Tagle is new archbishop of Manila


HUMBLED Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle on Monday took over as the new shepherd of the Archdiocese of Manila. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

Cheered by dancing nuns and priests, Luis Antonio Tagle on Monday assumed the post of archbishop of Manila with tears in his eyes and a reminder to himself never to let earthly glories blind him to his mission to be a servant of God.

As his parents looked on, the 54-year-old Tagle was formally installed  as the 32nd archbishop of the country’s premier see in solemn rites at Manila Cathedral.

He took over from former Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales after the apostolic letter from Pope Benedict XVI announcing Tagle’s appointment was read and he was seated on the cathedra, or the bishop’s throne.

Tagle’s installation as the new shepherd of Manila’s estimated 2.8 million Catholics was attended by Church leaders from Southeast Asia, including the archbishops of Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Rangoon.

Tagle was emotional and stopped twice in his homily—once when he thanked the laity and the religious of his former diocese in Imus, Cavite province, and when he entrusted his ministry to the Virgin Mary—because tears had welled up in his eyes.

“I tremble before the love that calls me to lead the people to the Lord. But my poor sinful person finds rest in Him who is the Church’s true shepherd,” said Tagle, who chose the biblical verse “Dominus Est” (It is the Lord)! as his episcopal motto.

“I am also consoled to know that we would be building on the legacy of the loving service of 31 archbishops … and my immediate predecessor, Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales … I feel humbled,” he said.

“There is so much that I will learn from you. Teach me. Be patient with me. Let us love one another at all times,” Tagle added.

Asked later why he became emotional, Tagle said: “Who will not be emotional when you are before God?”

‘Love propels us’

Tagle emphasized humility and “loving discipleship” as guideposts for his ministry even as some Vatican and other analysts have said he could be a papal contender.

“Merely assuming the position of archbishop of Manila does not guarantee that I will recognize the Lord. If I am not careful, it might even blind me to the Lord and others,” Tagle said.

“It is rather by being a humble disciple content with the love of Jesus that I would see the advent of him whose love propels us to mission. Love makes one a true shepherd, not position,” he added.

The Jesuit-educated Tagle became the fifth Filipino head of the Archdiocese of Manila in its more than 400-year history.

Analysts on Church affairs said Tagle would be a potent weapon against proposals to legalize divorce in the Philippines and improve access to contraception through his close links with the Catholic middle class and civil society groups.

Corona, Aquino sisters

Besides his parents Manuel and Milagros and his elder brother Manuel Jr., dignitaries from both the Church and the secular world packed the cathedral.

Chief Justice Renato Corona sat behind President Benigno Aquino III’s three sisters Ballsy, Pinky and Viel. The President was not present as he had to attend the turnover rites in Camp Aguinaldo for the new Armed Forces chief of staff.

Senator Ramon Revilla Jr., his wife Cavite Representative Lani Mercado and Parañaque Representative Roilo Golez sat with Tagle’s family in the front pew.

Also present were Papal Nuncio Giuseppe Pinto, US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr., Philippine Ambassador Howard Dee, and Mayors Alfredo Lim (Manila), Guia Gomez (San Juan), Antonino Calixto (Pasay), Benhur Abalos (Mandaluyong), Jejomar Erwin Binay (Makati), Cavite Representative Joseph Abaya and Inquirer board chairperson Marixi Prieto.

“I’m happy but as you can see he cried because of the tasks he’s facing. He should just take care of himself, his health,” Tagle’s mother said.

“Like now, we brought along all of his vitamins,” she said, adding  she never expected her son would one day be Archbishop of Manila.


The festivities began when Tagle stepped out of Arzobispado (archbishop’s residence) at 8:50 a.m. and joined the karakol dance-procession of priests and nuns going to the cathedral. A brass band led the way through bunting-laden side streets.

At the cathedral door, the mayors of the five cities in the archdiocese gave Tagle the symbolic keys to their cities.

Stressing unity, Tagle said the clergy and the laity and non-Catholic Christians were “called to one mission, though in various states of life and with a diversity of gifts.”

“When we take different boats and compete against each other to get the better portion of the catch for our own teams, we are not engaging in a mission,” Tagle said.

“Divisiveness and destructive competition will only help sink the boat. Let us look to the one Shepherd who gathers his sheep instead of scattering them.”

Cardinal Rosales told Church-run Radio Veritas his successor’s installation was a “historic milestone.”

“We really rejoice with his installation as new archbishop of Manila. We are also grateful to the Holy Father for giving Manila the best of our own,” said Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Philippines.

“Manila is the grandmother of the other dioceses. We are one big family,” Palma added.

Different note

Batangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles struck a different note, saying Malacañang should have reset the Camp Aguinaldo ceremonies so that Mr. Aquino could attend Tagle’s installation.

“The installation of the archbishop of the prime archdiocese in the country is so important. It’s a national, an international event. The absence of the President for the very first time in the history of the Philippines was very conspicuous,” Arguelles said in an interview.

“He snubbed the most important religious group in the country … We are the third largest Catholic country in the world and … this is probably the prime archdiocese of Asia,” he said. “So, to snub that is really a big hurt.”

During his last day as bishop of Imus, Tagle said in his homily during Mass: “This does not mean goodbye. I can always come back here anytime.”

He said his heart remained in Imus. “I was baptized here. I had my confirmation here. I was ordained priest here. I was proclaimed bishop here,” he said.

Before the Mass ended, the parish priest, Fr. Allan Valero, asked the faithful to raise their right hands and point to the direction of Tagle at the altar. Then they burst with a thunderous applause. With reports from Santiago R. Alcantara and Reuters

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  • Anonymous

    Ano naman kaya ang hihingin nito? Pajero o Montero?

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PZAZICRE2FYPCVHJN2HC6HV7OY Benjie

      shame on you!!!!..if you belonged to another religion just keep your big mouth shut!

      • Anonymous

        Relax ka lang! respect other people’s opinion. Hindi ba tinuro sa yo ni Bishop yan?

      • John

        yes, respect other people’s opinion, but you should also respect other people and refrain from destroying other’s dignity. wala na kayong ginagawa. you claim to be the surest way but in your effort to convert others, you opting to the destruction of others. 

        “Thou shall not kill”  does not only refer to the  killing of one’s physical body, but also to killing one’s man dignity thru your irresponsible comments. actuallly, those issues you are hurling were only exaggerated by the media and by you fundamentalist drowning the reason and purpose of the solicitation.

      • Anonymous

        No matter how hard I try I cannot kill your dignity. Its either you have it or you don’t. Now why don’t you ask your bishops about what they are doing with your “dignity”. Solicitation? its more like emotional blackmail!

      • John

        don’t be a philosopher…or more like a ???????….destroying one’s reputation is just like killing him!

      • Anonymous

        Hoy Jane! Kapag nahuli kang nang aabuso ng bata makukulong ka. Kayong religious kuno ang gumagawa ng mga ganyan!

      • John

        open your eyes…appreciate the beauty of this world..do not be drowned with negativeness….huwag kang maniwala agad o 100% lulunin mga balitang dyaryo…only believe 100% if you had actually experienced and seen it. in short huwag maniwala sa hakahaka!

      • Anonymous

        Ikaw ang mag open ng eyes Jane! I’m sure pag nag ladlad ka liligaya ka na. Tignan mo si Rustom. Wala naman masama sa homosexual sa totoo lang. Sexual preference lang yan at nobody should care about what you are doing in your own bedroom. Basta wag ka lang mang aabuso ng bata.

      • Anonymous

        Pssst. Shame on you din yata. If you come from this religion, don’t say it this way either. (=

    • http://twitter.com/Highspeed_blue Highspeed Blue

      by making that comment, im sure you really dont know Bishop Tagle. He is not what you think he is. The people of Imus, his students in the seminary and many others who really know him would tell you how simple and humble Bishop Tagle is. I dont blame you if you distrust church leaders, but I assure you, Bishop Tagle is a humble and competent leader of the church.

    • The_Great_Barrier_Grief

      How about a Cadillac? 

      • John

        if you have nothing to do, pls dont do it here!

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be more fitting for those supposed to be following Jesus’ example to be amongst His most beloved of His flock (the poor) instead of the pomp and pageantry of the rich and hypocrites.

    • Anonymous

      So, were you there too?

  • Anonymous

    Tingnan nga atin kung may ibubuga siya tulad ni Cardinal Sin?

    • John

      ano ba yan? paligsahan? he need our help and prayers! not us standing out there waiting for him to make a mistake!

      • Anonymous

        Jane! Wag kang mang aabuso ng bata baka makulong ka!

      • Anonymous

        No that’s not the point. The point is that if he is strong and descent like Car Sin. si Car Sin ang nagpatalsik kay Marcos nun!

        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Tagle is new archbishop of Manila

      • John

        lets us also support him with our prayers: that he would be shielded from the enemy, that he would be given the wisdom, and that he would be true to his vocation.

    • Anonymous


      Si Kristo! Kung sarili ang ibinubuga, mali. Si Cardinal Sin, si Kristo din naman ang sinikap niyang “ibuga.”

      Saan nanggagaling yang tanong mo, kapatid? Ingat.

      • Anonymous

        Ano ang ibig mong sabihin sa ‘Si Kristo ang ibinuga ni Car. Sin? Ang ibig kong sabihin sa tanong ko ay ‘Di ba si Car. Sin ang nagtalsik kay Marcos nun? Iyan ang gusto kong sabihin kung ibubuga rin si Car. Tagle. Di mo ba alam na si Gloria ay lumalapit sa mga cardinal na mangumpisal at mabilis pa sila sa alas quatro na magbigay? Dahil mayroon silang Montero! Bakit mo ako tinawag na ‘kapatid’ Sino ka ba?

        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Tagle is new archbishop of Manila

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to the newly installed Archbishop of Manila! Serving the flock in humility and with love, true discipleship is exemplified, so that all men of good will may understand true discipleship and feel the warm presence of the Lord (“it is the Lord”) in their lives, walking among them and guiding them to see the divine truths hidden in the scriptures so that the genuine teachings (on faith and morals) of the Church that Christ instituted on earth till the end of time may be accepted in faith, obedience and filial piety.  In the end there would be one flock and one shepherd so that men of good will can worship the one true God, live in peace with each other, walk in his way, so that there wouldn’t be room for the fool to say in his heart that there is no God.  Let the eclipse of God in our islands gradually reveal the God of all ages who was, is and will be forever, until all can be restored in Christ, the beginning and end of all creation.  Deo gratias! God is great!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6MUMHXRJKXUIB5RXMCOQDSPV6Q Israel

    He was dubbed by the CNN analyst as a papal contender because of his charms. Congratulations Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle. You deserve the post, a very humble person.

  • kris makati

    ang daming bitter hehehe… kakasimula pa lang nagkalat na ang mga kampon ni taning dito. 
    congrats archbishop! talaga namang nakakabilib ang tulad niyo, ang layo na ng narating pero nananatiling humble.

  • The_Great_Barrier_Grief

    In this country of the Philippines where 83% of the population are Roman Catholic, 9% Protestant, 5% Muslim, and 3% Buddhists and other religions, you would stop to think that hardly anyone out of any of those religions really abide by, nor practice the Commandments or the precepts established by their religions.

    If the Roman Catholics would practice the Ten Commandments, this alone could wipe corruption out of the Philippines forever. 

    That said, with all this religious hypocrisy going on, and the flagrant lack of abiding by the Law of God or the Law of the Land, I would think that Bishop Tagle could be giving his troops the starting point to concentrate on their religious bearings first, and enter any or all political boxing rings only if requested or asked to do so.

    When priests and bishops enter the nastiness of politics for their own good and for whatever reasons they feel compelled to do so, it was said once (actually many, many times) the Philippines is the “dumping grounds” for obnoxious and irritating exceedingly politically-minded theologians of the Catholic faith.

    Can Tagle turn this around and concentrate on God, Christ, the Catholic Religion, saving and administrating to the Roman Catholics of the Philippines, rather than to get overly concentrated on the political welfare of the nation?  Once the religion is repaired, the rest should fall well into place. 

    • http://pinoy-politics.blogspot.com Monsi Serrano

      You don’t depend on the religion on the reparation of one’s life. We are all accounted to our own action. It’s stupid, if not totally idiotic to think that way. 

      • The_Great_Barrier_Grief

        “Stupid…idiotic”?  Baby-face, listen…yes…it IS up to one to convict or save himself from the disasters and sins of the world.  If you don’t get yourself involved…you are separated from the problems.

        We see every day on TV where people get into predicaments which, for their own reasons and enlistment, get themselves killed or severely injured or into trouble they cannot get out of to save their lives or freedoms.  Whose fault is this?

        But the same can be said of Bishops and theologians…they should keep to themselves and use the basic methods and means they have available to them, and that is to convince their parishioner’s of the right way…and these priests and bishops ought to be following their own dictum.

        Which brings me to this…against your comment…that this is exactly what I have been saying all along in my comment, that in order for people to follow the right pathways of life, it takes priests and bishops alike to set people on their religious and biblical and theorist principals.  It begins at home, in the church and also in society. 

        People always need to be reminded of something, simply due to the fact oftentimes the majority of people cannot figure this out themselves!  Whose job is it to set people on a course to reparation?  You tell me.  Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Priest, Bishop, politicians?  We go “south” as that last sentence suggested who can assist. 

        Like Gloria right now…think about this one:  Iggy Arroyo said from England last week, that he “has found God”, and when he returns to the Philippines (cannot do this as his “Doctor Feel Good” gave him an order to stay put in England), Iggy will “offer his life to God”.  Then, a few days later, here came Topacio who offered “Peace” and that Gloria Arroyo is a “faithful woman” and “with the help of her faith in God Almighty”, He will get her free of all these illegal actions against her as her “mind is clear and her conscience is also clear”. 

        Then, Lambino went to England not once but twice to get a bribery going for a sub-religious human-right’s group of the European People’s Party to begin a worldwide and Philippine cause going under “God’s Holy Name” to be set against the Philippine government, its President, and all the prosecutors and those convicting Gloria. 

        Then, here comes this mousy-little Elena Horn, married to some foreigner, who thinks her mealy-squeaky little demeanor will be part of the convincing methodology that Gloria Arroyo, as Horn stated, is a “God-loving woman” or something of that nature…although did mention “God” in several speeches and sound bytes she made recently. Now Gloria is continuing to “show off” by wanting to go to the VMMC Chapel every day. You don’t need to attend church to be close to prayer, devotion to God and practice religion. Gloria is just showing-off once again, and using “God” as her excuse.

        This is just all horseradish to me.  I don’t buy it. 

        So, despite your very unconvincing comment, when people are trapped, they turn to “God”…in or out of respect to Him.

    • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

      In “Deus Caritas est”, Benedict XVI had this to say “A just society must be the achievement of
      politics, not of the Church. Yet the promotion of justice through efforts to
      bring about openness of mind and will to the demands of the common good is
      something which concerns the Church deeply.”

      With this, it is made clear by the Pope that the Church has all the right to preach in the “world of politics” if social justice and/or common good is at stake. At the end of the day, though, “A just society must be the achievement of
      politics, not of the Church.” It is not hypocrisy or abuse of power for the Church to tell politicians of what is genuine social justice even if we know of the wrongdoing of a few of her leaders. Despite of the weaknesses and sins of her members, the Church as an institution SHOULD, at all cost, stand for what is true and just.

      Let the Bishops, especially those we perceive to be “not so good”, speak for truth and justice both within and without the Church buildings despite of their shortcomings to show to the world that in no way do they condone their own failings. I don’t like to see the day when bishops start teaching that stealing is good precisely because they started to steal. I’d rather see a stealing bishop continue teaching that stealing is wrong for at least he has the conscience not to justify his wrongdoing and  not lead people astray. Let God be his judge.

      We need to see more bishops who are bold, frank and direct in confronting politicians and telling them that they are wrong whenever they are wrong. This is not meddling in politics for “the promotion of justice through efforts to
      bring about openness of mind and will to the demands of the common good is
      something which concerns the Church deeply.”

      Yes, indeed, the Church, composed of frail human beings, needs continuous reforms; but, she needs not wait for her perfection in the Final Judgment to be realized before she starts telling the state of what is true and just.  

      • Anonymous


        Good society fosters justice. Justice fosters good society. – ancient Greece

        Justice is the bond that holds a society together. Platonic justice is putting faith in state to implement it. – Plato

        Justice is voluntary. A man acts justly or unjustly whenever he performs his acts. – Aristotle.Justice was seen as an abiding disposition to give every man his personal right. – Roman concept of justice.

        Justice is the right of all and certain things are owed to a man simply because he exists as a man. – Western theology.

        Justice precedes the state and is eternal. Laws that are not just are not laws at all—the moral force of a law depends on the extent of its justice. – Augustine

        Justice as certain rectitude of mind, whereby a man does what he ought to do in the circumstances confronting him. – Aquinas

        Justice is that which is meted out by the power of the state. Because Hobbes defines law as a command of the sovereign, it follows that where there is no sovereign, there is no law. – Hobbes

        Justice is a natural law theory even more than a natural rights theory. Whereas individual rights are inalienable, they are nevertheless based upon, and limited by, the law of nature. According to Locke, justice is inconceivable without personal property—where there is no property, there is no justice. The essence of Lockean justice is the security of each person’s personal possessions as a right based on the law of nature. – Locke

        Justice as recognized by positivists is the sovereign state. – Bentham

        Justice requires rule by known general principles of conduct, which apply without exception, to all regardless of status or wealth, in an unknown number of future instances. It follows that all citizens should have equal access to legal recourse in the event of an attack on their life, property, or freedom. – Stuart Mill

        Justice is equality. – Rawls

        @Ryan Barcelo, I tried to look for more concepts of justice. The closest to your definition is that of Augustine who said, “Remove justice, and what are kingdoms but gangs of criminals on a large scale.” He understands the Roman Empire to be divinely-ordained medium through which the truths of Christianity are to be both spread and safeguarded.  For Augustine, no earthly state can claim to possess true justice, but only some relative justice by which one state is more just than another. This divine command is not applicable today. Almost all governments today do not subscribe to theocracy like in the days of Augustine.

      • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

        @Jomex, theocracy is never in the letter and spirit of “Deus Caritas est”. 

      • Anonymous

        @Ryan Barcelo, you quote from Deus Caritas est, “Yet the promotion of justice through efforts to bring about openness of mind and will to the demands of the common good is something which concerns the Church deeply.” 

        The concept of justice is NOT exclusive to one religion the Catholic Church, justice is supported by religions, in fact they use justice for their own purposes and interpretation – the divine command. Theocracy is never in Deus caritas est, of course who would admit you want control of governments, it is implied.  This becomes clearer when you said “This is not to mention the fact that Manila is a “Cardinalatial See”, meaning its occupant will soon be a Cardinal, a prince of the Church, an honor in fact greater than that of the President of the State.” That the Cardinal is greater than the ruler of the state is a throwback to the theocratic government in the time when Popes and Bishops rule the world.

      • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

        @Jomex:disqus, never in my post did I suggest that justice is exclusive to the  “one religion the Catholic Church”. Neither did Deus Caritas Est say that. The point that is made in the encyclical is that the Church has the responsibility and right to voice out her concerns, for social justice. If other Churches and ecclesial communities think the same, then they can exercise the same right and responsibility. At the end of the day, it is up to the State if it will listen to them.

        Don’t push your “theocracy” issue. Pang “Da Vinci Code” lang yan.

      • John

        let us do our own share by praying for them, that they be spared and shielded from the schemes of the enemy and they be true to their vocation.
        as the patriarch of the church in the country, BishopTagle would be the prime target of the enemy. His is not an easy task for him. he really need our prayers so as with our active participation.

  • http://pinoy-politics.blogspot.com Monsi Serrano

    For those who don’t know Bishop Tagle, my former professor Chito. He is a humble man, an intelligent person (mind you his IQ is higher than Rizal’s IQ. Check that in Ateneo as both Rizal and Tagle are products of Ateneo) and yet, still very grounded. He never uses his intelligence to manipulate people, instead, he uses it to share to the people and enlighten them.

    I admire his humility, his admission of his weakness as a human being and still believes that GOD is there to give him strength and courage to lead the church.

    Anyway, let us just pray for him or wish him well, instead of grumbling and criticizing him and the Catholic church. At the end of the day, when we have to leave this world, we will all be “audited” and “judged” according to what we did and not to what other people think of us.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JOGOLMF5KPNYSULFTFEKYAIGWI Roberto


    • Datu Suki


  • Anonymous

    i hope na hindi sya tulad ni cardinal sin na payag na bigyan ng tulong ni satanas para maitulong sa mahirap. i hate that cardinal kung si Kristo nga eh hindi na tempt ni satanas sya eh payag. at pwede ba kayong mga alagad ng Dyos eh tumigil na sa kakasali sa gulo ng gobyerno dahil lalong gumgulo pag nakikisawsaw kayo. asikasuhin nyo na lang ang trabaho ninyo dahil marami nang mga katoliko ang naakit ng ibang relihiyon at baka ako eh sumunod dahil nakakabwisit na kayo. imbis na magturo kayo ng salita ng Dyos eh puro politika ang ginagawa nyo

  • Anonymous

    “The installation of the archbishop of the prime archdiocese in the country is so important. It’s a national, an international event. The absence of the President for the very first time in the history of the Philippines was very conspicuous,” Arguelles said in an interview.

     “He snubbed the most important religious group in the country … We are
    the third largest Catholic country in the world and … this is probably
    the prime archdiocese of Asia,” he said. “So, to snub that is really a
    big hurt.”

    – Nope, it’s called knocking some sense in you. Reminder of the separation of church and state. I’d rather attend something concerning the future of the country’s defense rather than this.

    Know your place bishops!

  • CY Valencia

    Bishop Arguelles deserves his own opinion.  But his comments creates bad taste.  I am a catholic but i did not see anything wrong of Pnoy not attending the rite due to some commitments.  Is bishop still bitter about GMA’s hold departure order?  Just asking

    • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

      There is something wrong with the absence of NoyNoy in the installation of the new Archbishop of Manila. Protocol wise, he should be there because Manila is a “Primatial See” and its occupant is actually of the same status as the President of the State. This is not to mention the fact that Manila is a “Cardinalatial See”, meaning its occupant will soon be a Cardinal, a prince of the Church, an honor in fact greater than that of the President of the State. Arguelles is right on this as he must be thinking of protocol as the former Ordinary (Bishop) of the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines. 

      • Anonymous

        Ryan, brother, tone down the triumphalist volume. Out brother Chito will not like this. Read his homily to understand his heart. No more of this Cardinalatial and status thing. Let it suffice that your bishop is a priest of Jesus Christ – out servant. Drop the vestiges of worldly pride and power and position and honor and “holier-than-thou” attitude. With all due respect to Arguelles, I do not think that Chito shares his view. If Chito saw it as something awry, Chito would have said. Why should Arguelles speak for an imagined offense that Chito did not take? Could it be that it was Arguelles’ pride that was hurt? I am  a Catholic and I did not mind that Noynoy was not there. It mattered only that Jesus was there. Shouldn’t we be thinking of it in this way?

        Do not miss on his homily at that mass. It will give you all a glimpse of his heart. And you will not have to dangle somebody else’s.


      • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

        The issue that I was raising was on protocol and not on morality or theology.  If we talk about morality and theology, I would agree that there is no point of NoyNoy to be there.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with bishop arguilles. pero kung iglesia ni manalo yan, present lahat ng politician hanggang brgy kagawad kasi alam nilang mapapakinabangan pagdating ng election…

  • Anonymous

    The high priest or B

  • Anonymous

    THE high priest or the Big Kahuna of the RCCh is by no means the source of MORAL AUTHORITY of the world…nor in any other place else in the world.

    Religion is a personal matter and should be left best at that….personal.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely! Personal! And, I should add, communitarian when the individuals come together!

      And you’re right. No, the pope is not THE source moral authority. And neither are you. But because you are moralizing here, perhaps you could cut people, like the pope and yourself, some slack. The reason you could moralize is because you seem to believe that you can be a source of moral authority. Good for you. And so is the pope. But not THE ONLY. Like you are not THE ONLY.

      But hey, unlike you who get your own moral guidance from your own wisdom, we do also take ours from others too. We concede that, unlike you, we do not know everything. It is why, in our Church, we look to our elders and community for some help. We help each other with our moral compass.

      I know this is being simplistic, but I hope this helps contextualize your comment – or mine – whichever the case may be for you or for me.

      • Anonymous

        WRONG ASSUMPTIONS…..very wrong assumptions.  Read with your mind and not with your heart.  Begging the question in a poor means of communication.  Bark at the right tree!

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why Cardinal Rosales resigned. It is so surprising to me. Can somebody give me at least a simple story? Salamat po! 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JS2L5G6FBKJH6VRAMERMCCJLIY Gagami Tuladyu

      He tendered his resignation to the Vatican more than four years ago upon reaching 75 years old, the mandatory age of retirement for bishops. Pope Benedict XVI has accepted his resignation last month and has appointed Imus (Cavite) Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Tagle as his successor.
      -basa-basa :)

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Gagami Tuladyu! I thought there is something else behind his resignation. At least I could stop wondering now for knowing the reason.  Merry Christmas!

    • Anonymous

      All bishops, when they reach the age of 75 – as a matter of law (canon or church law – that is) are required to tender their resignation.  The pope accepts the resignation when he (with the help of his nuncio and the local bishops’ conference – CBCP for us) has already found a successor or when the resigning bishop really has to go for, say, health reasons. In Cardinal Rosales’ case, the pope delayed accepting his resignation by 4 years! Pity the cardinal. I am sure he has a heart of service except only that his frail health could no longer keep up. The pope finally accepted his resignation after Bp. Tagle was chosen.

  • Anonymous

    Pinili ni Peenoy na umatend sa turn over ceremony ng bagong AFP CS na pde namang i move sa hapon.  Takot siyang umatend sa installation ng bagong arsobispo kasi una, umiinit ang katawan niya pag nasa loob siya ng simbahan, pangalawa,  baka mapahiya siya na mapasaringan sa sermon tungkol sa pagtutol ng simbahan sa RH Bill, tulad nung ginawa niya kay Corona na harap harapan nilait, pangatlo baka matunaw siya sa sama ng titig ng mga tao sa cathedral.

  • Anonymous

    Frankly Batangas Archbishop, if the schedule was set and the President had a commitment to attend the turnover rites of the AFP Chief of Staff then all you prelates should have changed “your schedules”. You are not the religous authorities of all Philippine citizens – only that of 80%. Whereas, the President and his AFP Chief of Staff are the political and military leaders of all Filipinos. They take precedence as far as I am concerned.

    • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

      Well, you better tell that to Prince Charles who postponed his wedding to gave way to the funeral of the Pope. And, by the way, Catholics in England is not the majority; yet, it happened that way.

  • Anonymous

    “The installation of the archbishop of the prime archdiocese in the country is so important. It’s a national, an international event. The absence of the President for the very first time in the history of the Philippines was very conspicuous,” 
    “He snubbed the most important religious group in the country … We are the third largest Catholic country in the world and … this is probably the prime archdiocese of Asia,” he said. “So, to snub that is really a big hurt.” (Batangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles)

    Bishop, by saying these words it seems to me that your your heart and your mindset is not the same as that with Jesus whom we Christians proclaim as Christ and our Lord. (Forgive me for saying this, I do not intend to hurt your feelings) We should not put in our hearts that ‘big hurt’ that you were talking about. Our faith and devotion to Christ does not need the approval or the consent of the powers of the government. With or without the government we witness and serve in the name of Christ. Do you think Jesus would mind if the President would not attend the installation? And if ever he attends, so with the other so called dignitaries, I prefer that they should be there not because of their positions in the government but because they are members of the Body of Christ, just like any of us.  

    Jesus, our Lord said, “The greatest among you will be your servant. All who exalt themselves will be humbled, and all who humble themselves will be exalted.” Let the power of our testimony comes not from the strength of the church as an institution but from the power of the Spirit of Christ, the Head of the Body. Let’s move on Bishop and be a faithful witness of Jesus whoever is in charge of the government. We are not accountable to the government, we are accountable to Christ. Peace!      

    • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

      I think the Bishop was commenting on the issue of protocol and not on theology.

  • asdafaa qwesda

    Sigh I long for the day when most Pinoys don’t care about news like this.

    There seems to be some sort of debate going on in the comments. Well whatever it is, I don’t see why they have to involve a priest or the Catholic church to make an argument (ie letting the Catholic Church do your thinking for you).

    • Anonymous

      The greatest sin in the Catholic church is to think.

      • http://profiles.google.com/forestking19 Ryan Barcelo

        If you are right, then, I should have been excommunicated long ago. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6QW4Q3WBQ65CU63FJRP6RH3F3A dan dan

    To Francis81 and to those agreeing with the comment of the Bishop from Batangas- I am a Roman catholic,but PNoy did make the RIGHT DECISION in choosing to join the AFP rites.
    He is the President of the Nation-a Nation with different religions and/or beleifs-in such PNOY was just making a point and indeed respecting the Rights of Others-directly or inidrectly.
    The Bishop form Batangas was self-centered to dthink and comment on such.To note it
    is even “unChristian” to force or expect the President of the Nation to prioritize a Certain
    Church’s rites/celebration and reason out because it is the Largest Church in the country
    or even Asia.It was disappointing for that Bishop and certainly other Catholics to feel
    such.Had Pnoy been selfish and riding with the popularity,he would have just joined the
    group knowing that millions will “admire him”.It is also a good move to emphasize the SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE.

  • mal0c

    Batangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles ikaw na! Pinagbigyan na nga kau eh. You still ask for more. Looks to me you act like a spoiled brat. Would Jesus act that way? “Hoy, PNOY importante kme, malakas kme ke Hesus, dapat niresked mo yang ibang lakad mo. Mas importante to!”
    to all priests, just stick to your congregation. wag nang makielam s gobyerno. separation of church and state. kaya bumababa na’ng tingin ng iba s inyo dhil shado n kaung epal. u think you know it all. instead of being tolerant, quiet and forgiving, mas demanding pa kau sa diarrhea.

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