Lawmakers score poverty dip via ‘statistical magic’


Many urban poor Filipinos live in creekside shanties as shown in this photo taken in Guadalupe, Makati City. Kabataan Rep. Raymond V. Palatino on Monday scored the NSCB for adopting a new poverty threshold level which he said “deceptively” led to a reduction in the poverty rate from 26.3 percent to 20.9 percent. FILE PHOTO/Don Lejano

Lawmakers are pushing for a more realistic yardstick for counting the number of poor Filipinos after the government lowered the minimum daily subsistence level from P52 to P46 per person, a move that significantly lowered the country’s poverty incidence.

Kabataan Representative Raymond V. Palatino on Monday scored the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) for adopting a new poverty threshold level which he said “deceptively” led to a reduction in the poverty rate from 26.3 percent to 20.9 percent.

“We are able to reduce poverty not by improving the lives of Filipinos but through statistical magic. The new scheme effectively decreases the number of poor Filipinos by 5.3 million without improving the poverty situation. If this was presented without explaining the drastic change in the methodology, it could be used to push for economic results,” Palatino said in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Palatino authored House Resolution No. 960 which seeks to investigate the NSCB adoption of a new poverty measurement scheme.


At the first hearing of the House committee on poverty alleviation on November 29, most lawmakers called the substantial reduction in the poverty rate  “window-dressing.”

The reduction was meant to justify the government’s massive spending for the poor, specifically the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program, according to Palatino. The CCT program was started by the Arroyo administration and continued by the Aquino administration.

Gabriela Representative Emmi de Jesus said the government should adopt a poverty yardstick which would reflect the situation of millions of Filipinos.

“The old estimate was already low when in fact prices of basic commodities and services continue to soar every day,” De Jesus said.


In his presentation to the House members, Mahar Mangahas of the polling outfit Social Weather Stations (SWS) said: “It (NSCB) downgraded the quality of the diet of the borderline poor [so] as to cut the food threshold. By reducing the officially seen evidence of poverty, it covered up the extent of the poverty.”

Under the NSCB’s old methodology, the minimum daily breakfast included tomato omelette, coffee for adults, milk for children and fried rice; fried galunggong (round scad), monggo guisado with malunggay leaves and small shrimps, boiled rice and latundan banana for lunch; pork adobo, pechay (chinese cabbage) guisado, boiled rice and banana latundan for dinner; and pan de sal with margarine for snack time.

In the new methodology, the breakfast menu was reduced to scrambled egg, coffee with milk and boiled rice (milk for children was scrapped); the lunch menu was trimmed to boiled monggo with malunggay leaves and dried dilis (anchovy in lieu of shrimps); the dinner menu was limited to fried tulingan (a tuna species, instead of pork adobo), boiled kangkong (swamp spinach, which is cheaper than pechay) and boiled rice; and the pan de sal snack would be served plain without margarine.

Mangahas pointed out that the NSCB had allotted 31 centavos a day for the nonfood requirements of each person and 69 centavos set aside for food for every peso needed for minimum daily subsistence.

He said that based on “old estimates,” the Philippines would have had a poverty rate of between 32.9 percent and 37.3 percent which would make it the worst or second-worst in Southeast Asia.

“The NSCB’s poverty  ‘refinement’ should be rejected, because reducing the evidence about poverty is against the principle of evidence-based policy making,” Mangahas said.


In a letter to the House committee, NSCB Secretary General Romulo Virola said the agency tweaked the poverty measure—shifting from what it called regional to provincial food bundles—to “enhance the comparability of the thresholds across space and over time.”

Virola said the food items were retained in the poverty threshold because they cost the least, were locally available and “visualizable” or could be cooked or eaten in one meal.

The NSCB chief added that the food items would satisfy the recommended energy and nutrient intake for energy and protein (100 percent), and vitamins and minerals (80 percent).

He pointed out that whether the old or the new methodology was used, trends in poverty estimates were consistent at the national level: poverty incidence declined from 29.2 percent in 1991 to 26.3 percent in 2009 in the old system, and dropped from 28.3 percent in 1991 to 20.9 percent in 2009 under the new methodology.

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  • Anonymous

    Who gives a F..k about numbers! You only have to look around you in the islands! Your neighbours, your school, the marketplace, etc. You can see and smell poverty, corruption, the ignorance, the stupidity, the foolish pride, the catholic clergymen and everything that makes the Phili. like a s..t hole! I wish we could just go back to pre-colonial times and start all over again, at least we can say that we are still primitive in thoughts, in ways and in living!

    • Anonymous

      you’re right! you can actually taste the stink of poverty too! and no statistical magic or publicity spin can erase that..

  • Delfin Dano

    The picture accompanying this article shows squater shanties beside a creek in Makati. I thought
    wala ng ganito sa city of Makati kasi pinagyayabang ng mga Binays na under their “rule” Makati has become the richest and most developed city  in the country.By the way the Binays also became the richest Family in the city and one of the richest in the country since Jojo started his family dynasty. How? let them explain!

  • Anonymous

    Galeng galeng. Puro pala magician ang nakaupo. Bakit hindi na lang gawing P5 ang daily subsistence para walang mahirap. Yehey mabuhay si BS!!! Nabawasan ang mahihirap!! Magic.

  • Anonymous

    the esteros (tributary) in the picture, idagdag mo pa ang other esterossa metro Manila have made Pasig river the world’s largest septic tank

  • Anonymous

    Let the government address the problem of poverty in the Philippines realistically by improvement in economic conditions via job creations and not adjustments of the poverty threshold.

  • Anonymous

    with the wave of my magic wand……mga mahihirap “DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!!…nawala nga..MAGIC!!!

    Ang galing.palakpak naman sina Josh at Bimby.

    Iyan ang magic ni PNOY.unbelievable!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is similar to the BOC chief Ruffy Biazon reducing the target collection to achieve it ha ha ha ha and guess what? wala na ring balita kong na achieve ba o wala. Media people please follow-up

  • Anonymous

    You know guys, I smell filth in all the rhetorics and litanies of our Simeon Panot!  Di nyo ga pansin, magmula kay Panot hanggang sa lahat ng kanyang mga secretaries ay lahat ang kanilang torpedo ay nakatuon kay Corona at kay GMA.  Di ga ito’y lantaran panglilinnlang sa madla upang maitago ang tunay na kaanyuan ng ating bansa – na lalo lang dumadami ang naghihirap at tinatago nila ang pangungurakot?

    • Templar Society

      hindi naman kailangang itago ang katayuan ng bansa, may kaso si gma o wala, ganito naman ang plipinas bago pa umupo si pinoy, at hindi makukuha ng anim na taon para magbago ang gustong baguhin. ikaw pa nga lang hindi mo pa mabago sarili mo, andito ka pa rin sa harap ng computer, comment ng comment kaysa sa may gawin ka para makatulong. ;)

      • Anonymous

        Do mo ga binasa ang Article? Minadyik ng pamahalaang Simeon ang “poverty line” para lang mailabas na nabawasan na ang nagugutom!  Di ba panlilinlang ang ito?  Karapatan ko ang mag comment kung ganito kasama ang pamahalaan – ang manlilinlang! Kuha mo???

      • Anonymous

        papaano mo malinlang ang “sikmura”, he, he, he, ang katamaran ng filipino ay siguradong uuwi sa kanilang sikmura, OK, ang nangyayari ngayon ay hinahabol na ang mga “kawatan” ng pera ng taong bayan, at ibabalik sa kanila;  pero ang sikmura ng tamad ay hindi maremedyohan, he, he, he?  forward “matuwid na daan!”

      • Anonymous

        I do not know where your thoughts are coming from.The issue here is how this PNOY

        admin is deceiving the Filipino people by manipulating the real statistics just to cover up

        his mismanagement.Deceit is just like corruption and cannot be tolerated.Ginagawa

        tayong tanga maka-pogi points lang.ang matuwid na daan lubak-lubak na.

      • David

        Honestly, ang mga taong kagaya mo MISMO ang problema kung bakit hindi umuusad ang Pilipinas! Dahil sa harap ng mga panlilinlang, kabaluktotan at kahibangan ng pamahalaan at lipunan napakibit-balikat lang kayo at sasabihing, “Ganyan nman tlaga yan kahit noong panahon pa ni..”! 

      • Anonymous

        talagang di mababago sa loob ng anim na taon pero dapat natin harapin at ilahad ang katotohanan, wag natin linlangin ang mamayan at baguhin ang tunay kalagayan, maari natin sabihin yan ng harapan na kaya di pa nababago ang kabuhayan sa loob ng panunungkulan ngunit iiwanan ko ang pundasyon para sa kaunlaran, wag natin baguhin ang tunay na kalagayan ngyun para lamang masabi na nagbabago na ang kabuhayan at lipunan, na kung minsan ay ating nililinlang ang sambayanan.

  • Spike

    Numbers can lie especially when its a govt run by the Pnoy administration 

    Anong no performance ?  (i mamagic ko lang yan!)GDP 3.2%  wa paki — eto poverty down by 20%  – ayos baGrin grin smile– Pnoy

  • Anonymous

    “Window-dressing” is not necessary if lawmakers are just doing their jobs & not cower to Catholic Church’s bullying! Pass the RH Bill! This country – the Filipinos (no matter who’s president) & resources obviously can’t sustain the ballooning population. Shame on these lawmakers for sleeping on their jobs knowing that 1/3 of population’s in poverty!

    • Anonymous

      absolutely correct, singapore don’t have the resources that the Ph islands have, but more filipinos are going there to get employed;  the graft & corruptions have nailed down the citizens’ opportunity to take advantage of these resources and become better than singapore,  and that can be done initially by punishing( crime & punishments ) those “thieves & robbers” in government positions, setting an example for honest government services, Singapore succeeded in that!  forward “matuwid na daan!”

      • Anonymous

        Matuwid na daan in Noy’s style just means “punish otheers but not my buddies, I am anyway immune”. And that will not help much. Let those who say 50 pesos a day is enough show it and live one month with that amount. Many big bellies would slim down and some would rush to USA for medical treatment.

  • Anonymous

     How could a group of lawmakers who are all millionaires possibly resolve ANY plight of the poor , beyond maintaining their own status and well being? How many of these men have spent a day in the slums wandering among the poor and talking to them…not to get their votes, dressed in a suit,  but to examine their lifestyle?

    They would have seen great numbers of children, 6-8 years with most of their new adult teeth rotting before their eyes. Or simply pondered why so many 13 year olds have the structure and mentality of 9 year olds. Then they may have deeply pondered why they never saw this in the USA when they went to see Pacquiao fight.

    Some of the more intelligent may have even noticed affordable  MILK is available in practically every corner store  there and perhaps it has ominous bearing on the health and development of these parasitical life forms.

    A normal child should wish for at least a liter of milk a day .Here that liter costs P64, but is normally only available in major grocery stores downtown….far from the slums the poor live in. Now we need to add transportation costs to that liter and do it daily as they are too poor to own ref’s.

    Now one would suppose… this president, who campaigned on “helping the poor”, would have realized with all his intelligence that creating massive dairy farms would not only feed the children,  the countries future, but also create much employment and relieve suffering in the process. He may have even calculated that healthy educated adults don’t need an RH bill to tell them to stop breeding and go buy some condoms.

    While PNOY was making all this milk of positive change, he would have discovered Gloria was already a prisoner of her own greed and that the good he was doing his people stabbed her to the heart and soul daily.

    For today lets not even dare to meditate on how a child given 80% of their daily vitamins and minerals can grow into a 100% adult….. 

  • vir_a

    Data manipulation plus media manipulation are more effective tools to keep up the high ratings of P’Noy. That is what he may have meant by “tuwid na daan” – making things look straight what otherwise is a crooked path. Even a small child can discern that there is no way poverty can be lessened with a budgets not being spent so that government can save money. P’Noy does not want to spend his budget in order to prevent corruption. What a crude way of fighting corruption?

  • Anonymous

    We can expect that once Pnoy demonize all critics as Pro GMA and, therefore, corrupt and evil people; the Filipino people will suddenly feel more rich and blessed to the chants of mindless yellow mob.

    • Anonymous

      sa totoo lang, maraming mga corrupt na “contractors” ngayon ang nagrereklamo at nadedyeta, paano hininto ni Pnoy ang mga government constructions na “milking cows” ng mga corrupt officials & contractors, HE, HE, HE!  forward “matuwid na daan!”

  • Anonymous

    Corruption and poverty are never solved through incredible rhetoric like “Kayo and Boss Ko” or “Pag walang kurap, walang mahirap”. Such rhetoric never worked elsewhere; not now, not here, not ever.

    Corruption feeds on bureaucratic discretion and red tape. “Computerization” from window 1 to the Section Chief and “simplification of government processes” may involve less political fireworks; but these seem fairly probable of doing away with half of the sources of corruption. Invest a little in human resources and, perhaps, we might solve more than half of the problem. It’s been year two of “Kayo ang Boss Ko” and we are nowhere near the onset of such simple anti-corruption programs.

    Instead, we see tramped up and hasty charges, disregard of basic rights, of the law, and of the Constitution being touted as the straight path to honest governance. But display of abuse of authority only serves to reinforce the culture of corruption. It’s an irony that the present dispensation is fighting corruption with means that feed on corruption.

    Its even delusional for Government to go into “underspending mode” on the pretext of plugging the sources of leakages in Government funds. The President must have thought that “hiding money from circulation” best fights the truism that “money is the source of all evils.” Fine, but Pnoy just starved his Bosses to death.

    If only Pnoy would do more exercise than smoking; perhaps, he would also do less dole outs when he internalizes sports as an anti-poverty measure. Keep a poor man’s child running or swimming to feed his family keeps him and everyone in the family away from incidence of poverty. Most of all, the child would most likely keep himself in school and in sports. In such simple and doable measures, Pnoy would have invested too in the long term future of the Country and the Filipino people.

    Small steps in the right direction might do for a big headstart. Tweaking with generally-accepted yardsticks of poverty incidence is going exactly in the opposite direction.

    • Anonymous

      you’re correct, but charging those corrupt officials in court and putting them in arrest status is just a first step, and that is better than nothing, next will be sequestrations of their bank accounts & assets to payback the government, I’m thrilled to witness those things, he, he, he! forward “matuwid na daan!”

    • Anonymous

      hahahhahaa your funny….sa monggo ang utak mo…kukunti lang at mabibilang sa iyong mga kamay ang naniniwala sa sinasabi mo….

  • Anonymous

    The slums continue to grow in Manila for two years of Presidency with Pnoy

    • Anonymous

      many don’t believe you, OK, there is no more space in M Manila for them to grow;  the 9 years of corrupt glo arroyo admin have occupied all the slums space in M Manila, they have to go to Bagiuo city for more space, he, he, he!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You can set the poverty line to 1 peso a day… then Filipinos would be the richest race in the planet…. stupid…

    Also set the passing rate of national school exams in Mathematics and Science to 5%, then Filipinos would be the brightest race in the planet…. stupid.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see this corruption transport mechanism by the previous admin of GMA must be corrected by Pnoy.

    That is the problem with GMA.  On paper and in theory, ang galing.  Yun pala, panakip corruption lang.

    • Anonymous

      Now there is no more GMA since18 months and still the admin needs to cheat the statistics to cover up that now it is worse? If they would let GMA go abroad and then concentrate all the blocked powers to fight poverty and increasing prices, poverty would be down without statistical tricks.

      • Anonymous

        It looks like a long road.  I agree the current admin shouldn’t have to use the same tricks of the past admin.

        “enhance the comparability of the thresholds across space and over time.”
        Do they mean it is universal for children not to have milk in the morning?  It seems the old menu was a bit idealistic, but bringing the menu closer to real means loss of certain nutrients for better statistics. 

        I believe the old menu was what could be better.  I do not see any reason they could make up a 3-day menu with cabbage, kangkong and camote tops, etc. then recalculate the figures again. 

        Perhaps it is a matter of perception.  If they think the figures are what they have to overcome, what we call as ‘stretch target’, then it is normal for the figures to be high.  If they want real figures, they use surveys.

        CCT should have been a good thing.  It is the DSWD I am concerned about, the same agency which had one minor escape, who went on to rob, rape and kill a female employee going home.  Is this same agency capable of handling big money properly? 

        The fight to poverty would begin with using the COA report to grind the corrupt out of DSWD.  The first step is outside the door, before the poverty area.

  • Anonymous

    Mind-less yellow mob.

  • Anonymous

    Tanggapin na natin na ang kahirapan ng mga Pilipino ay di kayang gamotin ng 6yrs ni Pinoy kasi di lng naman ito ang problima ng bayan na ipinasa sa kanya eh and even how good Pinoy is he can not solve this problem without the help of evry Filipino. Bigyan natin sya ng chance na makausad kasi kahit paano medyo maayos ang kanyang mga plano para sa matuwid na daan pero ganoon pa man ang kanyang underwear ay sa loob pa din ng kanyang pantalon so di nya kayang mayusin ang Pinas in 24hrs.
    For me tama yong ginawa nya na ituwid muna ang mga ahensya ng govt bago ayusin ang iba kasi di naman maayos ang mga project or plano kung ang magpapatupad ay bulok na eh. Mabuhay ang matuwid na daan.

  • agent_888

    For me, why we are regretting one’s problem to Pnoy….the fate of everyone of us is your choice….we have thoughts to think how to survive, the fate we have created in ourselves is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing your thinking…..Sa utak kulasyaw na puro rally lang inatupag lalo na yang bayad muna,gabriela,anak-pawis, kabataan movement o ano pang grupo jan kumilos nga kayo para makaraos, wlang katapusan ang hirap na dadanasin nyo pag panay lang reklamo…nang dumating ako sa manila walang-wala ako nun, namasukan ako sa isang restaurant para makiipon at makalibre rin ng kain,hirap tlga kung wala kayong diskarte…kung ako sa mga reklamador maniwala nga kayo sa isip nyo na kaya nyong lutasin ang kahirapan na dinanas nyo, our present Pres. have also big problems he face to our country…hindi lahat ng problema sa mga mamayan maasikaso sa kanya…

  • agent_888

    Alam na mahirap ang buhay nag mamanufacture pa ng maraming anak de mahihirapan tlga…sa tingin ko baliktad ang pag-iisip ng ibang kababayan natin…ang may kaya kunti lng ang anak nila ang naghihikahos ay syang maraming anak….kung ganito nag mind set ng mga mamayan….kakambal na sa kanila ang kahirapan….

  • Anonymous

    Wow, e sila Pnoy pala ang mahilig sa mga “dagdag bawas” tactics eh! shameless!
    Please stop cheating your achievements and really work for reforms!!!!!

    you lower the criteria for poverty just so you can report successes in your next SONA.

    Asaan ang danng matuwid???

    Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap… right. actually kahit marami parrin corrupt, mawawala ang mahirap dahil dinaya ang bilang at gusto mag bulag-bulagan.

  • joboni96

    di pa rin matuwid
    ang mga naiwanan ni aroyo
    sa burokrasya

    pres noy
    paki sibak naman ang mga ito
    pag ayaw pang magbago

    nabigyan na nga ng additional
    p10,000 bonus

  • Anonymous

    We can not compare Phils to singapore ah…wala rin kasi yon pinag kaiba sa family na anak ay isang dosena at ang yong isa ay 2 lng ang anak…plus the fact na ang Pinoy ay kung sino pa yong hindi maka kain ng 3 beses sa isang araw ay sya pa yong isang tambak ang anak tapos sisihin ang gov’t.
    Pero sa tutuo lng kung mawala lng ang magnanakaw sa gov’t mas ok pa din ang bansa natin kumpara sa Singapore pero this time nag umpisa pa lng ituwid at nawa makipag cooperate ang lahat ng Pinoy para sa mabuting daan at pagbabago hindi yong puro angal na wala naman ginagawang mabuti.

    • Anonymous

      ang problema nating mga pinoy ay dahil sa ugali natin na pag nag asawa ang anak na walang trabaho sa bahay natin patitirahin hanggat sa maging pakainin na natin pati apo. kaya baguhin na natin yang ugali na yan pag nag asawa anak nyo at wala sya titirhan patirahin mo sa kalsada para malaman nya na di basta basta ang pag aasawa. at kung nabuntis ang anak mong babae dahil sa kalandian nya eh pauwiin mo dun sa nakabuntis wag mo kupkupin. kaya imbis na yung magulang eh retiro na eh mag work pa din dahil mga anak walang work at pakainin.

      • Dredd Ofalexandria

        Tama yan. An daming batugan, antay lang ng biyaya yung tipong Juan Tamad na pinoy. in contrast sa madami kinikuha para mangibang bayan as skilled worker.

        Hindi naman complicated ang pagiging mahirap. Wala lang oportinidad na makapag-aral dahil ang magulang mahirap din.

        Sa mga nakapag-aral naman at nakapagtapos walang makuhang trabaho. Nangyayari, tambay for ilang years. Dala rin ng kawalan ng oportunidad at mga mapapasukan.

        Kung may trabaho ka naman, ang liit ng sahod kakaltasan pa ng pagkalaki-laking tax. Ang mamahal ng bilihin mahirap magpaaral ng bata sa maayos na private school kasi mahal ang tuition (speaking of RCC run schools, which run counter to their pro-poor advocacy).

        It boils down on the mind set of Filipinos that we are “POOR”. Dagdagan pa ng napakaraming mareklamo na organisasyon. Laxed law enforcement, justice favoring the rich and have connections. Delayed justice.

        Lowering the poverty level won’t do any help. They are just numbers and they were also done in GMAs time. 

        How about if we start being 1 Filipino? Creating and buying our own products. This will create industries and jobs. Strict implementation of laws, and JUSTICE with impartiality.
        Harsher laws for heinous crimes like corruption and economic sabotage.

        Lastly, we don’t work well in democracy folks. We need a good and formidable leader to lead us like Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir Mohamad.

  • Anonymous

    Less than 50 pesos a day is enough nutrition? Just tell then why gov. employees who earn ten times more need additional 10000 pesos just as a give away from Noynoy? Is it because those who work less and less hard need more energY? Or Noy needs support in his paranoic war against the Supreme Court?

    • Anonymous

      wag kana maingay trabaho ka na lang. kung meron ka magagawa para ma solve problema sabihin mo dito sa forum. pero kung puro reklamo ka lang eh shut up.

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    If you ask me, the foundation for a better life in this country is in the fight against corruption. Madali mag-negosyo, madaling makahanap ng trabaho dahil maraming negosyante ang namumuhunan, walang takot na magsuplong ng mga kawatan sa gobyerno. Makiisa ka na lang sa laban na ito. 

    BAWAL ANG CRAB MENTALITY sa panahon natin ngayon. Magkaisa at huwag kang manghatak pababa.

    • Anonymous

      Kahit walang corruption, kung palpak ang pamamalakad, wala ring saysay.  Ang poverty ay nakaugat sa sistema.  Isa sa mga dahilan ay ang inequitable distribution of wealth and resources, tulad ng nangyari sa Hacienda Luisita.  Change the system, or at least part of it, like the decision to distribute feudal lands, and the poor will be empowered.  Ito dapat ang pinagtutuunan ng panahon ni Penoy.  Hindi ang paghabol kay Gloria or pagbastos sa SC.  Mababawasan ba ang mahirap kung makukulong si GMA?  Makakaganti si Penoy, oo. Pero tuloy ang paghihirap ng masa.  Di nga ba’t magdadalawang taon na sa pwesto si Penoy pero lalo lang dumausdus ang ekonomiya kumpara sa panahon ni Gloria?  

      • Art M

        So anong gusto mo, ibalik si Gloria?

      • Anonymous

        you don’t know your constitution. presidents only serve one term! :-)

      • Anonymous

        you don’t know your constitution. presidents only serve one term! :-)

      • Anonymous

        Mang Basyong, sana malaman ninyo panahon pa ni Gloria ay pabaksak na ang ating ekonimiya. Apektado ang third world country sa nangyayari sa ekonomiya ng mundo. Bagsak ang dollar, bagsak ang euro, kapag pera ng mga ito ay sa pabagsak ang katumbas ay hihina din ang ekonomiya. Kaya huwag mong sisihin masyado ang pangulo natin. Gumagawa din yan ng paraan. E Saan ka ba aasa kong ikaw ang pangulo. Ginagawa ni Pnoy ay nagiimbita siya ng mga inbestor na taga ibang bansa para makapagtayo ng business establishment sa atin para makatulong sa trabaho ng mamayan. Ang problema, marami sa mga inbestor ay natatakot at isa pa ang lagay dito at lagay doon. Halimbawa, isang kompaniya ng America, magtatayo ng business sa iyong nayon. Ang requirements ay mag-aaply sila ng permit at buwis sa Barangay, hindi pa tapos yun dahil magbubuwis pa rin sa monisepyo, ganon di sa Provincial. Pagkataapos ng lahat ng iyon, sa Barangay din tatakbo ang mga ito para humanap ng trabahador. Sino-sino ang ilalagay ni Brangay Captain, ay di yun mga anak, kapatid, at mga kumparehan. Tapos papasukan pa ng Union at mga opisyales ng Gobyerno para sa lagat para sa kanila. Isa lamang ito sa takbo ng buhay sa atin Lolo. Cguro, mag kasing idad lamang tayong dalawa. Sa madalit sabe para umunland ang Pilipinas Ang ugali ng tao sa atin ang dapat magbago hindi ang Gobyerno.  

    • Anonymous

      Really, is it really that easy to put up a business in the Philippines?  With all the forms and the bribes you are required to give?

  • Ricci Santiago

    i wonder where they got the food menus there, how come there is always monggo? (like ko yun dati pero now ayaw ko due to athritis)
    napaka gastos na nga ito kung tutuusin. much easier to buy instant noodles and sardinas. lulutin mo pa gastos sa LPG at preparation time. 

    in the end, i dont care what statistics they bring out. life is hard these days and they must do something about it. meanwhile we have to tighten our belts.

  • Anonymous

     How do you define Corruption? In economy is payment for services not due under the law or called kickback, bribery. In September the gov’t has spent a total of P1.4 Trillion according to DBM and it is 12% more than last year with 6 mos. under GMA governance. Tanong! kung corrupt si GMA bakit maliit lang gastus pero marami naman siyang napagawa like SCTEX but the Aquino government spent more pero wala akong nakikitang infrastructure na nagawa. Bakit lumaki ang expenditure natin at lalakit pa next year. WHY?

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      Corruption in its simplest meaning is the loss of integrity or moral principle. You must be talking about graft. GMA lost her integrity and has plundered our nation by unscalable graft.

      To answer your question on Budget, you must consider inflation in your budget. But again, it’s not the amount, it’s how you spend it.

      And GMA was a mastermind spender.

  • Tony B

    Great….drop it down to 2 Peso a day and you will solve poverty completely. What a bunch of idiots!!!

    Are these the same clowns who define employment as someone who has worked at least one hour a week – even if you don’t get paid???

    If the government continues to ignore (or hide) the problems and pretend they are not there then the problems will never be solved. Face up to the issues and FIX THEM.

  • Night

    stupid government

  • Anonymous

    Now, that’s a new low. The lawmakers will happily keep their blinders on given this statistical magic. After all, we aren’t that poor, look at the numbers! This kind of BS is exactly what our country needs for a sure slot in the self-destruction community.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the president’s next (fiery) speech would address the poverty problem.  While he focuses his energy on persecuting Gloria and undermining the SC, the condition of the poor continues to deteriorate.  Is there anything game-changing that we can expect Penoy to do that will uplift the lot of the poor in our country?  Well, kung ang mga magsasaka sa Hacienda Luisita ay nanatiling mahirap through all the years that they slaved for the Cojuangcos, I’m not too hopeful.

    • Anonymous

      this will not happen….wla sa priority nia yan halata nmn dahil sa hacienda luisita kaya nagpuputok ang butse nia,, 

  • tristan mendoza

    How low does the Aquino administration have to go to prop up its image?
    Very low. I mean below-the-gutter low.
    Faking figures to show that Filipinos aren’t growing hungrier under his term?
    Are they so deluded that they can’t even come to terms with this fact?
    To be able to present some sort of accomplishment, they willfully manipulate the figures. If only to show that this country has had some form of progress during his term, Penoy has to resort to deceit and duplicity to come up with the figures he wants.
    For a man who has pointed out many faults from among the people around him, he fails to take into account his own shortcomings.
    If he has the gall to call GMA a fake President, then what kind of an animal is this fabricator and hypocritical President of ours?

  • Anonymous

    thats why we have a “deceptive government” mahilig magwindow dressing kasma na ang di na mapagkakatiwalaan na ABS CBN kaya may mga news anchor ang umaalis..

  • Anonymous

    puro kayo satsat meron ba kayong magagawa sa bayan natin. kung wala eh mag trabaho na lang kayo. baka nga yang mga squatter na naka picture dyan eh mayaman pa sa mga nakatira sa subd eh. bakit kamo di sila bayad kuryente at tubig at libre pa tapon sa basura. sunugin lahat ng squatter area at lasunin ang lahat ng miyembro ng mg militanting gumagamit sa mga squatter at sigurado ako tapos ang problema.

  • Anonymous

    ay naku reklamo kayo ng reklamo dami nyo naman yatang anak sa labas at di nyo naman sinusupurtahan para kayong si dj mo. kaya dami mahirap eh kung sino pa ang wala na ngang maitulong sa bayan para umunlad sila pa ang mareklamo. hoy gising na kayo mga batugan.

  • Anonymous

    The solution to poverty is complex and intricate like a maze or a jigsaw puzzle that even if it takes all of your time, the solution is hard to find unless someone teaches the way or answer.
    Its similarity to poverty solution is; both are difficulty to solve. Although we know the cause and answer but how to implement the solution is the hitch. The main cause of poverty as we all agree is unemployment. . Or inadequacy of jobs for the multitude of graduates each year more so on the unemployed parents of the poor families.
    The elemental solution of unemployment is transformation to an economic giant. However, our country can never be so, because of the presence of massive corruption in the government that derails economic plans and programs. Economic programs no matter how viable they are if corruption steps in to be a part of the solution then normally it dies a natural death.
    As an example for comparison sake are the corruption cases of Gloria that were funded by billions of pesos. Before the ground breaking starts, a sizable amount was already deducted as royalty or kickback for the president and the alipores. So what happened to the good program and who benefited? The program undoubtedly failed. The rich became richer while the poor beneficiaries received nothing or merely a trickle of it, not even enough to buy one square meal.That’s the overview. That’s reality.

    It’s providential that now we have a president who is bent to banish corruption in the government and if the 90 million Filipinos desire to lighten the yoke placed on their shoulders, for a happier tomorrow then all we have to do is support him. Eradication of corruption in the government is the ladder to economic stability and progress. To criticize him for his lapses is good for democracy but apart from that it’s democrazy.

    • Marjorie Santiago

      Mayron pang pag-asa, maghikayat tayo ng mga investors at ang pasahod dapat mababa para maraming mga walang trabaho ang makikinabang kesa mga nakatambay at babaan ang kuryente sa bansa natin. Pangalawa tayo sa Geothermal sa buong mundo bakit ang mahal pa rin ng kurytente?Sino ang mga nakikinabang ng mga eto. Pati mga minahan ganon din, nauubos ang mga minerals pero wasak wasak ang kapaligiran, imbes na mapunta sa govt sa mga bulsa ng mga govt officials napupunta.

  • Anonymous

    Wala akong nilalampihan sa Pamahalaan natin. There’s nothing wrong with our system of Government. Ang problema sa atin ang ang ugali ng tao. Kapag mayaman ay suplado at hepokreto, mga nasa gitna, parubasta na lang, ang mahihirap ay wala ng pakialam dahil alam nila hindi naman sila pakikinggan. Maraming Internation Business Corporation ang may gustong pumasok sa atin dahil sa skills ng mga pinoy, isa pa mura ang labor. Pero takot sila mag-ivest sa  PIlipinas dahil corrupt and mga taong nagpapalakad ng ating Gobyerno. Yan ang ibig kong sabihin. Marami ang sinasabi ay couupt daw ang Gobyerno. Uulitin ko, corrupt ang mga taong nagpapalakad ng Gobyerno. Government is a system, the people running it if only they follow the mandate, Rules, Policy, and Constitution, then that’s the only time the Philippines will change. But, as long as there’s corrupt people running it nothing will happen. I have a lot to say about this but I will save them for the future. I know there are some who will disagree with men this. But, this is my answer to them. Kong hindi kayo naniniwala sa mga sinasabi ko ay hindi kayo taga Pilipinas o kaya naman bulag kayo.

  • John Cross

    i think, for a single person, ito na dapat ang lowest possible na income nya per day to live a normal humane existence:
    1. breakfast                           P50
    2. lunch                                 P50
    3. dinner                                P50
    4. shelter and electricity      P100 
    5. others                                P50  

    so he should earn a minimum of P9,000 per month not including the tax and others like Philhealth and Pag-ibig.
    pagbelow dito ang salary mo, wag ka na mag-asawa. kawawa magiging mga anak nyo.

  • Anonymous

    why change the standard of basing poverty index.  it should remain as constant as ever.  otherwise we will just be fooling ourselves.  it is just a standard in actuality it is not expected to be real at all. iyan ang controlled factor. baka in due time we will be inventing our own statistics formula to suit the government’s facelift.

    baka iyong susunod na administration eh alisin ang itlog, itinira na lang kape ang basehan, tapos sasabihin, di pa kayo kasali sa poverty level dahil nakapagkakape pa kayo. haha ha…tawang-tawa ako sa kabulastugang iyan.

    pnoy, totoo ba ito o naninira lang ang mambabatas na iyan?

  • Anonymous

    the population of the philippines according to wealth of 96 million
    3% Rich
    5 % slightly above the poverty line
    92 % very poor living way down the poverty
    with this kind of economic structure this is ripe for uprising. Look at Greece when the government tried to stop economic reforms the Greece people stage a massive protest and it brought the greek government to do a drastic economic reform

  • Russell Tolentino

    If these figures will be used to compare the PNoy (new method) and GMA administration (old method), that will be quite unfair. Comparisons should be presented using a common methodology.  

  • Anonymous

    Typical Pweenoy Admin minamagic ang lahat pati ang 2010 election!

  • Anonymous

    Poverty is in the eye of the beholder! hehehehe
    And now Pnoys statisticians are making some magic!

  • Anonymous

    yehey…mayaman na kami

  • Marjorie Santiago

    Ganito ang gawin ng govt, ilista sa bawat barangay kung sino ang mga walang trabaho at pagtanimin sa mga lupain ng govt na bakante para may pakinabang at food security di yung panay bigay lang ng bigay tapos eto namang mahihirap eh anak pa ng anak wala na nga pakain. Kahit ano pang gawin ng govt hanggat di fully supported ang family planning mas lalo pang marami ang maghihirap at mas darami ang krimen dahil na rin sa kagutuman. Palayasin ang mga Intsik hehehe dahil halos lahat ng malalaking corporations ay sila ang nagmamay-ari pati ang malalaking lupain. Isama mo na pati ang mga mandurugas na mga pulitiko di ko nilalahat pero almost 99.8 magnanakaw !!!! Pati sila malalaki rin ang mga lupain. Mga Filipino walang mga lupa at bahay sa sarili nilang bansa.

  • Alvic Josol

    self-serving for a regime that is in dire need of better KPI… deceiver!

  • Raphael Garcia


  • Anonymous

    The problem is those who set the minimum daily subsistence level do not know what poverty is because they didn’t experienced it.  If they can leave even for a month on a minimum daily subsistence level and don’t feel their situation as poor, it can be considered realistic.

  • Anonymous

    walang tamad na Pilipino, here in North america or other parts of the world, companies would rather hire a Pilipino workers than other nationality. I don’t know what change their attitude when these Pilipino  migrate to other foriegn land they become more workaholic. Here In Canada manufacturing companies are open 24/7 and I have experience working the graveyard shift and even sundays and holidays. And just wandering why did Abnoy declared that chinese new Year is public and non working Holiday. Why? But what is happening the government is the one making the people lazy.

    • Fred Santos

      You are right, “walang tamad na Filipino”, the biggest problem in the Philippines is lack of opportunity and few employment. So many College Graduates without a job, or working at a different field. Nurses working as Call Center agents, Engineers working at McDonalds, or Accountants working as Sales Clerks. 90% of Filipinos would work on anything, accept any kind of job just to live. That’s the big reason why Filipinos are favored workers abroad. They are loyal to their job, work hard, conscientious, fast to learn, and easily blends in with co-workers. In the Philippines, that opportunity doesn’t exist and competition is so wide and so hard. Knowledge is nothing compared to whom you know. Connections is more prevalent than your college degree and expertise.
      It’s a place where a Blind can be given a Drivers License due to connections, It’s a place where a criminal can be a Policeman due to connections. Corrupt Government governed by elected leaders with corrupt background. Leaders elected by people bought with corrupted money. People forced to be bought due to poverty. People’s votes bought with corrupted money and false promises.

  • Anonymous

    Statistics lang yan. Pero tingnan mo ang kapaligiran, pulos shanty, squatters, river dwellers, children begging, people sleep on strees, carts etc etc.
    Poverty dip…that’s only statistics, imagination not reality.

  • Anonymous

    Foreign investments are not really the answers. The most efficient solution: NATIONAL INDUSTRIALIZATION. The government shall control the industry, run the industry, employ the people, and profit for the people. As least, to regulate capitalism. 

    • Anonymous

      i dont think this will work, it seems the government do not have the expertise to run industries or corporations. just look at what happened in NAPOCOR, the numerous GOCC’s …  you can count only by fingers those that are profitable and generating positive revenues for the government………..

  • Anonymous


    Corruption in the government breeds poverty not the other way round as asserted by some. Corruption when unchecked drags down the economy. As a bad consequence of a poor economy, jobs are scarce to accommodate the yearly inflow of job applicants freshly graduated, soon to be added to the pool of unemployed families.
    Unemployment rises due to the government’s handicap to create jobs addressed to poor economy caused by massive corruption. It’s imperative that the Filipino People shall pressure Aquino to create a corruption bureau patterned to countries like Hong Kong and Singapore to run after the crooks and thieves of the government.

    Both countries were successful to alleviate the conditions of their citizenry by virtue of their honest and dedicated corruption bureaus. Their success birthed from the harmony of the citizenry. The Judges helped by facilitating the prosecution of every Graft and Corrupt cases filed at their courts while the public turned tipster to report any G&C they experienced, heard or saw during government transactions. The reward of their solidarity can’t be just ignored because it was a quantum jump to the lead pack of the economic race in the world.

  • Rey Gan

    Tuloy niyo lang pag-anak ng madami para walang katapusang kahirapan…..

  • Anonymous

    After a fake presidential popularity rating survey here is another one for the book… a fake government statistical data.  How can we cure poverty if there are misdiagnosis of the disease?

    While the DSWD is claiming that the present government has reduced or controlled the incidence of poverty i saw an increasing number of homeless street dwellers which sometime i mistook as mentally ill street vagrants.

    Saan ba talaga papunta ang matuwid na daan?  Matagal pa ba yan?  I’ve been dreaming of this a very long time ago after we fought for the first EDSA peoples power.  Inip na inip na ako at wala pa ring nagbabago!!



  • Borgz

    its analogous to building a river to justify the existence of a bridge…

  • Nic Legaspi

    Php46 per day? Hogwash! We should all challenge NSCB officials to try to live with that money for a day.

    There is no basis for lowering the minimum daily subsistence level as prices of commodities are not going down significantly, incomes are not rising, and overall quality of life is not getting better. I think the government should focus first on fulfilling its promise of alleviating poverty before actually trying to report gains, as most would disagree with their statistics, especially when it comes to poverty.

  • Anonymous

    When i Visited the Philippines several years ago I tried to read some Local Newspaper and I was attracted to look at the classified ad. Lo and behold as I was reading the job employement opportunites I read in one Job ad. The qualification  of the candidate, they are looking for must be a graduate of prestigious school(San Beda, Ateneo, MaryKnoll, UST)  must be single,  between the ages of 25 to 35, must be good looking. I was appalled with the qualification that they are looking for an employee to be hired. Here in Canada if your interviewer ask you how old you are? And then he/she didn’t hire you. You can sue the company for age discrimination or all kind of discrimination like sexual orientation or religious orientation.  And they will pay big time. This are the kind of laws the law makers should work on. Not investigate this or investigate that. The employement opportunitist in 1970 up to about 1986 where very condusive to getting hired. Not anymore.  Say you graduated at UE or Arellano U do you thinks you can get hired you will land as a call center agent and your lucky if you even get hired.

  • abi navarrete

    changing the method will not change the fact many are in the poverty line. I do not understand why our government is fond on wasting time having these new methods and strategies for no clear reasons. 

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