!!wahahaha….

      • http://twitter.com/SRenoso Sam Renoso

        This has no relevance on the issue, what really has to be talked about how to rid our government of people who leech our state coffers. He does his job, he slipped. So what? He was admonished, and that should serve him a lesson already.

  • Anne5220

    Aktibista pa lang si Llamas noon nanghihingi na ng yosi yan. Hanggang ngayon ba naman ganoon pa rin siya. Kapal din talaga ano.

  • http://twitter.com/queenmarikay Erika

    di sya nagnakaw ng milyones sa kaban ng bayan. ang masaya lang kung matanggal sya over a petty matter ay ang mga corrupt na hinahabol ng administrasyon.

  • DrLambiknow

    P50,000 ang
    suweldo ni Llamas as government official but he can’t able to buy a pack of
    cigar. Puro ka na lang hingi, gumastos ka naman.

  • Romy Macalintal

    gawin legal na lang ang pirated
    yon naman gusto ng ibang abnoy na nag ko-komento dito di ba

  • Iggy Ramirez

    Kahit itong si Nemensupot kinokondona (condone) yung maling ginawa ni Llamas dahil daw mahal ang original. Kung mahal e di wag kang bumili. Kung meron bang isang magandang babae at sexy, kasalanan ba niya kung reypin mo siya dahil ayaw niyang pumatol sa yong pangit ka? Tanga talaga itong si Nemensupot.

    If you are a high ranking official, you have to make changes in your choices, lifestyle, and preferences. If you don’t wish to change anything, then don’t enter politics.

    Mga utak pulboron talaga itong mga hinayupak na ito. Nemensupot naging Presidente ka pa naman ng UP. Tang ina ka ikinakahiya kita.

  • antonioluna

     Ronald Llamas claims he still forgets that he’s “no longer a regular guy.” –  ang sabihin nya garapal din sya at utak untouchable.

  • Batz61

    That’s very poor logic Nemenzo… past president ka pa naman ng UP. You have lost your objectivity simply because this guy Llamas is your friend? What he did was WRONG.. plain and simple. If everyone follows the logic that you have, then Corona will be blameless too with his partiality for GMA; or the human rights abusers can go their merry way too with their killings — since they are friends to the powerful officials as their military, police or security protectors, etc. etc. etc. Si Erap naman, just SHUT UP — the point isn’t whether he paid for it or not. He paid for an article which is considered illegal, and considering the immoral position that puts him in as a  Cabinet official in an administration which frowns on the items he bought. By the way, P2,000 is a lot of pirated DVDs. Appearing tanga-tangahan na lang itong si Llamas to say that he’s a regular guy. NO, You’re a very IRREGULAR GUY who”s a liar, a scandalous scum who does not know his place, identity and role as a Cabinet official. Shame on you these kind of government people.

  • walangdiyos

    ganoon ba professor? kaya pala mumurahin din ang mga baril nya, di kaya fake yun? at mumurahin din ang sasakyan nya na naaksidente, owner jeep ba yun? professor you are a complete hypocrite. si Erap naman, huwag ng pansinin ang playboy na yan at sanay yan sa paggawa ng immoral.
    etong Llamas na ito ay sanay sa piracy, pati na conspiracy!!

  • dontblockme

    nothing to worry about llamas.. you enjoy the president’s trust.. you can do anything you want..

  • dontblockme

    nothing to worry about llamas.. you enjoy the president’s trust.. you can do anything you want..

  • http://twitter.com/diazpinoyako hermes diaz

    You should resign mr Llamas laigi mo pinapahiya si Haring Pnoy…Kapal nyo pareho nagtatawanan pa kayong dalawa kapal nyo hangang 2016 lang kayo makakapal hindi kayo forever na maging HARI!

  • allenqc

    If Llamas is not gonna be reprimanded for this, I will begin to doubt the sincerity of this administration on its “tuwid na daan” advocacy…

  • Apo Jr. Apo

    kung mahal ang original na dvd eh pano kaya gaganda ang production nun, di ba bina-base din ang pagawa ng pelikula sa supposed market at kikitain neto? gusto ba ni nemenzo na baratin ng mga producer ang pelikula nila? mali yata.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YWOLRIY3SATV37EBYFSXABN3MY Jose

    Ibang klase rin itong si Nemenzo sa pagtatanggol kay Llamas. Nahilo ako sa logic, ang hirap tuloy paniwalaang naging UP Chancellor ito.  

    I admit, pati ako bumibili ng dibidi so it would be hypocritical of me to criticize people who do. Ang ayoko lang ay kung papano gawing optional ng mga KKK ang pagsunod sa batas.  Llamas made it sound like buying dibidi is a trivial matter. Maybe it is but it’s still illegal under our laws. Kung gusto nila gawing legal ang pagbebenta ng pirated products, matutuwa pa ako pero habang ilegal ito, nararapat lang naman sigurong umasa na ang ating mga opisyal ang unang susunod sa batas.

    and this, i think is what Pnoy and Llamas’ supporters cannot understand. oo fine, halos lahat tayo bumibili ng pirated products at walang wala ito kumpara sa (alleged) plunder na ginawa nung nakaraang administrasyon. pero kung di mo mapapagkatiwalaan itong Llamas na ito sa maliliit na bagay, papano mo pa sya pagkakatiwalaan sa mga malalaki at importanteng bagay?

  • Atlason

    Strong indicators are that Pnoy will let Llamas off the hook, just as expected – shooting buddies of Pnoy are exempt from following the laws. Look at another shooting buddy of Pnoy – Rico Puno who receives millions of pesos monthly from jueteng payolas – did Pnoy do anything about him? No, he even defended Puno. What a bunch of hypocrites preaching “ang daang matuwid” Sinong niloko ninyo? (Sabagay maraming naloloko si Pinoy, who cannot even explain how his SAL/N assets bloated from 15 million pesos in 2009 to 55 million pesos in 2010 – up to now there is no reply about this matter from Malacanang, maybe niluluto pa ang mga papeles at BIR returns)

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QSBNZB3TEKHJE5A74STZTTUHC4 ed0408

      i’m glad you’re talking about bread crumbs from Arroyo administration’s pillage of Filipino people’s money. Prove it like what Arroyo wants you to do during her term of impunity.

      • andres_o

        Bobo. Di dahil unhappy with the new oligarch on the high chair maka Gloria na. If that’s how you think the world works you have a very narrow perspective.

      • muddygoose

        Haha oligarch. Oooh sophisticated, scary. Gusto mo sana si Gibo Cojuanco Teodoro ang nanalo? Your preferred oligarch? =P

  • KenKhoy

    ‘He loves anything cheap’
    including AK 47… or was it made in danao? and how much?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin


    • neoxyrel

      si penoy mabaho hininga..ayaw niyang maamoy ni DVD king :D

  • MarcyPulilan

    Nakita na natin ang pagkadelikado ng pagkakaroon ng bobong presidente. Itong mga Aquino, hindi marunong mamuno. Hindi pa ba tayo nadala sa palakad ni Cory Aquino? Hindi pa ba tayo nadala sa mga presidenteng WALANG ALAM!!!!

  • billygunn23

    WTF? pano ba ito napasok sa malakanyang?

    a man of integrity is a man who has word of honor and delikadeza. take away one, that man is no better than a beast.

    no wonder aquino is always ill-advised. he chooses crooked advisers..

  • to0

    No apology. Resign!

  • Justice_Justice

    Abigail Valte said the Palace was “holding off any judgment because the investigation (was) still ongoing,” when asked by reporters whether CORONA…
    What is good for mama is good for papa…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWQYLBXNJ4JJS6FZ5FYEYTDXPE Roly Aldo

    calling all artists or association of artist of the phil  the president now you rallied in the last election is the one selling you now for 3 for 100 dvd ano say kaya ni ogie whos father was appointed by the  president hehehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LWQYLBXNJ4JJS6FZ5FYEYTDXPE Roly Aldo

    you should now make a stand or belittled the rest of your life by the pirates hehehehe

  • billygunn23

    yehey pwede na pala magpromote ng pirated dvds! bili na kayo sa quiapo, 3 for 100 lang! kung may magaresto sa inyo sabihin nyo si llamas nga napatawad, ako pa kaya?

  • muddygoose

    Mahilig din ako sa pirated, pero hinde ako cabinet member. Langhiya ka naman Llamas, sana pinabili mo na lang yan sa iba. Kung wala kang disiplina sa mga maliit na bagay, paano na lang yung malalaking bagay tulad ng mag proyekto ng gobyerno? Maiintindihan namin kung magaling ka talaga, pero sa palagay ko mediocre ka lang. Wala na ba talagang decenteng pedeng pumalit sa iyo?

    Isa pa, bakit me imbestigasyon pa eh umamin na nga tong si Llamas. Ipag-resign na lang yan para walang ingay at gawin na lang ng gobyerno ang trabaho nito.

  • pangitbudhiko



  • orly8000dizo

    Puwede namang sabihin ni Llamas na sinisipat lang iyon kung pirated o hindi. Baka iyan ang tunay na nangyari. Pero kahit na bumibili siya, e ano. Binayaran naman at hindi hiningi o sinabing taga Malacanang siya para ibigay sa kanya na libre na. Anong masama doon, ang medya!!!

    • billygunn23

      hahahahahahaha! pag aquino die-hard nga naman di na alam ang pinagsasasabi! LOL

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QKIKXLTZATX3UJQM2OE4PED2UE Shinigami

        mga bulag kasi…ok lahat basta sabi ni Pnoy…walang mali..dahit anak siya ni Cory

      • orly8000dizo

        Ikaw ang LOL! Sinong may sabi na bawal bumili ng pirated? Kung bawal ang pirated e bakit hindi konpiskahin ng gobyerno? jajo!

        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Llamas sorry, says he forgets ‘I’m no longer a regular guy’

      • MarcyPulilan

        to orly8000dizo , kaya hindi kinukumpiska ng gobeyerno kasi hindi talaga sila advocates ng anti-piracy, palabas lang iyong OMB. At isa pa sobrang bobo si PabNpy at ang gobyerno natin na intindihin na ang pag bili ng pirated dvd ay pagbili ng nakaw. Para sa kanila, ito ay maliit na issue lamang. So ang honesty sa PabNoy government based sa presyo. Kung ganito lang ang takbo ng utak nila, hindi ko na iboboto si PabNpy at kahit sinong Liberal o kakampi nila. Pati mga cine ni Kris Aquino iintayin ko na lang sa Dibeedee.

      • orly8000dizo

        Mabuti pa siguro, sang-ayon ako diyan sa idea mo.

        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Llamas sorry, says he forgets ‘I’m no longer a regular guy’

    • MarcyPulilan

      to orly8000dizo, so ang masama doon ay bumili siya ng nakaw, ito ay may karapatang parusa base sa ating batas. Wala itong diperensiya sa pagbili ng nakaw na stereo ng kotse. Pareho itong bawal ayon sa ating batas.

      • orly8000dizo

        Hindi eksaktong nakaw dahil hindi nga hinuhuli ng gob o alagad batas. Bakit kasi hindi maglabas ng batas na bawal ang magbinta ng pirated o bawal ang mag-pirate? Iyong pagbili naman ng nakaw na stereo ng kotse, ay talagang bawal dahil iyon nga ay nakaw. Bawal ang magnakaw, di ba?

        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Llamas sorry, says he forgets ‘I’m no longer a regular guy’

      • MarcyPulilan

        To orly8000dizo, Diba bawal na talagang magbenta ng Pirated Dibeedee, kahit OMB sinabi ito na bawal, pero kahit ito hindi nila hinuhuli, may malinaw na batas na laban sa pag benta ng pirated DVDs hindi na hinuhuli ng gob o batas. Malinaw, hindi kaya ni PabNoy na hulihin sila kaya low priority na lang iyon. Siguro mga Panot din iyong mga ulo ng nagtitinda ng Dibeedee kaya hindi niya hinuhili. Kasama sila ng KKK, KaKlase, Kabarilan at Kapwa KALBO.

      • orly8000dizo

        local gov issue na iyan, hindi na national. Kaya ano ang ginagawa ni Dirty Harry at ibang mga mayors? Kakatuwa iyang KKK mo.

        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Llamas sorry, says he forgets ‘I’m no longer a regular guy’

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

    Corona is being impeached for letting justice del castillo off the hook after a probe. but without a probe,pirated  DVD buyer Llamas gets a slap on the wrist. WTF?

  • ryan andres

    let he who does not buy pirated DVDs cast the first stone.

    • pinoyjunk

      be careful what you wish for. 

      you’re going to get this guy turned into ground meat!

      • ryan andres

        I know what you mean bud…I thought I was being careful! :)

        Read the comments of the other person…apparently he or she (or it!) doesn’t buy pirated DVDs…

    • MarcyPulilan

      to ryan andres, I cast the first stone to Llamas, I cast the second stone to PabNoy, I cast the third stone to you. Shame on you to assume that there is no Filipino that does not buy fake products.

      • ryan andres

        Did you even understand my statement? Maybe the shame should be on you.

        So you cast the first stone, so hindi ka bumibili ng fake na DVD? Before you make idiotic comments, learn to read and analyze the statement.

      • MarcyPulilan

        I fully understood your statement that is why I called you a theif and cast my third stone on you. Yes I do not buy pirated DVDs and other fake merchandise because I do not like my children to think it is right. Are you not ashamed if your kids or children see you patronize pirated or fake items? I cast another stone on you if you do not feel shame on that.

      • ryan andres

        Try to get off your high horse every once in a while or you’ll get a nose bleed from the altitude.

      • MarcyPulilan

        To ryan magnanakaw I can always hold my head high because I am not a thief. You will be the one to get a nose bleed with all those fakes. I can picture you as someone wearing fake La Coste shirts, fake rayban glasses, fake levis Jeans and fake prada shoes and a fake Rolex watch. And you think maganda ang porma mo? People will think more that you are a trying hard cheap waana be good looking fool. Everyone knows jow fakes look like. And you will always look cheaper with those things. I am sure your kids are ashamed of you. BTW was your wife not embarassed when you gave her a fake Louis Vuitton bag and got confiscated when she arrived in Singapore? How much fine did she pay?

      • ryan andres

        hahaha. you’re funny.
        there’s one word to describe trash like you and your children: social climber.

      • MarcyPulilan

        To ryan andres, yes it is really funny, you mentioned  social climber, you just described yourself. A social climber is someone who does not have the means to be in a certain social class but tries to go there. Like you using all your fake merchandise to be among those who use the originals of the fakes you buy. You have just described yourself. There is nothing wrong wearing cheap but real merchandise even if you are going to a social class higher than where you are. Using fake merchandise to appear to be part of the class is what you are. You are then the social climber. ha ha ha

      • ryan andres

        hahaha. you are too funny! you are not just a social climber, but you are also dumb. 2nd time you missed the irony of my statements…

        I don’t have any pretenses of belonging to any “social” class, unlike you. To me, it’s enough to be a citizen of my country. You want to belong to a certain social class. I pity you, actually.

        Free yourself, Marcy. Lose the chains of your preconceived notions about society and stop climbing the social ladder…in tagalog,

        Magpakatotoo ka, sister! :)

      • ryan andres

        oh and by the way, were you describing your husband’s wardrobe? hehehe. So 80s!

        Here’s mine, idiot:

        Fake Armani Shirt
        Fake Moss Lipow sunglasses
        Fake True Religion jeans
        Fake Cole Haan shoes

        oh, and it’s not a fake rolex am wearing… it’s a fake Breitling…

        baka yung asawa mong pulpulilan yung nidedescribe mo kanina, so 80s.. is he in his 50s? :)

      • ryan andres

        Well aren’t we the self righteous one.
        Yes, I buy fake DVDs. Yes, I buy fake merchandise. No, am not ashamed to admit that. It must be nice to have as much money as you do to buy all your “original” DVDs and your “real” merchandise. But at the end of the day, I think I’ll take my pirated DVDs and fake merchandise,and you can take your money and shove it up your a s s.
        So you think buying original DVDs with the MTRCB Seal of Approval is the right thing to do? Who the heII do you think you are anyway. Bong Revilla’s mistress? So you think buying original merchandise makes things right when your kids see you do that? Wow. Well congratulations for being parent of the year then. Now take all your stones and go cast them before swine (oh wait, let me guess. You’d prefer to cast pearls instead, because it’s not fake) and go  f u c k  yourself.

      • MarcyPulilan

        To Ryan Andres, No I am not rich, I just do not buy what I cannot afford. It is better to do away with luxury that you cannot afford than steal it. Be sure you do not bring your stolen merchandise abroad because you will surely pay one hundred fold to the money you saved buying fake merchandise. Make sure when you travel outside the philippines you are not wearing anyting fake because surely you will be punished. If you think that is not stealing, others think they are. ryan andres you are a THIEF.

      • ryan andres

        Just figured out what your theme song is…

        Ohhh yesss…. am the great pretender….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H3TV4UQQQL3S2FZBR4GX3HFG6Y alfredo

    The message is simple: it’s then okay to buy fake DVDs. :)

  • pinoyjunk

    full of BS! If PNoy doesn’t let him go, then it will be lack of discretion in his part and it will boomerang on his anti-corruption program and demoralize the good and honest government officials who are doing their best and especially some who are putting their lives on the line.

    the problem with many high government officials is that just because they think they can get away with it, they will do it.

    let’s threaten not to vote for any Liberal Party candidate this coming elections until LP pressures PNoy to sack this guy. that’s true People Power. those Kris fans should also not have to go to movies that she would be in the future. just buy the pirated copies. no less than her brother, the president, doesn’t care.

    so what “matuwid na daan” are they teaching our young people? that buying products stolen from creative people is a non-issue? and why is congress bothering Associate Justice Castillo for stealing someones sentences when this guy is stealing royalites from other people’s hard work? 

    Ronnie Rickets should be the fiercest protester against Llamas for patronizing and therefore encouraging the sales of pirated products. now he just looks like he’s only there for the salary, position glamour, and political connections. it’s a shame.

    wake up Philippines!

    UP President Nemenzo is one dumb guy. He is encouraging smugglers and knock-off makers like saying that…if you can’t buy them legally because you can’t afford it or you think they’re expensive, buy them illegaly. No wonder UP has been going downwards in the list of good schools in Asia.

  • Coolegleg

    KAPAL NG APOG MO LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  kaya mura ang mga DVD na iyan kasi nakaw…..at ang UNGAS NA AMO NINYO ay kinukunsente ang mga baluktot na gawain.

    Kung may delicadeza ka …….alam mo na ang pagre-resign ang nararapat na gawain para kahit papano mabawas-bawasan ang pagka-bugok ng kaluluwa mo!!! 

    Pare-pareho lang kayo dyan sa Malakanyang…nagmamalinis pero halang naman ang mga kaluluwa!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

    syempre. he’s better than us.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2H5RVTJKPRWAHUTYZ4QOGS5GNE Complainant

    President Noy: bago kita patawarin kailangan may gawin ako sa iyo… (umuubo kunyari)
    Llamas: tamang tama at MTM yung binili kong DVD..(ngiting aso)

    Seriously, i hope the president recognizes the contents of newspaper showing that the crime rate has escalated. peace and order po sana… it’s not fun anymore…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AC6QYGFULPBZ7QGLGOSRUZRJIA Roger

    So anong moral of the story neto? Buy pirated DVDs kasi it’s ok to fancy cheap items? Sige, abolish the Optical Media Board ok lang naman pala tumangkilik ng mga ito…

    • Ian Troy Alvaran

      I hope that happens. The OMB is anti-democratic anyway and only answers to the people at MPAA and the RIAA.

  • EdsonArantesDoNascimiento

    PI naman oh!Even your palusot are so  cheap!I’m not surprised why you love cheap merchandise!Reflects your character alright! abnoy wala kang kadaladala talaga!Your nicotine-filled cerebellum causes you not to think right,I’m sure!Ahaay naku,lahat ay napapailing na lang sa yo, sa mga palpak mong decision(don’t forget the giving of 5mill. to the rebel/murderers milf,blunder indeed).A leader(?) so unprepared, lazy and stupid,same as your gov’t, same as your bungling prosecutors,so so same as your joker of a political adviser.Kawawa naman ang bansa natin!Sana,mamatay nalang kayong lahat,sama nyo ang pandak sa vmmc!Tanginamo abnoy!!!!!

    • Loggnat

      Talking about copyright infringement, the soccer legend ‘Pele’ will never use those words and you are degrading him by using his name as your account name. You are demeaning my idol.

  • maxbeep1

    Ronald Llamas claims he still forgets that he’s “no longer a regular guy. What a BS! Making a fool of the Fiipino people.

  • Ian Troy Alvaran

    I wish the OMB is abolished. It did nothing good for this country.

    Llamas, there’s always the internet. Try to learn how to use torrents and pray that the government won’t “censor the internet”.

    Everyone, stop being a hypocrite. Everyone of us are pirates. We watch YouTube videos of copyrighted movies and songs. We read Wikipedia and it doesn’t make copyright agreements to it’s sources. We jailbreak our iPhones and Root our Androids. We run a pirated version of Windows and we play Dota on a pirated version of Warcraft III (I don’t play Dota because of the graphics. Gameplay is repetitive. Maybe you do?). We make an AVP about someone we care about using copyrighted music (It’s illegal to share the music based on existing laws even if you think you legally bought the music, much more if you’re using it in a presentation).

    So you think you’re all clean? Support anti-piracy and we all go back to the sneakernet.

    • pulis

      Sir, girls gone wild ang binili ni Llamas  kaya medyo pag mag internet sya baka mahuli sya ng mga kabaro ko…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AL6UQAXI7ZRFZS57ESFJWZ5RSQ Marcial

    Mas takot ang pinaka mamahal na pinuno ng yellow army na mawalan sa ng suporta galing sa mga makakaliwang grupo at hanay ng mga leftist sa kanyang inner circle…sana di mag tagal ang hula at mangyayari..sabi ng mga tahimik at nag mamasid sa mga gawain ni Ab..noy….malapit na mauno ang salop…baka mag tago din ito sa kama tulad ng kanyang ina…at sigurado sa kangkongan pupulotin anmg tuwid na daan mo kapag angh mga naapi na mga sundalo at kapulisan ang mag aklas! gising mga pilipino na nag pauto para bumuto ng akala nyo pagbabago..wala nga nagawa sa kongreso at senado eh….psp lang kasi inatupag…

  • AKObossNYO

    . Dapat po Pangulong Aquino tanggalin nyo na talagang tuluyan si Llamas para hindi na po laging manghihingi sa inyo ng yosi. Puro hingi, di makabili.

  • Cgalot

    Nagkakamali po kayo Pnoy, wala nga pong ginagawang trabaho si Ronald Llamas kundi mag-yosi lang at manood ng DVD gamit ang fake discs.

  • ArnoldFlavio

    Napakaswerte naman talaga ni Ronald Lamas este Llamas hindi siyan sinibak ni Pnoy. Kung ako kay President Noy, sisibakin ko talaga ng palakol ang ulo niya.

  • MarcyPulilan

    May kinalaman kaya ang pagiging Panot ni PabNoy at ni Dibeedee Llamas sa isyu nitong deebeedee. deebeedeee, deebeedeee, deebeeedee, balot, penot, balot. 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/DJNEHLISFZB6IWEXAYFDULOB6I edwiN

    you were never a regular guy. you’ve always been a  d1ck. cazzo!

  • RonaBacay

    THIS is the standard only for KKK,  so be it,, yan ang nakayanan ng UTAK NI  PNOY,,
    Only fools dont change their mind,, and PNOY dont change his mind  if you are KKKK,

  • wehd1nga

    REGULAR GUY??? no you’re not… regular guys dont buy P2 K worth of pirated dividi, “REGULAR IDIOT” would fit you best.

    • ryan andres

      brad, mga “set” daw kasi yung binili nya kaya umabot ng 2k… set ng LOTR, Fast and the Furious, Prison Break, at ang kanyang favorite, The Godfather…


  • http://twitter.com/iamalexsanpedro Alexandra San Pedro

    Wow. If all ‘Bosses’ treat their subordinates like that, what a better world we’ll live in. And what makes you say that Sec. Llamas is detrimental to the existence of this country? Oh yeah, if you’re a corrupt, self-serving, greedy citizen who has been enjoying the perks of the past administration. There. 

  • imafilipinocitizen01

    ikaw nga yata ang retarded e.. hahaha! kung ano ano pinagsasabi mo dyan! kung makapanot ka kala mo may itsura ka naman..

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