Isafp colonel protecting Palace exec, says Doble


Colonel Pedro Sumayo

Colonel Pedro Sumayo was “saving someone” and was not telling the whole truth when he testified on Tuesday at the Senate inquiry into alleged electoral fraud during the Arroyo administration, his former subordinate in the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (Isafp) said Wednesday.

Former Army Sergeant Vidal Doble said Sumayo was in a position to identify who “from Malacañang” ordered his intelligence unit to wiretap the phone conversations of then Election Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano in 2004.

Doble said Sumayo was the group commander of “Project Lighthouse,” which consisted of a team of covert intelligence agents who eavesdropped on the conversations of Garcillano and other key personalities. It had a total of 18 members, including the commander.

“Our knowledge as agents was limited, but being our commander, he could provide the link between our operation and Malacañang. There’s a very big possibility that he knew all the connections all the way to the top, who from Malacañang ordered the wiretapping,” Doble said in Filipino in a phone interview with the Inquirer.

He said that he was present when Sumayo testified at the joint investigation of the Senate blue ribbon and electoral reforms committees, and that he left soon after his former boss started talking.

Sumayo’s testimony reopened the 2005 “Hello Garci” election fraud scandal, in which then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was implicated.

But Doble said: “He was not telling the whole truth. He was hiding something. He was playing safe. He was trying to save someone.”

“Since everybody now is searching for the truth, he should tell all.”

Doble said he and other Isafp agents at his level were told that Garcillano’s phone conversations had been ordered tapped for fear that the latter might “double-cross” his benefactors. Doble said he only knew that retired Vice Admiral Tirso Danga, then deputy chief for intelligence, had approved the operation.

But at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal, Danga denied that the Isafp had wiretapping capability.


Doble said he wanted to correct Sumayo’s account that the colonel simply received a number of audiocassette tapes from him. Some of the tapes contained conversations supposedly between Garcillano and Arroyo.

“The truth was he asked for a copy because I think someone else wanted to listen to the Arroyo conversations,” Doble recalled.

Sumayo testified that he had burned the tapes on the directive of his superior, Lieutenant Colonel Allen Capuyan, the then chief of the Isafp operations and intelligence division.

Doble said that if Sumayo’s account were true, the burned tapes were mere reproductions of the “master tape” his group was keeping at that time.

“What we gave [Sumayo] were just copies of the master tape,” he said.

Doble said his team decided to keep the master tape as “a reference for our very big operation, our very big accomplishment, of having learned about big personalities, how they bought votes and other things.”

The master tape was later given to then Deputy Director Samuel Ong of the National Bureau of Investigation, Doble said. Ong died two years ago.

The master tape is now with the Senate committee on national defense, which investigated the “Hello Garci” scandal, according to Doble.

He said the tape contained the signature “H13,” the code for Garcillano.

Doble also said that apart from the master tape, an “original and unadulterated tape recording” had yet to be retrieved.

He said he gave the recording to Army Colonel Dioscoro Reyes shortly before the congressional canvassing of votes in the 2004 presidential election.

Reyes, a 1981 graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, has yet to surface.

Isafp ‘cleaning up’

The current Isafp chief, Brigadier General Ceasar Ronnie Ordoyo, distanced himself from Sumayo’s testimony, saying the military intelligence community had cleansed its ranks of personnel who were involved in the “Hello Garci” scandal.

“Actually, Colonel Sumayo is not with me. He’s with J-2,” Ordoyo, who assumed office only on Aug. 15, said in reference to the Office of the AFP Deputy Chief of Staff for intelligence (J-2), which has supervision over the Isafp.

“Everyone has been relieved, even Colonel Sumayo, Colonel Capuyan. They have been relieved, so basically, Isafp has new officers. Because our goal was for us to clean up,” he said.

Ordoyo said he could not comment on the matter because he was not at the Isafp at that time. He was vague on whether the Isafp had the capability to wiretap, saying that one had to go through the operator of a telecommunications company.

“But if you talk about capability itself, we don’t have what we could call—” he said, trailing off, before adding: “As of now, we have no such equipment.”

Ordoyo also said the Isafp had no copy of the tapes that Sumayo claimed to have received from Doble. “What I know is that all the records are with the Senate,” he said. With a report from Dona Z. Pazzibugan

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  • Anonymous

    mahirap maka pag salita. buhay pa ang mga “mastermind”

    • romeo

      Wala namang mastermind na nako-convict dito sa Pilipinas. Panay mga sumusunod lang sa kanila iniutos ang nakukulong o nabibitay. Lalo na kung dadaan pa sa “Supreme Court” ang kanilang kaso… panay technicality ang magiging base na acquittal.

  • Anonymous

    Mabuhay ka T/Sgt. Vidal Doble… sana naman magkaron na ng saysay yang matagal mo nang ipinaglalaban. Napanood ko yung testimony mo a couple of years ago (youtube) at nakapagtataka na hindi nabigyan importansya ang iyong sakripisyo gayundin ang pamilya mo. Napakatagal na yang kaso ng “hello Garci”, at ang bottomline ay ang iyong ginawang pag-expose. pero hanggang ngayon parang mga windang ang mga taong nakatalaga sa imbetigasyon ng kaso… at ang nakakairitang si Garcillano ay ilang beses pang nabigyan ng pansin para makapaglabas ng mga story-telling-a-lie.

    PNoy.. ito na ang susi sa nakabinbin na anomalya noong 2004 election.. ang “hello Garci” scandal. Maano bang kalampagin mo naman yang mga taong namumuno sa imbestigasyon, magiging matatag ang iyong integridad kung mareresolba mo ito. Pambihira, nauna pang masampahan si GMA ng 2007 electoral sabotage. Samantalang nag-uumapaw ang ebidensya ng pandaraya noong 2004 election. Bakit???

    • romeo

      Lusot na naman ang mga akusado. Hindi daw maaaring gamiting ebidensiya ang mga wire-tapped conversation kung walang court order. Nag-aaksaya lang tayo ng laway… pero mabuti na ring iwagayway ang mga tape o DVD ng mga pag-uusap para alam ng lahat kung ano na namang technicality ang gagamitin ng mga abugado sa pag-iwas sa krimen.

  • Anonymous

    Maraming taong sinira talaga itong si MaMaSan Gloria.  I am amazed there are still a number of people who are putting their trust and support to the skumbag.

  • Anonymous

    all those in the AFP who are decent & honorable men in uniforms, in order to salvage the name of the PMA which had been know as a “rotten breeders” of rebels in uniforms, THEY SHOULD COME OUT AND TELL THE TRUTH OF WHAT THEY KNOW,  ITS TIME TO BE CLEANED UP, OK? THE PROPOSAL TO DISMANTLE THE PMA AND REPLACE IT WITH ACADEMIES IN EACH MILITARY SERVICES SUCH AS AIR FORCE, NAVY AND ARMY AND THE PH COAST GUARD, TOO, IS MOST WELCOME,  HA, HA, HA!

  • henry samonte

    Colonel Pedro Sumayo is a good example of a corrupt military man. He is an iconic example of a PMA graduate, the breeding ground of corrupt Generals. The 900 thousand pesos he returned is mere drop in the bucket. For sure, not only did Gloria bribe him, he could have been bribe by many of our so called “respectable Congressman and Senators.” 
    That “Hello Garci” tape did not only cover Gloria’s communication. It also include many of our  so called “respectable politicians.” Remember, Garcillano is a “KingPin” in Maguindanao. One time, when the ExSenator Biazon was in the critical position in the “Magic 12″ Senatorial Lineup, he threaten that if he will not win, he will squeal the cheating in Maguindanao. Even the voice of Senator Loren Legarda was heard in the tape. So is Senate President Enrile. All these hordes were communicating with Garcillano durng those critical time.

    And most likely, some of these seemingly “decent” politicians were also guilty of illegal election practices. It is an open secret that Garcillano can do or undo any politician through the “dagdag bawas” skim.

    Even the ExSenator from Maguindanao, Miguel Zubiri was accuse by one of those closed with Ampatuan Sr. that he gave 10 million pesos just to win. Of course, politicians will never, “over their dead body” admit that they are cheating. By the way, Miguel Zubiri has wasted 3.6 billion pesos on his “Jetropa” green fuel. Are we not going to charge him with accountability? That project was doomed even before it started. The exSenator lied when he said there are thousands and thousands of available land for Jetropa. If there are available land, then, why do we have Agrarian problem of farmers not having their own farm?

    • Romulus Fenandez

      so, ano kinalalaman ni gma sa pandaraya, si migz naman ang nakinabang at gumasta, in fact sa sarili nilang sports complex sa maramag, bukidnon trinabaho?

  • Guest


  • Darwin

    Proceed when clear. Galing ng motto ni Col. Sumayo. Bat di gawing SOP ng AFP yan sa Mindanao.

  • Anonymous

    Wala na.  Nag kaleche leche na ang chain of custody of evidence.  Basura na naman ang kaso kung mayroon man.  In the first place, illegal naman talaga yung recording kaya hindi siya acceptable as evidence in court.  Walang maaasahan kung garci tapes lang ang evidencia.  Pang trial by publicity lang yan mapapakinabanggan.

  • Anonymous

    Someone has to investigate the PMA see what they’re really’re really teaching in that den of iniquity that seems that most if not everyone that comes out of that institution has what the Scriptures says “the love of money” which is the root of all evil and it seems, almost without a doubt, our soldiers are infected with it. Once I believed that they acquire this from years of being in the military and seeing their superiors greed, then one of the freshly graduated 2nd Lt was caught in a US Base stealing some CD from their PX. I came to the conclusion that there is
    something evil in that place (PMA) that infects the human spirit. 

    • romeo

      Huwag sisihin ang eskuwelang pinanggalingan. Kapag ganyan palagi ang sisihan, dapat idamay na rin ang UP, ang UST, ang Ateneo at La Salle kasi mayroon ding mga criminal minds na dumaan diyan. Kapag ang isang maganda at sariwang prutas na inalagaan mo nang apat na taon ay isinama mo sa isang kaing na bulok at pinabayaan mo nang sampung taon sa lalagyang iyon, mabubulok din iyan.

    • Rasheed

      investigahan na rin ateneo, lasalle at up dahil dyan nanggagaling ang mga buwayang mas malaki pa kai lolong.

      • Anonymous

        Oo nga. Dapat din imbestigahan kung san nag-high school at elementary.  Tsaka yung mga teachers nila.  Tsaka yung magulang nila.  Tsaka lolo’t lola nila.  Tsaka yung kapitbahay.  Tsaka yung alaga nilang aso, pusa at isda.  Pati yung iguana kung meron.  Atsaka yung lolo ng kapitbahay nila. Atsaka yung…. 

    • Anonymous


      I concur. Maybe, it is that pma’ers are inculcated with too much belief in their superiority from other citizens. This is exacerbated by their exclusivity and elitism. Then, upon graduating, they see all the more reason to expect and believe in their impunity; as can be observed from their upper classmen, fellow mistahs, and, higher grade officers.

      Of course, there are exceptions. But, on the whole, a greater percentage of these privileged few follow the footsteps of their elder mistahs; gringo(PWE), lacson(PWE), reyes(PWE), ligot(PWE), rabusa(PWE), and palparan(PWE), to name a few.

  • Anonymous

    we dont care who oredered it or initiate it…we just want to know the truth, what were the details of the conversation

  • Anonymous

    The voice recordings of the Garci conversations are in YouTube, including the phone calls of GMA to Garcillano.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Haha 900k,  mukhang may kumalimbat ng 100k.  Operation ni Ronald Llamas at Dinky Soliman na i discredit ang AFP, para kung mag Communist take over na hindi tatanggapin ng taong bayan ang pagpigil ng AFP.

    • Bonifacio Aquino

      Korek ka dyan! Take a deep look kung sinu-sino ang mga nakapaligid na alipores  ni Penoy. You can smell the grand design to sow intrigue, create chaos, divide then rule! They’ are trying their best to combine GMA and Palparan. Naging mas aktibo ngayon ang mga taong matagal nang pangarap na tumbahin ang gobyerno. Kasi bobo at di nakaka-intindi ang isang panggulo, they’re wrecking havoc everywhere. Tingnan  ninyo, para sa kanila it’s alright na magsunog ng mga kagamitan at magpatay ng mga sibiliyan sa Surigao daahil kawsa nila. May congressional investigation ba? Pero kung military ang nagkasala, kataku-takot na inbestigasyon. Ang Morong 43? Kasalanan pa ng military ang pagkakadakip sa kanila maski mga kasamahan na mismo ng Morong 43 ang nagsasabi na kumunista nga sila….pero agad pinalaya!  TREASON! GISING BAYAN!!!!!  

  • Anonymous

    ano ba yan  alam na ng buong bayan ang mga hinayupak na mga taga ISAFP  walang alam ganyan na ba kayo ka  TANGNGA AT BULAN  MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO SA MGA MUKHA NINYO  mabuti pa yong mga mababang rangko ng AFP sinasabi ang totoo kayong mga graduate ng  PMA   magaling umiwas  dahil alam ninyo na maraming masasabit  ka  ka mista ninyo  totoo nga na merong dagdag na subject ngayon sa  PMA   graft ang corruption ( how to do it perfeclty) and lying  ha  ha  ha  ha  mga unggoy

  • Anonymous

    Garci is enjoying his farm in Baungon Bukidnon at present (He is not from Bukidnon)  , and Ballot Boxes were taken from a Sports Complex in Maramag Bukidnon for Migs. Then sent to Maguindanao. You dont need an IQ of an Einstein to figure it out. 

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