‘Bored’ Santiago ‘ready to rumble’ at Corona impeach trial


MANILA, Philippines – From hypertension to “terminal boredom.”

This was how Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago described her return to the Senate from a weeklong absence due to hypertension and declared in her Twitter account that she was “ready to rumble”.

“Thanks to all of you who sent me well-wishes and prayed for my health. I’m ready to rumble,” she said.

“I’m suffering from terminal boredom…” said Santiago of the ongoing impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, much of which last week was spent marking exhibits to be presented as evidence against Corona.

Santiago, who would later on leave the Senate to serve as a judge on the International Criminal Court, made it clear early on that she would be a passive observer during the proceedings, which she described as “pretty unstructured” thus far.

Citing the idea that “the presence of the observer changes the observed,” she said the complexion of the proceedings was affected by live television coverage.

“You know, if you shut down all the TV cameras, the proceedings will be finished in one week,” she said at a press conference before the trial. “But people want more than 15 (minutes) of fame.”

Santiago missed the first week of the trial because of hypertension. But she said she followed the proceedings on TV, and pointed out that “the public is not thrilled to watch the marking of evidence.”

“It will really raise my blood pressure, but in any event, I have to come because this is my duty as a senator and I have no choice,” she said. “Believe me, I would really rather go scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle and possibly get lost there.”

Seriously though, the senator said, she would work to expedite the proceedings, noting that “the longer [the trial] takes, the more prejudice it works for the defendant.” To achieve this, she said technicalities should be minimized and the prosecution should improve the flow of its presentation.

Santiago threw her support behind calls to conduct the trial in Filipino. She suggested that the presiding officer conduct a weekly briefing explaining to the public, in simple and understandable terms, developments in the proceedings.

“The exchanges should be in Tagalog that would be understood, not only by the witness – normally these are very highly educated and well-versed in English – but by those that watch television,” she said.

Santiago has a theory on why the Corona trial has not been as gripping as that of former President Joseph Estrada 11 years ago.

“There is no immediate intimacy with the chief justice because we never elected him unlike a president,” she said. “In the Estrada impeachment trial, there was much interest because people had voted him into office.”

Santiago also minced no words when she fired at people, whom she described as “epal” [thick face].”

These “epal,” she said, were now visible during the Corona trial.

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  • zoiloperez

    With due respect to Senator Johnny Enrile, now the impeachment court is more fair to the respondent with the attendance of Madam Mirram.

    Lagot kang baboy ka.

    • benthor2


    • roy kruge

      @zoiloperez—sino mukha baboy? si corona ba? hahaha… alam ko ugaling baboy lang sya.. mas makapal balat nya kaysa baboy… kaya thief justice ssiya… sacrifice nya family nya para lang sarili nya.. iyan si corona

  • Dondelano

    My idol si back, the good senator is coming back for good….

  • Samantha Defensor

    Welcome back, Madam Senator!

  • manual47

    now the real circus begin…..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

    Now, it`s going to be more interesting to watch the impeachment sarsuela…the original demolition woman is now included in the jurists-judges-senators.

  • justbethankfull

    here is another “TAKAW PANSIN”.

    • http://twitter.com/freelancer_0621 Black Vanguard


  • Coronarroyo

    Fake Supreme Court Thief Justice Corona 
    ’40 undeclared real properties’ 

    Corona’s daughter, in-law own P43.5-million properties

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  • Coronarroyo

    Corona Saln + hidden ill-gotten wealth 

     2002 P14.9 million; 
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     2010 P22.9M.

  • Coronarroyo

    Thief SC CJ Corona’s P11M ‘cash advance’

    According to a Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) he filed in 2003, Thief Justice Renato Corona got what he described as a “cash advance” of P11 million pesos from a company he identified as his “wife’s family corporation”.
    What he didn’t say in his SALN was that the lender company had its registration revoked by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2003, the same year he got his cash advance. What this means is that the company – Basa-Guidote Enterprises, Inc. – ceased to operate legally by 2007 or three years after revocation. 

    • bogart73

      Eh ano ngayon kung umutang siya sa company ng pamilya ng asawa nya? Anong pakialam mo? Kung ang pamilya mo ang inutangan at di kayo binayaran saka ka dumakdak..abnormal ka.

  • Coronarroyo

    The Fake Chief Justice’s ’19-0′ votes for Former Fake President Arroyo

    1.EO 464
    18.PROCLAMATION 1017

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TZCGDEQRZZPUM7BIION2RFFI5M Azkal

    kapal muks senator telling others as epal… wow, komentong baliw… as in nakakabaliw… sayang na pera ng taong bayan… bidahan, yabangan, at epalan na ito… mr enrile should see to it that this impeachment will be swift, fair and worthy for tax payer’s money to be spent

  • MarcoAgustin

    Yari si Senator Drill-on.

  • Coronarroyo

    Fake Chief Justice finished doctorate without required dissertation

    UST rules

    First, UST requires a dissertation. Dissertation writing takes all of 15 units spread out in four
    courses.Second, only students who complete their doctorate degrees in five years are qualified to graduate with honors: “A student who has overstayed beyond the residency limit…will also be disqualified to graduate with honors.”Corona does not have a dissertation. Neither did he fulfill the five-year residency requirement.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZKGOTWL3ZISAMNCLZ53UUGNMY NORBERT

      abnoy ka nga…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OA3GZEWFB7K55ANOIDRDNMWS2A Josefino

      Or that was the no good president na pasang awa lang kaya nakatapos sa Ateneo?

  • serapious

    Filipinos, we are all noble loving people…rizal walked to the reflection of calvary…miriam to mary, sj corona to the crown of thorn for gloria-glorification of P’noy filipinos…to fullfil the dreams and vissions of glorious sacrificed RAMs-rizalglory@pinoy, aquinobonifacio, marcosaguinaldo, all our heroes, saints-corazon aquino, cadinal sin, bishop piamonte….the role of sj corona..to fulfill the scripture reflected in our beloved philippines…do not insult…do glorify..as ourselves, lolo seraph

  • otoling

    Wala na, magugulo lang ang trial pag pinasukan ni Mirriam.  Magyayabang siya ng sobra na akala mo siya na lang ang mey alam.  Anong pre-trial ang sinasabi niya.  Walang pre-trial; it was already decided by JPE (na Gloria din).

    Alam naman ng lahat si Mirrian is to depend Gloria, also at all cost like Corona. Bakit?Bakit? Nakinabang sila duon habang naka-employ ang asawa niya sa Malakanyang tulad din Corona.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZKGOTWL3ZISAMNCLZ53UUGNMY NORBERT

      ikaw ano alam mo maging abnoy sa hacienda ni abnoy doon ka na lang..

  • walangbobosapinas

    yay! a thousand lik ako dito…. segurado blagak ang mga epal…. senador con prosecutor… at mga  prosecutor na walang alam sa procedure…

  • JustWords811

    easy lang sen miriam and do not overreact unnecessarily. baka lalong lumala ang hypertension mo. kailangan ng trial ang wise guidance mo lalo na sa mga constitution-related issues.

  • http://twitter.com/freelancer_0621 Black Vanguard

    Ang Galing talaga ni Sen.Santiago.. Nag-Set Agad sya ng TimeLine.. Kaya Ayaw ng Prosecution Team ng Pre-Trial Kasi.. Wala Pa silang Nakukulang Ebidensya para sa Impeachment Trial ni CJ.. Ngayon palang sila nakakuha ng Ebidensya.. Kung Tutuusin, Ang Impeachment Court ang Nakakuha ng Ebidensya para sa Kanila.. Puro kasi Press-Con ang inaatupag nila Tupas..

    • popeyee

      They were thinking that due to their trial by publicity Corona will do a Merceditas Gutierrez but they were wrong, kaya kandaugaga sa kahahanap ng ebidensiya….

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

        yep..more of a shame campaign.  Akala nila maga-angelo reyes si RC pag pinatawag ang mga kamag-anak

      • roy kruge

        @tagahanga ni abnoy– tama ka.. akala nila maga-angelo si corona.. di gagawin ni corona yun.. sa kapal ba naman mukha nya… hahaha.. i agree with you.. cheers

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    Tang na zarzuela na naman. Darating na si BRENDA e may amats pa ata to. HE He Let;s see kung anung kabaliwan na naman nito ipapakita!!

  • watsupdoc

    Am sure glad Mariam is back in action to discipline those clowns in the senate

  • Milesaway

    Go go go Madame MD-S idol kita Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.. remember this is your last chance to prove to our countrymen that your really worth as senator-lawyer and also a member of International Criminal Court (ICC) judge. Mabuhay po kayo!

  • DurangoJoe

    Miriam should ask Serafin Cuevas how long they could finish the trial. The most conservative guesstimate the way Cuevas has been objecting to everything the prosecution team throws at the defense would be December 2012. If you are terminally bored now then you will be permanently insane by then. And please no more promises you will not keep.

    • bogart73

      At least si mirriam insane na matalino, eh si baboy drilon, insane na bobo, hindi alam ang ginagawa, akala nya prosecutor siya sa impeachment..

  • baktol

    LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!! This gonna be interesting..


  • binatangtagabukid

    she’s back…………

  • Guest

    Here comes the great KSP!

    I very sure her grandstanding will delay the trial further.

    She is pro-Corona and pro-GMA. Her tactics is to delay the trial by her big mouth.

    Injustice will follow her wake.

    Filipinos, expect the “justice delayed, justice denied” instance when this woman comes in.

    How I wished she had never recovered from her hypertension.

    Doomsday! Unless this woman will be chained by events.

  • kai yoton

    madam senator,tanungin mo kaya ang depensa kong hanggang kailan nila kayang patagalin ang kaso…sa pilipinas kalang makakakita ng mga magagaling na abugado na komakampi sa mga kurakot na alagag ng gobyerno….sa tingin ko isang palabas lang to at ginagago na naman ang mga tao dito….kong nakikinig ang NPA,itumba na ninyo lahat ng abugago,isti abugado ni corona…pakiuna naman si corona parang awa nyo na. 

  • Justice_Justice

    The Juvenile Prosecution Team will finally get kicked to move on: they have or they don’t have?  How many witnesses?  Depot of all evidence, NOW, not next month.

    The Mind Playing Defense will also have to give their planning (at least they have one for sure, which is not the case with the Juveniles…).

     “epal” [thick face] watch out!!!  CIRCUS will be contained!

  • otoling

    Walang nang hacienda si PNoy at mga Aquinos; they are just tiny shares.  Kailan ka ba susuweldo?

  • jakeP97

    After hearing that Miriam is back….
    Prosecution: Great! As if one old, dying Cuevas wasn’t bad enough…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UUKT3KMR3HZPFPTGCWK5XQ2WY Mark

    Welcome back, Sen. Santiago.

    First order of business.

    Sapakin mo ang ulo ni Tupas at ng prosecution.

    Baka sakali dapu-an sila ng katino-an.

    At nang mapabilis na itong impeachment trial.

    • g219h

      hahaha to Mark.

  • gilmano

    Miriam is pro-Arroyo all the way.

    I think it was “divine intervention” that she was not there during the start of the impeachment. Otherwise the pre-trial may have been done, the SALN may have not been exposed. At least these two events already took place and the trial started in the right foot in search of truth.

    She is like a storm that will hit the Senate today. When everything is running in its normal pace, she will strike with thunder and lightning.

    But I perceive her to have her bias in favor of Corona. Now defense will have their lawyer Senator.

    It’s like the battle of good and evil. I hope good will prevail.  

    Good luck Philippines!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SSLCCLXA3BMAG4DAQMLJMAFDGM Dario Gutierrez

      So you think “good” will prevail? And how will that “good” decision benefit our country and the people? No matter what good or evil decision comes out from this impeachment trial, this will impact the lives directly of those who participated in it, and the people who will eventually vote (or not) to office the senator-judges and prosecution lawyers. The population reaps the negative vibes and conflict this trial brought to everyone. And you thought it was a battle of good versus evil. Think again.  

  • INQ_reader

    What’s there to “pre” when the trial had begun already?

  • sorbetero

    This early, Sen. Santiago has already contributed a well considered stand on the impeachment trial when she unequivocally declared that the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over the impeachment court and the proceedings therein. The Supreme Court’s exclusive/appellate jurisdiction is spelled out clearly in the Judiciary Act which is all inclusive. The Impeachment Court is created by virtue of a constitutional provision, not by the Judiciary Act , hence unique per se. Expanding this view to its logical conclusion, the IC is answerable only to the PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, the only entity which will ultimately evaluate and judge its final decision, no one else.

  • Leonardof

    Isn’t that hypertension caused  by your ambition to be a judge in the International Court? You should have stayed at home.  Boredom and hypertension when mix together will result into a permanent form of mental disorder according to my barber-manhihilot. It will be bad for the defense because they are eagerly awaiting for you to save your friend, corona.

  • JosephNess

    just to refresh all…was it not madam miriam supposed to be in the shortlist submitted to jbc for CJ but was disqualified ?…her reaction that time was even seen on TV…well now, knowing this, will she still give her support in the guise of impartiality with the CJ…? let’s see as this proceeding unfold…sit back, relax…this will be exciting….she just done her leading the opening prayer…

  • JosephNess

    hypertension…boredom…depression…will follow…then what…??? i know of a person who knew the end of it…and that person really did it…

  • sacrebleau

    Is the Senate big enough to accommodate these gargantuan egos? We actually might need a little bit more “headroom.”

    • adamson11

      he3 absolutely….

  • sorbetero

    bogart73, ano na naman yan? hangang ngayon ba pareho pa rin, walang pinagbago? O, ano, alam mo na ba kung bakit di dapat ikumpara ang mansanas sa santol?? Ang tagal naman….

  • JosephNess

    ayan…nagsalita si madam miriam…tamimi lahat…napatango laang si cuevas…masaya talaga panoorin ang mga reactions ng lahat habang nagsasalita si madam miriam…

  • Samantha Defensor

    I just knew Senator Santiago’s entrance will be grand and fiery.

    • http://twitter.com/yngjjd Jeremy Young

      you, however, are one pretty defensor :)

  • g219h

    Miriam is just miriam. She said “off the record” yung pagpabor niya kay
    Corona prior to the impeachment trial. Because ngayon daw, since the
    impeachment is now submitted “with us” (SIC), she will consider the
    evidence in making her analysis of the case.

    Really? Akala ko matalino itong taong ito.

  • rjimenez1226

    Stupid Miriam witrh her stupid fans will turn this into a circus again. Only the stupid and undiscerning still  relish and enjoy her antics. Remember her  multiuide of sins against the people.  Kawatan yan katulad ni Arroyo.

  • billy31

    hahaha…natakot kayo kasi nandyan si Miriam? u may be stupid but not miriam.

  • white scorpion

    i hope this lady senator miriam will show her ruthlessness (angas) in international court of justice.

    she is trying to weaken the resolve of the procecutor. she works under glo, when glo is still in gov’t institution. thru social climbing……nang-agaw pa ng puwesto, naging president.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5GRTCH676OFEK7ELOJBBA6EMCE Bonifacio Aquino


  • g219h

     All I can say is, Miriam is a clown. Her presence in the Senate is good. Para maging circus at colorful. Let her be. Let her feed on her egoistical self. She is not that intelligent ,anyway.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TNVLCBL45AZH2R4J7NRDRFBYI lokomoko

      haha. says a man who can’t even measure for half of Sen. Miriam’s intelligence.

      • ceegonzaga

        So I lied! ..sorry excuse for a man! Hey, I never said I didn’t like her. If she could just stop bit – ching  and do her job creating bills, I would love her. There’s a thin line between intelligent and “you know what”, like your self.

      • g219h

        lokomoko,  Miriam is a fake.So how do we  measure her intelligence ? by her, spewing inconsistent statements? napakaraming taong ganyan, lalo na sa UK, US , Australia etc.. they speak the language (dapat lang) but without sense—only full of hot air. If she’d be talking like that in any of those countries, she’d be considered a lunatic. A phony.
        Just my opinion. nothing personal
        But as I said, with all due respect she is better than the so called fungus faces in the Senate—after all she is queen of the clowns?

    • ceegonzaga

      Yup! If a senator can’t do nothing but talk, keep changing affiliation like a political whore, criticizing her collegue from the way they dress to the way they speak English? g219h, you’re right. she’s a clown. Still remember the bit-chy qoute’s ” I LIED “. Her RH bill stuff is good if she can make it happen

      • Guest

        The senator’s main job is talking, though. The quality of their talk is the more interesting story!

      • ceegonzaga

        I beg to differ. They are law makers. Law makers means creating a bill and make it a law. Talking leads to manipulating. You don’t need tobe a nuclear scientist to know that. We all can talk all we want but we can’t get nothing unless we act.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H3TV4UQQQL3S2FZBR4GX3HFG6Y alfredo

        Take note of your subject-verb agreement, please. :) Also baka you mean — We can talk all we want but we CAN get nothing unless we act? 

      • ceegonzaga

        I put “s” in law makerS. But can’t get nothing is correct. It’s ebonic term.


      • ceegonzaga

        it’s like saying the rolling stones song I can’t get no satisfaction is wrong. einstein


      • ceegonzaga

        so the song of elvis he ain”t nothing but a hound dog. Wrong?


    • Guest

      “She is not that intelligent ,anyway. ”

      Then how would you describe the likes of Sotto and Revilla?

      • g219h

        Worse. Sotto and Revilla or Lapid?

        Are the reflections of the type of voters who voted for them.

  • Guest

    She is so strong. Even when she sees that this country has a tendency to chaos she remains optimist.

    Others would have already jumped off from an airplane because they would get crazy.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JWHQQBHJHXFWVWH3N7TJR2QURU Anthony

    Sorry Senator Miriam, but please don’t act like you are the most intelligent person in that chamber.  I find it as mayabang. You have also long before  made up your mind to defend Corona because you know that someday, you may also need the cooperation of those Justices in the Supreme Court. No, I don’t find you objective because of your closeness too to GMA.  Yeah, for awhile there you were also close to Erap.


    sen santiago had indeed made the impeachment trial alive though she did not throw any of her puns.  she did enlighten everyone with her legal minds clarifying things and putting in some procedural matters in place like submitting by both teams, the number of witnesses for a quick finish.  she shockingly   asked tupas   about the totality of the witnesses the prosecution would present  to which cuevas had readily answered, while tupas could not. 

     sen santiago, a distinguished trial judge herself before, also  wanted  that before hand everybody should reach an agreement on the quantum of evidence necessary for a conviction.  the choices are   preponderance, substantial,   reasonable doubt or beyond. santiago expressed that she would go for overwhelming preponderance of evidence to which cuevas argued brillantly against.  the prosecution is satisfied with reasonable evidence.. in the end she asked both to submit their memo on this.

     i saw the awe on the face of santiago when cuevas persuasively and emphatically  argued that the evidence should be beyond reasonable doubt for a lifelong career is at stake. accordingly   the quantum of evidence expected to convict  should equal or even surpass the gravity of penalty that would be imposed. santiago stressed that the penalty imposed may range from a low of reprimand, suspension and a high of removal citing the prudential aim of an impeachment.

    she also added that she welcomes the offer of evidences of alleged corona’s illegally gotten wealth although strictly should not be because it undermines the rule of evidence. it is in connection with a learning experience from erap’s where she was demonized. she strictly followed the rule on evidence such that she was one among those who prevented the opening of the envelope which after all containing something that refuted velarde was estrada.

     3 senators stood up to clarify things, honasan on assuming the  innocence of a person ,villar on lauding enrile with his  smooth management of trial, and  cayetano on doing away with so much technicalities even citing  for the need to agree with the prosecution on their request for liberal approach where before hand tupaz was stoppled by enrile.   enrile somewhat defended himself citing that he should be made clear of everbody’s desire while  reiterating that it is his duty to  exercise fairness to  set  a standard of reference to similar trials that may come the senate’s way.  he ended by stating that he is ready to relinquish his seat as chief juror at any time if the body deems it necessary.    

    day 4 trial     CLARIFICATION DAY

  • magsasakasanayon

    If I were Mirriam’s son, I’d kill myself too.

    • Andoy51

      Magsasakasanayon, foul naman comment mo. Walang ganyan; walang personalan.

  • Bugbugtong

    Shut up!! Mrs.Santiago…you are the one whos looking for fame.Di bat ikaw nito ang dada ng dada.Kumg sino ang malaki ang bunganga ay siya naghahanap ng eksena! common de sentido senora!!

  • rnoldrmada

    She’s priceless

  • abbaj

    shut up mirriam. wala kang naitutulong sa pilipinas. mayabang ka! umalis ka na punta ka na sa icc bwiset!

  • DannyGane

    She will deliver whatever is needed for the truth to come out. Guilty or not guilty, I will trust her judgement…

  • Jon70

    Mike Defensor was one of GMA beneficiaries. So go Miriam… I know why.

  • Jon70

    Miriam did not think that GMA was one of the great epal. look at the billboards and government projects. It is GMA’s face all over.

  • Andoy51

    Hey Jon70, not only Mike Defensor but also other relatives. Don’t forget Jun Santiago, Miriam’s husband. Good thing the Filipino people are watching this impeachment closely. The people will be the ones dealing with those who they think failed their expectations in this crucial moment in Philippine history.

  • 711sense

    Grabe gid katikalon ining si Madame Santiago. I think its best for her to just quite down a bit and allow the bungling prosecution to continue their amateurish behaviour in the senate court and velify them for trying the case in public and their fishing expedition for hard evidence. The prosecution is lucky to have some judges allies who will do their utmost to help the prosecution in the guise of asking question to ferret out the truth.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WJX5I5FJL52QCZDUKDNWOTIZHQ Lateralus

       i think she has earned the right to be “tikalon,” he he

    • Leonardof

      I would lay my trust to the amateurish prosecutors than give it to those smart alecs in the defense.who have already long lost their soul in the defense of the corrupt, the evil-doers, the malefactors, etc. The amateurish prosecutors are afterall in the side of truth, so there is no for them to use crooked means in order to win the battle against the devil”s advocates.  

      • 711sense

        Good for you to trust the amateurish prosecutors. Perhaps you have not been reading the news before that some of the same congressmen that you have place your trust on, has also pending cases against them in court. Some of them maybe even worst than the person they are accusing of wrongdoing. The impeachment case is all about politics. If you want to re-live the Marcos era, fine, thats your prerogative. Personally, I would hold my breath to see and wait where this impeachment will lead into. My view is, we live in a democratic country where we have laws. Let’s follow it or move somewhere else. Likewise, we should also follow the rule of law to prosecute wrongdoers and when found guilty, apply the punishment equally to the regular people and double or triple the penalty to people who work in government.

  • sowhatifimfilipino

    I don’t blame Santiago for feeling bored observing the impeachment trial. It is even boring reading the headlines about the impeachment.This is digressing, but I hope someone will be brave enough to write about Vicmar Development Corporation whose logs killed hundreds of people and ruined homes in Iligan. That will be less boring when we find out that the owner is one powerful man in the country.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/XY4AW6ZJBAPIJ33L7KX6M3IOQI c

      to sowhatifimfilipino, parang alam mo kung sino tinutukoy mo eh. sabihin mo na kaya dito para magkaalaman na agad? :D tutal anonymous ka naman eh! hehehe

  • rosamistika16

    whatever others say about you, Sen Santiago, you are still the phils’ brightest senator for me although you also lied once (?) and have sometimes sold your reputation just to gain political affiliation, huh!

    for now, i am expecting that you would carry out your obligation to the people with utmost sincerity and brilliance. I know that you know the difference between impeachment court and the common court. so please do not spare us, filipinos from the truth and release us from bondage brought by incompetent and corrupt government officials.

    salamat po!

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